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  1. 48 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

    Rhule has final say on the roster but he's not acting like Belichick about it.

    As part of one of his press conference answers yesterday, he talked about the evaluation process and indicated that Fitterer was pretty much in charge on that side of things.

    I get the impression it's Rhules show, he just wants his guys doing certain things. Just my opinion, not enough facts and lots of conjecture.

    I base this off of how the hiring process went down, who we talked to and how they act and not talk at this stage. Now this offseason has heavey similarities to last year making the differences stand out but it has same basic direction. That's telling to me. At this point I don't take most of what Rhule says at face value, he is a pretty talented smoke blower.

  2. 22 minutes ago, RumHam said:

    Sorry, its year two of seven. He aint dumping anyone until bare minimum year five

    Lol. We were committed to Teddy because it was 2 year minimum, too much waste.

    Tepper is going to do what ever he wants. As for the cost, that's paid by PSL holders so why would he really care about waste in that scenario. No idea but a repeat would create a hot seat and we all know that changes things.

    As for the 7, WTH. 5 was bad enough.

  3. 31 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

    Not the same situation. Hurney was hired after all the offseason work was already done.

    Responsibility for this season belongs totally to Fitterer (and Rhule, of course).

    Has it even been confirmed Fritts isn't under Rhule? It was his choice for GM.

    This is year 2 anyway you look at it and it looks a lot like year one so far with some new twists from Fritts. Biggest difference is contract handling, Hurney's specialty lol. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Mr. Scot said:

    In what's basically the first year of a rebuild, you really shouldn't.

    Nope, 2nd year that so far looks a lot like the first year. We hired a GM that came in to be an expert where Rhule wanted, no reset there. Repeating last year with his GM would be very bad. 

    Saying this year is year 1 of a rebuild is like saying Hurney is responsible for the year he was rehired. It's just not true on any level.

  5. Just now, Zod said:

    They overachieved early last season and looked pretty darn good with little talent. 

    Now inject CMC, a marginally better QB maybe, and a much improved defense. This could be a winning season. That isn't far fetched. 

    I don't see any urgency to win. Last year Hurney got the blame, this year I don't have much rope. It wasn't the D that failed as the year went on. Feels like a repeat at this point. They need to really do well the next 3 picks.

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  6. Teddy is a great backup level QB, reliable with a low ceiling. At the price Denver paid it's not that bad, mostly because we ate wat too much money on a really bad contract. 

    Darnold has spent the last 3 years learning really bad habits. The hope we can make that work isn't enough to overcome the huge negatives on his mental game but you have to try.

    Now that Teddy is finally gone we can add another QB and if Sam looks how he has the past 3 years then we can get a look at another QB this year and see if we are right back in the QB hunt next offseason. And Sam is a vet next year so if he can't turn it around with better coaching this year he probably won't ever. Honestly if we can get him to backup level play that at least keep some value on him and more options open in 2022.

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