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  1. They are being far too generous
  2. The only way it gets fixed is if Brady and Deonte progress to the point of starting.
  3. Lmao.... Dallas fans mad they didn't get the call. Punch the ball in next time and don't leave any doubt.
  4. Floridians don't consider Jacksonville or the Panhandle part of Florida. It is southern Georgia and Alabama.
  5. Jacksonville is a poo hole of a town. Can't be great playing there.
  6. BLITZZARD GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I think I would rather the Cowboys win tonight, get a lot of confidence and cocky, and then get punched in the mouth by Snow on Sunday.
  8. This should be a must watch for all Panthers fans. Cowboys are up next on our schedule, followed by the Eagles next week. We can watch both tonight. Lets go.
  9. - 3-0 start didn’t dictate deal. It’s a long term play. - Confirmed they reached out to Richard Sherman. - CJ is the “prototype corner” that Fitterer/Morgan pursued in Seattle. Seems like that’s the blueprint. - DB’s Coach Evan Cooper offered CJ in HS. Strong relationship.
  10. From Kyle Bailey Just spoke to a @Panthers source who had this to say about CJ Henderson. - @Panthers and Jags started discussing this deal during training camp/ preseason. - They’re optimistic CJ will go vs. Dallas. - “This is in no way going to impact Donte [Jackson]’s contract.”
  11. And tons of practices. The coaches know what he can do now.
  12. Tremble is the reason this trade was even possible. His emergence as a receiver is everything.
  13. Donte could be an all pro nickel if thats what they have in mind for him.
  14. Zod

    My god

    Not sure. He was passing his guy off to Paradis. Might have been the right thing to do.
  15. WTF happened here. Was Chuba supposed to stay and pick up the blitz? This can't happen.
  16. Just occurred to me that the Cowboys have 5 days to prepare and the Panthers will have had 9. I like that.
  17. Thanks. We made it for the most part. The only thing prefab is the mask. We found it at spirit Halloween. The hands are wire and scotch tape with paint and sealer.
  18. This is the official Fug the Cowboys thread. Please post all things related to Fug the Cowboys here.
  19. This week the Carolina Panthers are on the road against the Dallas Cowboys. I know their right tackle is suspended. I know they have looked mediocre. I know they play a mnf game tonight and I'll be watching. Other than that, I don't know much. Enlighten me.
  20. 3 games in, we lead the NFC South. Let's fuggin go. Also, fug you Troy Aikman.
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