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  1. Yeah, I was wrong, and knee jerked, and didn't do any research , I don't pay attention to many teams but ours , and all I knew was that he was fired, I guess I was hoping for a more interesting coaching hire, but we would have to gut ourselves for that , so this is probably for the best
  2. Well you want to discredit Ron because he had good players, so you might has well discredit every successful coach in history
  3. My mistake then, I don't know why I thought he was fired after the season
  4. And Bill Bellicheck owes all his succsss to Tom then
  5. Let's trade 10 2024 draft picks to the jets for Zach Wilson, why not at this point , we might be an even bigger clown show than we were at the start of last season BTW, I hope with all my heart I am dead wrong on this one, and Frank Reich makes me eat Crow, but I have seen this movie so many times , I know what to expect And when Reich is fired, let's promote Macadoo to HC
  6. 4-12 is all that matters, and he had more talent than we did And will probably be our record for the next 4 years
  7. Where has he won at ?, and why was he fired a few weeks ago , Roddy was an assistant coach who learned to be a head coach and took the Canes to relevancy, Reich is a proven failure who led the Colts to mediocrity Atleast Payton would have gave us credibility,but I guess he didn't want to serve under an idiot either
  8. And Tepper is smart ?, Did he win in Indy , no What drugs are you smoking that you think he will win here , that kind of thinking got us here This is the worst coach they could have hired , our owner is the biggest moron in professional sports, and we are going to be an eternal garbage dump untill he is forced to sell the team
  9. So instead of a QB another team didn't want, we get a coach another team didn't want I would have rather stayed with Wilks
  10. Anyone with 7 rings has a right to be entitled, but I have never seen him say he is better than anyone else , Pat Mahomes is cocky has hell but I don't see people calling him entitled, maybe because he hasn't dominated this league for 2 decades I dont get the hate of Tom Brady , I hated him after the 2003 superbowl , but I was young then and immature, when I grew up I realized he is just a dude trying to win football games, same has our guys Did people call Joe Montana and John Elway "Entitled Spoiled Twats", maybe jealousy breeds hatred, if anyone is Entitled Twats it's the Mannings, I remember one time we beat Indy and in his post game interview Peyton pretty much said they shouldn't lose to teams like the Carolina Panthers, and his little bro thought he could leverage his last name to be a free agent instead of a draft pick, and what exactly is there dad famous for, for leading a mediocre saints team?, oh and let's not forget the NFL gift wrapped a superbowl for Peyton , denying Cam the ring he deserved alot more I consider myself lucky to be alive in a time where the greatest QB of all time is playing, not jealousy
  11. I am sick of being the team that's just happy to be there, I want to be the team that the rest of the league hates because we win too much and accuse us of cheating out of jealousy
  12. Probably cause they knew he was mic'd, and couldn't say what they wanted to
  13. He just did Try again next year cowbutts lol
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