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  1. The reports said down the road and referred to them as neighbors. I think the cop who was giving the initial press release also said that.
  2. If the motive is mental problems or plain evil it won't take them long to figure out why such a tragedy took place. The fact they are neighbors is the biggest factor leaving open diffent causes.
  3. Why would I try and justify this at all? I am talking about victims and causality. I do not want to get into possibilities because I feel it belittles the situation and allows the worst in people to come out (or the worst people to come out: see Watson discussions). I think you are trying to protect the victims which is noble but I am saying the only ones that are 100% victims are the kids at this time.
  4. He is only the victim if he didn't contribute to the situation. Chill out. The facts are few and you are jumping to conclusion he is a victim. As I said, the only guaranteed victims are the kids so far. Nothing I stated takes away or presumes innocent or guilt out side of the pure innocents of the children. There is no fugging justification because there are so few facts. My example was to show that it can get really complicated. It sounds like you are reacting to your emotional response and not accepting that neither you or I know who is a real victim yet outside of the kids for s
  5. Fox looks positive, not nearly as sexy as Reddick but positive. The rest is suspect to normal cheap swings at any positives. Still a lot of holes if you do not go by the warm body theory of management.
  6. The kids are absolutely victims, the rest could go either way. It's sickening but not surprising anymore. The Dr had a great public image but who knows anymore in this world. Very sad and all you can do is send T&P and wait for facts and answers. We had a case like this on the coast recently and it disappeared from the media once it was determined the father was drinking with the killer the night before and the police wouldn't release the motive making it sound drug retaliation related which would make the father guilty as well. Who knows, still no motive that I have seen which is ve
  7. Reddick and Fox are positives but then we look to be relying on some guys with real injury concerns and histories. As it stands? Concerned that we will not keep addressing those spots aggressively and will end up with a really thin roster again with a few bright spots. TDB until the draft.
  8. Shut it down. I haven't always agreed with Virge but she is a great contributer here.
  9. How are people counting on this guy? Because of how great he was in 2017? He really was. But he played in less than 50% of the games last year and not all of that was due to getting busted for PEDs. He has also been in decline the last 3 years. If it is real cheap it's a solid long shot type of pickup, hardly a building block we can rely on at this point tho. Geez, context. The 2nd year guys are above this guy as is right now. I'm not even sure if he can beat those guys out this year to make the 53. Again, good longshot but hardly a great player anymore or someone we can rely or should at
  10. The Jets are moving on after 3 years with Sam after trading up for him and we only used 1 2nd rounder and we wouldn't move on until next year anyways. That just gives the rookie more time and Sam time to prove he is worth keeping next year. Best case we could leverage a QB next year for the price of Sam and keep the better one, worst case we dump the worst one and hopefully have a QB worth starting in 2022. The real problem is one will not be available at #8.
  11. Isn't that Reddick with Burns on the other side?
  12. Great, that is where he can thrive. Expensive backup level pay and play.
  13. Darnold has some serious negatives. Teddy looked like a much better brain and Darnold looks like a much better physical talent. Teddy follows the script, Darnold won't follow it. Brady has his work cut out for him. I get the conceptual part of it, I just don't believe in the end results being as automatic as pitched at this time. I would like to see a plan B this year, I'm guessing we draft one but probably later which I'm not sure counts as better 2021 plan B then Grier and Walker.
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