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  1. Everyone is taking that 1 picture of him and deciding he is dumpy and slow but if you watch him play that isn't true. He makes good decisions, is elusive and moves well in the pocket. In college guys don't focus on football alone and aren't pushed like in the NFL. He wont ever look like Cam but he doesn't need to. And if we pick up Jones and he ends up being a good backup then he was on a rookie contract and cheap, no huge deal. Versus given up to 5 or 6 first round picks between players and picks for a known quantity. Our system isn't built around a dual threat QB but a highly accurate quick
  2. One of the toughest dudes in the league and he hit like a sledge hammer. I read one time he had a dislocated finger that bent to the side and he just went to the sideline, popped in back into joint and went back on the field a few plays later. I will be wearing his jersey when we honor him at a game this fall.
  3. No doubt that Alabama is a powerhouse and they benefit from superior talent in most games. But you can't paint every QB from Alabama the same exact way. Truth is Alabama was a force because of Jones not in spite of him. And while it isn't Lances fault he didn't play but one game in 400 days it isn't something to ignore and act as if it wasn't important. And let's remember that North Dakota State in their division has a talent advantage just as big as Alabama but they have a much lower level of competition.
  4. I know Mond is the surprise here but assuming that Simms knows what it takes as a QB to make it in the NFL given he saw a bunch, he certainly had good success and put up good numbers in the SEC. I think the most interesting is putting Jones behind Wilson and Lawrence. Seems if he was there at 8 he might be a deal if Simms track record holds.
  5. Mayo was expendable not being their starter anymore and the Giants needing cap room. He would be a good addition on a 1 year deal with no guaranteed money as a backer/starter given how awful Whitehead was
  6. Lance is far from assured of even being a legitimate NFL quarterback. You need more than athleticism to be a great quarterback. He is the highest risk of any QB who may be taken in the first round. Jones is a proven winner playing in a similar style to what we will employ. Funny how a guy who has played 1 game in the last 400 days is going to be better than the guy who just won the national championship.
  7. He isn't a statue. Chris Sums has his rankings out and he has Jones thirf and says he may no have as big a cannon as some of the others guys but is athletic, moves well in the pocket and can make all the throws https://www.sportingnews.com/us/amp/nfl/news/chris-simms-2021-nfl-draft-qb-ranking/10hih93rbmjmk18ot7mmdu5kqj
  8. I think Jones would be fine in our system. We don't need a wildly athletic quarterback. We need one who is a quick thinker, accurate and knows the game. Jones is all those things. I think the hype to find the next great athlete at QB negates all the ones over the years that have been very effective without being built like a linebacker. And seems to me it easier to take a smart football guy and make him stronger and more durable than it is to find a great athlete and turn him into a quarterback.
  9. Not unhappy we won't get the opportunity to kill the franchise over one player. If our system is as good as Brady thinks we should be fine with a rookie QB we can develop. If we had mortgaged the farm for Watson we would not have the defense to compete in this division for years.
  10. Great negotiating strategy to get a deal. We will pay anything. Name your price. Crazy if you aren't priceline.
  11. That is the point with stats. They are numbers plain and simple. The analysis is key and what gives numbers context. And our system as it was run last year doesn't focus on the running back as simply a running back but someone who can block, run and catch passes which is why McCaffrey is so valuable. It isn't looking simply at a position but how that position is used by that team thus defining the value of that player to that team. That is why as valuable as Davis was last year he was a partial replacement for CMC who can do everything Davis can do and much more.
  12. As a Panther fan in February it makes sense to be positive and looking forward to an off-season and training camp and some return to normalcy as we hopefully transition away from Covid 19 as vaccines become more available. Tepper has his team in place and we will see what happens. It is way too soon to be negative. Plenty of time for that in the fall if things don't work out again......
  13. And gee I thought football was a team sport. I guess the emphasis of Madden and Fantasy football has made everyone all about the player and not the team. I though all real football fans knew that.
  14. That isn't true either. He didn't compare that well to true slot or wide receivers largely due to limited opportunities. The majority of the time his passes were behind the line of scrimmage and there he dominated. He had done whatever asked and had still been used as a primary RB. That doesn't mean he isnt good in the slot given how elusive he is in open space. He hasn't really played much in this system. Let's see how 2021 goes.
  15. I don't think as a running back, CMC is responsible for wins or losses so that is pretty ridiculous to mention. He has been our most productive player until his injury. And honestly he was force fed because we had a quarterback with a bum arm and few other assets on offense. Even with everyone keying on him he was very productive. You way underestimate his value because of 2020.
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