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  1. If this ends up being the case, I hope my TV remote enjoys being permanently embedded into the wall.
  2. Could be the homer in me but I say grab Hooker if he's there past the 3rd round (which he likely won't).
  3. Little early to be doing lines.
  4. Out of all the QB's in this class, I'd argue Hooker is the most cerebral. His growth in Huepel's offense was masterful, and his leadership skills are terrific. Great dude too. Doesn't have a laser cannon like his backup (and soon to be starter) Joe Milton, but can thread the needle when needed. Best Vol QB since Peyton, IMO. Shame he got hurt in the SC game. That game changed everything for UT.
  5. Tepper whipped out his brass balls and fat checkbook and handed both to Frank.
  6. I don't feel bad for him. Fug him.
  7. Yeah this is kinda on Tepper. fug Fhule, but you gotta pay up to your mistake Davey.
  8. She must’ve exited out of the JavaScript window prematurely after hitting “Complete” on the training.
  9. Dobbs looks 100x better than Willis ever did. He might be the Titans’ version of Purdy.
  10. Hell no to Levis. Vols defense made him look like a joke.
  11. Eddy Money wouldn't have been put in that situation to begin with had the refs not gone full tard in flagging DJ after that touchdown. Having to see that poo in person right behind that endzone and hear it from the ghetto trash Falcons fans made it 10X worse.
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