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  1. Osborne 64 here. Top of the line.
  2. The images are probably already in your cache. I'm on fiber optic, so download speeds are fast, but that might be causing the strobe effect as the images resize and fill in, but who knows?
  3. That strobe effect while images load is just about seizure inducing!
  4. Chubby dude is going to be running right past some fit guys.
  5. It's going to be the Packers. If the Rams can get to Rogers early and often, LA might have a chance, but even then it's still a small one.
  6. Carolina North -- Buffalo! (But this is gonna be a tough game for them, the Ravens look to have found their top gear again.)
  7. I'd have said more, but really not wanting to give any spoilers.
  8. Overall, Jon Favreau nailed the series. The guy can't miss.
  9. The first two episodes are fun and a completely different twist on things. And there is a lot going on under the surface. Easter eggs abound. It's a clever concept and if you're a fan of Marvel and the Marvel Universe of the movies, there's a lot to talk about and speculate on.
  10. You sit at pick 8 and really wait to see what develops. Go with best player available. There's just too much of a chance that one of the standouts in this draft will fall, not because of some flaw but because there are teams with some serious needs ahead of us. We, as a team, are sitting at a point where we have some serious needs, but there's a place for the best player of any position. Even RB... if for some reason the unquestioned best player available was a RB, we'd still either make a two-headed monster at RB or find someone willing to trade for CMCs heavy contract. DT -- we can add
  11. I've been saying for a while that if we got rid of Hurney, we needed to cleanse the scouting department as well. This appears to be the guy to bring in new scouts and get a fresh start on it. Those scouts really determine the flavor of a team and can set a team's style and capabilities for a long time. The scouting group grown and pruned by Hurney has had an almost 20 year impact on this team. Panthers football may become something different than we are used to. That's not necessarily a bad thing.
  12. Just hope our new GM wasn't involved in background checking that dude.
  13. Hope it works out well for us. Gonna suck big time if Rivera and Hurney get to the Super Bowl together before we do. Ron already hit the playoffs before we did... thanks to the epic NFCEast collapse.
  14. If the Bucs didn't have Brady, Gronk and Antonio Brown I'd be pulling for them. Really, anyone but Brady.
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