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  1. Lifelong here! I'm 20 and I began rooting for the Panthers at 6. They were my second ever sports team behind the Yankees
  2. Who is that on your fuging avatar?!

  3. you're up in the mock, round 7

  4. indy on the clock again :P

  5. you're on the clock :D:D

  6. your on the clock...

  7. Brandon, you're up in the Mock.

  8. Thanks, I saw this done on the boards over at CDS(http://cdsdraft.com/boards/index.php?showforum=10) and I thought it would be fun to do it here. Some people are goin a little overboard with it, but I think everyone enjoys it.

  9. GJ with all the draft stuff. Impressive!

  10. Are the bengals still open for the mock GM? The guy who had them said he didnt have the time to do it. If they are available Ill take them. Lmk! Thanks!

  11. Hey Dan, I appreciate that you are sharing some information on the huddle. Its awesome that such a great player would take the time to spread some education throughout the message boards.

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