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  1. IDK Taylor Heineke of all people had his way with this defense. Kirk Cousins too who is a JAG. It's probably the coaching, and not the talent, such as them playing Chinn at SS all year. But this board also tends to overrate players on defense, Brian Burns being the biggest offender.
  2. Let me put it to you this way, you listed 11 players that would start for the Chiefs/Bills. Do you think saying our starters are pretty much equal, all things considered (50/50 split). And that our only problem is o-line/qb? Several teams tore through our defense, especially towards the end. I don't think our defensive roster is as good as people here make it out to be.
  3. Burns is a one trick pony who would be a rotation player on the bills d-line. No one wanted Gilmore besides the Panthers, that's why we got him for what we did. Jackson is a definite no.
  4. Josh Allen is an all time talent, Mahommes is a product of Andy Reid TBH. Josh is basically the entire Bills offense and dragged this trash ass team to the brink of victory.
  5. Chiefs are to the Bills what the Seahawks were to us in the 2010s. Always cucking us. Mahommes about to win this
  6. Let's ship Panthers north CMC. They can save him until playoff time
  7. you know things are dire when fans are rooting for the HC to pull a bobby petrino
  8. I enjoyed these two games than I have any Panthers game in like 5 years
  9. @Mr. Scot Still on the Nathanial Hackett train? Not like it matters to this team lol
  10. I'm kind of hoping that no team hires DeMeco Ryans as HC this offseason so we can scoop him up next year. Then again Tepper will hire some janitor who sweet talks, or just keep Rhule.
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