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  1. I trust this staff as well but making that pick would really have me taking time off to restore my faith and doing a lot of talking myself into it… Like going thru my moms browser’s history and seeing a only fans account.. I trust my mom but I would give her the side eye for a couple weeks!! Lmao
  2. Yeah this was a bad attempt.. You tried to make a fact based breakdown but used your personal opinion to rate the QB’s??? Lmao
  3. If they traded that much to get up and draft a project.. I might need a few months to convince myself that they aren’t idiots and know what they’re doing.. The whole time feeling really sick ..
  4. I’m not so sure now especially if Zay doesn’t drop..
  5. Yes but still not a big impact with 3 tds in 2 years..
  6. You name 2 TE I can name 10 for every 2.. Let me know when you’re ready.. And last I’ll do what the fug I want when I post worry about your own poo..
  7. Yeah you kinda went off the track with that 1..
  8. Honestly as soon as you brought up Kyle pitts having a big impact for the Falcons you should have stopped.. Lmao
  9. And this is where we get to the same conclusion.. Why would it be a better option?? What are you basing that on?? The only player who has been a number 1 TE what in the Pros is Hurst.. Not any rookie you draft has done anything in the NFL and still needs to go thru the transition that Hurst has done already..
  10. Did he?? Beyond the fact you’re talking about a guy drafted top 5.. Has he really made a big impact for the falcons??? They run the ball more then anybody.. Their passing offense isn’t even in the top 25 .. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/P/PittKy00.htm 1st year 28 rec.. 300 yards 2 tds??? 2nd year 68 rec 1000 yards 1 TD?? Solid 2nd season (yards and rec.) but 1 TD is big impact??
  11. Another Quote where you think you can upgrade from Hurst with a 2nd round rookie… So again this is a statement of a person who doesn’t think it takes time for TE to transition into the nfl..
  12. Alright cool.. Look at it how you want to.. But that’s exactly what you’re saying.. lol
  13. I would have NT higher but it’s also a hard transition position and when starting a 3/4 transition.. You want more of a vet Presence for couple years with man strength anchoring the front.. I would take a flier on a kid in the later rounds to develop…
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