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  1. Why....this is Panther news. Just heard it on ESPN. WTF???
  2. He hasn't received the vaccine and the NFL isn't going to require shots to play. On the fence about showing up if he decides not to get the shot. WTF? Hope he isn't one of those who thinks the shots make you magnetic
  3. Aside from football, his family thinks he's a douche and he dumped Olivia Munn. First one tells me he is a jerk and the second tells me he is blind when it comes to the fairer sex.
  4. Lazy and the NFL don't mix. No one will hold his hand to the weight room, film study, or the practice field. He may just be cut out for the sofa and a box of Popeye's instead.
  5. Maybe searching for a vet on a one year deal....seems like the thing to do to sure up the position for this season at least.
  6. Sit his ass at the bench press and over head press and start the reps...
  7. Star made Short a player....u see the results when he left.
  8. Loading up the special teams i guess
  9. Whats the plan for today? Oline and safety and maybe a running back to end this draft.....maybe package some picks and move them now? What u got?
  10. Short arms... long arms...its all bullsh%t. Either you can play or you can't. The number of players in the HOF who didn't match the perfect player mold is a testament to this.
  11. Isn't that what the "cat houses" in Nevada are for. Guy has enough cash to go every week if he wanted to... if he needs to get laid or whatever without problems.
  12. Ridiculous fans....why would they trade, give up a 2nd next year, and invoke Donalds 5th year option on him if he wasn't the guy. Thinking around here sometimes is not at a premium. They where never considering a QB after the first two where gone
  13. They better bring in a decent LT vet as a one year rental.
  14. Is the thinking that taking Oline with mid range to lower rounds a good plan? If they don't pick any untill the 3rd or 4th/5th round... is that a wise play?
  15. How long can one NFL franchise go without an NFL quality Oline?.......anybody??,
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