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  1. He filled in for Derrick Henry and did very well. He is no slouch.
  2. They are barely using him. A very good back with power. He could start on many teams and would produce. Instead they send CMC up the middle and getting his ass beat up, now nursing a thigh injury. Instead of utilizing a great pass catching back in creative ways, they send him into the meat grinder time and again. I swear kids on Madden could design a game plan around these two backs and be effective. But our OC and HC can't fiqure out how to do it.
  3. If they somehow manage to win enough games to not have a top five pick, what will they do for a QB? What are reasonable options ?
  4. A top 10 QB and a good coach and staff, can take a team far.
  5. Madden can do wonders for a skill set....hope he brings his own controller.
  6. What the hell did they sign Freeman for? The man is a load, but he rides the pines.
  7. They may both suck..but who will suck less. Darnold played well when CMC was healthy. Time to give square head another shot? Nothing from Baker tells me he is worth much. Indecisive, can't run when needed, inaccurate and also makes dumb throws. I know Sam is hated on here, but honestly Mayfield is just as bad (if not worse). Got nothing to lose at this point.
  8. Got some luv handles packed in that jersey..
  9. Would you want the NFL to push for a franchise in North Carolina. A fast and growing market for sure. Would you rather see a MLB team here? Chances of Tepper moving are slim at best, but you never know with the mess going on now. I have lost faith in the ownership here. The anticipated state of the art practice facility is not going to happen. Tepper wants public funds to built a new stadium, that also won't happen. Would the NFL even approve a move out of this market? Never say never. Anything is possible.
  10. So if Donald can't handle it and Baker can't read the field after a few years in the game... then we are fugged this season.
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