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  1. Why would he refuse to play for them when he's a big fan of their head coach?
  2. Clicked on the wrong post. Autocorrect made it worse
  3. So were the Browns, till they got it right.
  4. When Tepper says he won't interfere, I believe him, primarily for a couple of reasons. Tepper had his eyes on a different sort of GM, a data driven, analytics guy. The guy we hired isn't anything close to that, and Tepper admits it. Fitterer's profile is very much what Matt Rhule wanted, a pure talent scout. Now, being the owner, Tepper could easily have just chosen someone he wanted and told Rhule to deal with it, but he didn't. He listened to his coach, and that was smart. As to Fitterer himself, the only thing "non-traditional" about him is that he comes from an environment w
  5. Go back and watch the video of Fitterer's introductory press conference and see for yourself. A little after twenty minutes in to the presser, Scott Fowler asked Tepper what his involvement would be in player decisions. Tepper responded that his role was only about making sure the right processes were in place. He added specifically, that he'd never be the kind of evaluator that Scott or Matt is, and said "I won't try to be".
  6. The Jets are rebooting.
  7. There's always the player/coach ego that says "They'll start winning once they have me!"
  8. To a guy who says he won't take part in any football decisions because he doesn't know as much as his coach and GM
  9. From the article Bleacher report was quoting... Watson this week told people the Jets are his top preference among the teams he’d like to be traded to because they hired Robert Saleh to be their coach and Watson values Saleh so much he wanted the Texans to interview him for their vacant head coach job. Watson confirmed reports, circulated for several weeks in national media, he’d also welcome playing for the Dolphins but said that is his second choice at this time. The Miami Herald
  10. He actually reported that he prefers the Jets over the Dolphins.
  11. As opposed to staying with the Texans though?
  12. He's reported to be a big fan of Robert Saleh.
  13. Well, there was this one guy who said that Tepper would be doing his GM duties and that we wouldn't hire a traditional GM. But that guy's never right about anything.
  14. Fitterer controls the personnel department, but doesn't have roster control. Final say on the roster belongs to Matt Rhule. As for Tepper, he's stated that he doesn't plan to interfere in their work, so your suggestion that Tepper will act as the GM was also wrong.
  15. Not as a head coach, though. From high school assistant straight to NFL head coach would have to be the greatest career path ever.
  16. We got confirmation today that they're not following the Appaloosa Model you keep talking about dude, so you're gonna need to find a new obsession.
  17. Per Jonathan Jones... The Panthers would have to unload Teddy Bridgewater and his contract if they wanted Watson, though it seems unlikely the Texans would want to take that on considering the way he played in 2020. That'd mean the Panthers would have to trade something of substantial value with a quarterback to give and with the least desirable first-round spot among the group. Panthers owner David Tepper would have to part with Christian McCaffrey, the face of the franchise, and likely more. Defensive end Brian Burns, entering his third season in the league, would also likely be re
  18. I feel like it was more common in baseball, but Pete Rose is the only player-manager I can remember in the past several decades.
  19. Should probably add I thought McCown was retired. Apparently he's part of the Texans active roster. A player becoming the head coach of the team he plays for is something I could imagine happening in the early days of football, but not today.
  20. I got curious and decided to look up NFL players who became coaches. The list of guys who were good at both is pretty damn short, and the one big name we were all missing was Tom Flores. On the other hand, the list of great coaches who played short of unremarkable careers includes some amazing and surprising names. Chuck Noll, Tom Landry and Don Shula are names I associate with coaching, but they all played professionally as well.
  21. Shell's a great example too. Pretty sure he and Ditka each made the Hall of Fame for their resumès both on the field and the sidelines.
  22. Depends on whether you count pre-AFC merger records, I suppose.
  23. I wonder how many successful NFL coaches or personnel people were also good baseball players. I'm hoping there's at least one.
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