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  1. Who I'm loving right now is that 6'6 TE I'm hearing about. Sounds like that guy could be a sure thing for this Panthers offense if he can make it to camp. If he could make the final cut at the end of the preseason. Put him Olsen and Dickson out there in 3 TE set. It would be big. I know 3 TE set is rare. But with a 5 WR set. Have 3 TEs and 2 WRs. It could just work. Hope this guy makes it to camp.
  2. Sounds like this could be another Evertt Brown type guy that might not be here in a few seasons. I hope he gets better. But when he got drafted some people said he was undersized for his position at DE. Brown was the same way. I just got this feeling this could end up the same way with Ealy in next few years. I know it is way to early to judge. But it doesn't sound good in the long run.
  3. I use to buy and collect football cards. But collecting cards now days have become worthless. Value of them have gone into the trash. Companies are making so many of them now days. They have devalue them so much over the past 10+ years now. Not worth collecting anymore.
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