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  1. The Saints may be knocking the Bucs off to win the South. If Winston doesn't shat the bed, they will be tough. Still have a good D and added on offense. Have a feeling Brady made a mistake coming back and will fall off big time. So it's between the Panthers and the Falcons for the glory of last place. I don't think we make the playoffs, Hopefully we can show some improvement, but the schedule is brutal. Hope for the best and expect the worst.
  2. If you have never been, then you are missing out. Electric in the PNC arena and just a jolt of adrenaline. So different then a Panther game in so many ways. I know it's a closed arena and a smaller crowd, But the energy and excitement is night and day from BOA. Plus there are actually Cane fans filling the stands and not the opposing teams fans. Best time I have had in years going to a sporting event in N.C.
  3. Bottom line....either a HC wins and stays, or loses and is gone. Simple stuff. They can only run from the fact for so long.
  4. I would rather they sign a edge guy who can stop the run and add some pass rush.
  5. They need to makeup for the loss of Riddick. No two ways about it. If they want a decent pass rusher and run stopper, then they will have to spend some of that cap $$$. Cheaping out at the edge will not win them games.....but could definitely lose them some. If not Clowney, then someone else who can do the job.
  6. This is Darnolds last make or break chance with this team. A revamped Oline and the three running backs ready to go, he has to succeed or it's over. Corral will be breathing down his neck all season.
  7. Question for all the Football geeks out there. The west coast offense requires a quick release and quick decision making. Darnold has neither quality. Assuming he is the starter, they will play a more conventional offense. If he shats the bed midway through the season and they put Corral in, how long will it take to switch to a west coast/hybrid offense? Do we have the personal on the offense to play that game? Will thay have to redo the playbook to accommodate the system?
  8. Would Tepper bite and pull the moving vans up? Do you have faith in him not bugging out? Seems clear that Charlotte and NC doesn't want to pump $$ into the Panthers to help finance anything. When the threats start to relocate, how would you feel?
  9. Good write up.....may this post bring good Karma to the rook.
  10. Can't hurt. With Riddick gone, we could use nine more sacks and a good run defender.
  11. I am not suggesting that at all. What I am asking is if Rhule might pull a bonehead move like this.
  12. If Sam shats the bed early on, will the OC pressure him to play the rookie. I have no idea how the OC feels about Darnold as QB #1. Will he pull Sam if his OC recommends that he play the kid or will he ignore it and pull a Rhule. Throw P.J in instead if Sam starts going south and leave the kid holding a clip board this season? What u got?
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