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  1. My breakout player this year and it isn’t even close..
  2. Okay .. It still doesn’t change the fact .. That we have better options at WR then we do at other positions if a starter gets hurt.. It could be desperation or improving confidence if a unfortunate situation occurs.. And like I said that 3rd rounder doesn’t have to be a starter but my opinion is he should be aming to atleast have a guy getting a jersey every Sunday..
  3. That’s cool.. But you still have options.. We can do the same scenario for other positions and it looks way bleaker.. Burns get hurt, Jaycee gets hurt, We would be in horrible spot..
  4. Agree to disagree.. I think with all top 100 picks you should be looking for some kind of contribution.. Either battling for a starting spot in camp, or Special team starter or 3rd down specialist.. 4th and 5th are for depth and future predictions moves.. jmo
  5. This is going to go well.. lmao
  6. I can agree but I do think they want a contributor with the top 3 picks.. And at this point I don’t think AT can climb the depth chart.. Then he has no special team ability.. So your 2nd or 3rd round pick is barely getting a jersey on game day.. JMO
  7. My Pace love is based on his pit bull mentality.. I’ve seen bigger players run away from Olinmen .. This dude is outweighed by atleast 100 pounds in those matches up and takes them on head up.. And wins !!
  8. I love AT perry but after the signing that is 3 of the same type of WR on the roster then.. TMJ, Charlotte and Preston Williams are all similar body types to AT .. Plus AT doesn’t add any special team impact..
  9. I think it could be similar jmo.. And that’s the point.. If I’m giving up a lot I’d consider it for a generational prospect.. I don’t want to do either at this point to be honest because I think making this move or the Marvin move (after what we did to get the QB) is killing future assets no matter which you think might be easier.. At some point both moves gets you to the Ricky Williams trading a full draft for 2 players type move.. Jumping 20 spots back in the 1st isn’t going to be cheap especially without a 1st until 2025.. I don’t know why some ppl think this is going to be easy .. Then add in the prospect isn’t a blue chip prospects?? Why is this a good idea??
  10. You’re talking about a 20 pick jump back into the 1st in this post.. How do you think that’s going happen?? Are we just drafting 2 players this year and no picks before the 4th round next?? Because that move could cost that.. For JSN not Julio Jones or Randy Moss.. Is that worth it??
  11. Cool … Jmo having a elite pass rush is more impactful then a WR..
  12. Yeah I agree.. And again I love flowers but the impact of adding smith on the other side as Burns is to big of a impact then Flowers would have on our Offense..
  13. Yeah this is a lot of fantasy gymnastics to make this happen .. Nah I’m good..
  14. Your not getting off cheap moving up in the 1st this year.. We already gave up a lot for the QB .. Moving back up will cost a lot more future picks right?? If I’m doing that Im going all in on a prospect like Marvin not JSN .. I’m sorry it just doesn’t make sense to do this if I’m not getting something close to generational..
  15. That was my point as athletes TMJ is better.. Route running I would have given to Juedy but I don’t know why Denver even had him on the market unless something hasn’t worked out.. So he might not have a phd in routes like I originally thought..
  16. If we’re trying to do this I’d rather it be for Marvin..
  17. Yeah because you’re killing it with this one… lmao!!!
  18. Question If TMJ got Juedy’s opportunities who’s the better player right now??
  19. At 39 where do you go??? JMO love Flowers but Smith and Simpson would be hard to pass on..
  20. Yep.. And that’s what we need edge rushers/ Linebackers.. We’ve signed 3 Dlinemen..
  21. Ivan pace jr. 5’11 231 Small but plays big .. Big heart big hitter big plays.. Not afraid to take on Guards or Tackles .. 4th to 6th round option because of size.. One of favorite players in this draft..
  22. Siaki IKa 6’3 340lb https://www.nfl.com/prospects/siaki-ika/3200494b-4141-5291-2dea-662f23193178 Could be a 2nd round option.. Especially if we sign Floyd or Yanick..
  23. Not in a 3/4.. We need a Kevin Green , Lamar Lathon..
  24. Cool I’m glad your cyrstal ball was better then 10 nfl staffs and most of the scouting community.. But Reality check is most of the top QB’s in the league weren’t seen as “generational talent “ coming out of the draft process only 3 in mordern era have been seen that way.. So it should be okay if our new QB wasn’t seen as that when drafted..lol
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