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  1. Not to mention the whole "checks and balances" thing is a proven management model.
  2. Aaron Rodgers would win them some games but could cause collateral damage within the organization that would make sure they stay a wreck for the next decade. I believe there are a lot of folks within the Green Bay organization that would breathe a sigh of relief if he ended up in Gang Green.
  3. He could honestly be getting offers from all four NFCSouth teams. And he'd probably be the top QB in the division for this season. After that... who knows. I'm not saying he's great (and I do think he's probably good), but this division went from the strongest division by QBing to the weakest in just a couple of seasons.
  4. I'd like to see us grab Austin Hooper and Poona Ford from the list, if we can get them for a bit below what they are saying the asking price is. Not that we've got a lot of spending money to walk around with... where did it all go??? Dead cap, man. CMC I can see and understand where it came from, good players get good contracts and there's always some jiggering it around. Now the $9 mill in dead cap for Robbie Anderson... that's a hanging offense just about. Daaaang.
  5. All coaches in the NFL get fired, it's probably something that Norv understands and had been in Ron's place quite a few times. Head coaching in the NFL is like bull riding, you just hang on for as long as you can and 10 seconds can be an unreachable eternity just like five seasons can be.
  6. If we took Carr and then a mid- to late- round QB to back up Corral and develop, yeah, I could get behind it. I'm not sold on getting the third or fourth best QB with our best pick, or picking up some today's flash in the pan super potential nothing happening QB like AR. Let someone else take that ride. Ask Tennessee and Atlanta how their hot QB picks have gone from last season.
  7. Back in the day I had said we should have kept Witherspoon over Morgan. I still stand by that. Spoon was smart as a whip and a helluva player.
  8. The die has been cast. I wanted Wilks as the HC, but management chose differently. Personally, I think Smitty's take on this is a really good one and it gave me some reasons to see the choice in a different light. But, in the end, we now have Frank Reich as our head coach, he's our guy. I'm cheering for him to turn this around and make us into winners. Can't dwell on the past so, it's time to move on. I'm looking forward to the 2023 season and watching what happens in the offseason.
  9. Just as in golf, let's try and stay out of the rough.
  10. No matter how they sell it, the wings are still the worst piece on the chicken that folks eat. Masterful marketing to turn them into their own industry.
  11. Fire the guy, take the house off the market for three months and make the payments. Then call one of the major name brand Real Estate agencies in the town and get them to list it for you. They have a vested interest in not screwing their customers. Or, alternatively, you can ask them if they offer rental management services and go that route on the property. But lost that dude. He's scamming you four ways to Wednesday.
  12. This is a good pickup and fits with our team identity.
  13. Since we're going to really parse words, how about I just say that I don't think they are going to trade up AND I think trading up is a stupid idea. And yes, the Robbie contract IS a slight on Fit. As would be the Ian Thomas one. (I keep wanting to call him Ian Anderson... but he wouldn't make a very good tight end, especially at his age.)
  14. Ninth is a good place to pick. You miss on one or two sure things, but it also let's those regularly bad teams make their selections and clear out some of the yard trash. Somehow the perennial winners always draft in the last half of the round and yet they keep winning.
  15. You never win chasing after exes or someone else's date.
  16. Also, sure let's get that Robbie Anderson contract worked out.
  17. Notice I said I didn't think trading up in the draft was part of the plan. I'm against us trading up to draft a QB.
  18. Let's see how it plays out. I'm betting that the experienced QB/HC guy and the GM of the team decide differently than the trade up for a risky college QB method of drafting.
  19. I think the fans could take up a collection if it would just make him go away and wash the memories away. The man is like gum on the bottom of your shoe.
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