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  1. I feel like Gruden needs to go to a state where it's legal nahsayin?
  2. I've thought about this. We need to be able to attract a good coach, and cutting bait every two seasons might not be a good look if you're trying to attract a good candidate. The reality is.....we're fugged indefinitely. The right play is to build from the inside out. Something we've long neglected. As long as we start to rebuild the trenches that's all I care about. I could care less if we suck next year because it's going to happen regardless. I just want to see assets on the Oline invested in. The reality is with a good Oline we probably do win more games regardless of the coach.
  3. Telling you. SC will be all over that poo. SC would never get a chance to land a team again....if they didnt take it. Hope it happens actually. Uptown Charlotte is nice but its a pain in the ass.
  4. JR was a great owner decision wise. I know people are afraid to admit that but its true. It was social behavior that was odd.
  5. Tepper will get a new stadium. In Charlotte or in Rock Hill. Dont think for one sec South Carolina wouldnt love to pry the stadium across the border.
  6. Yeah I was asking that about UNC. I'm a Gamecock fan.
  7. Lol. When is the last time you guys beat Alabama, Florida, Georgia, or Auburn?
  8. Lol. Gamecocks are a better program and thats saying something.
  9. I think the guy has only been here a season. I thought the draft was decent. JC's injury was unfortunate but he's play maker and will be good for us for years. I think we can't judge a GM until after the first year where they actually have cap room. Fitterer will get his chance to actually build a team this off season. I'm not in favor of firing GMs before they have a chance to do that. We have to be careful around here. If you fire people to early it sends a message around the league that this is a bad job. No one will want to relocate their family here if they sense that if you don't have immediate success the first year you'll get fired. Rhule is a different story. The team is regressing. The effort is terrible.
  10. Rhule literally looks like a disgruntled mall santa on a smoke break.
  11. You sure about that? I think that you'll find is that they say they don't know. Which indicates to me that it's not likely. The rare "breakthrough" cases where someone is reinfected is likely not even Covid. It's likely that the person has the flu or a cold, but the testing yielded a positive result because they still have dead virus in their body. That's one reason why they say serious disease from reinfection is very rare. It's because it's likely not even Covid.
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