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  1. I really liked Berry as a GM candidate but he has been messing up epically this year. I 100% agree on moving on from Baker regardless for them but everything they have done at QB looks like moves they will regret. Once the Watson thing implodes it's going to get much uglier up there. I don't want Baker at all. Just a better Sam with a much worse personality. We already have a lack of positive culture, digging deeper won't end well for us. Just play Corral, Baker is already known for not being good enough in the NFL.
  2. If that is what they are hanging their hope on then it's a lock for a 5th losing season. Bringing a dysfunctional player into a dysfunctional situation screams implosion.
  3. JFC this team is so bad that discussing facts is on the same level as the fringe trolls and toxic positivity cheerleaders... Cam ran a read option which is why he had the tendency to hold the ball to and run with the RB as he read the D.
  4. I still would be shocked with more than a large monetary fine but it would be great to see. So billionaires are only really held accountable by other billionaires...take what you can get I guess
  5. So he wants to win? I would say smart man but I am betting Watson becomes a mistake there. Also, very funny lol
  6. All stains and sprains lol. Some are acting like he tore an achilles...Injury History I get why he is held out as you stated but at the same time when you look around the league it also comes off as soft. I don't know if it is him or the team making that call though, that is a really important difference. I would rather seem him out wide in a dynamic role there and not running up the gut anymore. Cheaper RBs can do the pounding, it's getting to be a waste of talent and a ridiculously easy dump off target for bad QB play to use as a crutch.
  7. People wanted to complain about being ranked 32 yet we keep getting the leftover crap from other teams that did anything to get away from them. Sure, come on down and get Rhule fired while being booed lol. Welcome new Sam, doesn't matter who is better because you are not good enough.
  8. Or just wait until he is released, we sign him to a minimum deal while SF pays his guaranteed money and we still go into the year with a QB that isn't going to get us to the playoffs with a bad shoulder. If Jimmy G was anything close to a good answer the 49ers wouldn't have gone balls deep for Lance. Or just play Corral/Any cheap free agent and see if we need to pick another QB in 2023. This is getting pathetic and it's been bad but at least I can and will still laugh at these idiots.
  9. I'm feeling like we should fire Rhule.
  10. At some point you have to see there is no bulb in that lamp. There never was and that goes back to before his NFL days. The guy is a vet this year. At some point this has to be acknowledged.
  11. Turf is trash. It's freaking grass. Buy a couple of fields and have plenty to spare. Sodding isn't rocket science...
  12. Sounds like a good deal for both parties. NYG way overpaid him on the last contract. Good CB in the right system but could be a liability if not used correctly.
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