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  1. Baker looks really good so far yall. Let's gooooooo
  2. Please use this thread for all things related to today's game.
  3. What are you looking forward to? It's Matt Corral mainly for me.
  4. They would have to. One QB taking all reps at a practice would be very tiring.
  5. What is your prediction? I'd love to see an entire half out of him.
  6. Please use this thread for all things related to today's practice. Also, if Sam Darnold continues to work with the ones I am going to delete this joint.
  7. Hopefully Tepper understands now that trying to get rid of Keep Pounding was a horrible decision.
  8. Please use this thread for today's training camp posts.
  9. Hall of Fame game tonight Panthers preseason next Saturday. Let's fuggin go
  10. I'm hearing that Mayfield is coming along faster than anticipated and the coaching staff is very excited about how he has acclimated.
  11. Please use this thread for all things practice today, including when Matt Corral gets Sam Darnold in a headlock and proceeds to give him "nuggies".
  12. Robbie may be regretting the junk he talked about Baker Mayfield on social media.
  13. Please use this thread for all things Panthers training camp today including Matt Corral dominating all QB performances.
  14. He doesn't look nearly as skinny.
  15. Quickest release in the draft. One big reason why Simms lived him so much.
  16. I just wish everyone would stop pretending there is a QB competition.
  17. Apparently this has been a common thing this camp so far. Baker to DJ.
  18. Please use this thread for all training camp updates from sparkle city.
  19. I think he is saying that whoever the players rally around will be the starting QB.
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