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  1. Need some hogs up front....the nastier,bigger and uglier the better.
  2. They better find someway to sign this man. No excuses. Can't let him walk and keep losing the talent we already have and is producing. If Donte has to walk to do this, then so be it.
  3. Along with needing an Oline, looks like they need bulk on the Dline also. They seem to get bulldozed up the middle by the run game time and time again. Speed is great, but without some bulk up the middle it's a problem. Teams with big Olines seem to cause havoc and just push them around. They need big bodies to stop the run on any consistent basis.
  4. If that defense we saw against Washington is the "defensive team" he speaks of, then he is in trouble.
  5. Nobody is getting fired this season....not gonna happen.
  6. If he was still here in the same situation, he would have missed both.
  7. Seems to be a trend with this bunch. They never rise to the occasion and all the hype. They are average (at best). All the money spent on the secondary and they still get burned on a regular basis. The pass rush disappears from game to game and JAG running backs slash them up. Is Snow's schemes at fault or is the talent over rated.....or both. I don't see them as a top defense.
  8. Is Dante earning the big $$$ contract this game......how about NO
  9. Either the offense has heads up arse.....or the defense has. Just can't pull their heads out at the same time.
  10. The NFL has thirty two teams with thirty two starting QB's. Some of those are legit and the other's are backups in a starting role. You can literally count the talented one's on both hands, the rest are just riding the horse until the team finds a better one. Sam is unfortunately not in either of these categories....he is done as a starting QB.
  11. He probably will not see the field again in a Panthers uniform. Tepper will eat the $$ and move on. That last shot of Teppers face during the Patriots game said it all. Feel bad for Sam, but that millions of dollars sitting in his bank account will stop the pain.
  12. That guy is so far up Trumps rectum and relishes the conspiracy theory bullsh%t 100%. Besides being a cheerleader for the far right and the 'Q'crowd he is obnoxious, he uses his evangelical Christian beliefs as a soap box. Last place I want see this fug face is on the Huddle. Fug him
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