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  1. I think this same story has been reported something like three times this offseason. Wouldn't surprise me if one of the prior reports came from the same bullsh-t Twitter page.
  2. I can't blame Matt Rhule for too much last year knowing who he had to work with. I've said before that I see this as Year One of the rebuild.
  3. The Twitter page it comes from posts fake bullsh-t all the time. I'm not sure why anybody takes stuff they tweet seriously.
  4. It's kinda like if you were an accountant having a house built by professional builders, but you don't think they're doing a very good job. If you fire those builders and look around for better ones, that's smart. If you fire those builders and then decide you're going to build the house yourself, you're an idiot.
  5. And if that something is firing the guys who are doing the job and getting somebody new, that's fine. If the something is making those decisions himself? That's a disaster waiting to happen.
  6. That's the kind of dumbsh-t semantics argument I expect from somebody like Sizzlebuzz. Football decisions should be made by football people for football reasons.
  7. You have, as long as I've seen you post on here, been dead set against owner interference. Are you now in favor of it if it gets the player you want? (or more specifically, gets us away from the player you didn't want)
  8. If you're the guy with the least amount of football knowledge in the room, telling the guys who know better than you what to do is stupid.
  9. It's not as simple as just saying "let's go get him". You also have to decide what resources you're willing to give up to do so. If the football people don't think it's worth it, do you want the owner to override them?
  10. Undrafted free agent update... I believe that puts them at 90 players. If they do decide to sign any of the tryout guys, a corresponding roster move will be needed.
  11. Per various reports, Tepper asks questions about the process and tries to make sure everybody is on the same page. Those things are fine. Overriding the people that you hired to do the job is not.
  12. He's engaged to an actress whose name I forget. I think she was in a one of those Hunger Games ripoff movies.
  13. No, we wouldn't. Tepper doesn't know how to evaluate football players, and he himself admits that. If Rhule and Fitterer don't work out, then he can fire them and get somebody else, but stepping in himself would be a dumbass move worthy of Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder.
  14. I do. Rhule specifically stated in his interview with Rich Eisen that Tepper "leaves the football stuff" to he and Scott Fitterer. Darin Gantt also confirmed in his draft war room article that while Tepper asks questions about the process, he doesn't offer input on what players they should get. Likewise, in the article that chronicled the pursuit of Sam Darnold, the only mention of Watson was that the Panthers were interested but weren't actively pursuing him because the Texans weren't willing to trade him. From what I've read, a whole bunch of people got excited about something
  15. I actually looked up LaCanfora's article to see what his rationale for connecting Rodgers to the Panthers was. You guessed it: David Tepper The same dumbass rationale that was used to predict we'd draft Justin Fields and "pay any price" for Deshaun Watson. Oy
  16. Tapper actually be like "the football decisions are up to Scott Fitterer and Matt Rhule".
  17. That team that beat the Chiefs in the Super Bowl also beat us twice, once by 14 points and once by 23 points. We're far from one player away from being better than that team.
  18. It's kind of a flawed question. It's been asked more than once before, and the answer is always the same, whoever the best quarterback in the league is at that time. Framing it as the best non-quarterback player makes for a better discussion.
  19. Disagree. Darnold is the clear starter and head and shoulders above anyone else. Beyond Darnold though, pretty much everyone else is easily replaceable.
  20. Don't really buy that. He was on a way better team than us last year and still didn't.
  21. Albert Breer on what the Panthers get with Morgan (MMQB) Dan Morgan’s a good get for new Panthers GM Scott Fitterer. The ex-Carolina All-Pro linebacker’s returning to Charlotte as the team’s assistant GM, and all you need to see on him as a scout is how sorry Bills GM Brandon Beane, Morgan’s boss the last three years in Buffalo, is to see him go. “Dan was everything we could’ve asked for,” Beane said over the phone on Sunday night. Beane worked in Carolina when Morgan was a player, and got to know him well on the scouting trail before hiring him in May 2018. “He’s the same guy he was as a
  22. Our buddy Ellis with a little more detail...
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