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  1. This works for me in ATL, but like you said, not convenient for the locations you mentioned. It’s funny, Flowery Branch, the falcons training facilities, is only an hour/1.5 from Clemson.
  2. He’s not active, but Jeff Teague has a pretty good podcast that I been binging lately. Other than that, yea, I’m pretty much podcast out.
  3. Yea, I can see the hornets turning it around soon. They’ve got pieces in place. No telling when the panthers will get it together. Bad owner and it’s not looking good with our QB.
  4. Well, we’re likely to be resetting the clock after this season or next on a new rookie QB, so there’s that.
  5. This. I still remember reading about the team practicing in a ball room during bad storms, and thinking the team I root for is running a Mickey Mouse organization. Glad to hear Tepper is trying to catch the team up with the times
  6. This is underwhelming. A lot of the money must be going to a practice facility, and possibly turning that area around the stadium to a recreational and residential hot spot like the battery here in Atlanta. Stadium still seems basic.
  7. This. You can get a hot dog for $2 at the dome. Blank got it right with that move.
  8. Love the black on black w/ black helmets and blue socks. I did also like the blue color rush uniforms, but other than that, I’m not really a fan of the blue jerseys.
  9. I’ve already spoke my opinion of Bryce. I just hope I and CBS is wrong. Really hoping he turns it around, and shuts us all up.
  10. Bryce is no underdog. Also, considering your position on our young QB of 2012/2013, I don’t know if you’re the right one to call out the fanbase for anything; let alone it’s stubbornness or being quick to give up on a young QB.
  11. My daughter had a teacher named Mrs Legette. She was from South Carolina too, and that was a teacher that she loved, and her mother and I loved. Ima get both her and me Legette jerseys to start the year. I just need him to show something this preseason to justify the purchase
  12. This. Hopeful with JT, but not expecting much of anything from the others in the group.
  13. Def taking the under. I see 1 or 2 wins and another #1 overall pick. Let’s hope a QB really impresses in college this season. Will be focused on Ewers.
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