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  1. After watching that I feel like I need to take a shower, brush my teeth, wipe my ass... something
  2. Lady Cowboy Fan was laughing her ass off
  3. Man, they are ripping Wilson right now
  4. Well...it didn't end in a tie
  5. I feel like I'm watching The Neverending Story
  6. Matt Ryan decided the best thing to do there was run it himself
  7. A field goal? Yeah, you know what this game really needs? Overtime
  8. And they answered my question
  9. And now they switch to passing... It's sad that I'm sitting here watching this wondering if they're going to screw it up
  10. They're having success by sticking with the run and moving away from Wilson.
  11. I'm never in favor of firing anyone in their first year. He may need to radically retool his staff though.
  12. Next week: Bears-Commanders Have fun with that, Amazon
  13. Paton and Hackett went absolutely all in on Wilson. Pretty much nobody doubted the move at the time. Now? Damn
  14. Okay, yeah...this game is horse sh-t
  15. I wasn't originally watching this game but hearing how bad it sounded made me tune in
  16. He was hired specifically for game management, but I'd say they need help in way more areas than just that. Rosburg has been interviewed for head coaching positions himself before. Maybe he can help straighten some things out.
  17. Not saying it is, but the scheme could be bad too. One thing the news has shown pretty clearly since Russell left Seattle though, he is hated by an awful lot of people.
  18. Their OC is a guy who's only been coaching in the NFL since 2016. He actually spent his first several years coaching a high school team. Hackett has the connections to build a world class staff, but chose to go with younger, newer guys. Not sure why...
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