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  1. That's incorrectly reported the Canes aren't buying him out if he leaves he's canceling his own contract.
  2. Got the money now with Kuzy to the KHL
  3. Kuznetsov returning to the KHL frees up 3.9m in cap
  4. He's also the same height/weight aho and Jarvis were on debut.
  5. I guess Aho and Jarvis aren't either lol seeing as both were slightly lighter when they made their debut.... and still listed lighter FUS will be fine... Nadeau I agree could use anther 15-20 pounds.
  6. FUS and Nadeau I could see making the Squad this season... and making an impact, Marrow will no doubt see time up with the Canes as the first DMan up with injuries.
  7. Necas became quite clutch this post season, I for one do not want to see him moved while we still have two years of team control.... (going to arbitration allows us to put him in a 2 year contract) I'd like to see him get a bigger role tried at C and on the power play (witht the departure of Guentzel and Turbo that shouldn't be a problem) we need MORE SCORERS NOT LESS. An Elhers deal wouldn't require Necas IMO
  8. It's a combination of Walton family members that bought thr broncos tepp is individually wealthier than any one of them.
  9. Any player that wants more money seeks arbitration that's ridiculous your Panthers Fan conspiracy is just plain silly. Waiting on the Guentzel offer held up money they could have used for others. 4d chess conspiracies lmfao.
  10. What are you even talking about???? There was 0 chance of the canes signing all of those free agents.... Just the Skjei Pesce Turbo At there deals would have had us over the cap..... Guentzel didn't take "less money" he took more over a shorter time.... (I do think we fugged up not just giving him his ask way earlier) Also players go to arbitration all the time..... Necas won't be dealt me have just four top six forwards no chance they want to be down to just 3.
  11. Necas isn't going anywhere this season at this point.
  12. I trust Adam Gold more than you just saying... https://x.com/AGoldFan/status/1808913142862287264?t=0W1TYMiYlQS4_SBvAzmCnQ&s=19
  13. Seth Jarvis isnt even eligible for arbitration yet
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