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  1. PFF is trash. Just play Brady at LT first, he doesn't have the strength for OG yet.
  2. Brady to LT and Earwig to LG when healthy anyways. It's a great game to work Brady into the LT spot and there are zero good reasons to not give Brady time at LT to see if he is a long term answer.
  3. Jones is just like Teddy, just less athletic. His ceiling is low, his arm is unimpressive but he is polished product and what you are seeing out of him in his rookie year is basically what you will ever see with him. Jones will get the same hype that Teddy did in his rookie year but I am still 100% happy we didn't spend a 1st on him after eating Teddy's dead money.
  4. This game should be a win, it has the same feel going in as the first 2 games of the year. We would have to lay one giant turd to let the Giants get this win.
  5. Ummm still a hell no. We could just have kept Teddy.
  6. All true, I just can't pretend Tua is anything different than the other two. If we were talking about a quality backup, my tune would change.
  7. From Teddy to Sam to Tua...too depressing for this early in a crappy season. I just can't, it's like we are addicted to putting hope on guys who played their best ball in college. The tape on all 3 is reason enough to say 'hell no'.
  8. Yikes, not a good look and some are already connecting to Cam's struggles. I thought the dude was injured and that justified the move but wow, that's bad.
  9. I blame almost everyone at this point. It's not the 2nd year I was hoping to see but more of a 1b...
  10. Brady at LT, Moton at RT and t4y anyone at the other spots.
  11. I don't want to see a fire sell but if the move is justified and can net draft capital, we should be taking a long look at it. Jackson is an easy example. Last year of his deal and its a stacked position. Even Anderson is on the table at this point, just call it needing to switch things up. As long as they handle it with skill and don't go wild with it, they could pull a trade or two off before the deadline.
  12. Another question is could Sam drive Rhule back to a college team? Saban ran from the NFL for not being able to get a QB and if things get super ugly it might look enticing taking the paycut. Tepper's going to get squirrely at some point and that won't be fun for Rhule. The more I think about it, we could be heading into more than just another year of bad football.
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