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  1. Fayetteville’s own, J Cole, just dropped an album Friday. Pretty dope.
  2. My ole lady and I dancing to this in East Atlanta, lol. The bass thumping just has you moving.
  3. Started with something introspective and conscious, then poured up to this with my college bro who’s in the city for the weekend..
  4. “Life is a beautiful struggle. People search through the rubble for a suitable hustle. Some people using the noodle, some people using the muscle. Some people put it all together to figure the puzzle”
  5. instrumentation in this is bonkers! Love the organs. My favorite artist in music right now
  6. Sucks, but I'm going into the season expecting something bad to happen. It will either be injury or lack of production from a position group were depending on, but I expect something to happen. The key is overcoming whatever happens. I'm hoping we're able to
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