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  1. They didn't blitz a whole lot and Sam threw it away or dumped it off. He played smart but the noise in Seattle and the pressure Pittsburgh has historically applied are ahead. Let's see how he progresses. I am looking forward to it.
  2. I liked how solid Sam was in the pocket. He didn't rush his progressions and moved laterally or up the pocket to create a throwing lane. He kept looking downfield and looked comfortable which is not something I associate with him. .Maybe watching other guys play for really the first time in his career and studying defenses will pay off. Lets what happens when the heat gets turned up.
  3. Today was fun and the weather turned nice. It is so nice to win at home. Would love to beat the Steelers and you know so would Tepper.
  4. Let's see how he plays against Seattle on the road and then here against Pittsburgh. He has earned another start but he just showed he can be efficient and do his job. Good start and confidence booster. He isn't worth a contract yet.
  5. Assuming these folks who are so great want to come here. Didnt see our name on Sean Payton's list for example.
  6. Everyone says Wilks cant get us to the next level. Yet if he is Rivera 2.0 then he is good enough to get us to the Super Bowl like Rivera did. We just need our Cam Newton.
  7. I have to wonder if our head coach vacancy will generate a lot of great candidates with proven NFL success as a head coach who want to come here. Otherwise how are they an obvious upgrade just because they are offensive minded.
  8. Let's see how this finishes out. I want to see if we get the good Darnold we started out with last year or the one who got pummeled and saw ghosts. You can't make this stuff up....
  9. Before we decide Wilkes shouldn't be considered let's see what our options are. I personally don't want to experiment with a guy with no head coaching experience or someone from college unless they have plenty of NFL experience. So who does that include? With two of our quarterbacks next year essentially being rookies, we need an experienced hand on the wheel. Who is an upgrade?
  10. I thought the plan has been to draft a rookie QB if one looks better than Corral and then keep or bring in a vet who can give stability to the room and mentor the young guys. No need to change the plan. Now who those players are remain to be seen. Lots of games to play. Interested in how Baker is going to handle all the pressure that Baltimore is going to bring. He has to make them pay with quick passing and hot reads.
  11. Half the world is sick. I saw two elementary schools close with hundreds of students sick. Flu, covid., rsv, adenovirus. Take your pick. It isn't that strange and it is getting worse.
  12. I don't respect tank mentality and have little tolerance for it from the same half dozen poster ad nauseum. How many posts did you make saying we were stupid for not making the trade. I was just asking a question I am sure I am not the only one who wondered that. Didn't realize you were going to be triggered. And it is equal opportunity. I have lots of discussions with tankers. You aren't alone.
  13. I wonder how many times you will repeat that between now and the draft.
  14. Looking forward to winning a few more at home so we can see hundreds of posts whining about how we aren't picking top 10 by the tankers again this offseason. NOT....
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