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  1. I have been with this team since the beginning and along with PSL in the family since we played at Clemson. First game I went to was our home game vs the 49ers at the Clemson stadium. It obviously has affected you because you are holding up Penderson and Jacksonville is such a sad flex. He walked into a franchise QB in the other weakest division. Anyone wanting to be Jacksonville is just sad.
  2. Lol go check out that division that year vs what Daboll did in his this year...LOL It's ok. Losing for forever has driven us all mad and it shows because we are sick enough to still pay with money and time to take it lol
  3. Lol. Says the guy who considers Luck the same as Jones. He failed with just 10 wins lol and still went 1-1 with Luck...who he ruined lol Great coaching lol Let's just bring Ron back because he only lost 2 games one year lol
  4. He did better in 1 year than the guy we are looking to hire with Jones and not Luck. Cool Luck was also ruined under his watch and retired early. Cool
  5. The one that made it to the playoffs and won a game when he shouldn't have had a winning record with that roster?
  6. We are not allowed to talk about coaches the do not fit the new 'process'. Thank god they brought in Nicole for such a high quality HC search. Good practice for the next one in a year or 2.
  7. What they wanted and how they did it is the problem. That doesn't lift up Reich but makes him part of the problem also.
  8. Because it is exactly that. People are already chugging the kool-aid as a coping mechanism but anyone that expects to win with a hire like that is on some fun meds.
  9. Was that the one he ran into the ground and retired early?
  10. I thought KC and fans did backflips after hiring Reid. Hell his health was the biggest isssue and that is reasonable. Kyle was heat about the QB. The journeyman wasn't enough but expensive, overcommited to Lance with that trade and may get into the SB again but Purdy is the big wildcard now. Neither one left a smoking ruin like Payton and the 49ers already have a much better and more stable HC than JH ever was. Pulling from the shinny toxic failures of the Cowboys, a Rivera clone of failure or a rundown OC who hasn't put impressive film together in years. It's champagne time I guess. Looking past Fangio at their DC list it looks like a poostain if they miss on him. Whatever gets us closer to a housecleaning is what I am hoping for at this point...again.
  11. Comparing Reich to Reid was a huge tune out for me. Why not throw Wilks in for laughs. What about the one where Rhule could actually coach? Naratives are BS, some are true and some completely fictinal. No one left on the coaching board is winning a SB here sounds a lot more realistic and relavant for us.
  12. Holy crap their list of other DC options outside of Fangio is so bad.
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