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  1. So many times it's "don't take a center or guard with an early pick" and "tackles in the first round only". Really, we have so much need for the line, we just need to sprint to the podium with the name of the best lineman of any position when our pick comes in. The biggest, meanest, most agile, smartest one we can find. Whichever position that one plays is an upgrade over any of the ones we have. Of course, evaluation is the key and that's what worries me. There's something systemically wrong with offensive linemen in Carolina. Maybe our scouts just aren't good with that position, maybe our strength trainers aren't good with the big guys, perhaps our team nutritionist got their linemen hints from The Replacements. Heck, for all I know the linemen's room has desk and chairs that don't fit the linemen's bigger frames making it hard for them to concentrate in film study. Who knows? Edit to add: I know for sure that our coaching staff at this time has no idea of how to train, gameplan or assemble an offensive line. Injuries aside, their are more difficult turnstyle groupings at Carowinds!
  2. Thanks, I stand corrected. Then keep Dan, ditch the Fit. I'm not the least bit impressed with Fitterer's college assessment abilities.
  3. We've been working hard for two years to rebuild this team. And we're still the weakest team in the NFCSouth. Better than the Saints? Nah, we're far from that. Are we better than the Falcons? We're neck and neck with them, and I'm not sure if we're holding ground at all in that race. We're going to be a warm up team for the Bucs' play off run this year. Whew.
  4. Fitterer and Morgan, if connected at the hip, then are responsible for the offensive line, the Anderson extension, the Darnold trade and extension, the rather lousy draft we had for 2021, trading for cornerbacks that we couldn't play immediately, stripping us bare of draft picks next year, and putting us into some squeezes when it comes to who we extend next season. Let's not even talk about the special teams problems in finding a kicker. I like Dan Morgan, but it may be more for the fact that he wore a Panthers uniform than anything else. Then again, there are a lot of folks I like but aren't big fans of their close friends. If keeping Morgan means we keep Fitterer, then I think we hand 'em both apples and put them on a bus out of town. These guys, Fitterer and Rhule, can't be allowed to continue this Confederacy of Dunces running the Panthers. Bad performance won't get the owner of the team fired, but it should get his chosen people fired. And, dang, that article was both spot on and brave for a new writer to do. More power to him!
  5. Said with an attempt at humor. And a wee bit of truth.
  6. Keep the dog, let the cat go. The dog will be more thankful.
  7. Truer words were never spoken here. Spot on. Fox and Rivera, for everything, get to go down in history as pretty good NFL head coaches. Not really, really good, not great, but pretty good. They both made it to the big dance and playoff appearances in multiple years. That beats out the majority of people who have been head coaches in the NFL. Rhule one day may be one of those guys. He just hasn't finished his time in college yet. Maybe he's the next Pete Carroll who had to nose dive in the NFL before going back to college ranks, working it out and coming back with a better, more mature plan. He won't do it here, though. This is one of those "gotta take it back to the shop to fix it" things.
  8. Oh, I missed Brown in all of that. Brown: Big guys who are as disruptive as he was don't just fall off a cliff without one of a couple of things. We're not being told of injuries, but something tells me he's not giving the effort he used to and that may well be a coaching issue. Not just technique coaching, but the coaching that gets players through losses and keeps them trying hard. Sometimes we forget these are very young men in a very tough, competitive job -- jobs that can be lost in a moment. Brown seems more of a player that needs to be led rather than one to be leaned on. Enough support and encouragement and he'll wreck an opposing team single handedly. One bad criticism, though, and he drops into a cycle of doubt.
  9. Moore: He has it, but it's become apparent as the season went on, he's not going out of his way to use it. There's a good catch or two, but he isn't contesting them or breaking through tackles like before. He's a good player, but it has become obvious he isn't pushing for great right now. And really, what's the use at this point? He's playing like he wants to either be somewhere else or have the coaching staff somewhere else. I do not think he and Robby are the team that he and Curtis Samuel were, or the friends they were. Burns: More than anything I think he's suffering from the real weakness of the defense -- they are undersized across the board, built for speed. Burns benefitted from being the fast guy who could shoot the gaps opened up by monsters on the line. Now, he's just one of a bunch of speedsters. We're also not blitzing almost at all. Still, he's getting pressures and sacks and strips. Better effort from DTs would benefit him, as would Chinn heading back into the box more. Anderson: I just can't stand the guy. He got a huge contract based on Temple ties and the first four games of last season. Dude couldn't catch a frikkin' cold much less a pass. Threw his QB under the bus when he couldn't get open and dropped passes that hit him square in both hands. Buddied up immediately with Cam, but couldn't catch any of his passes either. Give him an apple and a bus ticket home. Carter: I've got to agree with you. He has the story I like seeing and I wanted him to succeed. He's better than Whitehead, that's for sure, but that wasn't a high bar to clear. It's not that he's terribly out of place or doesn't hit hard, he's just a notch slower than what you want/need him to be. He's 85% of a starting LB and I can see how he got in there, but he's really set up to be a solid back-up guy. Coach Snow: Last year, I said he coached our defense to play like a bunch of old ladies who had a fancy dinner scheduled for right after each game. This season, he came out like gangbusters with a smothering defense that looked different and innovative. That's probably because I don't watch a lot of college football. Sadly, opposing coaches who did watch a lot of it figured out how to dismantle it pretty quick. People still bandy about how good our defense is statistically, but most of that comes from just about blanking three teams at the beginning of the year and having some games where our run defense was so bad that opposing teams didn't need to pass for 200 yards to beat the dogwater out of us. The guy is going to be a real problem in the MAC or Sunbelt conference, but he just can't hang with the big dogs, or coach the big dogs. In short, the players aren't performing, no one seems to be growing in ability, opposing teams have their way with our offense, defense and special teams, and probably with Sir Purr, too. We suck and if we don't change soon, we are going to ruin some good players and become the place no one wants to be. Check with Detroit, Cleveland, Jacksonville and Houston for how that is. We need to clean house quickly and thoroughly.
