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  1. I think that's probably the reason why he stayed a backup as long as he did. I thought he was starting in Atlanta but I could be wrong.
  2. For a few games, yeah. Then he started breaking down and we had to go runningback by committee. Basically he's not back for the same reason Russell Okung isn't.
  3. Well, if Tyrod Taylor's story follows its usual pattern, Mills is going to remain the starter for the Texans.
  4. Doesn't most of that void or am I thinking of someone else's deal?
  5. Yes. Unfortunately I think he's also still shot...
  6. I'm sure Davis Mills appreciated the big hug that Reddick gave him on that one play
  7. The two main elements to being an offensive coordinator are play calling and play design. Right now I feel better about Brady's play designs than I do his playcalling, but I do feel like he's improving.
  8. That's funny And yeah, she's... cute.
  9. He's intelligent, but not experienced. I think with more seasoning, he can become a really good OC.
  10. No. But as was previously discussed, that's normal.
  11. I understand how they get the numbers. I just find it amusing.
  12. I guess one tenth of a game would be six minutes.
  13. I get what they're saying, but I find the concept of missing "3.1 games" kind of amusing.
  14. Thompson was never really bad. He just wasn't as good as his paycheck. That may no longer be true.
  15. More often than not...Hell, just look at the ignorant sh-t you spouted last night. And for the record, people who deliberately post asinine takes just for negative attention are generally pretty pathetic.
  16. I put this on elsewhere but it works here...
  17. That was a good play. Took me a second to realize who the receiver was (willing to bet I'm not the only one)
  18. This could potentially turn out to have been a very good draft.
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