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  1. UNC is the new Ohio State when it comes to QBs pass
  2. Canales better watch out for them LoSo girls amirite
  3. A millstone would be a Sam Bradford rookie contract.
  4. If you want Evero this year send me a 3rd in ‘24
  5. Similarities may not just be limited to looks
  6. If you have the means to travel then the game is secondary to the overall trip. This could be at the tail end of Oktoberfest which could be cool too
  7. The announced at the game very cool
  8. Just locked in my tickets for next year I’m an energy vampire but for awkwardness this feeds my soul
  9. Wish the Jags owner would ban him from their stadium talk about energizing and endearing yourself to a fan base
  10. That’s just to throw off the conspiracy
  11. Not the field UNC still has their tap shoes on
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