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  1. Stafford is in pocket passer prime. It is not a backwards move. Teddy isnt over the hill either he just sucks.
  2. I say nab Stafford then trade back and rebuild the interior Oline.
  3. So what exactly is your point? We need a new qb, our owner said it. Our new gm gave of some subtle hints about it. Yet here you are claiming that Im projecting because you have nothing to argue about. What is your point? For the record, I have absolutely nothing against Trddy personally and would have preferred he worked out. There is nothing wrong with Teddy the human being other then he cant win a SB at QB or lead a game winning drive. Many cant. This is about football. Nothing personal.
  4. Ok I dont think your ignorant. I do think you have to be willfully ignorant on this occasion to not see whats going on here. When Fit was asked about his philosophy and the first thing he said was qb that should have told you right there. If a team has a good qb in place he would have said well fortunately we have a good qb in place and now we need to focus on OL...but when his first order of business is qb it should tell you right there. This is the huddle so you won't agree with me, but I think you're in the minority here.
  5. That's not what I'm doing. He was asked if he spoke with any players and he said Chinn had contacted him. He wasn't explicitly asked about Chinn the way he was asked specifically about CMC and TB. Then he mentions CMC and then omits TB from that, insinuating that TB isn't a team leader or core player (which he isn't). That combined with "It's starts with a quarterback" and also "A QB needs to be able to win the game when the game is on the line in the 4th quarter." Serves as more then enough evidence to make what I said more then tea leaves. Combine that with Tepper's statements a
  6. No he had a shot at Teddy. When asked if he had met or spoken woth some of the core players like CMC or TB. He mentioned he was going to speak eith CMC but intentionally didnt mention anything of TB.
  7. That puppy is going up right by the team facility. You think SC would completely terraform that area, give up that kind of land, pass a law that gives pro sports teams tax breaks, just so the team can practice here (Im in SC). You think Tepper would commit that sort of money to a complex, and have a vision for retail stores and hotels so people can come walk by a building thats having a closed door practice? That stadium is coming to SC. Im from NC but to those snobby holier than thou types in NC that scoff at a stadium in Rock Hill.....bye.
  8. I like the idea of Stafford. Obviously cost being equal give me Watson but the cost is so drastically different that Stafford is the sensible choice. We can win with Stafford and still build and add to our team.
  9. Panthers need to stay disciplined here. Three 1st is way too much. If it were just about players thats one thing but this presents us with an absolute awful cap situation with no way to aquire top talent through the draft. I think Stafford would be mote manageable.
  10. Yeah a Rozier, Ball, Hayward back court is by far our best combo.
  11. I gotta tell you. I'm so happy you went back to Zod.
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