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  1. On the eighth day, God created the Carolina Hurricanes.
  2. It's like the movie "Contact" when she takes her seat belt off.
  3. Yeah I actually like the trade. It's not that I think Darnold is "the answer". It's just that he could pleasantly surprise. He's only 23, and he has some talent. If you think that Kyle Allen brought us a fourth then the trade isn't too bad. I think we could easily evaluate where Darnold is at this year and if he breaks out then great....he should be a reasonable contract. If he doesn't then....we will survive.
  4. Deshaun just needs to get massages from fat dudes from now on. You hire a hot girl to start massaging you and you're gonna make some bad decisions. You're going to get a boner and then you take a chance and then it costs you millions.
  5. Biggest bullshit ever. Almost every massage I've ever gotten, and not talking about questionable places tell you to dress to your comfort. I doubt it's the first time that this private masseuse has ever seen someone naked. She just wants money. Same for the other one. It's definitely the wrong profession if you don't want see someone naked.
  6. Ultimately I feel encouraged that we will even be able to field an Oline this year.
  7. If we really trying to win the cup then we need to keep Dougie.
  8. I think with the shrinking of the cap, Oline like this become more sought after in the FA market. Every team is looking for affordable Oline depth and this fits the bill.
  9. Ben Folds Five...lol
  10. Its borderline harassment to tell people they're harassing someone because they ask for a source.
  11. My prediction is that on the 15 day of the fourth month it will be cloudy in Houston. Verging on the precipice of rain. It's 8:27 am. Deshaun Watson is eating 2 cups of egg whites scrambled with spinach and turkey sausage that his personal chef sprinkled with a dash of salt, pepper, garlic, and crushed red pepper. He gets a call from his agent saying that Miami, Carolina, and Chicago are all rushing to earn his services. In this moment Deshaun realizes that Carolina and Miami would be his preferred choices. Carolina, he could be closer to his family, and he knows he has a lot of love in
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