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  1. This team can't afford the high price for one player. Crazy talk. Get a rookie and move on.
  2. Don't give a shat what anyone says....selling the farm for any one player is just crazy. A reasonable deal is fine, not a anything you want deal.
  3. Nine points and zero touch downs. Bowles had a master game plan with the players to pull it off. Brady was going to get his props regardless, but that defense was the show. The foundation has been laid on how to control the KC killer offense, but not many teams have the defense to pull it off like Tampa did.
  4. The whole team shat the bed.
  5. They are sort of stuck in quicksand right now. Options are few and far between. They are not getting D.W. The rest of the FA batch is meh at best.
  6. You cant throw a rookie into the fire with the OL we have now. David Carr in the making if they did that.
  7. Face the fact that this is becoming the way it will turn out. Only option now is to MOVE UP and TRY and grab a QB before the rest. In the last month the tables have turned and between retirements and circumstances, they are now at a premium. Doubtful that they will get whom they actually wanted. Whom ever it is, will surely not be ready for prime time on day one. Another season of T.B upcoming untill the rookie is ready....if ever.
  8. Have the stuff on Twitter is bullsh%t.....so who the hell knows. Hopefully they aren't this stupid to believe he is the guy.
  9. Just jumping around Twitter and a rumor has it that the Falcons and Panthers are interested in him as a FA. Anyone else heard this? Would be a real bad choice if true.
  10. Do you take the risk or hope for the best?
  11. Let's say all the others are gone by 8 and no trade up scenarios happen. Would you take Lance or make the Vet QB trade? Would you give up a 2nd or 3rd for him? Best option if it all goes sideways and the best are gone would be whom? Is Lance a pro QB or a last option for a QB needy team?
  12. He isn't worth our 8th pick. This team is still a couple seasons away from being very good....he will be on a downward trend by then. We would still be looking for a QB, without the luxury of a top ten pick.
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