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  1. SSDD in Rhule's Pantherland. He will get plenty of playing time when CMC has to be shelved again...Wish we could have seen him and Cam play for a great offensive coach at least 1 damn year each but nope.
  2. Hard to be worried about a QB that doesn't watch film and can't see the field in the pocket. Getting beat by Kyler should be a reality check time if that goes down.
  3. We almost traded for Watson...just draft a guy and do it again the next year if we have to and there is a player worth the attempt until you find one. I do not want to see this team do a mega trade and mega new deal for anyone. I just don't trust it and that is too damn big of a hole when/if they miss.
  4. Grass is so much better for the game but it's cheaper to throw turf out there so they can cheaply use the field for more events. They could still do that with grass but it would be a lot more expensive. If it doesn't go into a labor deal then it will never happen. There is a reason why the big soccer team that came to town required grass on the pitch. Arizona has a dome with real grass on a retractable field. I also saw lines of greenhouses growing crops in the dead of winter in Iceland so the northern fields could make it happen if they were forced.
  5. They are both overpaid and not very good. Another game of ugly football incoming, same as last year.
  6. Not good for Jackson. Cam broke and he was a beast. That guy needs to follow R Willion's example or he will be ruined too soon into his megadeal that he is seeking...if he makes it there playing like that this year. I was talking about their poo coach. Watson at QB is bad but inured Watson at QB is so much worse. Yesterday was such a turd they layed on the field. I think they had 1 possession that looked competent and it fell apart the rest of the game.
  7. Allen does not look like he will be lasting long in NO. That is such a bad list. I don't even know how they gave Kingsbury an extension when it looked like they wanted to fire him lol.
  8. There is no difference between this and telling me Sam was a franchise QB after 3 games last year. We have yet to play a good team this year and lost 2 two not good teams. Winning to a division opponent in week 3 is hardly enough to change the list of facts that prove Rhule is a terrible coach.
  9. Good for him. Says he is the backup swing tackle so he must be filling in at OG? Looks like he put on a little weight also. Coaching is huge but expecting a 7th of value out of him vs a 2nd is also huge difference.
  10. He is a rookie that came out strong in the run blocking and raw in pass protect. None of this is a surprise. Pass protect can be learned and improved especially outside of school and their limited practices. All of this was projected when he was coming out so why is anyone surprised? Moton had a whiffed block like Ickey did where the defender ran to their insides. I am more worried about what the hell is going on with him as a vet vs the rookie doing completely expected rookie things.
  11. It is a place for active fans to talk about boycotts though and it is not really a surprise at this point. There are not any fair weather fans left here while the team is on a 4 year losing steak. See Rhule get fired and I am going to guess it returns to normal as we talk about what comes next. Until then all we can do is whatever is in our best interest and that includes our mental health.
  12. Gilmore was such a painful miss. Loved his play but that is a move a playoff team makes, not a 5 win team where 3 had already happened by the time of that trade. The Baker trade also has to not only factor in his play but the 'why did we spend more draft capital for another guy when we are already paying 19 million to a 5 win QB?' angle. They tried to get better and didn't, which may not really fall on Baker's shoulders. Daley was great! How about Erving, Thomas and really any of Rhule's guys at this point? For anything at all really.
  13. Bless you for sitting through that. I can't and won't.
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