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  1. He is a good kid with 25 mil in his bank account.
  2. When does the guy with the sh%tty drafting, FA, and trade resume hit the pavement????
  3. If anyone is expecting Tepper to be contrite in the Tuesday press conference, forget it. Just like the Dallas demigod, he is holding the purse strings and does what he wants. No explanation required. Unless he is caught grabbing ass somewhere, he isn't going anywhere. Jerry doesn't give a rats ass what fans think or say, either does Tepper. Only person he listens to, is the wifey.
  4. We let our Powerback walk last season. Don't know if Hubbard can fill the role.
  5. How do they put together a new play book in such a short time? Do they pull something off the shelve and hope for the best? Will Brown now be handling the play calling full time? Need some answers.....
  6. Only so many HC jobs in the NFL. If a candidate wants to wait seasons for the job he wants, it may never happen.
  7. Frank needs to retire. Go home to the family and enjoy the $$$. No more HC gigs. His time is over. Hope he took his playbook with him.
  8. Complete opposite of Cam Newton. He was flashy with a funky hairstyle. Young is a choir boy, polite, and not loud. Unfortunately, that's not enough to play and win in the NFL
  9. I really can't remember a recent season with so many boring low scoring games. The Panthers aren't alone in sucking by any means. Thank God for the NFL network and Red Zone so I don't have to sit through some of these games. What is the reason for this? Lousy QB play? Parity among the league? Refs killing the game? Just boring sh%t most of the time.
  10. You do realize we are the Jets with a worse defense.
  11. The Jets are the Panthers with a better defense.
  12. Taking this way to far. Saying he is a shitty person because the team sucks under his ownership, is ridiculous. Signing a petition to try and have him sell the team, is ridiculous. In fact this whole damn post is fuggin ridiculous.
  13. I'm sick of all this bullsh%t. Get rid of them all.
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