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  1. This game should be a win, it has the same feel going in as the first 2 games of the year. We would have to lay one giant turd to let the Giants get this win.
  2. Ummm still a hell no. We could just have kept Teddy.
  3. All true, I just can't pretend Tua is anything different than the other two. If we were talking about a quality backup, my tune would change.
  4. From Teddy to Sam to Tua...too depressing for this early in a crappy season. I just can't, it's like we are addicted to putting hope on guys who played their best ball in college. The tape on all 3 is reason enough to say 'hell no'.
  5. Yikes, not a good look and some are already connecting to Cam's struggles. I thought the dude was injured and that justified the move but wow, that's bad.
  6. I blame almost everyone at this point. It's not the 2nd year I was hoping to see but more of a 1b...
  7. Brady at LT, Moton at RT and t4y anyone at the other spots.
  8. I don't want to see a fire sell but if the move is justified and can net draft capital, we should be taking a long look at it. Jackson is an easy example. Last year of his deal and its a stacked position. Even Anderson is on the table at this point, just call it needing to switch things up. As long as they handle it with skill and don't go wild with it, they could pull a trade or two off before the deadline.
  9. Another question is could Sam drive Rhule back to a college team? Saban ran from the NFL for not being able to get a QB and if things get super ugly it might look enticing taking the paycut. Tepper's going to get squirrely at some point and that won't be fun for Rhule. The more I think about it, we could be heading into more than just another year of bad football.
  10. Anything could happen. Stay, go or packaged in a trade where we eat a chunk if his cap. It's way too early. Hell Tepper could hit the nuke button and force the issue. They need to fix the O and QB could take a while sadly.
  11. At this rate we should absolutely not pay him. If that is the case then it's real smart to get some picks. It's justifiable at CB and losing our 2 & 3. We are not a contenders, if Gilmor looks OK then pull the trigger. This crew has delivered at CB.
  12. Whew that's a gauntlet if the Panthers can't catch a few breaks.
  13. He looks amazing. He played great on Sunday. Absolutely trade Jackson for draft capital at this point, it's harsh but it's his last year on his rookie deal and this crew can find CBs anywhere apparently.
  14. How dare any fan question any moves the team has made, your no professional! How dare any fan not wait 3 more years to have an opinion on how it is going! How dare any fan not show up to spend time and money to watch dog crap on Sundays live and love it! How dare any fan not believe in our QB! OUR QB GUYS! HE IS BASICALLY A ROOKIE...AGAIN! At this point, have fun any way you can and fug the BS.
  15. At this point, prove they can do better on the oline first. Even this far out, I'm not holding my breath that there will be a good enough option for us again this offseason and I sure as hell don't want to waste any capital on another 'not the answer' guy. Build the oline, aquire draft capital and wait to spend on someone special. Darnold can be the expensive placeholder for now. I'm getting closer to wanting a new OC that has an eye for QBs and Oline. Try and save this crew from their deficiencies.
  16. JFC, it was always obvious what Darnold is because there is 3 years of film of him being himself in a terrible situation. He makes awful decisions and a few amazing throws. SSDD, not reliable and not good enough. We wasted a 2nd to bring him here and despite being a completely different type of QB he is in the same category as Teddy, a quality backup with some starter qualities. He isn't a rookie and he isn't the answer. We can do a lot better around him but none of those 2 things will change unless there is a miracle involved. This staff's evaluation skills of QB is basically the complete opposite of their evaluation skills of CBs.
  17. When we win and put on a great show, fans show up and stay till the end. Don't want me to sell my tickets, then cut my bill or buy them online. I have sat through enough bad Panther football that no one is going to shame me for not being a better consumer for the team when they have not earned it. I love the Panthers but have been doing this long enough that I know when not to waste my precious time. I got to cook on my grill, drink, play some video games all while watching this team stink it up yesterday. I regret nothing and won't be in this year wasting my day driving to and from CLT. I was giving tickets away to family as usual and only 3 games were taken this year, it's not just me. And that's when it's free! We are mediocre and the future looks mediocre for now, change that and the rest will follow.
  18. Taylor looks good enough that it's a bonus at this point to get Gilmore up and going. There really shouldn't be a rush to get him up and going against the Giants unless he can play on the oline or FS.
  19. As if it was that easy, there is still 11 games left. We will be looking at QBs going forward, might not be a better option out there this offseason or have the option of justifying him being here next year ( cough Teddy cough) taken off the table. Dude is a vet next year, he is what he is at this point. He's a moth and not a butterfly at this point. I think Tepper is going to realize he needs to sell tickets and Darnold is unlikely to do that at this point, I expect him to put more pressure than last year to improve that spot though I wouldn't rule out a developmental QB leaving us with another year of what we are facing down again this year.
  20. Looks like we are a team built on speed and Dallas gave the entire NFL the recipe to win vs this D. We need another big man up front, even with a healthy YGM, to run this D effectively every week. Until then, just run it at us until that speed is tired and there isn't much we can do about it.
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