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  1. I think he is the next Drew Brees if he gets the right coaching. We don't know how well Brees would have done his rookie season, because he didn't start. But I suspect he would have looked a lot like Bryce. I was always jealous of how quickly Brees would dissect the defense and that quick gd release. So hard to defend. I see that potential in Bryce.
  2. I blame the past several years of awful football
  3. That crowd is abysmal. Good lord. Not that I blame anyone for not going.
  4. Started a 10 day YouTube TV trial. Will cancel after the game. Man, how far this franchise has fallen. I've never seen a MNF not be on WSOC.
  5. I'll forget. Whenever I do a trial I cancel right away. You still get the seven days or whatever, but if I don't do it right away I'll forget
  6. I guess I will start and cancel a streaming service trial tonight lol
  7. Having to pay to watch a Panthers game on TV is insane.
  8. On my TV it shows the browns game being played on our abc affiliate? I don't have ESPN.
  9. Let's goooooo First dub of the season tonight!
  10. Anyone with half a brain knew this was going to be a losing season. A complete redo with a rookie QB. That isn't a recipe for immediate success. However, for me, Bryce passed the eye test with flying colors. His first NFL start and he already looked as good or better than all QBs since 2019. My main hope for this year is a healthy Bryce to play all season and next year we can actually compete.
  11. Big time coaching mistakes so far this game.
  12. Momentum is real y'all. We had it, now we don't.
  13. Week one baby! What are the chances the Panthers pull out a convincing dub today and thus there will be no complaints tomorrow? Lol JK get your torches ready
  14. Time to sound off. Who wins? Notable stats? Will there be outrage Monday? Inquiring minds want to know!
  15. We look like a NFL team tonight! Bring in the regular season!!!
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