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  1. Honestly, sports fuged up education. And it isn't even close to be done.
  2. Always loved Pep and I understood why he went to Chicago and cheered when he eventually came back home.
  3. And another new one. This one was pretty astounding how someone would just flip and run. Gambling is a hard, hard drug man.
  4. High character players will win seasons for you.
  5. Bryce. Not that Juan isn't trying, but yanno.
  6. He's such a good kid. I really hope he can shine this season and prove the doubters (including me) wrong. I'm really pulling for him to make it.
  7. I think, in the future, that if municipalities are pretty much required to levy a tax to support these kinds of renovations, or rebuilds, then the amount of money should be weighed against purchasing that percentage of ownership of the team. Imagine having 1 million Charlotteans as 30% stakeholders in the Panthers. Yeah, that would scare team owners into financing their own massively profitable ventures.
  8. New story I wrote just went up. We tripled our research efforts to get this one, let me know what you think of what turned out. Powerful moments in it, particularly when the detective says, "She wasn't a very big girl."
  9. You know, like classes outside of the business school. Just spin off all college sports into developmental, for profit leagues and let universities and colleges get back to educating people for their careers.
  10. I just don't know. New coach, new system, new management, new weapons, excellent draft, great free agency pick ups. I mean, that's gotta create optimism, right? Except we've heard this before. Like three times in the past six seasons. I hope Canales has the answer, but they're going to have to make me believe this time. Show me something. Anything.
  11. I want us to become a smashmouth football team again. On offense and defense. It has been a long time since we dictated the terms of a game to the other team. Yeah, run heavy will be great and will give whoever our QB is a chance to make the most of their skills.
  12. The organization was poorly put together from top to bottom and it shows. Management was in bunker mode and we had a guy as GM who could not evaluate talent either in the draft or free agency. We had just gotten away from a "culture" HC who needed to stay at a mid-majors college and replaced him with a guy who had a lot of emotional ties to the team but had just come off of a collapsing team of his own in Indianapolis. And that guy built a coaching staff, one heavily influenced by ownership, that was just not ready for the roles they were given and could not gel because they could see the collapse and were oftentimes worried about their own skin more than what the team needed. On the field, the team was just atrocious. The o-line suffered some early injuries and could not hold together because there was no depth and little coaching. Game planning seemed to make no effort to shore up the line and the rookie QB could not make adjustments, did not have the tools in his tool box yet, to offset this in even the least. Our highly recruited FA RB turned out to be a powder puff, our receivers were slow to the point of making people pine for the days of Kelvin Benjamin. We had one receiver who could actually run a rout and catch and he was double covered on almost every play. Our tight ends were just completely ineffective because of a lack of talent and using the same play concept over and over again. And our defense? Well, statistically, particular in yardage given up, looked great on paper. But it sucked, too. It just didn't suck as bad as our offense, which was historically bad. The highlight of our team last season was our Special Teams play. We had a good kicker and punter. The saving grace of our team last season was this: The NFL had not gone to an 18-game schedule yet, meaning the faithful didn't have to sit through another week of watching that mess. Good luck to the new coach. I'd like to say there's nowhere to go but up from here, but I said that about this time last year, too. I don't want to be amazed by how wrong I was again.
  13. There's more to coaching than play calling, even down on the field. Madden isn't going to simulate how your WR1 had a big fight with his wife the night before the game and is stiff from sleeping on the couch. It's not going to simulate that the fight was because the QB's wife was flirting with the WR and now, because she went full on ballistic that the QB now knows about it. It's not going to simulate that questionable bucket of wings your o-line shared three hours before the game is now causing cramps and gas. It's also not going to simulate the real wear and tear of the season and how about December even the moderately good teams are about halfway spending their brain power on picking their January vacation destinations. But for a video game, it's pretty good.
  14. He's terrible until he proves that he's different. We're the worst team in the league until we prove otherwise. Same story, just a different year. It's up to the 53 guys on the team, the coaches, management and ownership to change that and it is going to take a lot of work to pull us out of the ditch they've driven us into over the last five years.
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