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  1. Toward the end, I think Kelvin was asking him a question and Cam said something like "what you got reporter Benji?" Cam's answer to whatever had to do with his golden thumbs and eating when they get back to the hotel.
  2. Cam looks at the tag on his Versace pants from Dieon and Dieon asks what he's checking the price for. Josh putting Dieon in check. Ron Rivera talking about misunderstood Cam is. Benji questioning Cam. They were in good spirits.
  3. Lol, this is still going on. Has he had this weekly conference yet? It's so much going on in here.
  4. The loss wasn't a mental blow, it was a wake up call. Also it humbled them. I think they come out this week with a major chip on their shoulders and they get heir swag back.
  5. He's really not gonna announce his lol. Unless he speaks about it this week, he's just gonna pop up with her, his stepdaughter and he baby. The crazy part is, he never had time to even announce it because his thing took fire as soon as he left practice. Folks wonder why some celebs are getting this way, social media is the antichrist lol.
  6. If you don't believe or trust 15's info, please don't trust theirs lol. They get it second hand from someone else. I don't even think the avg age is 25 lol. I di do find this back and forth with 15 hilarious.
  7. Very true. They're out more than people would think in Charlotte and Atlanta. No one tells everyone everything, especially someone like Cam who keeps to himself majority of the time. They've been together for nearly 4 years and have done a good job at living their lives out of the spotlight.
  8. The name sounds fit for a boy. Every since her baby shower, it's been chatter that it's a boy. We don't know lol. The great mystery. Baby sure will have good genes. Moms pretty, dad is hot. Can't go wrong
  9. Yes because it would've completely gone away and he would've been able to announce when he's ready. A lot of people knew she was pregnant, even though he never made an official announcement. They were seen in Charlotte and Atlanta. But he kind of opened the door. He knows that the secret is out, although I doubt he'd address it. He knew her being pregnant had picked up steam.
  10. Yeppers. Definitely out but he does want to keep it out of the media. I don't see anything wrong with that. Some people just have boundaries. He and Shakia (Hazel) probably do not want their kid and relationship on every blog, etc. But thanks to the people who can't hold water, there's tidbits dropping everywhere.
  11. She or her family will post pictures before Cam himself. I do know that he's private and she is very laid back. You guys know he's not gonna indulge in his personal life. I would be shocked if he brought this up or even answered in his weekly. It was no secret that she was pregnant but he never said anything to the public.
  12. By the way, Shakia isn't a common name so its no coincidence. I'm also positive her mom wouldn't be just so happen visiting Cam's relative who had a baby on Christmas Eve LOL I'm more positive that he would not have left practice to fly to Atlanta on Christmas Eve for a relative's delivery. His sister in law isn't pregnant. His mom definitely isn't pregnant. His female cousins that's always around aren't pregnant. She had the baby. I'm not sure why that's hard to believe.
  13. Lol, okay. But Shakia Proctor isn't his relative, it's his girlfriend. Shakia Proctor delivered a baby on December 24th. Her mom posted pictures from the hospital. Cam was in the hospital. Shakia is listed as being a parent on the nursery. None of that is private lol. So either you're not a nurse or you were off. But that baby was definitely born that day. And one of your coworkers actually took a picture with him. Nice try.
  14. But if you want to hear it from his mouth, I understand. But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Especially not when people are unintentionally letting the cat out of the bag and there's an online nursery that allows you to look up and see if a mom delivered. I have no reason to come on here and lie. I actually like coming reading over here. Just thought I'd give you guys the "confirmation" you wanted. There it is. If you do a quick search on social media, I'm sure you would be able to find the pictures of him in the hospital. And the hospitals nursery doesn't lie LOL. Don't live in denial.
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