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  1. i hate tepper but snyder is in a league of his own tepper is more in the ford or khan range
  2. Definitely think we're gonna have a repeat of last season (early start, right down to the QB getting revenge against his last team game one) until the real playoff contenders (Cowboys last year, 49ers this year) let the Panthers know whats up.
  3. I still think the Falcons will be worse but Panthers will be stuck in neutral all season.
  4. He fuged up bad with Rhule but I like Fitt so far. I will remain cautiously optimistic.
  5. Callahan is the truth. Needs to be interviewed in October after Rhule gets canned
  6. Texas football has been were dreams go to die since Mack. We'll see how it plays out. I would have gone to Bama and did EZ mode while making money from NIL
  7. I don't think Tepper will fire Rhule even if he goes 0-17. Tepper believes Rhule has some master long term plan and it will pay off eventually.
  8. NC doesn't want Teppid. He can go back to Pennsylvania
  9. Just roll with who you got. This season is a wash anyway. Reboot in 2023 with a new coach and Darnold off the books.
  10. Terrible HC, prob the worst in the league (Lovie is bad but has a better resume). Easily the worst in franchise history.
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