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  1. Appreciate it. Had to have a stent put in because they found a 95% blockage in my left descending artery. I'm told that particular blockage kills a lot of people, so I'm lucky. Currently dealing with low blood oxygen. They haven't been able to figure out the cause yet so I'm on oxygen a lot and my energy isn't so great. To top it all off, my vision isn't so good right now. Likely will have to have cataract surgery sometime soon. So not online much still pulling for the team. Best wishes and keep pounding everybody
  2. Was about to say the same thing. A number of the guys on the offensive side are fairly or relatively new to their positions. McPherson has a lot of experience.
  3. Campen was reported to be one of the guys running to Tepper. It's also believed that Tabor was one, but no names have ever been confirmed from internal sources. Campen was mentioned by someone outside the team, though. Brown wasn't. They'd never met. He was reportedly added after an outside suggestion (possibly Tepper).
  4. Right about the time we settle down and say "okay, we're good now" is when they start waffling
  5. Tom Coughlin had the same problem. Keeping a team healthy long enough to win a Super Bowl is a massive challenge, made worse by the league extending the season to 17 games.
  6. Wrong about you and McCaffrey? Nah As to the analysis of what we've done at the quarterback position post Newton though, I won't argue that.
  7. Also, maybe it's just me but it sure feels like the 49ers have an unfortunate tendency to be beaten up by the time the postseason rolls around. That was a lot of what kept the Steelers from being more successful under Bill Cowher.
  8. Doesn't really matter how many backs Shanahan has on the roster if he continues to abandon the run.
  9. Oh, the irony Also, thanks for essentially confirming what I've said about you. I'm sure Newton appreciates your neverending crusade to smear a teammate he had no issues with.
  10. You wanted McCaffrey to be cut, traded or fail out of spite because you were mad about Newton getting cut. Somewhere In your mind that was a twisted form of justice, despite the two having absolutely nothing to do with each other. Plenty of people know that, not just me. It was stupid back then. It's still stupid now.
  11. Richardson sure as hell didn't. Whether or not Tepper does is what we're all waiting to see.
  12. Shanahan might genuinely believe he can do it with Purdy. I'd call that a Ron Rivera style emotional decision.
  13. Thought this was gonna be about McCaffrey. (same difference)
  14. Shanahan is a regular season king but a Super Bowl serf. Mind you, Andy Reid used to fade in the playoffs too, so maybe he'll learn.
  15. There are certain quarterbacks (Jackson, right now) who look unstoppable in a regular season but fade in the playoffs. I'd say there are certain coaches that do that too. And then there's Shanahan? Does he fade in the playoffs? He fades in the Super Bowl. I questioned in another thread whether he qualifies as a "chessmaster" head coach. My answer would be no. He's like the kid who's really good at chess and can beat everybody around him, but loses when it goes up against the best of the best. To be fair, that would have been a pretty good description of Andy Reid as well up to a few years ago, so maybe he has a chance to overcome that. We'll see.
  16. It's not just the total number of points. The timing of when they decided to allow those points makes a difference. Wilks defense was way more salad in the first half than they were in the second and in overtime. And yeah, that's typical Wilks.
  17. Wilks is a strong leader, but he's not a chessmaster. When he goes against chessmaster type offensive coaches he tends to lose. Evero is honestly better equipped to face that sort of coach than Wilks was. (I'm not exactly sure Kyle Shanahan is a chessmaster either but that's a different discussion) As a head coach, you have to hire guys that complement your weaknesses. Wilks was going to have Brian Johnson and Al Holcomb as his coordinators. Not great choices. Folks saying that Wilks would have essentially been around Rivera level head coach are likely right.
  18. Purdy is a good but not great QB. Shanahan called a game that depended more on Purdy than McCaffrey, who was balling. Wilks got conservative and didn't respond to adjustments made by Reid late in the game. Special teams made crucial mistakes. The Niners has critical injuries mid-game. It was way more than just any single factor.
  19. Yes, he did. Romo explained why.
  20. The mistake is only blaming one and not both. Wilks did what he frequently does; got conservative in the latter part of the game and allowed the other team back in. Shanahan called a poor game putting it on the back of Purdy rather than McCaffrey. Hell, even special teams had miscues. Nobody comes out of this looking like a hero.
  21. Which, if we're honest, is pretty much vintage Wilks.
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