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  1. I'm torn here. I think Baker is a pompous ass and needs some humble pie. Not sure if a disgruntled QB with an attitude like his is the best thing for the locker room. If we're looking just at 2022, he is our best option and can come at a decent price. If we're looking at 2022 as a throwaway year, start Corral and see what we have there.
  2. Trade him straight up for Baker, then sign Samuel when the Skins cut him
  3. Can we give this bot a chance to bond with an error 404?
  4. Just curious as to the consensus here. Do you approve of David Tepper’s actions and vision for the franchise?
  5. I’m so glad this is what our franchise considers moving the needle. never thought I would miss JR.
  6. Transgender cheerleaders and now a FLAGSHIP TV station! Man this franchise is just setting a blazing trail. I can’t wait for the next announcement.
  7. Get some more autonomous zones and more far left activists there and that value might tank to where it's affordable.
  8. There's a good reason EB has not sniffed a HC job, despite being minority status and the league's Rooney Rule.
  9. Great pick. Big Cade was a beast at UT. Played on a shitty team in 2020 and was hurt last year.
  10. Wonder if he'll be interim when Fatt Fhule gets inevitably shitcanned in week 6.
  11. Well said. I read this to the entire Atlanta Riot group here and we all LOLed
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