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  1. Saints keep pulling cash out their ass no matter what the cap situation is....
  2. Question...I know he has raw ability and potential much like Cam did back in the day. Not saying that he is as talented as Cam was, but do you think he has enough raw skills to develop (with proper coaching) into a decent QB. What you got?
  3. Is it worth 2 firsts...first and 2nd with a third...or much more then this? Will Fitts have the balls to make the move? Will F.R push for this trade? What u got?
  4. Fat bastard still trying to steal eggs from the chicken coop. Wish him all the worst in his future coaching endeavor's.
  5. In all the time he was here, they couldn't figure out how to use him properly. Wasted talent due to the incompetence of the OC and coaching staff. Glad he is in a situation with an OC and HC that knows how to maximize his talents.
  6. Explain the reasoning behind the choice.
  7. S.W or F.R....who you want and why. No substitutions.
  8. Fat boy won't go away. Nobody gives a sh%t what he has to say.
  9. Like his style and his delivery. Smart guy who fits right in and his well spoken. Happy for him to find his niche after his playing days are over.
  10. They will fuggin lose him like every other quality player they try to nickel and dime....but will pay the lackeys real money.
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