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  1. Tepper is such a dumbass, needs to sell the team for anyone besides 4-5 huddle posters to have faith again
  2. yeah thats why cmc was traded for great players such as
  3. Every huddle member has a better chance of waking up with a billion dollars in their bank account and a 13 inch penis than the panthers winning out
  4. Wilks is a low tier coach and "ground and pound with a tough d" is boomer poo that hasn't won since the early 80s
  5. Panthers fall ass backwards in division title Face Dallass in the playoffs BoA is flooded with Dallas fans because Panther fans tapped out in October, don't even realize theres a playoff game Dallas wins 34-13 or some poo, because they aren't a poo team, which is only what the Panthers can beat Tepper hires Wilks full time Years of mediocrity ??? Tepper moves the team to OKC or Portland after declining ticket sales, delusional homers aren't enough to sustain billion dollar organization The end
  6. sign me up for a billions years worth of lol and lmaos if the panthers roll into 2023 with wilks and levis
  7. the fact that zod is floating this means that the panthers are seriously considering it
  8. wilks fanboyism is just matt rhule ptsd. he's cut from the same mediocre cloth of jonathan fox and ronald rivera. which is a step up from outright bad, which is what rhule is
  9. panthers will win 6 and tepper will be through the moon with wilks and sign him because the team is "trending upward". its going to happen
  10. there was intrigue among wilson but tankerchads really wanted fields at the time
  11. lose to the seahawks and then go 2-2 probably
  12. panthers will be mediocre for years to come. you have no control over this so dont even worry about it.
  13. It's May 2023. Head Coach Steve Wilks just drafted Myles Merphy (DE) out of Clemson. The huddle is a wasteland and the hype is low save for a few homers, the only post in the last hour is the Panthers.com bot posting a thread with this very image How do you react?
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