  10. Ain't nothing going to change here.
  11. The thing about the Gilmore and Henderson deals is that we've gotten partial seasons and partial games for those draft picks. Both came with a certain poison pill, too -- Gilmore won't be cheap to keep next year (and he has been good enough to make an effort to do so) and with Henderson there's always a good chance he will just hang it up and move on from football (he doesn't seem to love the game). There's hidden costs to all of these trades. Fitterer always seems to think we can cover those costs. Life doesn't always work out that way.
  12. Really? Our shut down defense has been, errr.... We've made Tua and Taylor look great.
  13. Fitterer has done the pay day loans route of NFL general management. He borrowed heavily against tomorrow to bet on "great deals" and "real values". We're short on draft picks, we've gotten little from the ones he made, our cap space is tighter than the overall number looks, and we're no better in the end than we were when Rivera left town. The only group to benefit from Fitterer's efforts and Rhule's guidance is the Temple Alumni Fund. They are certainly doing better with this than our fanbase is.
  14. I agree 100% with this. Big muscles but it's the tendons that keep getting damaged. Lighten up on the weights just a bit, get up to around 2% body fat, man. Worry more about your health than your next modelling gig. Seriously, though, he is over training.
  15. Perhaps he should have ours. I've been trying to say it for a while, but Fitterer has made a mess of our drafting and cap situation by the massive amount of activity he did to start this season. He basically wrote check after check without ever balancing his checkbook. Now, we're going to have a lot of problems putting the team together next season and addressing any improvements, much less just holding place. He screwed us majorly. Once the enormity of his willy nilly spending spree kicks in, we're going to be looking back on this and saying he's the worst GM we've ever had. (And let's not even touch on his hit to miss ratio in draft and FA. Whew-eeee.)
  16. Let's hope this works out in a win-win situation for everyone. College ranks would be improved, Panthers would get another turn at bat.
  17. Meh. No move they've made so far this year has paid off for more than a hot minute. Good luck, kid. Colder weather, let the walrus loose!
  18. Dave Ramsey's course and radio show saved my wife and I. We were at the point of losing everything and it pulled us back and out of it. It took a year and a half but we paid off $60k in debt and got our freedom. We learned so much about personal responsibility, budgeting, finances, priorities and how to make a marriage stronger. It's good stuff, I highly recommend it.
  19. It won't matter one damn bit who we pick if this coaching staff is still in place and if we are still relying on Fitterer to find us offensive line talent on the FA market. Right now, we'd be better off with Dave Gettleman and 81-year old George Seifert. And I frikkin' hated 'em both here. If we draft a QB, the kid is dead meat out there. If we draft o-line, there's no one to coach and develop them. We'd probably get another DB. And trade for three more.
  20. There is no way Hurney was the lead man in choosing Matt Rhule. Hurney picked two head coaches that took teams to the Super Bowl, both based on their extensive experience in the league. The Rhule hiring has all the hallmarks of a newbie owner wanting to shake up the league and show how it could be done differently. That was a first class nouveau riche move. Unless you think Hurney did it to spike the cannons on his way out? Funny as that sounds, there's no way he was going to do that.
  21. I'd be like "ow my leg!" "Ow my other leg, too!" to get away from this mess. Let him rest up, rehab and be ready for the new coach and a better shot. Too many good players are wasting themselves for this bunch of coaching chumps and Temple wannabes.
  22. And they made mistakes last time. They had their guy picked before interviewing others. And they screwed the pooch. Go back and make it right.
  23. Honestly, at this point I want to see Barkley. Just for variety.
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