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  1. He's definitely better with his right, the left throws tend to have just a bit of wobble in them. But this is a 14-year old kid. Seven more years of training and wow...
  2. Wish there was this much attention over the education rather than the sports at colleges and high schools. But, oh well, let the monster feed itself.
  3. Mills looked like a guy who can keep improving. He's not hit his peak yet and Houston may have found at least a serviceable guy in him. His knock coming out of college was his lack of on field time compared to others in the draft. Now, he's learning on the job. Still, might not pan out, but the cost wasn't too high for him.
  4. Those certainly wouldn't have been viable upgrades.
  5. Doesn't look like he thinks there's much of a chance.
  6. I had so hoped we'd pick up Tarik Cohen, but his recent, tragic injury won't allow for that to happy. Best wishes to the young man, but he was just the kind of RB we needed.
  7. I don't think teams get put in the 32nd place in any power rankings out of spite. Honestly, it's kind of a "usual suspects" thing. The same three or four teams are usually at that spot: Detroit, Jacksonville, NY Jets, Houston, the Giants... We seem to have joined that club but something is making the list makers think all of those teams have made more strides to improve than we have.
  8. In this world today, I just think maybe we need to praise people who do good work. It seems pretty faint and few anymore.
  9. Let's see how it plays out. There are a lot of us who have been pointing out that this is the direction we have been headed and no amount of whitewashing it was going to change the overall results. Still, even I've got to admit we know nothing about how this season will really turn out at this juncture. We just had a draft, the big free agency push and the first round of rookie camps in the league. No one really can say how things will be once the pads go on and the games mean something. While I think we're set up to fail big right now (I don't believe in the coaching/game planning/overall well-being of the team), there's also a chance that Rhule will get built what he promised, that our draft picks will pan out beautifully and that the ball will fall the right way with us this year. I'm really torn between my optimism/hope for my team and the evidence that our team's coaching, management and ownership really don't know what they are doing. We are living in a weird space right now.
  10. Some team will end up with either a pre-season injury or a poor performance from a bubble QB and make the trade for Mayfield. They'll probably be more competitive after doing so. And there's always the outlier that after this week's investigative interviews by the NFL that Watson might end up in a suspension situation. Cleveland then could end up having to make amends with Baker quickly. Of course, the NFL investigation could be just as flimsy as it's expected to be and nothing comes of it. Still, off of the list they gave in the article, Houston would be the most likely landing spot. If Cleveland just up and releases him, expect him to be there before the ink is dry on the pink slip.
  11. Hate it for a guy so young to be injured and out of the NFL before really getting a shot. Best of luck to him and he still made it to the dream so many kids start out with yet never see.
  12. Verge knows more about draft candidates than 90% of the pro scouts do.
  13. If he's good enough for @Verge to be happy about it, then I'm all in on the pick. They're almost never wrong.
  14. Yep, that's it in a nut shell. I hope he proves me wrong this year and it all comes together. We need it. If he doesn't break .500 I don't see how he can come back. And if we're under .500 at the midpoint of the season, he might get Rivera'ed and shown an early exit.
  15. We can always use a great lineman. Hope he pans out as a league leader.
  16. I hate saying it, but we're going to drop our first three and talk of Tepper being on the hotseat will be real. I don't think he'll see game five from our sidelines. Edit: Nah, even I can't go with this. I think we'll come out of the gates roaring with CMC and a newly invigorated offense led by Corral from game one. We'll win the first two (I don't think Watson will play) and then our defense will let us down. Offense will keep us in the games, but our defense just doesn't make a stand. Tepper looks for a new coach by week eight.
  17. This 100%. And we have to realize that we won't fix the defense with another one year rental of a sack specialist. Our defense is soft and that's a down to the core problem that can't be fixed with a coat of paint or a flashy new doodad.
  18. Remember when the NFL didn't spend two weeks hyping the schedule release? Talk about marketing the poo out of your brand every single day.
  19. Wow, that was a powerful piece. I knew he'd played here in Greensboro for NC A&T and he was a heck of a running back. Sounds like a good, Good man who has had to deal with the ramifications of others' life decisions heavier than anyone I could imagine. I hope he finds peace and I hope he finds another shot at football. We could use a guy like him here, high character and understanding of the sacrifices he's made and the sacrifices made by others to get him where he was.
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