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  1. The whole we have to save space and not pick who we want is belied by NO who spends every year and fits everything under the cap. And because these contracts are transparent it isn't like everyone else couldn't do the same. Truth is we can bring in who we want and still have plenty for next year. I love how everyone acts like it was their money instead of Tepper who is a billionaire.
  2. It takes no insight to predict failure given he hasn't been successful while playing for the Jets. It takes a lot more insight and effort to evaluate the differences in his situation and predict potential or qualified success. If you are wrong and the team is doing well you can always point out anything that Darnold does wrong. If he sucks then you can post ad nauseum about how right you are and how you could read the tea leaves. So you can get off your high horse and stop acting as if you know something no one else does. You are just taking the safe easy position which takes no effort or insight at all.
  3. Obviously he had fatal flaws which doomed his success here. He had a good handle on the offense but had no deep ball. I surely hope that Darnold can unlock the potential of this offense.
  4. I thought that a big reason was Bridgewater didn't get better as the season unfolded. He failed to thrown it downfield even when it was wide open or it was the fourth quarter and we were behind. He didn't show urgency or any ability to rally the team. I imagine the negative press wasn't as big a deal as his big guaranteed salary.
  5. The question for everyone has been why did Darnold suck, when the only question to answer is what will it take for Darnold to have a great year this season. If you agree that Darnold had the physical tools to be great and that he wants to be coached and is doing everything he has been told to do, then what will derail him? Are poor decisions due to limited intelligence, impulsive behavior or PTSD responses? Or are they do to poor coaching and poor scheme? Is he the problem or a symptom of a larger problem. I hope the coaches are as good as advertised and will devise a scheme which showcases Darnold's talent. I hope Darnold plays within the scheme and recognizes that he isn't the best athlete on the field so get the ball to those that are. And I hope that we give him the whole 2 years to get this scheme down pat based on good but not great play this year. He has all the things he needs for success now we we allow it to unfold. I am going to be on board the Darnold train as long as it rolls.
  6. Teddy was a good game manager and could have been successful if he had thrown the ball downfield and had the arm strength to make all the throws. That is where Darnold has a better chance to be the guy. I imagine some folks who don't really understand football might disparage the game manager label as a bad thing. But what is funny is when they describe franchise quarterbacks as so superior often using the example of someone who is in fact a game manager.
  7. You make it sound as if a game manager is a bad thing. It isn't. A game manager uses his team's assets and makes plays to move the ball. He knows how to exploit the defense and take advantage of what the defense is giving him. Brady didn't win the Superbowl when he had perhaps his best offense ever. That is the biggest misconception with the Patriots. Their defense has won many of their championships. Even when they got abused for 3 quarters by Atlanta, it was the defense that finally made plays which set the offense up to come back. Game managers have won more superbowls than guys who have tried to put teams on their back like Cam in 2015.
  8. Actually Tom Brady is considered the ultimate game manager.
  9. How many elite players do you expect on one of the youngest teams in the league???
  10. The biggest thing the Jets did to screw up Darnold is routinely expect him to carry the team and make plays that weren't there. Hence the poor decisions and pressing. The biggest think now is to let him do.less and use the weapons around him to do the work for him. Brady's scheme can have receivers open on every play if Darnold will take what the defense is giving him and play within the offense. He doesn't have to be great, he simply has to manage the offense and throw it downfield to loosen up the running game and underneath routes.
  11. The problem with sitting CMC is that there isn't a better player who can break it for 6 on virtually any play. He is our most explosive player who is useful even as a decoy. And he hates to sit out. He wants the ball on every play. I can agree he needs more breaks but I wouldn't blame the head coach alone for overusing him. Usually the OC controls how many reps and how many potential touches players get based on the plays we run.
  12. Another failed analysis on your part as usual. As I and many others said he was going to be signed long term and tagging a player multiple times wasn't even a thought. And you are wrong that Moton didn't get what he wanted. He was very willing to play under the tag and take his chances next year so the Psnthers wisely used that and made the contract an extension instead of replacing the franchise tag. Moton got his 13 million plus guaranteed this year and another 43 million for the contract for a total of almost 57 million fully guaranteed which is more for example than Ramszyck got which is only 43 million fully guaranteed. Some of the 60 million of his reported guaranteed money is only guaranteed for injury or if he is still playing. The Panthers got a 5 year deal and fronted much of the guaranteed money so the dead cap in the last 2 years is manageable. His contract makes him the 8th highest paid tackle in the league by average salary. He was ranked the 9th best tackle in football in 2020 so it was a fair contract. PFF thought it might be somewhat of an overpay. But it appears a win - win for both sides. No one caved and no one was threatening multiple tags but you. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-carolina-panthers-taylor-moton-franchise-tag-4-year-72m-deal-contract-extension It is okay to admit you were wrong and let it go instead of going back and forth over a moot point now that he is signed longterm. But since you can't stop or admit you were wrong let me help. I won't be responding because now you are acting like a troll and we all know to not feed the trolls.
  13. You appear to be correct. The contract is an extension rather than replacing the franchise tag. Maybe it is me but I don't remember seeing a contract structured like this. It ends up being a 5 year deal if you include his franchise tag. The guaranteed amount is actually higher though since his franchise tag was also guaranteed when he signed his tender. So it is closer to 57 million for 5 years guaranteed. Right??
  14. The long term contract replaces the franchise tag contract so he will likely count less than 13 million unless they decide to frontload the contract by giving him a good signing bonus plus a good salary for 2021. Usually the signing bonus is in lieu of a big salary year 1 which reduces the cap number since ithe signing bonus gets prorated. The whole reason to sign him longterm is to lower the cap of a franchised player and lock him up for years.
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