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  1. Let's not let that money burn a hole in our pocket right now. There may be some serious needs coming up and there's always a chance a trade might be available wherein we need a few extra bucks stashed away. And carrying most of it over to next year isn't the worst idea.
  2. I hate to say it, but 7-10 is how I'm seeing it at the moment. Darnold is too big of a question right now and I've got to see major improvement in the defense before I think Snow can handle the job. O-line is still a big question mark. The only honest to goodness improvement I can see over last year and bank on, is that CMC will be back. He can make a huge difference and that gets them two more wins over last season's total. I sure hope I am wrong about this, though.
  3. Obvious axe to grind. Let's revisit this in week 6. By then we'll know if OP is right or not. You've got to let the dice roll before you see what comes up. Could be a nat 20, could be a 1.
  4. Honestly, with some of the predictions I've heard, we'll be in lockdown again by mid-November. If you're planning on attending a game, you'd better make it early in the season.
  5. Meh, neither one is Brees. The drop off in New Orleans production could be epic.
  6. I've stated this before and been shot down for even mentioning it. I'll say it again, I like the picture Rhule puts out there, I hope he can succeed here, in this league. What we have, though, is a newbie pro head coach with a 5-11 record, an offensive coordinator with a short and spicy resume who couldn't get the team to score in the red zone, a grizzled old DC who fielded a marshmallow defense, a new GM that comes from a team that is currently falling apart because of lack of O-line talent and defensive stalwarts, and a team owner who is more famous for grabbing his trophy wife's ass d
  7. Khyber53


    While I think the comic/sci fi fandom has been time travelled to death at this point, I sure did enjoy their rendition of Kang. He'll be back for the next Ant-Man/Wasp movie, but I think they are building up something big, like the next Thanos-level event for him.
  8. Hopefully Darnold will work out really well and this won't be an issue for us at all. If Arnold doesn't work out, we're probably positioned for another high draft pick. I just don't see Watson coming into the situation here, not just for the two reasons above, but also because of fan fallout and the potential for a repeat offender situation. Let some other team roll those dice.
  9. Good guy and one of the fastest players we've ever had. Good luck to him in retirement!
  10. I had hoped they could work something out. Seeing the news that they actually had worked something out for the long term brought more joy and optimism to me than I had expected. Good, sane, strong contract that benefits both parties now and over the long term, what more could we have asked for? Here's to hoping Moton retires after an entire 12- year career is spent here and here alone and he gets his name up in the Ring of Honor. Darn, this news just makes me happy!
  11. I hope so! I think that's what this d-line really needs. There's plenty of talent and energy, just need a wily vet to bring them together, show them the tricks of the trade. Or at least, that's how it works in the movies.
  12. I don't think they'll be the new Peppers and Rucker. If they can be 80% of that they'll be outstanding, though.
  13. I get you on Shi Smith and I'd like to see an underdog really make it, I always like seeing that. There's just a lot of hands out there and only one ball to catch. On paper it looks great. If we don't move the ball, it's going to look bad for Darnold and Brady. Too many weapons out there for us to not be dangerous.
  14. I think we're trying hard to address LT. I think we've tried in the past and have just had some terrible judgement calls and terrible luck. Right now we have what, like four or five LT candidates going into training camp. Surely one of them will not just win it but cement the position. Right?
  15. Honestly, with the resurgence in our receiving corps, I had lost David Moore in the confusion. Something tells me he is going to be a solid contributor and make his presence known. I'm looking at what we have in WRs: Moore, Anderson, Marshall and this Moore. Then we've picked up Arnold and Tremble at the TE position. Then you add in CMC and his 1,000 yard receiving as a side benefit... Sam Darnold has more weapons moving into this season than any Panthers QB in history. If we can get him decent protection, then I think he's going to have a shot at becoming great here. If not, I'm no
  16. Well, best of luck to him. Hopefully his skills are getting better and he can contribute if called upon. Hardest position to play in the world's toughest sport.
  17. I really want him to get out there right now and take over a starting spot. However... you're being much wiser than I am right here. Develop the guy unless he really is a world-beater in training camp.
  18. See, the trick is finding a good spot on the bench -- view of the cheerleaders, close to the Gatorade stand, able to reach one of those Microsoft tablets loaded with Fortnight. But, you've got to be willing to move man, because sometimes the kicker needs to limber up.
  19. Even for all the craziness and confusion, it was pretty amazing that we even had NFL games last year. I'm hoping they get full immunization levels on the team and we don't have to see anyone out for COVID.
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