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  1. It took both Fox and Rivara a mediocre season from the mess they took over to get us to the playoffs I am one of the biggest critics of the Riech hire, but lets wait and see how the rest of this year plays out, before we call for his head
  2. And if Dalton stinks, what do we do ? Call Cam again, he has probably blocked the number
  3. I was laughed off this board when the hire was made for not being excited for a cast off coach who was recently fired after depending on Matt Ryan and Carson Wents to save his job, and was told it's "The greatest coaching staff of all time" , and "Jim Irsay is an idiot for firing him" , and was also pooed on for not trusting Reich to evaluate weather Bryce was a good QB or not Well I am not laughing, because I truly didn't want to be right, now we probably don't have any hope to get better untill we get a new coach and get some draft picks back The Rhule Era was a clown show, The Reich era will be a Funeral With that said, we have made our bed, just leave Bryce in to either drown or swim , too bad he doesn't have a coach who won a superbowl with a short QB
  4. Well, that's it for me tonight Saw no improvement from the offense D played great Riech is who I thought he was
  5. I'm going to say it, I think we win this game If Dalton starts
  6. So much for a progressive offensive minded coach Even Ron would have went for that
  7. Henderson gets beat again Please cut or trade him
  8. I am slowly forgiving him for the poo show at Atlanta last year, 2 chip shot field goal attempts to win the game , and he shanks them both No I will never forget
  9. I think Bryce should have watched and learned from an established veteran for a while,he is simply not ready
  10. I am convinced there would have been another parade in Raliegh if Svech didn't get hurt All we need is some 3rd and 4th line scoring to secure another cup
  11. Because one minute , we were in rebuild mode, then the next we were winning now, after we traded our future hall of fame running back
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