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  1. I wouldn't hold my breath on either of those things happening.
  2. This is basically how Ryan Grigson ran the Colts. It's a huge reason why Grigson got fired and why Andrew Luck is now retired.
  3. I gotcha. Is this part of the same scenario where the Jets don't take Zach Wilson?
  4. If we have an opportunity to get a premier left tackle that'll protect our quarterback for the next ten years, there's no way in hell we should pass on him.
  5. Like we did two years ago? Every time we have an opportunity to possibly get a franchise left tackle, we find some excuse not to take them. This is the year to break that trend.
  6. Who's playing left tackle in this scenario?
  7. I could live with Pitts, but dammit I want a ten year left tackle.
  8. Sewell... Slater... Darrisaw as a fall back... You might notice a trend here.
  9. The Bengals are the biggest threat to take my favorite pick (Sewell).
  10. Don't know who this guy is but Ellis seems to agree with him. As mentioned many times, I want OL.
  11. Somebody from ESPN or NFL Network should interview that kid as part of their draft coverage
  12. In what many are saying is one of the best OL drafts in a long time, we're in a prime position to get an elite left tackle prospect that could anchor that spot for the next ten years. If we come away without that, I'm gonna be really disappointed.
  13. As someone pointed out a while back, Fitterer isn't used to picking this high.
  14. There's a version of that where they dubbed in Jim Ross's voice
  15. Said it elsewhere: Darnold's age isn't what gets me so much as it is just how little experience he has playing quarterback. You can coach him up like a rookie without having to worry about helping him adjust to the speed of the NFL.
  16. Darnold is only 23 years old. As someone mentioned on Twitter, Sewell is only 20. Just 20 years old...and since he sat out a year, those clips you're watching are of a 19 year old kid throwing people around. We get this kid, I'm gonna be doing the Snoopy dance.
  17. Related Note: Sounds like the proposed change to the jersey numbering system is going to be adopted. DJ Moore could soon be wearing his college #2 again.
  18. One thing I remember about Moore's first season is the insane amount of times he took handoffs on gadget plays rather than catching passes. That struck me as a concern. Wasn't as big a deal in his second season, though there were a lot of questions about his chemistry with Bridgewater. At this point, I still feel pretty positive about Moore, but there are some questions in the back of my head.
  19. I don't want to trade down. I want to stick at 8 and take Penei Sewell or Rashaan Slater. Having teams trade ahead of us for a quarterback helps that happen.
  20. Rapoport lists the Broncos and the Patriots as two big possibilities.
  21. Keeping Marty in place was absolutely Tepper's fault. He has to own that, and from things he's said since the firing I think he knows it. What happens from here forward is what's most important now, though. And one of the biggest criteria to me is his willingness to butt out and let the football people he hired do their jobs. Based on Person's story about the Darnold process, it sounds like he's doing that.
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