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  1. No way Burns signs the tag to be able to trade him. After this year he needs to go to a good team and have a prove it year. It is his best play for the size of contract he desires. His agent should know this and that trail has already been blazed. They won't even get a comp with the amount of free agents they need to sign.
  2. Yes. Give Bryce the chance to compete, nothing more. He has a lot he needs to work on off the field. I agree about the trade situation. They may have to let Burns walk, they can't afford another ugly fight after what already went down with him. I just don't see him signing a tag if he can get it recinded by sitting and do a prove it year that could ramp up his value. Still need Tepper to take a step back while hiring someone to run the team. In no way is Tepper ready to hire decent people that are put into a situation where they can thrive. That comes first or it's more of the same.
  3. There were so many confused people that supported all of those bad decisions. The coaching staff, the trade and the pick. None were good but at the time it was like the team had won the offseason. No one wanted to hear it then and wow is it bad now. How the fug do you make that trade and not the Burns trade? Insanity
  4. If the requirements is to play Bryce then that coaching list just got hilarious. They will end up with another 1 and done HC. The good news is that guarantees the #1 pick in 2025...if they don't waste that one also.
  5. Burn it all down. Tepper steps back and hires someone to run the team. They clean house in the front office and coaching staff. Do a fire sale, there are less than 5 guys we should keep even with rookie contracts. Get picks over 2 year window and prepareto play whoever is left over. Spend 2024 building up the lines in the draft and the rest in free agency on prove it deals. Now is not the time for giant contracts, they need flexability in the short term. Maybe Brown being the exception. Let everyone compete and play the winners. 2024 would be all about improving and ending the year better then how they began. 2025 draft a QB and stud WR with the obvious early picks. They could be winning by the middle to end of the 2nd year of that kind of rebuild.
  6. After the next draft cycle when people tend to start forgetting the year before. It is a lot easier than saying 'I was wrong'. That or it will be 'they ruined him like Carr' and not he was also a bust like Carr, only one of those was ever true and Carr did a lot of that damage himself with his limitations.
  7. Tepper needs more than just a new GM. I suspect until Tepper takes a couple of steps back Fritterer is the kind of front office guy we will keep seeing. Tepper is way too easy to manipulate and I can only imagine what the rest of 'his guys' get up to that we don't know about. Sounds like a snake pit
  8. With Tepper taking a step back, a new GM and HC then the rebuild could theoretically start. No 1st but they could start putting their thing together and try for another QB in 25 if Young is what he looks like in 24 (If he is then there is not a lot of reasons to keep playing him at some point and it's whoever takes the starting spot). Admitting it just gets the BS over and gets to either fixing it or doing more terrible things. Tepper isn't selling. He can make profit hand over fist and never sniff a winning.
  9. Young isn't playing the same game anymore so everything that worked for him then is now gone. I don't think he can see much so his elusiveness and processing are heavily affected at this level and the lack of athleticism leads to no good answers. Everything looks to be his height and poor footwork...which also might because of his height. They will still roll him out next year but if they call it was it is during the 2024 season and just admit he is a bust then there is hope for 2025. We would be winning more with Dalton and the only reason they don't play him is that they can't admit they were massively wrong yet.
  10. It was always a QB issue combined with the rest of the issues. They just can't admit that yet even if it's obvious.
  11. It's brutal she dropped that much cash on things that will not be received well. That's better than your wife buying you a lemon of a car for Christmas with a monthly payment attached but damn that stinks. I hope she can return them.
  12. I hope they were on a big sale. That is brutal
  13. I get that, it's why I use the word related and not official. It still has the Panther's colors and is about the team so how is it not Panther related gear? Am I missing something? Is that the same colors for the soccer team (serious question, don't know or care before this convo). Hell the knockoff gear is Panther related and not official team stuff and that is the same category, even if they are trying to look official. It's all semantics but I don't see how what I said doesn't hold up?
  14. If you keep being bad I will assign you to watch this weekend's game young man...
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