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  1. They mocked you, and some even said Lamar wasn’t that good. You had “respected” posters questioning his character. You were on point with LJ. MVP candidate. He would’ve been a great pickup, but Baltimore wasn’t going to let him go. No to Allar.
  2. I agree. At pick one, you have to make a change. A split would be best for both parties. I do not want ATL to take a chance on him, but then again, with Smith at the helm, I think it would be a bad fit for fields
  3. And folks wanted to bring in Fields to compete with Bryce. Fields would beat out Bryce with ease. I do think fields needs to get out of Chicago, but I still have questions on whether he’s a franchise QB. He has flashes, though. Also, I think whoever Chicago brings in with pick #1, has a high chance of being a bust.
  4. One could argue he’s overrated, but I’d still take him if he was available. Still one of the top 10 QBs out, and QB play has been pretty bad around most the league
  5. No, Greg. Work your way up a little bit. As for Dan Morgan; that’s a no too. I would prefer just moving on from this entire regime; DM included.
  6. What are the chances Penix Jr drops to the 2nd? Especially since we’ll have the 1st pick in the 2nd
  7. Main reason I’m ok with sticking with Bryce next season. It’s unfortunate, but I don’t think he’s that guy. I think if we have him starting next year, we’ll be bad enough to secure a #1 pick in 25.
  8. This is the lowest. This organization has never been lower. Sad thing is this thing could get even lower. Giving Fitt another draft would have us well on the way to that. That guy hasn’t had a good draft since arriving.
  9. Fitt should be gone. He should’ve been the 1st one out. He assembled this roster.
  10. Same thing with my daughter. What used to be “our” team, is now, “did your team lose again, daddy?” lol. All I can do is laugh
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