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  1. It's really not about the Bears. Our draft position in the 2nd round is more important then some psychological defeat we suffered when we traded with the Bears.
  2. I don't understand why everyone from NC likes to dump on SC. We're brothers you know. I know this because the meteorologist always lump us in together during hurricane season.
  3. Pretty much Bryce has PTSD now and we are going to spend 2 seasons realizing he can't be fixed
  4. The idea of a Steph Curry at QB was always really dumb. It's not basketball and there are no 3 pointers.
  5. You have to include South Carolina. BOA is like 5 minutes from the border. Columbia is the closest semi big town to Charlotte. People in SC like the Panthers too you know.
  6. Reich deserved to be fired for not sitting Bryce for a season.
  7. David Tepper is pretty much Cartman
  8. Nah, he really wanted the Panthers. Had some connection to him at the time down here in Charleston.
  9. This game is going to remind me of when I get drop midgame into Call of Duty when someone already has a 40 kill killstreak and I just die and soon as I spawn because of all the killstreak rewards happening simultaneously.
  10. I remember when everyone on this board was singing the praises of the Frank Reich signing. Dogging Wilks as a candidate. All I saw with the signing was a retread with a stale offense, who lacked the straight line approach to make us competitive. We hired his daughter months before we hired him ensuring that there was proper nepotism involved. He ditched our power run game, gutted the areas we were good at, and Fitt traded our best player and refused to resign our best back. The Panthers are getting exactly what they deserve right now.
  11. Yes I remember that. That's because Horn went down the week before again. Wilks did a good job, we can't even beat bad teams now. Instead we decided to dismantled our running game, traded our best receiver, liquidate all of our draft capital, and somehow its still better then just hiring Wilks right?
  12. Yes as he was literally turning things around.
  13. Yeah I have respect for Mr Scot, but he torched me for wanting Wilks last year too.
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