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  1. I was joking but I disagree. 2 year run with Rodgers we have to go for it now. Draft Will Anderson our defense becomes scary good. Sign another vet WR and we are the favorites with Rodgers in the NFC imo.
  2. Thank you for admitting he is not a team cancer. Players all around the league are recruiting him. He's not a bad person. As far as him as a player yes I think he is a player we could use. I suggested a 1yr prove it deal. His injury risk is a concern but on a 1yr deal it'n not really a major concern for me. If he gets hurt we can move on. He's still productive when he plays. I think he can produce on this team.
  3. Yikes! So the same Josh Norman that got his ass whooped by his own teammate Cam Newton? Yeah everybody makes mistakes. You still holding onto a grudge from 2015.
  4. He was headed towards SB MVP before he got injured. Of course he wasn't the reason this is a team sport and he played a role in winning that championship. Also why are all these players around the league recruiting this "team cancer" to play for them?
  5. So you still holding on to his NY days huh? Let it go bro. Dude has matured he has a family now. You still talking about crap he did 5 years ago. It's 2023 OBJ hasn't been in trouble since his Giants days. He's a SB champion. Gotta get with the current times man.
  6. How did he win a SB if he is a locker room killer? Plenty of players asking for more than their worth in FA... So according to you Lamar Jackson, Daniel Jones, and whoever ask for more money are locker room killers. Yall don't realize how ridiculous some of you sound. Yall just full of hate or you take life too seriously. I feel like im still living in 2018.
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