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  1. You're missing one important point... Rhule has roster control. These are the guys he could get that he wanted. Each had problems (although Teddy had the least in hindsight) and he proceeded as if he could rehabilitate them. And, well...
  2. Since he arrived, Rhule has had as QBs: Four first round draft pick players Two #1 draft picks QBs Two Heisman Trophy winners One Super Bowl QB Two Playoff QBs Four QBs with multi-year starting experience and PJ Walker. It might not be the QBs that are really the problem.
  3. I'm still caught at the point of: "Is this a team that is almost there" or "did we win against a team that is falling apart and play close to two teams that are actually really bad"? I hope it's the first and that we can get the offense figured out and marry it to what could certainly be a tough defense. If we do that, the Rhule will have proved me wrong. And I'll be mighty happy about it. Hopefully we'll learn a lot about this team vs. the Cardinals.
  4. If only Jameis Winston was their QB, we'd have a shot. I'm still not a believer here yet.
  5. This is an offense designed on paper for the first team that would hire McAdoo and give him a coordinator's position. It was then modified to fit and maybe fix Sam Darnold and to address some massive rotations on the offensive line, possibly ones for the worse. Hopefully it would utilize CMC but wouldn't rely on him too much because of injury or to prevent him from injury. Then it was tailored to additions on the O-line of some experienced players. Tailored again to maybe utilize Matt Corral eventually, with some effort to streamline it for his learning curve and strengths. Then a trade was finalized so it had to be made to fit Baker Mayfield's style of play (and smaller stature). Then training camp comes and aa "QB competition" that had differing results for the passers because of their own innate abilities, strengths and weaknesses. The "competition" wasn't settled truly settled in practice until injuries to Corral and Darnold forced the issue. That left McAdoo with an untested mess tailored to everyone and no one. You end up with plays that use Baker's arm but leaving him in position behind a line he apparently can't see over. His mobility is nixed because they wanted Darnold to be more steady in the pocket. The whole thing has been dumbed down to suit the quick learning curves needed for Baker and Matt, to the point where even the dimmest of opposing DCs (or MLBs) can diagnosed what is going to happen by the simple placement of CMC. This isn't a hybrid, it's a hash of leftovers and half-baked concepts. Maybe it will develop an identity. Maybe not. It's just not very good right now and foundationally it looks unsound. It's off the cuff alchemy on a budget and I don't think lead is going to turn into gold.
  6. When we picked him up I had absolutely no idea who he was, just that he was coming here from the lowly Jags. It was a ho-hum, meh thing in my opinion. Well, crap, maybe I was wrong. The guy looked like a star on the what, two plays he was given???? Give the man a seat at the table and let him eat.
  7. Elflein has been playing much better this season, something I wasn't really expecting to see. Good for him and I hope it keeps going. The line, as a whole, did much better yesterday than they've done so far this season. I hope it's a sign of growth yet to come.
  8. Honestly, I'm worried for Baker's health after this game. They aren't scheming him lasting protection and they aren't scheming him quick passes. The kid would probably be good, maybe even excellent, if the coaching staff was of professional level. But, it's going to just be another QB thrown on the junk pile.
  9. Saints 28 Panthers 13 This won't be pretty. Their defense is going to eat us alive.
  10. Ditch Rhule, let the next real coach decide what to do with CMC. No use hamstringing the next regime. Take the canolli, leave the gun.
  11. We had really good reasons to win the last two games as well: The Browns were being QB'ed by their second stringer who had limited pre-season work and a "meh" history behind him, plus both of their starting tackles were either playing injured or were out for the game. The Giants were coming in off of a terrible season, a brand new coach and a lot of question marks in positional groups due to poor management by the previous regime... oh and let's not forget that their QB was on the Sam Darnold trajectory there as well. And we just fell flat or fell short depending on how you look at it. I'd love to see us get a win over the Saints. I can even see the OP's points. I just don't think we can do it because of coaching quality rather than on field performers.
  12. This isn't something that will even matter this week, much less in the weeks to come. Let's not see too much into it.
  13. Probably not staying at Baylor for three more years and then moving on to a bigger budget program and salary at Nebraska. He's got to be seeing this thing as a train wreck for himself just like we're seeing it for the Panthers.
  14. Oh, we know who we are. We just don't like admitting it in public.
  15. Good coaches make for good QBs. Bad coaches kill QBs.
  16. Yanno, for a hot minute in the opening game, Robbie was killing it out there. Since then, well, not so much. Good ol' Robbie, he's reliably consistent.
  17. Yanno, considering the coaching, I'd probably be crying over the helpless feeling the situation gave him. Honestly, the dude was brave walking back in for OTAs this year knowing there was a chance that he was going to get thrown to the wolves again. Skills or not, Sam found himself under the tutelage of an even worse coach than he had before. One who likely was going to get him killed out there.
  18. Metrics were invented so consultants and middle managers have something to talk about. They have yet to really prove their worth in football beyond what had been done before.
  19. Since Rhule came here, he's had four first round draft pick QBs (two of them #1 draft picks, and another in the top 5) and two Heisman trophy winners at the position. All of them had multiple years of experience, three of them with playoff experience and one was a Super Bowl starting QB. None of them could be effectively utilitzed, or even retrained/rehabbed as needed. Individually, outsiders have been pointing fingers at them and their performances. Internally, we know, without a doubt, that the blame is on the coaching staff, both for readiness and in game work. You can go beyond the QB position and see the same song played on different instruments time and again across the entirety of all positional groups. This tree is rotten at the roots. We need to salvage what fruit is still good on it and plow the rest of it under.
  20. We took a stand-up pass rushing LB in the first round of the draft, moved him to stand-up DE and then we play him as a coverage DE. Yeah, we know what we're doing. Burns was picked to fit Rivera's effort to move the team to a 3-4 defense. Rivera never got the chance to fully implement that and so we end up using Burns in a position that doesn't play to his strengths and magnifies his weaknesses. We've been doing that a lot with good to great players here -- turning them into lackluster versions of themselves.
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