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  1. Agree with this. Leggette/Coleman are actually my top 2 WRs I want. I don't get the Benjamin comparisons with Coleman. He's faster and much more athletic. Benjamin always had a problem with his weight. Coleman is just a solid tank of muscle.
  2. Charlotte has trouble getting fans at the Hornets games. The WNBA would be lucky to get half a crowd at the Sting games.
  3. I rather we trade the pick for an established player already in the league. This draft is already weak, trading back for a weaker prospect makes no sense unless we are getting a player in return.
  4. Stephen Castle Nikola Topic Zaccharie Risacher
  5. Give me the best WR and TE on the board. I just can't deal with another bad offense with no weapons again. We gotta give Bryce a fair chance. If he can't improve this season with the weapons we put around him it's time we move on.
  6. In other news OJ Simpson has died from his battle with prostate cancer.
  7. I mean most of us wanted Burns gone. Now that he's gone why are we still discussing him? It's like the crazy ex. Let the man go! This was no shot at you. I'm talking in general about Burns. Wish him well, but I don't really care to discuss him anymore. Giants will found out sooner than later what he's all about. Then we can pile on Burns.
  8. Guys please I love you all. Let's just move on from Burns. He's no longer our problem.
  9. Maybe if we trade Thielen
  10. Yeah TE wasn't even on my mind, but it definitely is now. If we can get our WR and TE out of this draft that would be great. This kid has speed and YAC ability. It's about time we draft another great TE. We seen what Olsen did for Cam. A TE is a young QB's best friend.
  11. Hell fuggin yes! WR/TE no need to double dip at WR. Get our future WR and TE back to back. If Bryce fails our QB in 2025 is set up nicely.
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