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  1. I grew up an ‘80s kid. Top Gun is one of my all-time favorite movies. I looked forward to this sequel from the time it was announced. The COVID delays increased the hype for me. I have several great friends who are F-15 and F-16 pilots. On Opening Night, their squadron rented out an entire theater for a private showing. My boys and I got three of the extra tickets they had. It was a great experience to watch the movie with a bunch of people who actually do what Tom Cruise and his co-stars did in the movie. Overall, I thought the movie was really good and fantastic entertainment. There is nostalgia from the first movie, but I don’t feel like they overdid it. The relationship between Iceman and Maverick was great to see. I plan to see it again while I’m without my family during an upcoming training. As a JAG, I also robbed my buddies a bit by telling them, “We all know the better Tom Cruise sequel is still in the works. Everyone is waiting with baited breathe for ‘A Few More Good Men.’”
  2. I didn't watch WandaVision, so I missed that aspect of it. Regardless, I thought the storyline was a bit lazy as well. Visually, it was very entertaining. Despite the lazy Wanda storyline, I enjoyed it.
  3. Anybody see this one yet? I took my sons to watch it yesterday. Some plot holes. A bit of lazy storytelling. Pretty entertaining though.
  4. We own a house down in the Springs. Our home is in roughly the same position. A house on our street with a lesser floor plan and less upgrades just closed at 600k after being on the market for 550k for two days. That is also in the range of almost 2x what we paid as well. We are currently weighing the options of selling versus continuing to hold it as a rental property until we retire from the Air Force.
  5. While I get your point about Lewis, he wasn't "drafted onto a horrible Ravens expansion team" in the traditional sense of an expansion team. He was simply drafted onto a Ravens team that was new in name and location but not in terms of building a new team from scratch, ala Carolina, Jacksonville, and Houston in the recent past. While the Browns were only 5-11 in 1995 before the move to Baltimore, they were 11-5 in 1994.
  6. How so? If Rhule recruited them to Baylor, it would absolutely speak to his credibility in recruiting players who turn into NFL draft picks, regardless of the coaching.
  7. Bama Panther

    The Batman

    I have seen bits and pieces of it while my son has watched it. From the little I've seen, it seems to just fit the mold of the fairly recent DC movies (dark, dark, rainy, and dark). Some of the reviews here give me some hope, but I'm not holding out much for this being more than recent DC movies like Justice League, Batman vs. Superman, etc. I just don't get the need for the continuous dark cinematography. Maybe it will change my mind once I watch it in full.
  8. Also, one of the first things they said after the conclusion of the game was, "Congratulations to the Carolina Hurricanes for winning the Metro Division." It was also said with a true congratulatory tone. You wouldn't often hear that from an opposing team's broadcasters, especially when that opposing team was the one fighting to also win that same division.
  9. Got it. Let’s just hope the Canes win Tuesday and leave no opening for the Rangers to win the division.
  10. Can the Canes clinch with just a point Tuesday? The Rangers have a game in hand. If they were to win in OT Tuesday and win their final two games while the Canes lost their final game, the final standings should be: 1. Rangers - 114 points 2. Canes - 113 points Am I missing something about how the Canes can clinch with a single point, absent the Rangers losing at least one of their final two games?
  11. I was thinking this exact thing when I read the OP. "Know he is from a smaller program ..."? Since when is Ole Miss a smaller program than Pittsburgh or Liberty?
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