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  1. A rich man's Efrem Hill. A poor man's Taye Biddle.
  2. You can always tell who the delusional upstate SC people are when they start talking about 15 minute drives
  3. It's probably easier to build something on the moon than it is to build anything bigger than an Arby's in SC.
  4. Last person out of doge turn out the light, lol
  5. I didn't even need to operate the hand crank this time.
  6. @bleys in huddle jamz II? @Johnny Rockets @Jbro in huddle jamz I?
  7. how many draft picks would they be willing to part with for us to take him off their hands?
  8. I wonder if we'll keep the small-ball rotation. If so, Biz's minutes will drop almost to zero.
  9. Jase

    Living in sin

    I've never had the privilege of doing this. Currently clutching my pearls.
  10. Cat



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    2. Cat
    3. Jase


      Yep, lol, no problem.

    4. Cat


      I'll edit it out so personal info isn't on here 

  11. Is my sig permanently deleted now? It used to show up even though I'm not All-Pro, but it's gone now.

  12. Holy megabump the correct answer still lies between 1.5 and 1.75 cups per gallon.
  13. Tried to send a message but it said you don't accept them. Anyway I do not have the ability to edit signatures. Apparently there's supposed to be an option the left in Account Settings, but I do not have that option.

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