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  1. He literally spent 2 years helping make the mess. This reeks of the 'give Fritterer a shot because he wasn't in charge'. Yeah blame Morgan for some of this mess.
  2. Where are all the 'you know how hard it will be to replace Burns if he goes' people? Apparently not hard and a lot cheaper like many have said.
  3. Lewis was a 3rd round pick and started 16 games as a rookie and Hunt was a 2nd round pick and started 11 games but played in 16. Look I get they need OG help and I get taking one in free agency to avoiding double dipping at the same position in the draft but just because the people in charge here are terrible at it here usually doesn't justify it not being a real thing for other teams. It's an inditement of how well they do their job not how hard it is to find playable OGs. By your logic they should just trade all of their picks away due to the low return they have had recently? And why the rush for this year? They are not contenders even if they are trying to compete like any other team, that's not tanking it's just reality. Hell Young didn't die after the OG play last year you would think a decent rookie would be an improvement over the guys from last year...who this GM helped make happen with his buddy boss. The draft should always be the first priority in talent acquisition and free agency to find the missing pieces on good teams or hungry guys to give a chance on a Panther's level of team. If they can't draft well they shouldn't keep their jobs or do and run a bottom dweller team.
  4. Lol they were great at avoiding them for sure. If they can't draft OGs or DTs they shouldn't be drafting anything. How did it work for their QB? Or 2nd round WRs? We can do this all day with a poorly run team.
  5. But Brees!!!! People are trying to spin it like OGs are not the easiest part of the oline to fill if a team actually drafts some. Both of those guys are in their prime and the teams they just left let it happen...
  6. Lol so much for moving him to OG lol
  7. They could be rookies on longer contracts learning in a rebuild. They dumped Burns too early for too little so they could go blow their load on those guys. The LG would have been good to pair with a rookie at RG. Now they have no center and 2 expensive OGs, 1 very expensive OT and a huge question mark at LT. No one is talking about the 25 QB class. Last year at this time they were talking about the 24 class.
  8. You don't over pay for OGs when you can draft them every year in the 2 to 5 rounds. They are still trying to justify the Young pick. He isn't the answer but he was always going to get a shot. This is no rebuild, it just another step back like every year under Tepper.
  9. Yup. The D kept it respectable if not predictable in the outcome. The entire rebuild and tank stuff just went out the window. It really could be a 1 win season with this build.
  10. 1 sure. 5 looks like a stretch. Having a D that gives up quick points and a run first offense is a recipe for disaster.
  11. 1 to 3 wins. They just dumped a lot of money into showcasing and now having to lean on a player busting his way out of the NFL. Maybe they get a great RB they can ride into a few more wins but Bryce and that D isn't winning much in 24.
  12. It's all in on Bryce 2.0, now with a lot less on thr other side. This is going to be so funny. And then getting a top 3 pick in a draft without a stud QB will be the cherry on top. People here still comparing Young to Brees lol. This place is fun lol
  13. Can't stay healthy but is going to change positions and anchor the line? This is what june 1st cuts are for...
  14. Should just have drafted 3rd rounds gaurds like every year we didn't so they overpay on replaceable guys. Thst's some win now BS.
  15. It's not a tank or a rebuild...they are trying to win with Bryce this year with an offense first approach lol. It's going to be fun watching this crew get fired this year.
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