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  1. Timing matters. It's a dumb move. Give the new HC his place at the table to discus the inevitable and make a positive easy step in the offseason. This has desperation stink all over it but I know he will take the money a couple of months early.
  2. True but it's a huge red flag when a pack of guys working to have jobs next year get together and do a mega deal when they could just wait 2 months.
  3. 5th year option. Bring in a new HC and crew and then do a huge deal. Zero need right now in the midst of a losing and embarising season. Same stuff was said about CMC and we were desperate to get rid of him.
  4. Zero reasons to make any deals right now. This would have the CMC deal vibes if true.
  5. Great. This is a QB you want another team picking before us.
  6. Meh, I could understand it if we were winning but promoting the Panthers at the moment is a big ol' 'Whomp Whomp'. Dislike playing games in other countries at stupid times but I get the good for business side. Still the timing is suspect.
  7. I don't want to see us get embarrassed on that level. Hard pass. I hope the Bucs can squeeze out another one and saves us from that nightmare. I hope we are coach shopping that week. That is exciting. Watching this team another week team really isn't.
  8. Win lose, IDGAF this year. I just want it to be over so we can see if we are getting a HC that can make us exciting and relevant regardless of the QB. That is how bad we are, tie ourselves to something good or hope for a year like this where the winner of the division has a losing record or pick in the teens that year. We already did ridiculously bad so mediocre or something worth watching is likely incoming. That is where I am putting the hope I am able to scrape together.
  9. I like the direction of the line and it is a huge improvement but I don't think it is finished or as good as some think. I think we need to keep adding talent every year. Draft a C or OG this year for sure and let them compete. I don't just want to see a competent Oline but a dominate one. We are not there just yet. I am so happy that we have a freaking LT. Like it should be easy from here.
  10. I'm already a Panthers fan, that is low enough. Sorry, had to do it for a laugh.
  11. It's people's right to huff glue but it doesn't make it a good idea. Same people who said Baker was taking us to the playoffs because he did 1 year in Cleveland. Same people who said Rhule would turn it around in year three. Same people that are now saying that Wilks has earned the HC job. Desperation makes people lower their standards so far they lose all perspective. It's the meme where the clown is putting on makeup except they only can see the first and eventually the last picture.
  12. You saying hope with Darnold is as dumb as believing there was ever a tank. There was never any hope for this year once we retained Rhule and there won't be next year if Tepper is dumb enough to keep Wilks.
  13. Because if you look at it in context then it just looks like more dookie. Some nice throws with lots of dump offs. Plenty of time to throw and still a chump. Whatever, time will do it's thing and anyone with half a brain knows where this is going. Some people just like to be disappointed.
  14. People talking about Darnold after a weak game against another bottom dweller like he is now the future beyond this year. Under 60%, under 170 yards and under 20 attempts.
  15. Nope. I wanted to beat them and him. He was a large piece of the wanting to curb stomp them that we finally saw in the 2015 playoffs.
  16. Congrats to Burns. The trade was still a no brainer.
  17. But all of it 100% effects how the Panthers spend money. That is a huge chunk of change that can be spent elsewhere.
  18. It's pretty standard PR tactics. Get your name out there, get people talking about you and set the narrative that can carry you through the interview process. What 4 weeks of silence and then he does the PR blitz and bang now he has a new job. I never liked him either but this is just business as usually with the same crappy Rhule flavor to it all.
  19. He isn't a good guy or coach so I hope it's painfully hilarious for him after what he did here. Doing it at Nebraska kind of makes it all the funnier to me.
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