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  1. Happy Father’s Day to the OP and all my fellow fathers. At Shoney’s here in Orlando celebrating with my fam. Haven’t had this place since I was a kid
  2. He comes off as soft? The man is 150 lbs playing receiver in a man’s league. If he was soft, he wouldn’t be out there. Speaking of Mayfield, isn’t he known as publicly talking about others as well?
  3. Robbie had a bad year. If he has a year like last, then I’ll be fully on board with calling him out. I just don’t like this whole “player cashed out, and got lazy” because it’s traditionally only levied on a certain type of player.
  4. Show me a list of these players, please. You could be right, but I want to see.
  5. Or, he just had a bad year. Y’all are quick to say certain athletes cash out and mail it in once they get some money.
  6. I like Robbie. I hope he has a bounce back season, and if he does, I’ve got this thread saved and bookmarked. If he doesn’t, I welcome all the “I told you so’s”. He has had one bad year. He’s not trash. He’s definitely not the worst player on the team
  7. I don’t want Cam to come back to this. I want him to go to a contender and try to get a ring, or retire. He’s had a good career. Go do the podcast thing, and continue with the cigar lounge. It’s a real chill spot.
  8. this was done last year. let’s hope it works this time.
  9. Ehhh. Well, if true, atleast that shuts the door on PJ.
  10. You lie, and see no problem with it at all. That one player you’re referring to got just as much hate as he got love. He’s got more hate and bashing then any other panther player; while also receiving the most love. Also, while Robbie and Sam get hate, one gets bashed purely on his football skill. The other one gets bashed on football (which is acceptable) and other stuff. You know this,m.
  11. Damnit Get well, and if this is it, thank you for representing us Aggies well. Put an entire school on his back, and was one of the main reasons for our magical run. Made Greensboro, AggieLand. Hate this so much.
  12. Winston was playing well last year until he got hurt. I think that continues. Tampa wins the south, but the Saints get a wild card. They’re roster is better, and even with the QB issue last season and Kamara missing all those games, they still finished 9-8. We’ll be battling it out for last place with ATL. Two bottom tier franchises smh
  13. Can’t even get mad at that ranking. I’d probably have us around the 27-29 range. We’ll definitely be picking top 10 again.
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