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  1. I would take Berry 10 out of 10 times, and that is excluding his work this year. We missed on a great candidate in Berry. Again, doesn't change anything but that is lMO settling via Teppers mistake of handling Hurney. It does give us someone to compare him against going forward that was a near thing. Me too. I am also looking forward to seeing how this changes values in our system, especially at QB and Oline.
  2. Absolutely incomplete and imperfect but if you had both options, which would you want based on their credentials and body of work? There isn't a perfect comparison and it changes nothing, just if you have Berry as thr better option then settling comes into the discussion of how Fritters came to be our GM. Not making a hard stance, just wondering.
  3. All but option 1. Sit at 8 and see how the QBs look at 4. I want to sit at 8 and get one but we might have to trade up some or a lot. If not, trade back for another 2nd.
  4. I was thinking about it and some stuff that was said since this hire, just generally thinking and analyzing. Someone claimed we had settled in this hire and that reminded me of Berry and we missed signing him because Tepper made the mistake of keeping Hurney another year. The more I think about it the more it seems logical to use Berry as a measuring stick, we wanted him but couldn't hire him as a GM because a tumor was currently occupying that spot. So how does Berry stack up to Fritters in your minds?
  5. Dave was our head scout and that was known. We were also drafting better than the Seahawks have been over the last three years. Their 2012 was just amazing. The guy we hired played a pivotal role in assembling draft boards that have been underwhelming for 5 years. The sky isn't falling but its a legitimate concern going forward. Hopefully he proves his part was positive but it is there. Judging him without placing all the responsibility but an unknown some responsibility is fair because it was his job and the results he contributed to were not good. It's a concern not a conviction.
  6. He might luck in with his Whitehead gone to Huston. His tree is pretty picked over. I agree, he should hire and do it from outside. Or not because it's the Pats
  7. BB is an amazing coach, not trying to poop on his skills at coaching, just drafting. There is a reason he traded backup QBs for 1st multiple times. Thats so impressive, Madden-esk.
  8. Sounds wonderful. Can he play...oh he can play any spot lol. Well, he can take his choice because we have multiple.
  9. Recently is a good point but thats also the time when he took a bigger roll with the process. I was really hoping we wouldn't emulate the Pats or Seattle. They were saved by great coaching and great QB play, we saw what happens when the Pats lost their QB in that equation.
  10. I want to know who Rhule wanted. Twpper has shown zero football IQ to date. He hired Rhule for his interview. The guys Rhule has brought in has shown positive results, no sign of control issues. Could go either way but Rhule had a more impressive resume IMO. A patern of development and current success. The new hire was on a team's most impressive feat is a slow and not fast backslide from dominance. We literally were talking to the guy who's team dominated Seattle in recent years.
  11. No QB and a draft like the Seachickens have had since his last promotion? Lol at that point I wouldn't care, might be more fun then the games will be.
  12. The good news is we will know if this was a good or bad hire very shortly. We had to wait months to see what Rhule could do, this guy is already on the clock.
  13. I'm just not impressed with what their boards yielded. That much trading back for that much yield? Not positive. Trading back last year would have made sense, not this year unless none of the QBs work out for us, which is a depressing and demoralizing thought but very possible.
  14. Meh, I see trade downs but what they got with it doesn't encourage much optimism yet. That team has been stagnating the last 5 years, their team this year was a shadow of it's golden years under Carrol. Look at their drafts since 2015 when he was promoted to that job, lots of misses and guys early that are not producing. I'm not worried about perfect, good would be a needed improvement and a good place to start with expectations for this hire. Rhule worked out so far, I just need to see some competency before I can be convinced this was a good move. I have some serious concerns and I trul
  15. Coaching is BB's strength. He built teams early well and over time it has eroded. BB is a terrible drafter at this point and one of the reasons that they are struggling up there. Now trading goober backup QBs to suckers for a 1st? He is a god. Getting something for players he won't commit long term? He is amazing at that. Drafting? It's been downhill since he picked Brady. BB's GMing, at this point, is saved by his coaching.
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