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  1. Because people don’t understand nuance anymore.
  2. And you know who said, “We’re out of the Deshaun trade because I’m not giving him that much guaranteed money?” David Tepper.
  3. Just heard on NFL Radio that there may be a deal in place for HOU to trade #2 to NE for Mac Jones. I’d think the Patriots would have to throw in a lot more for that trade to happen.
  4. Which really makes my point even more. The question then becomes, and the question I am asking is, “why do so many physical traits guys who coaches try to coach up on the mental side bust”? May suggest the mental side is not so easy to coach up, especially at NFL speeds.
  5. If your argument is that the mental side can be coached, why have more QBs with the physical traits not had success? Josh Allen is really an anomaly. There have been far more guys with the physical traits but lacking the mental aspect bust than they have turned into a QB like Josh Allen. Are you saying that all of those busts simply had professional coaching staffs who just weren’t able to coach up the mental side? Wouldn’t the simplest explanation be that maybe it is not so easy to coach up the mental side?
  6. Not at all. I hope whoever the Panthers select (Young, Stroud, AR, Levis) succeed. If they pick the guy I like (leaning Young but I am inherently biased as a Bama grad), great. If they don’t, that’s also great. I’ll trust the Panthers picked whoever they thought is best for their system, and I’ll hope that man, whoever it is, lives up to the pick.
  7. No, because most who want Young will willingly accept Stroud if that is the Panthers brass decides to pick. Many in the Stroud crew will not accept Young if he is the pick. They’ll piss and moan about the pick. They’ll secretly hope he fails. They’ll gloat the first time he’s injured. All so they can be right over their team having a franchise QB.
  8. It wouldn’t be #2 and #12 for #1, like some posters here seem to think. It’s not like Houston is trading up from #7 to #1. It’s a single spot, and I don’t think Houston will part with another first for that.
  9. And the same number of QBs that will be drafted before pick #9.
  10. When you’re worried about the perception of your state, what better way to class things up than telling someone to eat your ass, “dingleberries and all”?
  11. I haven’t read through this entire thread, but Chicago really has the chance to make out like bandits in this draft. It merely takes trading down to #2 with Houston and then playing Indy to trade down to #4. The Bears still get one of the top defensive guys and get several more picks to build out their roster.
  12. $52M per year projected for Lamar. $40M per projected for Geno. $40M projected for Daniel Jones. These QB contracts are getting insane.
  13. Where’s Kevin Costner when you need to turn a #9 pick into a #1 pick and a #7 pick?
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