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  1. Eh, Just googled it out of curiousity-it's a fake.
  2. Now that I check reddit every so often to see these pictures for myself....this thread has lost it's usefulness..
  3. Meh, I've been tinkering with trying to make one but it becomes more trouble than it's worth. Or I'm just too lazy.
  4. Growing up, I was a pretty big card collector, my dad got me into it. He had a massive box of them dating back to the 70's. He got out of it, but once I found that box I got us both back in for a while. We slipped out of it eventually, but every year I get at least one pack of cards before the season starts to kind of keep up with the tradition. I just bought a pack form the Wal mart down the road about 10 minutes ago, it was an Upper Deck pack and came with a bunch of HD updated photographed cards featuring older players like Tim Brown and George Rogers. It came with only one rookie from this year's draft class. Care to take a guess who it was? Might get back into card collecting. Already have a pretty decent collection with some cards from Panthers players I got autographed myself.
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