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  1. We just aren't going to agree because that requires way too many assumptions. If those yards lead to first down yeah they make a difference. But maybe they don't and nothing changes. Even assuming it greatly helps their offense, there's no reason to believe the Bengals suddenly suck. Maybe those extra yards leads to 3 TDs and the Bills score 31. Who's to say the Bengals don't score 40? Yes anyone who isn't an idiot agrees it helps to be able to run the ball. This game and those teams are not the examples to use to support that position.
  2. They lost by 17 points. 30 yards wasn't the difference in that game. The Bengals were simply a better team.
  3. Singletary averaged 51 rushing 17 receiving while Mixon averaged 58 rushing 38 receiving. The Bengals just had a better game. I just disagree that these are the teams to use to support any conclusion about the need for a RB or running game.
  4. The Bengals are 29th on the season in rushing yards. Mixon had 5 less yards despite 30 more carries than Singletary. The Bengals had a better rushing day but they aren't a team built to ground and pound either. It makes no sense to say that's the reason the Bills lost.
  5. Anyone who thought Darnold was a good idea, coming off his third season in the league where he threw 9 TDs and 11 INTs, was destined to fail. Those numbers aren't good for a rookie but you hope they will improve. If those are your numbers after 3 years, you shouldn't be a starting NFL QB.
  6. Baker is trash but Sam had 14 total TDs last season. 10 of those came in the first 4 weeks. He had 5 games without a TD. Maybe he plays better this season but the idea that he can't be worse than Baker is false.
  7. While I think most complaints about Rhule at this point are just dislike of him, pretty much all coaches and linemen talk about how important it is for linemen to gel working with each other. Almost everyone who defends the move says some form of what you said, "yeah we all knew he would start but the competition doesn't hurt". Well giving him more reps working with the other starting linemen doesn't hurt either and would actually be helpful. A competition between guys to actually see who is better is great, a fake competition if you already know who is going to start is stupid.
  8. The situation is pretty different for Rodgers and Mahomes as they only had one guy in front of them, but that honestly doesn't really change the point I was making. I just find the reasoning in the article odd. If you think a guy isn't ready and needs time then obviously he shouldn't be starting. But when you say a guy needs reps doing some of the basics, then creating a situation where he is not getting those reps is counter-productive.
  9. I'm referring to the number of reps, not who he takes them with. The article says he needs reps for simple things like getting out the huddle, and also says adding Baker will likely give him less reps. Logically if a guys needs more reps but you create a situation where he is now getting less that is going to hurt his development, not help it.
  10. Maybe it's just me but saying adding Baker will likely cut into the reps he gets then saying "And things as simple as getting a team in and out of a huddle (which he never really had to do in college) require repetitions to master." is a bit odd in an article saying it helps his development. One would think you would want to get him more reps not less.
  11. And when the offense needed to score a touchdown they fumbled. You can talk about the defense all you want, doesn't change the fact that the offense failed also
  12. So you say their defense literally took the game away yet are blaming our defense for the loss? How do you not blame the offense for letting their defense take the game?
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