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  1. It’s really not that different than you going in every A Richardson thread pre draft and pointing out all the bad, posting negative tweets that analysts said about him. Anytime someone bigged up Richardson, you were in there. One group is just more outward, while you were passive. But both sides are and we’re cringey. Neither are panthers, and neither should get the hate they got then or get now. We have Bryce. No need to discuss the others
  2. Fan boys argue on behalf of their guys. I say that as someone who was a fan boy of our last franchise QB.
  3. Good thing for him. It was a good move for both parties. Wish the best for him; although I’m rooting for terrible win loss records for his team from here on out
  4. Mingo is a country boy lol. I like him
  5. Living in Atlanta, it’s the falcons for me. I look forward to that game, here in ATL, every year. The trash talking, being in that stadium with my panthers jersey on…it’s a high like no other. Only problem is we have been trash for awhile now. We still lost more against them than we won while Cam was in his prime, but it was still fun. I’ll be at the season opener since it’s down here. Can’t wait, and with Bryce, I’ve got a reason to be hopeful and talk a little trash. Been a long time.
  6. My daughter and I will be there. Taking her to Europe for the first time, and I can’t wait. Already got her and I matching Young jerseys. Never been to Germany, but I’ve been to London, Gotemberg Sweden, and Croatia. I know it’ll be a good time.
  7. Didn’t look like Hackett fumbled. Looked like it should’ve been an incomplete pass.
  8. Did Dave go to A&T? I gotta get that hoodie. Listening to the cast now.
  9. Paid in Full fan. Alright, alright. One things for sure; he sure does seem pretty genuine. Doesn’t come off as fake or scripted, at all. Can’t wait to see how his career unfolds. Hopefully, he takes over as being the best ever Panthers QB, player, and he brings multiple super bowls to the Carolinas.
  10. First time a ball is batted down, the huddle… lol I can’t wait.
  11. Hopefully, the game in Atlanta isn’t too late in the season. Probably will hit up New Orleans and see the saints game as well. Always fun going down there, talking some trash. With us sweeping them last year, I’ve got some bragging rights.
  12. Mingo’s high school played my high school football team the past two years for the Mississippi south state championship. They beat us both times. Brandon has always produced great football talent. Im rooting for him. This is definitely my favorite pick of the draft, outside of BY. I think he’s going to be a great receiver, and one of the top WR in the league within the next 2/3 years.
  13. Sucks seeing any of these players fall further than they expect. Making fun or talking down on any player going through misfortune is terrible. Hopefully, other players get the same grace Levis is receiving as well
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