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  1. Shelby has Moss Lake which has million dollars homes and much less crowded than Lake Norman. Plus east of Gastonia there are a lot of upscale neighborhoods being built near Cramerton. With the Stadium where it is the commute likely is easier than fighting 77 or 485 twice a day.
  2. He can either retire at year's end or if things go well in the new system he can play next year on a cheap deal. It was structured so if we cut him in 2024 the dead cap hit and his cap hit are within 400,000 of each other around 6 million and change. So it depends on how productive he is in a 3-4.
  3. Remember that a lot of UDFAs are available as well which I include as part of the draft since it occurs immediately after.
  4. We will draft a TE I am sure. But I would suggest we get a WR or two and a pass rusher/ outside linebacker type or two as well. Add a few decelopmental guys in the later rounds BPA. But TE to me isn't a huge need as both Tremble and Hurst are going to.like this offense.
  5. We have cap to sign anyone we want. First year contracts are cap friendly because the signing bonus serves as their year 1 salary primarily but get prorated over the life of the contract. We could theoretically pay someone for a 4 year 40 million contract with a 12 million signing bonus and a 1 million dollar base salary and our cap hit for 2023 is 4 million. As long as the guaranteed money is controlled you can cut him after year 2 with a 6 million dead cap hit. The same thing works for any contract. Do you always want to backload contracts? This year yes, going forward it depends. But we can sign who we want if we think the value justifies the cost and we don't guarantee too much which is where teams get in big trouble. And yes we have the capacity to generate more cap space if we need it. That is how the NFL works these days. That is how the Saints have more cap room than we do by what I saw last. Constantly manipulating the cap is the expectation
  6. I think you are right about Sanders. They wanted someone who can run and catch the ball and is also familiar with this offense. We are bringing in guys who will easily pick up the system so we can play well out of the box. I am glad the FO and coaches aren't resigned to a losing season before we are 2 weeks into free agency like some folks here.
  7. Maybe I have been misled by what Reich has been saying in his press conferences but he said Mr. Tepper is front row and center on any major decision asking tough questions they might not think about. They reach consensus and move forward. I think he is involved this time not letting the coach make all the decisions. Looks like a mix of Samir, Dan, Fitterer, Reich Tepper and in the case of players assistant coaches. A real full room.
  8. No one factor determines whether you take one guy over the other and certainly not a cognitive test with largely anecdotal evidence. The performance on the field, interviews, background checks and visits with the prospects far outweighs a score on a test with suspect validity and reliability. I have read the theory that they might like 2 guys and might want to get some picks to move back to 2 so they have to hold their cards close.
  9. I don't think you can decide that a cognition test puts you over the top compared to other guys unless you have context and causality. What are you actually measuring.? How much does that impact the ability for a QB to be successful? How much would a 10 point difference in score actually be in performance and how much does that translate to success? IQ is positively correlated to speed of mental process but if high cognitive scores translated to QB success then why aren't there a bunch of Ivy Leaguers playing QB who typically are very smart. Obviously like the Wonderlic any cognitive test is only useful if what you are measuring on the test is highly correlated to what you are using it for which is success as an NFL qb. In this case would the possible increase in fast processing offset the likelihood of injury. And does fast processing matter more than athleticism or the ability to throw a ball 30 yards on a rope while falling down.
  10. It is the first day of free agency. How do you know we will be pedestrian on offense. That right you don't but it fits your agenda. Fell free to expect little but the majority will be expecting winning the division unless our old nemesis the Saints end up better. And no, winning 6 games would suck but then again as a PSL owner I have skin in the game and you don't. So I can see why you expect little but many of the rest expect a lot more. 6 wins was fine with Cam when we were coming off a 2-14 season in 2010 but after going 500 with Wilks the bar is much higher and we will be better than you think Mr. Mediocre.
  11. So how did Wilks comes in as an interim and win games with PJ and Dalton who both suck according to you. Why should expectations be so low. And didn't New England go 10-6 with Jones as a rookie? So why will we suffer if this system is so qb friendly.
  12. Not at all. We will have our best coaching staff ever and potential for one of the best o lines and defenses in our history. Other than a rookie QB exactly why shouldn't we be good and win the division. I love all these folks outlining how we shouldn't settle for mediocre but should not expect worse than mediocre for a few years. How did Mac Hines do his rookie year? You don't thing our potential guys are better than him?
  13. That is your opinion. Read the thread and you will find you are in the minority. Most times new coaches go to crap teams not ones that finish the season 7-10 and go 4-2 in their last 6 games. Truth is the division won't be strong this year and we play 6 games against division opponents. If we go 4-2 in the division you think we don't have 4 other wins in the next 11 games. Talk about a low bar and settling for mediocre.
  14. Actually they have kept everyone they wanted. Like Kamara's big salary, just resigned Thomas which was a mistake. They just signed Carr to a huge contract. Shake your head all you want but exactly who did they not sign who they really wanted or did they use the cap as an excuse to get rid of players not giving them good value? Nah you need to get with the present and the way teams manipulate the cap every day.
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