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  1. Keep making these threads op. It's making the dumbfugs who thought two dozen women are lying very antsy lmao
  2. Darrisaw isn't as good but if we get a first next year from the Pats or whatever you take that all day. I would only hesitate on Sewell who is probably the best OT prospect since Orlando Pace. Slater is good but the gap between Darrisaw and Slater isn't huge. If it's just Slater there at 8 and we get a call from the Pats you take that all day.
  3. See it wouldn't bother me if people here would just stick to their guns about this poo. At least I can admit my 0 IQ takes are dumb (trading Brian Burns). They'll just pretend like they never supported Darnold by week 6 when he looks mediocre and how they knew all along that dumpster diving for QBs is not a good sign of a healthy NFL franchise and how we should have gotten Fields/Lance. Same damn thing happened with Teddy. But this time it's different because reasons.
  4. All I'm getting from this thread are like 6 cases in half a century (Jim Plunkett). That's literally the half of the NFL's existence. Outlook is not so good!
  5. COVID can fug you up for life, or at the least derail your pro athlete career. Why risk millions of dollars playing college ball? I'd do the same damn thing.
  6. lol 15 seconds in the host says that teddy was the worst pro day he's ever seen
  7. Great post. If we pass on Fields this will be like passing on Cam because we got Mark Sanchez in 2011
  8. If Lance/Fields are there I would draft them unless someone like New England/Chicago/Pittsburgh wants to trade up big time
  9. op theres no point in doing this they'll just pretend like they knew he was garbage this entire time and move onto slurping whatever qb we dumpster dive for after going 6-11 next year its teddy all over again
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