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  1. One one hand the defense is banged up and the wheels are potentially falling off. On the other hand this offense is so bad that there really is no where to go but up. Its a wash imo
  2. I fully believe every negative conspiracy theory about Teppid now. He has 0 benefit of the doubt.
  3. Nope, going on a nature trail walk with the GF and her dog. I'll spoil the game for everyone here - Panthers lose.
  4. How would you rank them? I think it got worse overtime. Hurney was ace in the first round and drafted all my favorite Panthers players, so I am biased. But, he was infamously bad on day 2 and his FA signings were very mediocre overall. Gettleman kinda sucked at the draft, but was decent in finding discount FAs that would contribute. He arguably ruined Cams career tho. Fitterer is just useless.
  5. Bryce is ass, I got fooled so hard. His "processor" (which I was excited about) is a fuging joke. We ordered an AMD threadripper, got an old ass Pentium Pro from 1995.
  6. I don't think they have the remote possibility of winning a game until late October vs the Texans tbh
  7. He's been one of my favorite players mostly because he's the last true link to the best era of Panthers football. I know, JJ Jansen, but hes a fuging long snapper.
  8. The only hope for Pro Football in the Carolinas is Tepper moves the Panthers and they put another franchise here. Thats literally it. Get used to being a perennial doormat.
  9. He's gone after next year. QBs don't get a long leash in the NFL.
  10. CMC trade doesnt matter in the long run but the Bryce trade will be an all time disaster. Like Everrette Brown trade times 5 million
  11. you made a thread on non game day that people posted in, im very proud of you. have an e sticker
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