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  1. I'd figure Suleiman, with guidance from Fitterer.
  2. A little more from Breer regarding Harbaugh, Dodds and the Raiders (MAQB) We explained the Jim Harbaugh/Ed Dodds connection in the MMQB column Monday morning. There is one more layer to it that I forgot to mention—and that one runs through Colts special teams coach Bubba Ventrone. Ventrone played for Harbaugh in San Francisco and has stayed in touch with him. And Ventrone is close with Dodds, to the point where Ventrone would’ve been one of his top choices for a head coach if he were to land a GM job somewhere in the last couple of cycles. Also, for what it’s worth, Harbaugh’s Michigan assistants don’t seem to know what he’ll do yet. Of course, the Raiders would have to offer him the job first. We’ll see whether it happens.
  3. Honestly, the length of the contract is probably a more curious detail than the compensation at this point.
  4. You rarely hear those sorts of details for assistant coach hires.
  5. In this tweet... If I had to guess I'd say...Mike Martz. Obviously Olsen had no issue playing under Ron Rivera and Mike Shula. He never played under Matt Rhule but yes, he could be referencing him here. I'd still put my money on it being about Mike Martz though.
  6. Wouldn't bet on it. From Darin Gantt... ...there probably won't be a huge demand for Newton as a starter, with the way his year in New England went, and his passing here in 2021 (other than the Washington game). And he's already said he'd be willing to be a backup somewhere, as long as there's winning involved. Can that be here? That's to be determined. I'm starting to think that late-stage Cam Newton is a luxury item, a player you add on when everything else is functional, and he brings a new element. They may not be there right now. Ask the Old Guy: What's next?
  7. And I'm fine with that. At least in this scenario, both teams hljave had an opportunity. It's the second team never even getting to touch the ball thing that's bullsh-t.
  8. Well is she don't know, then don't nobody else know
  9. What if Dorsey follows Daboll?
  10. Worse than Scottie Montgomery? Eeehhh... I don't really know whether McAdoo is going to be good or not.
  11. I'd take Cousins over Jimmy Garoppolo. (in a "lesser of two evils" scenario)
  12. Both teams had four quarters. The game ended in a tie. That's why you have overtime, and it's why the "well, they should have stopped them during regulation" argument is silly. The question is what you do after the game ends in a tie. And at least for the playoffs, where the game can't end in a tie and double overtime is a possibility (Panther fans of all people should know that) it makes way more sense to ensure that both teams have a shot.
  13. Still hoping they take Quinn. Aaron Wilson believes Quinn getting hired somewhere will start the ball rolling on other jobs.
  14. Good grief Again, I like McCown and I think he's got a bright future as a coach, but this is just way too soon.
  15. Occasionally they also have a set of brass balls on their desk.
  16. You don't necessarily need to throw the ball all over the field when you've got a dominant run game. That comment doesn't have anything to do with us, by the way. I'm just sayin'...
  17. Honestly I think the simpler and more logical explanation is that Tepper doesn't have a damn clue what he's doing.
  18. Also on the GM front... That they retained him in the first place doesn't exactly sound like the brightest decision.
  19. Well, it certainly means they won't be getting Matt Rhule. (dammit)
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