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  1. Reyna to me is the best passer in the final third. Karol is always trying to shoot and passes when he doesn't have a line versus Reyna who is looking to set up other guys. But Reyna is hurt which is why Vargas came in and did a great job. I think our problem is we still don't work together with a unified idea of how to attack the defense. We rely on individual heroics and opportunity rather than a planful attack with everyone on the same page.
  2. Knowing they didn't have a goalie really frustrated me to see so many shots not on goal. We needed to pepper him with direct shots and wait for the inevitable mistakes. I was glad for the win but wasn't happy we dominated but really had few scoring chances.
  3. Having Vargas helped us gain width as we went more 4-3-3 and had easier entries into the final third. Having multiple attackers really opens up the offense.
  4. Actually an RPO is a hybrid between play action and read option with differences in the keys and the blocking. And you can play action out of other offenses in addition to an RPO so it doesn't really mean they are connected. Play action is about faking run blocking and actually pass blocking not advancing to avoid a penalty versus an RPO which is a running play unless you throw it since you are run blocking and advancing. Passes have to be quick to avoid linemen downfield penalties. The spread works in college but not as well in the pros unless you have guys who routinely win their 1 on 1 matchups on the line. Too much speed in the NFL. Otherwise it puts your QB at risk unless he can get the ball out or scramble and throw on the run. Attributes that made Corral attractive to us since he can do that. But having the ability doesn't make it preferable. I expect we will run a timing passing game with a lot of dumpoffs, triple receiver sets, Throws to get guys open in space one on one and count on yards after the catch to make up the yards. We will run quite a bit likely out of the shotgun and try to use motion and alignments to cause mismatches presnap rather than have to read defenders and then make decisions which may not be our qbs best ability for different reasons. We will likely use play action and some RPO plays, as well as some west coast principles while having big guys up front who can really run block and plow the road.
  5. I should have clarified that we won't be running an rpo spread offense like Corral ran in college. The spread offense puts your QB at risk in the NFL and McAdoo is supposedly good at scheming protections to help the QB while getting it out quickly. How did Corral get 500 yards running the ball in Kiffins RPO spread. I thought you can only key off the linebacker and throw it or hand off to the running back.
  6. The problem with the RPO is exposing your qb to getting hit as a runner which allows a lot more potential for injury. Even Cam got hurt on occasion and he was built like a tight end. Corral isn't that big and got hurt on college running the ball. He would get crunched in the NFL.
  7. Saw Sam Mills wife at Superbowl 50. She was coming from visiting her son and saw me wearing my Mills jersey and came up and spoke. She was appreciative that fans still remembered her husband. I told her that he may be gone but his spirit is strong with Panther fans and I would be up in the stands rooting for a win. It didn't happen for us that day but our chat and meeting is still fresh in my mind.
  8. We will be better this year. How much better is a function of our new coaches. The defense will be good as the back end will help the front end this year. Plus if the offense is only average we should win 7 or 8 games this year. Not contending but surely improving.
  9. Having grown up an Eagles fan before being a diehard Panther fan I endured a number of pretty bad decades. It is funny to hear folks talk about the Eagles like they could take it all. Before they won the Superbowl a few years back they were one of the franchises that had never won one and had pretty limited success in the post season. Not sure they were not a flash in the pan instead of a yearly contender.
  10. Actually funding private organizations with tax dollars is not socialism at all but just the opposite. Socialism as an economic system redistributes wealth from those who have it to those who dont. Capitalism concentrates wealth in the hands of the chosen few who control a product or service by giving them incentives and free money to build one place over another in this example. If our system were socialism the state or city would own the stadium and the team could be privately run but salaries and other decisions would be determined by the city not the owner. Or something like that. Private companies holding cities ransom for more money is the ultimate bastardization of capitalism where everyone else subsidies those who own the company for fear they will leave and go elsewhere.
  11. We had no idea that 2003 or 2015 were going to be the seasons they ended up being. If Corral led us to the Superbowl he would be the first rookie QB to do it in the history of the NFL. So the odds would be very long indeed
  12. I don't know if we can blame our mascot for bad luck but we surely have had our share. I could use some good luck for a change.
  13. I am ready to see the qbs in action. I don't need any more hype videos. Can't wait for August to get here.
  14. I know it isn't credible because I talked to a guy who say he talked to a guy who is close to Christian and knows that CMC doesn't want to run up the middle anymore, he wants to be used more like Kamara. In space and out of the backfield on swing passes. They said he will never complain and will do what is asked but feels his injuries are due to how he is being used. Take it for what it is worth but I thought it was worthy of discussion. But I doubt he wants to stay if he is going to be beaten to death or he will last if we don't change how we use him.
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