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  1. November would be a good time to look at the longer term contract. Not June. Not before a single snap has been played.
  2. Really hoping that will be the case here. And it has been a hot minute since Pittsburgh had a good QB. So, there could be something there. But let's see it before we sign the long term lease, yanno?
  3. Pittsburgh didn't let him go because Mike Tomlin thought the guy was almost ready to hit his peak. Let's have the guy play some actual games for us. Let's not have a second Sanders on our roster soaking up the bucks and producing nothing for it.
  4. I've tried to make the case before that last season's team was so badly coached and put together that anyone would have struggled and failed out there. As such, there's no real way to accurately gauge what Bryce actually can bring to the table. Look, he wasn't my choice for QB, but you can't look at the play calling, performance of other playmakers, lack of any cohesion or competency on the offensive line or even really any phase of the game and think that it didn't in some way just kill the kid. Stroud, and what a revelation that young man was, went to a team that the prior year had been terrible and had been so for years. But what he fell into was a first class young coach, a massive rebuild (greatly assisted by the monster trade (con job) done for Deshaun Watson), and a hell of an aggressive coaching scheme on both sides of the ball. Stroud hit the AFC South at their weakest point as a division, too. But, really, Bryce did as well. Stroud arrived in a brand new Corvette and Bryce showed up in a '72 Datsun with a flat tire and a clown behind the wheel. And yeah, perhaps the biggest take away we've got from last season that we can hang a hat on here is the kid can take a pounding and get back up. I hope we do better by him, and better by all of us, this season. Right now, we're looking up at the rest of the league from under the manure pile.
  5. Oh sure, it does. But I don't think the city and state(s) should be brought in as partners on such a massive project without being given a bit of a permanent stake. It would also anchor the team to the city, something I really want to see happen before Tepper the Tempestuous has another tantrum and decides to shake our dust off of his jacket and head for the next Las Vegas.
  6. Latest one, and it's a doozy. A daughter kills her mother, both are prostitutes and well, it's just tangled and tawdry.
  7. We're getting little to no attention on the national scene. We're not hearing an awful lot of juicy news from the local guys. We've got no big name announcements or the drama that comes with them. Our off-season is pretty much a team stuck on a deserted island. No one really cares about us or considers us much more than #32 out of 32. I'm cool with that. We've been those cats before. And then we were our best.
  8. Still, looked like a bunch of naked Smurfs running around out there.
  9. It's a show that's good enough to buy the Apple+ subscription for. One of the best sitcoms of the last 20 years.
  10. Sounds like a good guy and he's going to have to do a job like Carroll did with Seattle when he went into that trainwreck. This season is about salvaging the blocks to build a foundation. I hope he can do that because from where we're sitting the cupboard is just about bare. 2003 looked like a crap team of cast offs for us, too. And 2015 we lost our leading receiver in the offseason and had an o-line and receiving corps made of cast offs and never wases. Maybe he'll find that old magic. Or maybe make some of his own. Me, I just want to see something sturdy being built, and see a gritty, mauling defense paired with a smash mouth running game.
  11. It's be hard to be worse than most are predicting us to be. That being said, nothing is impossible.
  12. The Color Rush Electric Smurf uniforms were terrible. Embarassing.
  13. We're going to see a lot of rugby and Aussie rules football guys being brought into the league if the new kick-off rules prove popular. Those guys can both kick and tackle, as well as receive and run.
  14. Here's a quick one for laundry to cut back on water and electricity. Unless you have a really grimy job like masonry, carpentry, road construction, etc... you really should just be using the quick cycle on your washing machine for all loads except for whites. And set your dryer to medium heat, it will make a difference. Also, use about half of the detergent that they say for you to. On top of the savings, your clothes will also last longer.
  15. Prediction: Eddie will be the next excellent kicker we can't come to terms with and ends up in Kansas City.
  16. Had we just stuck with that... It was a bad decision from a team building decision to move on from Wilks. It was a bad decision from a winning games perspective to move on from Wilks. It was a bad decision purely based on karma. Last year, hopefully, put the karmic balance back to even, or tipped it in our favor some. I really wanted Wilks to stay here as HC, not gonna lie.
  17. We're just going to have to see what happens. I sure didn't like what I saw last season, but I remember seeing pretty much an entire team that stunk, sort of the whole pile of turds not just one shiny new one. Let's hope things get better this year. Somehow.
  18. Yeah, I'm serious. You take all of the first year jitters any rookie QB starting will face. Then you put him behind an inept line, give him a group of WRs that features a 32-33 year old slot receiver as their only reliable guy and use him as WR1, no TEs to speak of, pay big bucks for an undersized and over-touted RB that isn't out competing practice squad players AND THEN pair it up with a dysfunctional owner/HC/OC combo that keeps running the same play concept again and again and again. (And coaches that were already at each other's backs with daggers don't develop young QBs... heck it's the hardest skill ever for any HC.. Jon Gruden never could do it and there's a case to be made that Belichick never did it (the QB developing the coach possibly there)). Yeah, he was bad, legendarily bad, but he was in possibly the worst environment imaginable for a rookie QB. You can take away some mechanics issues that should have been worked on and still need to be worked on, but everything else was tainted by that environment. I wasn't impressed by him in the least for anything except for his character and willingness to go back out there and just get killed again and again. At least he wasn't running away on every play, little girly screams lifting to the cheap seats, like Pickles was. Will he be good this year? Honestly, the odds are stacked against him. They are on every young QB in the league, and he had more piled against him. Maybe Canales can fix him and the team. I sure hope so. If not, it's back to the drawing board and we'll have wasted two seasons. I really don't want that to happen.
  19. Right now, no one can know how Bryce will perform this year. There's nothing we can take from last year's work that wasn't tainted by bad coaching and bad players all around him. And we really don't know how the team rebuild is going. Or how the teams we are opposing will do. Or where a key injury to our team or others will affect the games. We're just going to have to tune in or show up at the stadium to find out. And that's kind of exciting. Can't wait for September and decent football to return. Hope we're playing some of it.
  20. Karloff, Chaney, Lugosi and Chaney, Jr. Yep, that's the Mt. Rushmore! Nice paint job, too! Have fun and hope you're feeling great!
  21. Honestly, sports fuged up education. And it isn't even close to be done.
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