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  1. Always play to win. Make a run at the division. Get a seat at the table, we could get lucky once we get there. Crazier sh!t has happened before.
  2. I don't know, he said he loved Wilks twice in the interview and said it wasn't his call to make. Then he played coy. I think y'all are trying to read much more into it than what he said.
  3. You know, point taken. I think once CMC got traded, a traditional running scheme had to be placed on the table and that gave the offense something to really chew on. Addition by subtraction I guess. And I think Foreman has found a home here.
  4. You look at the list and tell me which of those coaches have really gotten the most out of their players...
  5. Let's let the season play out, or at least another three games before we crown anyone. And as to the quality of our opponents, well, you have to beat who is on the schedule, that's just the way it is. Still, I like what Wilks is getting out of this team and how he is doing it. The team has gotten noticeably tougher since he took over. They used to play like cream puffs out there.
  6. That's a lot of money and a lot of future to tie up in one human being.
  7. And therein is my problem with basing everything on the draft, particularly the hope of fans. I get it, though, some folks love not just a college team but the entire college football experience. They really get into comparing QBs and other prospects and they have strong feelings about certain prospects. And that's great. Except that all of that rarely translates well into the NFL. It's great when your team hits on a good player and once in a while, your team will hit on a legendary one (we've certainly had some here). But most of the seven picks or so you'll make aren't on your team in two years or even in the league in three. So, I just can't get but so interested in all the talk of drafts. And I sure as hell don't abide by the idea of tanking for some snot nosed kid who is a "guaranteed top 3 pick QB." I know that's where the greats come from, but the crop has been so underwhelming in recent years, well... surely you see.
  8. And yet, none of those four teams has a guaranteed winner yet, except for maybe Cincy. That Superbowl appearance has clout, after all. The Eagles look like they have their man, but the cold winds of winter have a way of changing reality. Tua has found new life with a new coach in Miami, but is it just first blush love affair there? Time will tell. Chicago, the Chargers and Jacksonville... well, let's win something and maybe then they've got something. Until then, who knows? Quarterback is the most important position in any team sport in the world. Playing it in the NFL is the hardest job ever invented in sports, and the pool of capable guys available each season is tiny. Using a top pick on a QB is really a "shoot the moon" kind of effort and to me, I just hate to see us pass on some more surefire things that could be available.
  9. I'd rather regularly be 32nd in the draft than first. Then again, I love pro football and I only slightly pay attention to college football. I'd probably like college football better if it translated better to the pro game.
  10. Truth told. Right now, we're just auditioning for who gets to be retained as a back up QB. Now if we win out with Sam at the helm, not only would it be a frikkin' miracle but it might be enough for us to at least think about rolling with him and Matt Corral into next year and use our first draft pick on another position -- perhaps DE, TE or WR. Sheesh, the NFCSouth is so bad this season, there's still a fair to middling chance we could win the division. We're just one game out right now... and that is unbelievable.
  11. Hope he does well, the Broncos defense is still tired from the flight and Danger-Russ just wants to go home early. Honestly, I just want to see us try and push the ball downfield a bit. Our popgun style of attack is underwhelming and doesn't make the other team pay for overloading the box to stop the run/blitz. If Sam goes out there and plays like there's no pressure on him and stays loose, he could turn into the guy he's teased a few times in his career. I just think he's one of us regular joes that is sometimes his own worst stumbling block.
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