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  1. 8 years ago there would be a dupe thread called ***** lickers
  2. No reason to cut him. There is no upside to it. When he leaves via FA and signs somewhere you'll at least get a comp pick.
  3. I did not want to see Darnold start so the outlook is much more hopeful.
  4. SEC doesn't need Clemson with South Carolina tv market already most likely will be unc to the big 10 and ncsu to the sec
  5. In this scenario This is the devils three-way and we're the girl
  6. He weighs less than Kelvin Benjamin
  7. Came in here hoping it was Corral unseating him
  8. 1- Lewis 2- Kuechly 3- Wagner 42 - Urlacher
  9. I think the appropriate way to think about this is position ranking +need vs round grade They had Corral #2 Panthers had him #1
  10. We didnt value him as a 2nd and a 1st/2nd next year which might be a Top 5.
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