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  1. The right special teams player can win you a game. A bunch of good ones working together can make the difference in a game or two. A bunch of guys just playing special teams so they can keep a roster spot, now that'll lose you a few games every darned year.
  2. Barring a surprise dropping QB, that's the best way to go. No doubt about it.
  3. Comment removed because I don't wanna be that guy. Peace be with you.
  4. If any of the big five guys happens to be missed until the 8th pick, I don't have the slightest problem with taking any of them. I want Darnold to have a chance to succeed here, but let's face it, we have minimal investment in him AND a desperate need to find a franchise QB right now. If Fields, Lance or Jones falls to 8 (because there's no chance for the other two) then you have to swing for them and get your guy. Then you work both that guy and Darnold into training camp, preseason and onwards. Watch the development... go with the one who gives us the best chance to win, now and long te
  5. I don't want to see us give up #8, I want to see us grab a foundational player that will start right out of the gates and be part of the team for years to come. Now if someone backs up the Brinks truck and unloads multiple firsts and a couple of extras, I might be tempted to trade.
  6. Umm yeah. If Jones is still there at 8, we aren't letting New England come in and take him as a replacement for Cam. We'll take him instead.
  7. He'll be given a shot here. Sometimes that's all a guy needs.
  8. Let's not even talk about him being apparently one of the most fragile guys in the league. With his injury record I'm amazed we aren't signing him instead.
  9. I don't agree, but I'm always interested in your take. I don't think we will trade down. We need a foundational member of the team we are building. We need to make a pick of the litter pick. I still think we take a swing at QB if one falls, if not it's LT or Pitts. Slater --> Sewell --> Pitts barring one of the top four QBs in your list don't fall.
  10. There's a lot to agree with in your post. The truth is, we don't really know what Rhule is planning. He's good at keeping his cards close to the vest. We won't know anything until the draft happens, so we're all just guessing here.
  11. I'm not sure that's necessarily the case. I think what you want in a franchise QB is someone who will outplay, outwork, outstudy, outcompete and outshine whoever is in their way. It's not a place for tender feelings and being unable to compete. Rhule came in and showed Cam the door before that fan favorite ever saw the field again under the new regime. We ate $2 million in dead cap then and if Darnold ends up sitting on the bench for $4.77 million this year, we aren't out anything. The challenge to Darnold is to be THE guy in that scenario. Make the other guy sit on the bench by usin
  12. If Jones, Lance or Fields is available at #8 we may take a swing at QB. If Jones somehow makes it past San Francisco and is still there at #8 we will definitely take him. Darnold is being given a shot, but we may want to have a chance to shoot both barrels into this season and see if one hits. The upside is too big to pass up on. Finding THE QB is just that important in winning. And that lack of picking up the option on Darnold yet may mean the offer may look like a back-up QB salary rather than a starter's salary depending on our draft pick.
  13. He got behind the wheel of a car while he was drunk. People other than him were direly injured by him. I have no reason to say he shouldn't receive the maximum level of punishment. I really can't even stir up the slightest sympathy for him. All other extenuating circumstances fall to the wayside when he climbs into the driver's seat that night.
  14. Good for him and congrats! Most pressure packed pro tournament in the world, biggest viewership and a prize that grants you immortality in the sport of golf. Great performance and a major milestone in his playing career!
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