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  1. It really just depends on Bryce I guess. If he balls out then it's worth it, if he doesn't then it will be the worst trade in organization history. Worse then Sean Gilbert. Let's hope it works out.
  2. I mean, I'm not hundred percent sure we did get exponentially better with the draft capital that we gave up. It all rides on Bryce, if he fails, we're set back 5 years.
  3. I don't think Aho should be gone, but he makes a lot of money and the playoffs is where he needs to produce. I think he's capped out on potential. I obviously think he's a great player, but he needs to be on a line with some heavy players in order to see success in the playoffs. I think this coming year is the year that Svech should finally be the unquestioned best player on the team. Aho is a great player to have during the regular season. He will help get you to the playoffs, but he won't put you over the hump once there. His game just doesn't translate to playoff hockey the way it does in the regular season. Same for Necas. I thought Jarvis and Fast had the best playoffs out of the skaters.
  4. I really like Chatfield and I thought he was one of our most consistent D-men this year. I'd actually list him as our 3rd best defender last year. He gives us good depth scoring, and I just didn't see many defensive breakdowns.
  5. I think he is an important player and serves as a moral compass for the team but I don't think he's the most important. It's Svech and it's not that close tbh. I do think that Slavin has been integral in training and grooming our D core and he is very important however.
  6. The Canes need to do what they always neglect doing. They need to get dirty. It always cost us. Fundamentals are great, but we have go to agitate. We're always reactionary to that stuff.
  7. He is not worth what he is getting paid. Notoriously lacks production in the playoffs.
  8. I've learned a lot this series. First we win with Svech. Secondly, Necas and Aho are fools gold
  9. We're down 1 might as well be 5. We have zero finish.
  10. He definitely doesn't look the part but maybe he acted the part.
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