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  1. If I don't have a dog in the fight, then I always pull for the underdog.

    As such, what a fantastic divisional round this was! Three underdogs winning out and the fourth one going into overtime.

    Still, I really wanted Buffalo (Panthers North) to win that one. Mahomes is amazing but Josh Allen is going to be the Peyton to his Brady for this generation. Wow, what a game.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Verge said:

    Signing Donte over Gilmore would make literally no sense.

    I am willing to bet there are teams out there willing to overpay for each of them.

    There's every chance we move on to Horn and Henderson and save some serious money.

    Both Jackson and Gilmore looked great to the folks watching our games. Folks who saw other teams saw some pretty good/decent guys. Not world beaters. Still, someone is going to be willing to pony up massive amounts of money for each one in turn. And they might find themselves with two Josh Normans.

  3. 18 minutes ago, ForJimmy said:

    There is a huge chance Rhule gets fired before the season is over. 

    I'm hoping for before it starts, but the chances of him making it through 2022 are astronomically low based on performance so far.

    Of course, even considering that, there's always the chance I am wrong in my assessment of Rhule and that this is actually going according to plan and that there will be a monumental change in our fortunes next season. It could happen and it does happen in the NFL. I'm not seeing any signs of it, but there's always a chance I'm wrong.

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  4. He's going to be good. This was the first year for a guy who wasn't expected to set the field on fire. He performed well when called up, made some good catches (and one really neat run) and didn't seem afraid of contact.

    For a rookie TE that's a promising start. Considering the quality of coaching and play calling and QB work, he was a bright spot in a lackluster year.

    He's going to take a couple of years to fully develop, but something tells me we will see steady progress next season and a breakout in year three.

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  5. Dear Dave,

    This ain't working man. Hire some actual experts on building an NFL team, start from the ground up and make this work again. We were troubled before you got here, but nothing like this.

    If you hire people to build this organization the right way, in the end there will be more wins, maybe some trophies, a lot of stars and you will still be able to sit back and say "That's my team" and it'll be as true as it ever was.

    Or you can keep hiring crappy little wannabes and when they keep churning out five wins seasons, give contracts to people who can't perform and squander draft picks on seventeen more cornerbacks, you can sit back and shamefully say, "That's my team" and it'll be as true as it ever was.

    It's up to you. You're in a club with 31 other owners (if you squeeze together Green Bay's community). Right now, the pecking order puts you sitting way away from the cool kids table. 

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  6. Hire him as OC and he can take over once Rhule is let go. And before you say Luke was a linebacker, he knew the offense's plays as well as they did -- for both the Panthers and their opponents.

    Luke knew more about running a pro team by year two than the entire Panthers staff for the last two seasons. No wonder he just said, "No thank you, sir, I'm going to go home and enjoy my life."


  7. 42 minutes ago, Sgt Schultz said:

    True, all of it.

    Did Rhule want to be the HC of the Panthers?  Yes.  It was a shot at proving himself at the NFL level.  We are not talking about a guy coaching Bama, Ohio State, Michigan, or some other pinnacle in college football that a coach would really have to weigh whether they want to give up "all this" to risk going to the next level.  This was "his shot."

    We have seen other college coaches with bigger names and resumes than Rhule get to the NFL and flame out.  At some point, it is almost like they give up and go through the motions.  It happened to Spurrier, Saban, Petrino, Holtz, etc and it happened pretty quickly.  It happened to Chip Kelly, it just took longer due to some initial success.  It happened to Meyer almost on day one, it seems.

    There is no set of proven characteristics for whether or not a college coach will make it in the NFL.  It is almost completely random. 

    The only place I differ with Khyber is I don't think we will know in a couple of weeks.  I think Rhule is here for 2022, at least the first 10-12 games, barring some complete meltdown.  I honestly hope Kyber is right.

    Unlike most of this board, I don't think Tepper is an idiot.  I also don't think he is some oracle who knows what the right answer to these situations is.  I do think he is more patient and deliberate than most of this board seems to understand. 

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  8. I don't care if a QB has a howitzer arm. Arm strength helps. Accuracy helps. Mobility helps. Toughness and calmness in the pocket help.

    But the thing that matters the most is processor speed. Can you take the hike, move back into the pocket, go through all your progressions, make the right selection and fire the ball off safely in two seconds? If not, then you aren't going to make it in this league. Seriously, if it takes three seconds to do the job, you're toast. No matter what else you can do. Two seconds and boom, make the pass. Every time there's a play, two seconds is all you are guaranteed, you have to be able to make that.

    At least 32 guys get to be starting QBs in the NFL each season. Of those, maybe only 10 can do this. That's all. They win the most games. They get the big contracts. They become the franchises.

    Can this guy do it? Can anyone?

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  9. I wish you were right, but I don't think Elflein was very good at center and really bad at guard. Injuries are also a knock on him. Since entering the league he's had to have surgeries on a shoulder and an ankle, has lost time (and team) due to a thumb injury and was out for part of this last season with a hamstring injury.

    I'd look at carrying him as a back-up center (and perhaps backup guard), even though he has a high salary cap hit with us. He might be a good mentor for a rookie center. Paradis is probably gone but his dead money will linger on with us like a ghost of what should have been. 

    I say we draft Tyler Linderbaum in the first round and lock things down. He might be the smallest center in the draft, but he has the resume and tape to make up for it. If he's gone, there's a lot of picks being made before we dive back in after the first round. 

    What intrigues me is that we have Baylor's center, Jacob Gall is sitting out there for a late round draft pick possibility. I know, the Baylor thing, but Gall transferred from Buffalo to Baylor after Rhule left. At Buffalo he was grading out just below Linderbaum's performances (90.5 to 91.5 for Linderbaum). At 6'2" 305 he's a beefier choice. We could pick him up and have a real find there. Still, Linderbaum in the first is what we should do and only deviate from that if Linderbaum is gone. If he's out, grab the best tackle on the board.

    And @MHS831, I disagree with one other thing. I hate seeing us keep trying to transition tackle prospects to the guard positions. I think it is one of the biggest problems we've traditionally had here. Tackles and guards, when assigned properly, are just wired differently from each other. It's bears and bulls: one stands and mauls, the other muscles and crashes. Tackles need length and lateral movement, guards need muscle, mass and a mean streak.


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