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  1. A nasty blocker capable of keeping up with CMC. Love it.
  2. Temperature control indeed. That's why my big green egg is superior in every way. With propane to start some coals(the only thing it's good for) I can get 700+ degrees in minutes. Shut off the air and pop the cap on and the coals are out almost immediately. Once you go green you never go back.
  3. I agree the show good use a good dose of moral ambiguity. Right now the theme seems to be that these other people 'snapped' in some way and Rick and co are trying to prevent that from happening to them. I'd like to see an antagonist that's a 'good' person but the group needs to take them out anyway.
  4. Richest country in the world. The average wealth is like $150K, no one under the poverty line, 0.1% unemployment and the fattest nation on earth.
  5. I think I might have messed up my shoulder. Everything was fine until I got out of the shower and it tightened up like a damn clamp. I'm still not even back to my regular lifting weight...ugg.
  6. I've been really digging this guy. I don't know why former child prodigies grow up to be so effeminate though.
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