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  1. Not close. In the only game we saw Dalton play he was decisive, threw into a blitz, was quick with his throws and called audibles to beat the pressure. Things veteran quarterbacks know how to do. Things Bryce isn't doing. Young needs to see Dalton do more with the same group of players as a blueprint for what he should be doing. We fired our quarterback coach because they werent helping Bryce learn the spread offense and how to attack defenses. It is one thing to see it on a tablet and watch film of all the things you did wrong versus watching someone call the exact same play and execute it differently and more effectively.
  2. On defense no and on offense used differently. We have road graders like 79 who don't pass block as well as they run block. Our scheme didn't fit our personnel and our lack of receiver talent.
  3. Don't agree that any experience is positive for a player. Up until recently the norm was sitting rookies and letting them learn. Dalton is a veteran and can run the offense better. Having a rookie quarterback play some and then watch some and then play some more is ideal if the backup can teach the rookie a lot. This is exactly what we have. Young is regressing not progressing. Doing more of the same is David Carring him. A change right now makes sense with a focus next year to building around him. You aren't giving up so much as readjusting and giving him time to watch and learn. Meanwhile you change the scheme for Bryce. Our current scheme fits Dalton better than Bryce.
  4. Bryce needs to sit and watch. More playing isn't going to.make him better if he keeps doing the same things wrong and he thinks he is doing it right. (If he didn't think he was doing it well he would do something else. Unless he can't which means he needs to sit and watch Dalton who is likely to play much better. Maybe his injuries will act up and we can see Dalton in there.
  5. Bryce needs to sit and watch. What was touted as his super power which was quick processing and decision making was serious lacking today. He looks scared when pressured and takes sacks when he could throw the ball away. Throwing two pick sixes on the same route is unexcusable Maybe he will end up great and no one is abandoning him but honestly he regressed tonight against a defense that gave up 40 points in its last 3 games. I think Bryce isn't going to get better until he sees how it should be done. Something he can do watching Dalton.
  6. I am just going to watch them week by week and enjoy the rest of the season. I am just not going to make predictions given how this year has gone so far. Hard to know what happens from here. Obviously predicting continued failure is the safest position but who knows......
  7. As long as you score more points than they do it doesn't matter how many you score. Each game are composed of individual matchups between players on 2 teams. Averages, points per game don't matter. Today we were good enough. I wish each week for the rest of the year that we are good enough that day against that team. Score more points than they do. Leave the stats to the losers.
  8. Seems many guys are running their version of Fangio's system. Evero can be replaced as can everyone.
  9. What I liked was Bryce taking us down for a game winning drive, draining the clock and Piniero for the win. We have had chances before to drive it down and win in the 4th but somehow screwed it up. This was the first time we actually accomplished our goal and won. That was huge and a huge step for Bryce. Hopefully the first of many.
  10. Great win today. Haven't heard sweet Caroline in a while.
  11. I wish you strength to persevere, love to share with your precious family, a continued sense of humor to appreciate the wild unexpected twists and the resilience to bounce back no matter the blows. None of us are getting out of here alive but how we live makes all the difference. I applaud your hard work.
  12. Needed it or in an abundance of caution we are resting his ankle and trying to look at the long term? Why would you risk further injury when you have a capable backup. It is just a bonus he can watch Dalton while he recuperates. I am sure he isn't happy he is sitting as he is a competitor. Your take on all this suggests you didn't want him from the start and have an agenda here.
  13. Now we have gone from judging a draft pick after 3 seasons to calling them a bust after 2 weeks.
  14. One of the things I want to see is whether the offense looks better or worse with Dalton. From what I have read much of the ultimate play choosing is based on reading the defense and audibelizing to what works. There are several options we can do from a particular formation so we line up the same whether we run or pass. The question is playcalling or execution? This Sunday may shed some light.
  15. Have you ever played competitive sports at any level? From your responses the answer appears to be no. Truth is you can blame our fans for that. Booing your own guy 2 games into his rookie year. When they interviewed Derek Carr he said he couldn't believe the fans were booing in his first home start. He noted that fans have no idea how hard it is to play QB.
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