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  1. testing 123

  2. Welcome to the Huddle

  3. Zod

    Skew is a real a-hole isn't he?

  4. Zod

    Hey I have a camera too! Its a polaroid, and it doesn't work half the time, but nevermind that...do you own a thong?

  5. Zod

    nope, what is it supposed to be

  6. Zod

    hope you are doing well!

  7. Zod

    You filthy whore

  8. tone down the pics a bit please...

  9. The Falcons asked themselves the very same question last week.

  10. Zod

    no nudity on the huddle please

  11. You're beautiful, and I am trying to get in your pants.

  12. Zod

    whats your old name

  13. Didn't he lose to us once already? lol

  14. need more pics of her. thanks in advance

  15. How does on Big Ball?

  16. Zod

    you are about to get a lot of profile views

  17. God this is awful

  18. needs more work

  19. Damn fine profile

  20. Your profile stinks bad

  21. I forgot to PM you :(

  22. my god I have missed you, same place next week? This new PM thing is awesome.

  23. Zod

    are you eating sailboats

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