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  1. Thanks for the rep bro... :D39.gif

  2. Sorry to hear it man... hope you all get better.

  3. I love you man! :cryin:

  4. Hey man... you doin' all right? Seen u on facebook a bit, but not on here much. BTW her name below is Shay Maria... :D

  5. Even though u don't like me... :P1z53ccy.jpg

  6. Only 6 hours... get driving.

  7. In NC? Where? Better come to Wilmington beeotch.

  8. I know it's a pain in the ass... good luck.

  9. Yes, I like 'em perky. :D

  10. I know you do... stop lying.

  11. U never talk to me anymore, yet I still give you gifts... a good friend I am. :Dsexy-hump-day-40.jpg?w=500&h=375

  12. That was an excellent early christmas gift... thank you sir.

  13. Totally rad... that's a Cali thing right? :P Yeah, I hear you... it's that time of year for all the chirruns to get sick and bring it home, and it's worse when your wife is a teacher... :(

  14. Fork ya then... you feeling better?

  15. Some awesome dude you've never met... :D Did you get the rest of them in the PM?

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