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  1. The whole idea that left tackle is more valuable than right tackle is old fashioned thinking borne of past practices not current reality. Right tackle is just as important than left tackle. Many of the top rushers play against the right offensive tackle not the left. Von Miller, Joey Bosa, Khalil Mack among others all rush from the left or right. The distinction is passe. Moton knows that and wants to change the narrative. And he is worth every penny. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/.amp/nfl/2017/05/31/nfl-left-tackles-michael-lewis-blindside-right-tackles-left-defensive-ends
  2. Way too early for doom and gloom. It is May and we haven't even had OTAs. Plenty of time to bitch in the Fall. To the point though, I think Darnold will be effective in this system and that is all that matters. Comparisons between Fields and Darnold are not apples to apples unless they have a similar system and personnel.
  3. I am interested in finding out how many of these drafted guys will make the roster. If most all do then it was an awesome strategy. If many don't then it was more of a mixed bag.
  4. Not much of a draft value nerd but I can appreciate one who is knowledgeable. Seemed pretty fair from a value point of view. Not sure his player evaluations were as good as his value discussion. .
  5. Thats right we host 8 but they play 9 road games. Still getting used to that.
  6. How we finish will be on the defense more than the offense. Tampa's defense won that Superbowl not Brady. His offense was good but the defense was tough particularly in the playoffs. Our offense will score points. The question is whether we can score when we need to and control the clock with long drives. But the real question is how aggressive we will be on defense. Between the 20s we sat in a passive zone shell and rushed 3 way too often last year. I miss the aggressive Panther defenses of the past that were our identity. Snow has the pieces now to play man and blitz. No.more excuses for th
  7. A reddit post I thought was interesting. I think if you have good feet, great balance and agility, an inch or two in arm reach isn't going to hurt that much. What do our ex-linemen Huddlers think.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. Long arms are a benefit but not required. If you have great feet and are in good position you don't need to reach and grab. And leverage can be gained several ways. You got to figure Christiansen knows what to do with what he has or he wouldn't have made it to this level to begin with.
  9. Chris Simms value was where he picked qbs and then we saw how they actually worked out. So let's see how they actually perform versus how he ranked them this year. Mocks are really useless given a few wrong picks in the top 15 jumbled everything up. Plus if teams don't trade as expected or they trade unexpectedly, it throws everything out of balance. They can generally be useful for relative tracking but not for specific picks.
  10. I think Rhule and Brady believe in the system and feel they can make the guys they have do well.. Teddy is gone because he wouldn't uncork the ball and couldn't throw it deep. Something Darmold and our other guys will have no problem doing if they have the time and personnel.
  11. No you won't if it isn't part of the plan. Particularly if you aren't taught how to do it and the coach tells you not to. This is like some of of the criticism Cam got for always running the ball when Chudd was here particularly in the second year when he was auditioning for a head coaching job and trying to show everyone how great he was. I have heard that Cam wasn't allowed to run audibles or change plays which is where the thinking that Cam can't read defenses came from after being in a college system where the one play was called in by the coach with little variation. Like Darnold, Cam wa
  12. I have read that he wasn't allowed to call audibles or change plays. The offense was completely run by Gase from the sidelines and Darnold ran what he was told from the sidelines. That scheme is worlds apart from we run now. There is a question about whether Darnold can go from merely a guy who does what he is told with no alteration to the play to a guy who can manipulate defenses with player movement before and after the snap and making good reads and delivering the high percentage throws. You can surely argue that he doesn't know how to do those things but it isn't clear if he has th
  13. Needs to improve lower body strength to deal with bull rushers and is much better in pass defense than opening up the run game from what little I have read or seen.
  14. There really isn't much difference for top guys. You need a great left and right tackle or teams simply line up their best rusher over your weakest tackle.
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