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  1. After Bedlam, I would not be surprised if this week’s ranking shake out like this: 1. Georgia 2. Michigan 3. Cincinnati 4. Okie State 5. Alabama
  2. They have the AAC Championship Game versus Houston.
  3. Michigan has dominated the line of scrimmage in this game.
  4. Which is sort of my point as well. Tepper made the decision to hire Rhule, knowing there would be a learning curve. BB proved that the learning curve can be steep, even for the most successful NFL coordinators.
  5. Despite the Patriot hate on this board, I think many would agree that Belicheck is the GOAT coach, or at least in the very small groups in the discussion. Even with his career, it took him time to get to where he has. His Browns days were tumultuous. He fought a battle of developing his culture versus the culture of a hometown hero (Bernie Kosar). This was even with Belicheck having been an NFL assistant for years under one of the top tier coaches of all time (Parcells). I swear this board is ridiculous. Many of you don’t want to give Rhule the time to grow into being an NFL head coach. Yet at the same time, you don’t want a retread. Where does that leave you? Hiring an assistantW who will need to learn and grow into being an NFL head coach. Your all’s lives must be so stress-ridden and anxiety-filled. If you don’t get your way immediately, blow it all up, right?
  6. I’m not sure anyone is beating Georgia this year. I think they steal Bama’s lunch money in the SECCG, knocking my Tide out of the playoffs. My guess at final CFP Rankings: 1. Georgia; 2. OSU; 3. Cincinnati; 4. Notre Dame
  7. Uh, the Canes could very well win another championship this year.
  8. I would not want the Panthers to shell out $30-35M for Mayfield…or any other QB for that matter. QB contract numbers have become ridiculous. 1/6 to 1/5 of your entire salary cap for one player? No thanks. Way too many roster spots to fill to spend that much on one player, regardless of the fact that it is QB. Check Brady’s career contract numbers on spotrac. He’s always taken less money, which allows his team to spend in other areas. This is proof of a world in which QBs get insanely wealthy yet still allow their organizations to build complete teams. I like that model.
  9. Kind of like the fans treating coaching hires like day trading, huh?
  10. A quick perusal of this board confirms the reasons why this is the case.
  11. Agree. There is no way you can go for it on 4th and 1 at your own 31 when you’re down 14-0 when on the road.
  12. It’s also a situation of Perryman having more opportunities for tackles. Through three games, Raiders’ opponents are averaging approximately 16 more plays per game than Panthers’ opponents.
  13. Four yards longer, and the Panthers were working with a kicker kicking his first ever field goals in a meaningful NFL game. The kick would have been longer (54 versus 50), which would make it harder. However, according to data from 2014-2018 available in a quick Google search, the percentage for making field goals between 50-53 yards was about 69%, whereas the percentage for making a field goal between 54-57 yards is 60%. Much of the chatter here has been about kicking the field goal vice going for it. Based upon that, the distance needed for the first down is irrelevant. The only relevant factor is the length of the field goal. Here, both coaches chose to play field position.
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