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  1. Well said. I read this to the entire Atlanta Riot group here and we all LOLed
  2. I’ll watch, but my level of apathy will be unprecedented. I never felt this way about a Fox or Rivera team. My fall trips to Charlotte might be done away with this coming year.
  3. Fooled a rich owner into giving him a 7 year contract Manage to look like a drunk bum on the sidelines with a selection of any coaching clothing he wants Alienated half of the fanbase and took the life out of the other half Comically mismanaged the QB situation to where the national media is humorously commenting on the "full circle" of coming back to Cam Put together arguably the worst OL in modern NFL history... now THAT is an accomplishment Neutered last year's runner-up for DROY Compare himself to one of the greatest rappers of all time Boosted his bank account
  4. You’re forgetting who’s the coach of this team. Gilmore will shut him down for the first and second series, so naturally Fatt Fhule will go away from what’s working and put CJ Henderson on him for the rest of the game.
  5. The biggest win in months for the Panthers would be for Fatt Rhule to be sent packing.
  6. Can we put this Panthers account bot on the COVID list too?
  7. Surprised Fatt Rhule didn't try to sign the Temple kicker.
  8. From what I read that wasn't his call. It came from the higher-ups. Part of the reason Pederson was fired was his pushing back on that and other things.
  9. My fantasy championship matchup is this weekend and I picked up TB's defense to start in place of Miami. I hope to God Fatt Rhule plays Sam.
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