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  1. I bet Teddy stays on as a backup. No team is trading for that contract.
  2. I'm fine with this. Watson is probably done for a while and we aren't getting a top QB in the draft. This was a pretty good price all things considered.
  3. I remember being livid at the Bustler pick. Marked Gettleman’s downfall.
  4. This. My family has a ton of NOLA connections... I’ve heard a ton of negative things about Brees.
  5. He was an awful safety, but Sherrod Martin is a local barber in Atlanta and is in several local commercials. I’ve heard he’s a pretty nice guy. Wonder what USC busts Keary Colbert and Dwayne Jarrett are up to these days?
  6. Maybe we can swindle a deal for their first. Give ole Hurndog Grier, Teddy, and a ham sandwich.
  7. I'm not one to go after other posters like a lot of others on here. But you're fuging pissing me off dude. fug off.
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