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  1. I am in the side of those who said Gano should have gotten second and third opinions.
  2. While I think it is still too early to determine how Darnold will eventually work out, I can understand people jumping the gun and making proclamations based on the results so far. But as you say you need to point out the whole picture and at least provide a more accurate picture of what is happening.
  3. It is clear he is trying to cast Darnold as negatively as he can and takes every chance he gets to complain and point out the negative. What is funny is that he thinks others are being triggered when clearly he is so triggered that he turns every thread into complaining and bitching about Darnold.
  4. You are clearly arguing about something no one is even debating. No one is happy how Darnold is playing right now or thinks he doesn't need to improve. But the point was simply if you are going to use numbers to make a point then include all of them otherwise your stats become meaningless since they are out of context and incomplete. Much like people did with Cam. It is okay to admit you were wrong and did it intentionally to buoy your opinion. But stop with the ongoing arguments about things no one else is debating. It just makes you look more like a hater which undermines your credibility which isn't very good already.
  5. Again you clearly are ranting and trying to.make up for your clearly biased attempt to discredit Darnold as many did Cam while he was here. There will be plenty of time to evaluate the season and decide what we do moving forward. Until then I am just going to enjoy this year and seeing what happens. I never have understood fans who bitch and complain about their team and stay fans.
  6. You clearly seem confused. No one is comparing them as QBs. I said we often undervalued Cam by only referring to his passing stats and not including his rushing stats. You did the same thing with Darnold in your attempt to discredit him. Any other comparison is in your head not what was posted.
  7. We used to do the same thing to Cam. Let's not include Darnolds 5 rushing TDs for a total of 12 TDs because that distorts the agenda we keep pounding on.
  8. I hope Jones play well except when we play them at our next home game. I hope he is awful and he gives us a few picks.
  9. Non mobile QBs in New England have a pretty good track record.
  10. Plus it is too early to tell on anyone new to a team. Lets see what happens this season and evaluate at the end. Things could get better or worse
  11. He is going to be here short of Watson or some other starter being traded away. If we draft a rookie in the first round he needs time to develop and learn behind a vet. Much like in San Francisco right now. Otherwise it seems Darnold is doing better than Fields, Wilson . Of course it seems old Mac is faring pretty good. I knew he would do well.
  12. And in both Brady and especially Manning's case , he was the OC and the QB. The OC for much of Manning's time in Indy seemed more of a figure head than true OC.
  13. A big difference is that Brady and Manning brought their system to their new team not the other way around. So they didn't have the adjustment that Darnold has going from a crappy system to a much more complicated one. And they had great success in that system with their old team. So your examples are not germaine. It was other folks learning their system not the other way around so if the talent was similar or better you would expect them to do better not worse. Which is what happened. Whereas in the cases I mentioned it was the other way around. Which is why I brought them up.
  14. And I think unless Darnold implodes if you think he is gone at the end of this year you are sadly mistaken. Will we bring in competition? I hope so. But Darnold has arm skills and athleticism Teddy could only dream about. That is why he is here.
  15. So you are a hater from the start. Good reason to ignore you then as totally biased looking for things to complain about. You have plenty of company.
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