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  1. i have a pet bearded dragon named after you

  2. So glad to see you're sticking around. We got mad respect for your service. Thanks again!!! Why don't you take the LB coaching job? :)

  3. Thanks for all your contributions on the field and off the field as well! And thanks for posting on here and giving a pro's perspective! Your jersey was my first Panther's jersey I had ever bought with my own money. Thanks for everything and continued blessings and success man!

  4. I did not know real NFL players would be on here! That's really cool!! Thank you for your time with the Carolina Panthers!!

  5. Hi Dan, just bought an authentic jersey of yours - would like to get it signed - are you at Cheese Mo'z during gametime on most Sundays?

  6. loved you at The "U" dan.......hope to make it to your restaurant soon!!

  7. We love you posting here! I wish the best for your restaurant, and hope I get to see it sometime when I travel overseas!

  8. It's so awesome to see a pro like you on the boards. Good luck with the restaurant, and hope to stop by for some good eats!

  9. Thanks for the Tailgate food! Very good pizza and thanks for hanging out with everybody. You are a damned good fella!

  10. wish I lived in charlotte..but I plan on coming to a game in the near future and will make sure and stop by...

  11. You're the man, Dan. Thanks for engaging with the Charlotte community.

  12. Hey Dan, I appreciate that you are sharing some information on the huddle. Its awesome that such a great player would take the time to spread some education throughout the message boards.

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