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  1. I remember doing it but have no clue why...unless it was a miller lite. For me merely holding one is akin to a vampire holding a crucifix
  2. @Jeremy Igo who was on those 3 v 3 teams Me you @Jase?
  3. I was reading in 2005ish I think It was my source for panthers news while living in Auburn. I crushed a huddlers playing basketball with my Anthony Mason like moves. My wife and I were only just starting to date when that game went on. She told me prior that she only dated winners and then I proceeded to drop a triple double on the other team Also many of you all...Huddle Weird...def not me though
  4. Further proof how dumb that org is...they could get a poo ton for him
  5. Nov 28th 1992 vs Pacers Dad moved to Charlotte for a job and was here in an apartment while my mom and I stayed in Florida to finish school to xmas break. We came up to look at houses and got to go to a game. It was electric. Had turkey in the apt and watched a lot of MST3k
  6. I have it on good authority that Gettleman wants to watch the Hornets game at 8pm so expect us trading up with our 2/3.
  7. Out of those it will be Ogbah and Bell....which would be awesome
  8. It was more along the lines that Spriggs isn't going to be the pick in the 1st.
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