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  1. The ride is just beginning man. All we need to do is pick up some more physicality, and keep developing our youth. Short off season this year.
  2. As they should pay some to be honest. If the city of Charlotte wants to use it on it's skyline and to use it to promote the city which they will....then they should.
  3. Don't buy that otherwise the Rangers, Blackhawks, Kings wouldn't all suck and the Leafs wouldn't have lost the first round and we would be without a Cup.
  4. Canes have it right with Petey Pablo.
  5. I feel like Urban Meyer is already on the hot seat. I give him one season.
  6. Um you guys didn't watch Roddy's interview the other day did you? He came out and said he didn't want to coach anywhere else and something should be done soon. We aren't losing Rod. The man is a Cane through and through. Rod is the type of man that would take less to make sure all his staff got paid. He's the freaking man. The one. The only. Canes legend. Caniac belove'd. Sweet mana to our hockey veins. The pressure that causes the current that causes the storm that causes the surge. Rod the fckin the Bod aka Roddy B aka RBA to those lazy Caniac wanksters. Let's fu
  7. Yeah I'm just rooting for those teams to bludgeon each other for 7 games with Fla coming out on top. I think Tampa is better.
  8. "I could say" Well that's exactly what you are saying with your tacky ass shirt lol.
  9. Yeah would be a better fit in Raleigh. Quite honestly they'd get a better crowd and the team would have more enthusiasm there.
  10. Its not the on the field influence im talking about. KK is a good character influence. His goose may be cooked physically but he was a captain.
  11. I mean I dont have a problem with a one year deal. Prob be good for Nixon. Not like there is any risk.
  12. Why I can't say I have confidence in Grier, he's going into his 3rd year and he may be a lot better then last time we saw him.
  13. Maybe...or culture is created by a team made up of individuals that posses net positive character. Maybe not. I've seen plenty of dumbass walk into decent organizations and leave dumbasses.
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