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  1. I don’t know why this picture makes me think of older grand theft auto characters lol. I think it’s the boxy shape
  2. Things will simmer down after the Seattle game. I’m quite sure of it.
  3. Buddy pretty much saying none of the panthers misfortunes were his fault lol. Man, if you didn’t have your head up your bum or was a super homer, you knew after year 1 that he blew a lot of hot air. If it wasn’t evident after year 1, then mid season 2 it was very apparent. It’s been pretty clear that the NFL was too big for him.
  4. Didn’t need this list. His MVP says you’re a liar. Again, you have shown to be inconsistent in your judging of QBs.
  5. lol would be a wasted pick. He wasn’t very good at Auburn. Use that pick on one of the lines. Pick QB early
  6. You have shown you’re not consistent with how you rank QBs. I don’t think you’re an individual who can determine whether a QB is elite or not.
  7. Yep. Dallas would destroy us, in Dallas or Charlotte.
  8. Eh. Obviously, one needs to control his/her emotions better than he did in this situation, but I don’t think this is a big deal. Definitely shouldn’t and won’t stop a team from offering the former MVP and elite QB a huge contract.
  9. But Darnold is inaccurate. His career completion % is slightly lower than Cams.
  10. Another thing. He gives Fields no opportunity to get better, saying he will be what he is with it only being year 2. Keep in mind, fields hasn’t been put in the best of situations. This is year 5 for Darnold. Now, we all can admit he’s been in some trash situations as well, but why does Darnold get an opportunity to get better but he’s automatically writing off fields. Both fields and Sam are 59% throwers. Only differences are, this is year 2 for fields. It’s year 5 for Darnold. Darnold showed he wasn’t very accurate and turnover prone in college, while Fields was the opposite. Youre right; he contradicts himself. Either he is trolling, or he just really likes Sam for some reason.
  11. He’s a career 59% thrower. Cam was slightly more accurate, and we know how he feels about Cam, yet he still wants to go with Darnold. Darnold played behind an awesome line today, and still could not complete 65% of his passes. I wasn’t happy about todays win, but with other bad teams winning today, we’re still in decent position. Let’s see how Darnold looks as the season progresses.
  12. Right. Rhule is their gravy train. I’d stay with him as well, and judging by how they did when with us, that would be smart for them
  13. I wonder when Cooper and Snow will join him.
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