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  1. Going to be tough to talk a qualified candidate into damaging his career with this regime.
  2. A thread for the games today. Who you got?
  3. Hey maybe we will get more videos next year of players reaching into boxes !!!!
  4. He was called a manipulator by someone in the org to me the first practice of his tenure here
  5. Matt Rhule: I didn't have much to do with the drafting on draft night. Also Matt Rhule: Why the constant and obvious lying?
  6. I have no idea. When Tony Dungy turned around the Bucs he used to look for the smaller guys because they typically had more fight in them and had to be more technically sound to get this far.
  7. I am less confident in Rhule than I was yesterday.
  8. 3-4 inches of freezing rain and it will be a war zone here from the sound of falling branches and trees to everyone's power going out.
  9. 1. Is this franchise where you hoped it would be when you hired Matt Rhule? 2. Rhule is 0-7 against coaches who have been fired this week. Is that concerning? 3. Is 2022 a make or break year for Matt Rhule and if so what is the bar set at? 4. If you could go back in time 2 years, is there anything you would have done differently for the Panthers? 5. What has Matt Rhule shown you that has you convinced he deserves another year?
  10. My brother and I used to play Risk a lot growing up. Was a whole lot of fun.
  11. You in Davidson? me too. Lets go baby!
  12. He wasn't forced to play on the right side. That's where they had him all through camp and never gave him a real chance to compete at LT
  13. Looking forward to watching some ball imm not emotionally invested in. Who you got?
  14. From what I hear they really want to bring Pep in. I like the idea. He will make a good interim head coach in November and possibly do well enough to earn the job full time.
  15. One year deal. Oh lord. More of the same.
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