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  1. Don’t forget, this stat line would be over 17 games as opposed to 16 in the past. This would require an average of about 235 YPG, approximately 1.5 TDs per game, and less than 1 INT per game. If Darnold can put up these numbers, I think the QB issue is solved for a few years. However, over a 17-game season, I’d like to see more TDs.
  2. I don’t ordinarily care. I do this year solely because I plan to take my boys to the game in Houston, as we currently live in San Antonio.
  3. It was awful from what I saw when watching Bama. I do not want Moses on the Panthers at all.
  4. Fair point but that’s asking a lot for the Panthers to hit on six picks in each of the next two drafts.
  5. That is with only 30 players under contract though. That money will go fast when you consider the 23 other players (21 to count as top 51) needed to fill out the roster.
  6. Absolutely. Common Scheme/Plan + Sex Assault Propensity = Defense Counsel’s Worst Nightmare.
  7. I’m not saying Watson is guilty of any crimes, but IMO, this “consensual activities” piece is not good for him. I was a Defense Attorney for four years, and many of my cases involved defending Airmen against sexual assault allegations. When the Defense relies on, “Well, yeah. The actions the victim alleges are true, but they were consensual,” you’ve automatically created a credibility competition. When the accused’s credibility relies on 15-20 allegations of similar sexual misconduct, the accused’s credibility on the consensual nature of offenses goes in the tank. The Rules of Evide
  8. This is the statement that crushes any credibility on this though. Jones has shown tremendous ball placement, a great deep ball, tremendous anticipation, the ability to read a defense and quickly determine where to go with the ball, and even the ability to keep plays alive with his feet by sliding in the pocket when needed. These are things that one could argue some of the other top guys haven’t shown, at least consistently. The only thing Jones hasn’t shown is the ability to be a threat running the ball. QBs who are not a threat to run the ball can end up being greatly successful in the NF
  9. I’m not a scout and don’t profess to be. However, two of the three negative plays you cite do not seem to be as big of concerns as you make them out to be. The play at 06:20 does seem to be a miscommunication in which Jones threw an out-breaking route where the receiver broke in and/or was held from breaking out. At 06:40, Jones’ arm was very clearly hit, negating the ability to follow through and likely leading to the floater. There are also several plays which he keeps alive with his feet or scrambles for a few yard pick-up. Maybe a tough game to scout, but how does doing pretty much everyth
  10. Would you then just start threads so you could continually tell everyone how much you hate him?
  11. Do you knock Trevor Lawrence for his supporting cast and level of competition?
  12. Been a long time since my first year torts class.
  13. If it’s true, it’s not defamation at all. To qualify as defamation, the statement must be false.
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