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  1. Would they chance him on the PS though? Could hold a spot like Foucault and Wegher did the past two season for fear of them getting grabbed
  2. Some have done this... But not with all of them yet. Just like 10 or so
  3. Still need ECU, Wake Forest, Clemson, NC State
  4. I love the panthers and I can't afford to go. Charlotte native represent! Been a fan since beginning, I have the memorabilia to prove it.
  5. He looks so scared out there. Terrified of contact and falls down when he might get hit
  6. They gotta open the field up for the run they just won't do it. Also Teddy's a little bitch
  7. I would love to see one long ball from teddy. Just fuging one
  8. Balls dont go as far when its cold. No big throws on either side
  9. Ron makes some boneheaded personnel decisions sometimes.
  10. No QB pressure. No one can cover forever if you can't sack the QB someone will get open eventually. Winston has way to much time in the pocket on that drive.
  11. They need to stop playing Allen with Johnson. We will never have a DE sack with them together.
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