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  1. I expect he'll be banned...again... shortly.
  2. It's not hard to imagine that someone who threw himself into the game as much as he did for a lot of years might be a little burnt out.
  3. Well, this could get interesting... Lotta crazy stuff in that thread...
  4. Josh Klein clarifies a Rapsheet comment about Garoppolo...
  5. Ellis Williams is a very good writer too. Guess he's next
  6. Believe it or not, there are actually rumors now that the Browns might trade Mayfield for Garoppolo. (don't know that I buy it, but hey...) Speaking of Garoppolo though...
  7. Descendants or ancestors? And no, afraid I haven't seen it. I have heard of it.
  8. Aaron Wilson's latest update on the Baker Mayfield story makes it sound as if things are trending away from the Panthers and more toward the Seahawks. Excerpts: The Carolina Panthers, after holding trade discussions during the draft regarding Mayfield that didn’t come close to a deal, are not regarded as likely of a destination as another potential trading partner: the Seattle Seahawks. ... The time for a sense of urgency to get a deal done, which ideally would have happened before the end of minicamps, has passed. Now, the new goal for the Browns would be to take care of this lingering piece of business before training camp or, failing that, the start of the regular season. ... The interest between the Seahawks and Mayfield is mutual, according to league sources. The Seahawks’ depth chart at quarterback dictates this situation as much as anything. The Seahawks have Drew Lock and Geno Smith currently competing for the starting job. They have $16.3 million in salary cap space available, so they would need to make some adjustments to absorb Mayfield’s current salary or extend him. ... There is concern from the NFL Players Association that the league will look to suspend (Deshaun Watson) for the entire 2022 season, if not indefinitely, according to sources. Should that happen, the Browns are expected to go forward with Jacoby Brissett rather than try to reconcile with Mayfield. A scenario of trying to mend fences with Mayfield and have him play one more season for them after effectively rejecting him as their guy is considered all but impossible to accomplish. ... Mayfield said he initially thought the Indianapolis Colts were where he was headed prior to their trade with the Atlanta Falcons to acquire quarterback Matt Ryan. He also referenced the Seahawks as an intriguing possibility.
  9. Knew one of 'em had to be Clausen. Heinicke was a guess, but I do remember the stories about Kyle Allen now.
  10. Guessing people are going to think of guys like Cam Newton and Kerry Collins whereas it's more likely guys like Matt Lytle and Chad Johnston. I'm gonna bet one of them is Jimmy Clausen. The other...Taylor Heinicke?
  11. Well, he was a big, decently good looking guy who tended to throw his money around, so female attention wasn't too hard for him to come by. As far as the truth though, I'd be willing to bet he told the girls as many lies as they told him. Stuff about his career, his background, his bank account, etc. I know on at least one occasion he claimed to be an army veteran to get a serviceman's discount.
  12. Lucky I did all my stupid stuff before the internet and social media got big so there's no record of any of it Is "stripper sitting" an actual job? (asking for a friend)
  13. Ya know what? Nevermind. If Tepper stupidly sticks with the contract he gave Rhule, we should be ready when the time comes without needing any extra effort
  14. Yikes Seen a few girlfights in my day. My sister actually got involved in one (I wasn't there) this time she stupidly started dating a married man and got her ass kicked pretty bad. I found out about the whole thing when I came home to find some older guy in the house wearing my t-shirt and shorts
  15. He actually had another friend that (I won't mince words here) was dumb as a brick. He was riding somewhere with me and we stopped at a convenience store to grab a coke. The young checkout girl inside was what the Scots call "a buxom lass", and as I'm paying for a drinks I look over and notice he's staring straight at her chest. Since it's fairly obvious, she's noticed it too and looks annoyed. I pay for everything as quick as I can, planning to tell him not to do stuff like that in the future once we get to the car. But as soon as we get in, he turns to me and says "How do you think she pronounces that?" I responded "Pronounces what?" He continued "Do you think it's like 'weed' or 'wide'?" At this point, I have no idea what he's talking about so I just give up and drive on. On the way back from where we went, I stopped back at the same store. Different checkout girl this time, but as I'm getting my card out I notice that she's wearing a tag on her chest that says "We ID". 'Weed' or 'wide' Shook my head, quietly swore, paid for my stuff and left.
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