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  1. 11 hours ago, mav1234 said:

    I don't think Darnold will ultimately end up an All Pro, but it is worth noting that people touting how Tannehill showed more before Tennessee are right... but he showed more before Gase showed up, and he looked arguably as bad as Darnold did while Gase was there... Tannehill went from ~2% ints thrown before Gase, a fine number, to 3+%, which is bad decision making indeed. He went from multiple 4k yard, 20+ TD seasons with low int% to being a total disaster of decision making.  But as a rookie, he showed as much or maybe less than Darnold did as a rookie.  Hell, even his second year was pretty comparable to Darnold's... 

    The difference is, Tannehill's HUGE downtown happened in his 5th year, when Gase joined the Fins (and Tannehill got injured), while Darnold was exposed to Gase in his 2nd year, and the huge potential so many saw near the end of Darnold's first year did not seem to be realized.  

    The huge knock on Tannehill in his last couple years in Miami was how bad his decision making had become.

    What's the big knock on Darnold? 

    So there's reasons to be optimistic, and IMO that is why we made the trade.

    Nice post.

    Probably also worth noting that given his overall lack of experience, Darnold really could have used a teacher.

    That definitely wasn't Gase.

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  2. Just now, GoobyPls said:

    It’s not trying it’s about making you look silly in your own thread

    Hurr durr the Browns. Lmao

    Nah 😁

    For one, I find it hilarious that you still get set off remembering that whole All 22 fiasco.

    Plus I think it's pretty well known that you make statements you have no backup for (like claiming to analyze games it's pretty obvious you didn't watch).

    But like I said, keep trying. It's at least amusing 😄

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