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  1. I personally hope it is a competition. I know it's popular opinion to poo on Sam, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Sam be much improved. I can see a difference in his body while he is standing at the podium. He has a good demeanor. With an improved line he could have a big year if he wins out the competition.
  2. I think everyone was pretty positive when Tepper got the team. Although he wasn't my first choice I certainly gave him a shot. The team is a representation of the area. Getting cities like Rock Hill to invest millions and then pullout at the dark of night leaving a monumental skeletal structure to rot away harms normal people. Selling us goods about an Eastland mall site to revitalize a depressed area of Charlotte cost many investors and people looking to move potential businesses millions. Many people purchased homes in these areas on the backs of these developments. The equity damage this man has caused people rivals that of a devastating hurricane. As a public figure who rode into town promising revitalization, who used this image to sell himself to the area it is gross negligence and in my view criminal not to follow through. Do I hate the man? No. Am I aggrivated? Hell yes.
  3. Yes. He has to meditate by candlelight about the abstract striations of something pure before he can harness the power to fug something up so bad.
  4. He has made billions destroying everything he touches.
  5. His contract was up. What could the team do? So was Abby's. The team didn't resign either. Maybe you should get mad at Tampa for giving Cole a contract.
  6. Lame take by that guy honestly.
  7. I knew a well known wideout for the Patriots. Back in the day he learned the playbook by doing a build your own playbook in Madden. (Back when you could do that in Madden.)
  8. Fug you guys I loved Cliff. Cho was the problem.
  9. I applaud NC for sticking up for SC. When it gets down to it...if you mess with one Carolina you'll have to deal with the other.
  10. Sheesh, Tom Dundon bought the Canes and has been throwing playoff haymakers since day one.
  11. Jordan catches a lot of criticism as an owner, but I like having MJ has the owner here. I've seen efforts he has made to try different approaches for the team to become successful. There is far less parity in the NBA then in the other sports. It definitely seems tougher to have a small market team break through. It can happen like with Milwaukee, but it takes time and is sort of rare. Also the main thing is, with Jordan, we never question whether he loves the area. This is his home and that means something. Jordan is heads and shoulders above Tepper.
  12. Charlotte sports.....hahahahahaha. There is my stock of laugh.
  13. I didn't ask a question. My only point is 5lbs of weight loss doesn't necessarily mean losing power...especially at over the 300 lbs marker.
  14. Great fanbase, tired of the poo owner, as they should be....but hey, many wished for this when they decided to use mob rule to force Big Cat to sell. Be careful what you wish for. Grass ain't always greener.
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