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  1. Because he will be 72 years old in April! NFL teams hire head coaches with the hopes that the coach provides stability and long term success. Hard to make a case for that when you hire someone who will 72 years old in a few months.
  2. Could also mean slow developing plays. I’m not saying that is the case, because I haven’t gone back to watch the All-22 of the entire season. However, for some of the games that I watched the All-22, the route schemes were awful.
  3. I’m not a person who is passionate enough to cry about football. I am also of the age that I realize that this is just a game that has no real bearing on my life, other than the emotional ups (not really anymore) and downs of a game. However, I am not going to poke fun at someone who is passionate and out their team winning or losing. As much as your family circumstances give you the perspective of knowing there is far more than football, we have no idea about that guy’s life circumstances. Maybe he had an absentee father and turned to the Lions for enjoyment. Maybe he attended and watched Lions games with his grandfather and wanted nothing more than to share in a Lions playoff victory but his grandfather didn’t live long enough to see this game. Whatever it is, I’m not going to put that guy down. As far as my statement, I’m just pointing out the juxtaposition of you essentially saying, “I’m not passionate enough to cry about football because life,” while you, at the same time, take every opportunity to passionately put down the players on the team of which you profess to be a fan.
  4. But you can be passionate enough to dog poo on Bryce constantly? Same for LG.
  5. The more I learn about DeBoer, the more I like it. He’s been successful everywhere he’s coached. If he can recruit the Southeast and deal with the stress of following Saban, he will do well at Bama, I think.
  6. Absolutely I was in law school at Bama during the Shula years. I actually expect DeBoer to do well at Bama, so long as he can handle the pressure of following Saban. Don’t know if they’ll maintain their level of play over the last 15 years, but he’ll do well.
  7. Deboer just took Washington, the Washington Huskies, to the CFP National Championship Game in his second season there. Yet CRA and CWC are in here touring how Bama is going to fall off a cliff? Hahaha. While I expect a drop-off, Bama will still be relevant. Bama will still pull recruits. Bama will still be in the mix. A lot of wishful thinking in here.
  8. Bama has been consistently in the top 3 or so. The argument I am making is that one extra 5-star recruit in a class doesn’t automatically lead to championships over teams that have similar recruiting classes. That is where the “he’s just a JAG coach” falls apart, because those other similarly situated teams should have won more championships.
  9. And as I pointed out, many programs have been right there with Alabama in terms of recruiting since Saban’s hiring. Yet, only Georgia and Clemson have won more than one championship.
  10. There are some real BS takes in this thread. Saban is absolutely the GOAT of college football coaching. People here downplaying the coaching because of the recruiting must not fully grasp all that being a head ball coach entails. While Bama has had great recruiting classes during Saban’s tenure, several other programs (Georgia, FSU, OSU, Texas, Florida during the early Saban years) have had classes consistently ranked close to or above Bama’s. Based upon this, one could (should?) assume that those same programs should have multiple NCs over the same time period, if Saban were just a JAG coach. To the contrary, Saban has gotten more out of his recruiting classes than these other programs. He is absolutely the GOAT when it comes to all that being a head ball coach entails.
  11. Stefanski is the 7th head coach since Haslam bought the Browns. Everyone said the Browns were in a state of complete dysfunction. This board even says that (“We are the new Browns.”) Haslam seems to have found the right coach, and the Browns now have a decent roster. That’s a sign of Haslam’s growth, and I’m hoping for the same with Tepper.
  12. Many thought Haslam would never get it in Cleveland. After a seven year stretch that rivals the Panthers since Tepper took over, Haslam seems to have things figured out. Haslam’s venture with the Columbus Crew has also paid off with two MLS Cups. For as bad as Haslam’s sports ownership started (and it was bad), he has seemingly turned it around. I hope the same for Tepper.
  13. www.carolina(overreaction)huddle.com could be the name of this place.
  14. If this were the stance for hiring anyone into any position, there would never be new entries into that specific line of work.
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