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  1. Yeah I agree, there is no reason we can't get Carr and draft a QB if one falls.
  2. Not worth a 6th rounder for that. Not sure it worked. But don't get me wrong, there are a lot of things that Fitt has done that I've liked. I'm not anti Fitterer. I do think this year will define him though.
  3. You should let it go that you want me to let it go.
  4. I don't mind Fitt but there are a few things that irk me. What bothers me about Fitt is that he has a hard time knowing when the team is good or not. If we look at the Gilmore trade last year, he obviously thought we were in position to make the playoffs, but the team was not as good as he thought. We lost an asset and draft position due to that trade. CMC is a little debatable, you could make an argument that the trade was executed a bit too early. I mean you have to think we're in the playoffs with CMC this year, and it would be really nice to have him next season. I understand that we need to address the QB position and maybe we roll some of those assets over into trading up for a QB. However, the draft compensation to move up so high would be brutal. If the pick is a bust then we are toast. Would you take a rookie qb and Foreman over Derek Carr, CMC, Foreman, and drafting another WR or stud TE? This is assuming that the Raiders would retain some of the cap hit. I'd take the latter, because we could retain future 1st round picks.
  5. Perryman was a great signing. He had a great year that year for another team. It was a bad cut and we know where that came from.
  6. Let it go man. Bad NFL coach, but he seems to be a good husband and father. He's provided for his family. He was in over his head, but no doubt he wanted to succeed here. I don't feel bad for him being fired, but the guy didn't hire himself. Get mad at the owner for the bad hire. I guess as a father I think about how things affect the children. Regardless of my financial situation, my daughters happiness and development is most important to me. I can think of how bad it would stress me out if my children were likely getting ridiculed because of me. It puts stress on a family. Part of the reasons coaches make a lot of money is because they have to deal with the scrutiny I get that, but he's gone now, so let it go.
  7. So Matt Rhule's signing day press conference popped up on my youtube feed. Out of curiosity I decided to watch it. The man looks stressed and unhealthy. In 8 months he went from taking care of his health, to really looking rough. He had a very bad tenure here, but you can see how all the public scrutiny has taken its toll. He mentioned this in some podcast. I'm going to be finished making fun of Matt Rhule now. He wasn't the right coach for us, but truly he doesn't seem like a terrible guy. He doesn't come across as a bad human being. Any one of us would have took that contract. Anyway glad the Rhule era is over, but I wish him the best.
  8. All of a sudden everyone loves Tepper. Tepper has track record of trying to weasel out what he owes. I can't stand Rhule but Tepper needs to make good on contracts....it will eventually keep people from working for him.
  9. I will give McAdoo a little credit here. It was fairly obviously while he was running the offense under Rhule, that Rhule dictated to him the style of plays he had to call. As soon as Rhule was fired we saw a shift in the playcalling and our offense improved. McAdoo did show the ability to adjust to whoever the coach was, and it clarifies that the stagnant offense in the beginning of the year was more of a reflection on Rhule then it was on McAdoo. That said I think we can still do better, but I wish him good luck and wouldn't be opposed to him finding another position other then OC.
  10. If we are trying to win this year neither may be the answer. That's what they have in common. CJ Stroud will have a longer career because he doesn't rely on his legs as much. I mean what does it matter, Reich pretty much said he prefers a pocket passer.
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