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  1. Been a long time since my first year torts class.
  2. If it’s true, it’s not defamation at all. To qualify as defamation, the statement must be false.
  3. Man, y’all are so butt hurt that the Bucs are winning this thing so far. Breeland absolutely clipped Evans’ leg with his own hand on that PI. You also can’t say it was uncatchable with Evan’s’ ability to lay out. It was the right call.
  4. OMG!!! How could the refs not call holding on #48 on the Mahomes scramble?!? This game is rigged. [\sarcasm]
  5. The 2022 numbers only account for 21 players being under contract. Sure, it looks like a lot of cap to play with, but they’ve got to spread that over 30-ish players.
  6. I know the world is crazy right now, and people can just say things, whether grounded in truth or not. However, where is your evidence for this? Rhule has had one free agency period during a pandemic. The biggest acquisition (Anderson) has said he loves it in the Panthers organization. Your comment is just buffoonery.
  7. Teddy’s not a trailer. He’s one of those removable side rails on the trailer. If you get it secured correctly, it’ll hold everything in. If you happen to mess up securing it, well, there goes your couch, book shelf, and lawn mower lying on the side of the highway.
  8. Wasn’t JT Daniels still recovering from a knee injury? I seem to recall that he had to have a clean up procedure sometime in the summer/fall timeframe. I think that’s the only reason it took him so long to get the start.
  9. This is a great point. Over the last 20 years, many have debated whether the Patriots success was Brady or Belichick. It’s looking like it may have been more Brady, but one thing teams and QBs have seemingly failed to learn is that massive contracts for QBs mean you have less money to spend in other areas. Brady often took a lesser contract to allow the Patriots to have more money to spend. That’s the way you build a dynasty, not by tying up 17-20% of your cap in one player.
  10. Alex Leatherwood is not going to be a mid-to-late round pick. Many mocks have him being drafted in the first.
  11. This insanity that “anyone who doesn’t cower in fear of COVID is a denier” crap needs to stop. There is a way to think the virus is a real thing while at the same time thinking adequate precautions can be taken to reopen schools and the economy. We’ve got to stop with the binary crap, thereby forcing people into two boxes so we can demonize those not in our box. I guess the fact that I even have this opinion makes me a denier though, huh?
  12. So he’s pissed because he wanted the Texans to interview Bienemy and they didn’t, but now that they did, he’s still pissed and wants out? I’m not saying that this is the case, but these facts suggest this has all been a ploy to force his way out of Houston.
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