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  1. Yeah, he is all alone out there This is a case where I will feel bad for running up the score
  2. I think this is going to be a however many goals we want situation Chicago players have checked out and we are buzzing Not a good test for Martin though
  3. Was that Necas, or Wayne Gretzky He went through the Chicago d like a hot knife through butter
  4. I kind of miss Mrazek , I will never forget his 2 ot robbery of Ovechkin in game 7 And iirc he was a pretty stable presence in net, with Reimer giving him a breather here and there Was alot better than the revolving door and Goalie by committy we have now, mostly because of bad injury luck
  5. its sad you see that has a good thing, we don't care about our team enough to get upset when we lose That's why opposing teams fans fill up our stadium, even during winning seasons ,it's embarrassing
  6. I would rather have Wilks than Evero Evero did squat to get retained
  7. That's the way I feel about another future ex-Panthers QB Not naming names
  8. We already went through the other teams leftovers debacle , it's toxic to think you can fix everyone Dalton is miles better
  9. there is a possibility A team can outclutch them Mahommes will find his kryptonite, a team more determined , like the Eli manning led giants laughed in the face of the unbeatable patriots , twice
  10. What if Calder Cup winning Jeff Skinner , was injured all the time , then we trade him to Pittsburgh, and he gets to play with Crosby and Malkin , and suddenly he is Invincible Coincidence, no, no one wants to play for a bad team , when we were the whipping boys of the east, even Eric wanted out ,and unrestricted free agents told us not to bother It's called a business decision, would you want to waste your body for a clueless owner and headcoach, Christian saw the end Cams decline , after Ron kept feeding him to the meat grinder , and understandably said nope, now he is with a good organization, he is Iron Man And while I can understand it, I will not forget it, Christian is just another teams player, no relation to the Panthers , plus his family said they didn't like the team or the state Was rooting for coach Wilks though, cause he was shafted by Tepper , he wanted to be here , I still hold out hope the 9ers will fire him , would rather have him than evero , but he isn't a yes man , so probably not
  11. The painful thing is , I think in the future , Stroud vs Mahommes is going to be this Eras Brady vs Peyton And Panther fans are going to have to swallow we had a chance to draft Stroud , I need to ask a lifelong chargers fan how to live with your team passing on a hall of fame QB
  12. I usually am happy for former players that find sucess elsewhere But not in this case,playing up injuries when we needed him , just to make us think he is injury prone so we trade him , classless I hope he sits on the sideline most of the night watching the chiefs score TDs, and has to watch the chiefs celebrate another title Fug Christian McCaffrey!!!!!!
  13. I am not an expert on the rules , but what is the point of a 10 min misconduct with 1 second left in the game ?
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