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  1. All I did was ask a general question, even stated that it had about 3 % to do with active roster of the Panthers, boomer.
  2. Does anyone have any information on what Cam has done to be so suddenly to be blackballed? There’s no way that man shouldn’t be on an NFL roster if not ours, it just seems like there has to be some behind closed doors information that we do not know. Anybody have any clues?
  3. I don’t think the right side of our line ever had an issue with road grating and being big and pushing forward, it’s more the fact we have a RB school committee who all run different and the left side of our line are semi-doughboys. We can’t get too far behind with this squad. God we need at least CMC back next week.
  4. Sam may miss a week, we may lose a game but it struck a chord with me after reading a comparison to the 2005 season this morning on here, concussion or not I feel like Sam possible had his “Jake Delhomme moment” today, last week I didn’t see a squad that liked their QB this week I saw a team stand up for Sam, get gritty and even (visibly) go after the other teams QB because of it (go look we were trying to hurt Ryan after that). If we can fix these drops and get CMC back we can be primed for a wildcard. This team is tough. Maybe not great yet. Side note: Are AJ Bouye and CJ Henderson good signings or? I know w haven’t seen much of them I’m just wondering with the name behind both signings being semi large how they’re performing, I’ve seen about one play made by each. (With AJ missing today)
  5. Yeah I’m not reading that. You could just say our offensive line is filled with white dough boys and a broken fat LT
  6. River Boy I feel at least had that, but hey ya know.
  7. Hey how about hiring a new strength and conditioning coach? Because clearly our beaver mouthed coach doesn’t know how to keep our players healthy with all his 7 year deal analytics in action and it’s also clear the players don’t even like him.
  8. Second season in a row where we’ve been completely battered with injuries and they’re all the same type, every strength and conditioning coach needs to be removed. They’re obviously not getting these guys ready, Roy goes down now. Who answers to this?
  9. I just wish I was with 89 watching that play
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