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  1. Winning culture fuged us so hard. We aren't even getting lance now. Its basically Deshaun or bust.
  2. Good fallback plan in case we don't get Deshaun
  3. Zod just out of curiosity what was the game/moment when you realized Teddy ain't it
  4. There are people on this board right now who still believe the "Teddy is good enough we just need to build around him" meme.
  5. Wow I didn't realize several huddle posters got their PhDs good job everyone
  6. The thing with drafting RBs is their careers are so short that you are basically getting them in their primes day 1. Thus resigning them to long term deals after their rookie deals is almost always a bad move (CMC, Todd Gurley etc) because they are usually on the tail end of their prime. I highly doubt CMC ever has a year like 2019 ever again... and the team still sucked!! Drafting a RB in the first round makes sense if you are a contender (like how KC drafting CHE last year was a great pick) but if your team sucks then you're basically hoping for a quick rebuild.
  7. But yeah CMC is UNTRADEABLE thanks to Hurney's dumb ass. Even dumb teams like the Texans wouldn't bite.
  8. People need to move on with the idea that RB is an important position in the modern NFL. It's not. You can find productive RBs in the mid rounds these days.
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