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  1. Royce should be the main if CMC is down for some time
  2. Precautionary. 10 days of rest
  3. lol that NC/SC sh*t is almost non existent in Winston or the triad. Growing up in Winston, we had more “beef” for Greensboro. Winston dudes didn’t really rock with Greensboro or their people, and vice versa. Now, my mom grew up right on the border in Lumberton. There was a slight rivalry there, but nothing big. As for the keep pounding saying, I could understand why Tepper would shy away from it. Theres a lot of immature ppl in this world
  4. Nice to see. Figured he was going to be up amongst the best after seeing those putrid pass block numbers from the o line.
  5. Yep. Major screw up, and what’s going on now is clown sh*t.
  6. Sam missed on the throw to Thomas and on this last one to TMJ. That’s 14 points
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