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  1. This Notre Dame/Ohio State game is bananas. Coming down to the last possession at the 1 yard line.
  2. Just checking... You seem to go full crazy mode anytime UNC is playing.
  3. You have to stop this. Maye is not in the conversation for Heisman right now. The Heisman is going to the Texas kid or a QB from the Pac 12.
  4. There is no debating with Linville. He legit thought Maye was a better QB than Caleb Williams before the season. Poor guy is just a diehard UNC homer. Just accept him for who he is.lol
  5. I just checked the NFL games for tomorrow and it legit looks like a snoozefest for Sunday games. Not a single game I find interesting.
  6. Yikes! Marvin Harrison Jr just had a nasty looking ankle injury. Hope it's nothing serious.
  7. If I had to pick who win the Nat'l championship my money will probably be on Texas. They look like the most complete team in college football at the moment.
  8. I would take Brock Bowers over Marvin Harrison Jr. if you give me the choice.
  9. This defense will be the reason we are not going to be in the ACC Championship game. This defense looks like Colorado defense.
  10. HOF coach, but man his time has passed.
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