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  1. FWIW LP, he did win a Superbowl with Nick effing Foles, and still ran a ton of RPO.
  2. True, but I would add the caveat that it's likely when the coach releasing the QB is actually the trash, and not the QB.
  3. Yup, that was what I heard this morning, minus the specific details, but the ultimate resolution of him becoming a UFA being the most important part.
  4. Also, I typed this before the Saints/Carr rumored was posted. That definitely adds to the urgency.
  5. This. I don't get people wanting him to go to the Saints. The dude can fuging play. We need to go get him, period, regardless of what happens in the draft. If anyone else in the division gets him, especially the Saints, they immediately become the division favorite.
  6. I know most everyone is scared off by the thought because of our recent brushes with other teams' leftovers, but I'm convinced this is the right path. It sounds like Carr is going to leverage his way into complete UFA due to the structure of his current deal with LV. I heard this morning that they want him to defer a bonus or something for a certain date to give them time to find a trade, but obviously, because they've treated him so shitty after all he has done for that team, he is refusing, and thus, LV will not really have any choice but to outright release him. So, the first obstacle of giving up compensation is out of the way. Only compensation going out for Carr would be what we decide to pay him. No draft picks. Second, signing Carr will open up all other possibilities for us in the draft, which Fitt has always said is how we want to approach the offseason. We want to fill in the gaps via FA and such so that when it comes to the draft, we have complete flexibility. Also, I feel like this is the best case scenario even if we are to take a QB this year. I really have grown a liking to the idea of drafting AR. His tools make his potential astronomical snd super exciting, but he is NOT and never will be Cam. Honestly, there was only one Cam and I doubt we see another one for a very, very long time, if ever. But, he can be the first Anthony Richardson, which is exciting in its own right. But, despite encouraging film in his first year as a starter as the season wore on, he still is very raw. And yes, the idea of starting a rookie and him blossoming into some superstar year one is uber sexy, but not likely, especially with this class. That's why Carr makes so much sense. We are literally a QB away from a division title, and maybe that QB plus an upgraded starter or two away from a conference run/Superbowl. We are so much closer than many think... Signing Carr will make all options a possibility going into the draft. My preference is to still take Richardson in the first, but if the staff doesn't like it? It gives us the freedom to trade back, pick up more picks and fill out the roster and we still are in position to make a deep playoff run. Again, I know many are gunshy about picking up another QB let go by another team, and I understand. But Carr is not like Darnold or Baker. Netierh of them had ever played up to or lived up to the expectations that were placed on them, at ANY point in their careers. We were essentially hoping to find something in them that they never demonstrated with their original teams, and that's why they were ultimately fruitless endeavors. The evidence was already there. The evidence is already clear with Carr as well... He has shown an MVP level of play when put in the right situation. He is an unquestioned leader that guys want to play with and for. It just so happens that he had fell out of favor with renowned dumbass, Josh McDaniels, and is now available as a result. Well, sign me up...
  7. Sulaiman knows what he's doing. We'll be fine with the cap. As far as the article - Wow. I had no idea Shaq had that productive of a year. It seemed very, very quiet... I also don't know why, buy he seems so much older than 28 to me. And I don't see why, of they wanted to keep him, they couldn't just sign him to an extension. But odds are, he's gone. I also could see him as being seen as one of the leaders of the "old guard" that Reich will want to move on from, so there's that. Everyone else on that list, they are absolutely gone, imo.
  8. They've been released from the evil, controlling, crushing, manipulating clutches of all-time great con-artist extraordinaire, Fatt Fhule. Who can blame them?
  9. Still just crazy that he basically threw his marriage and nuclear family away to come back and play one last shitty, underachieving year when he could've just stayed retired then and his legacy would be no different. His legacy wasn't affected by this recent season either, but the fact he played it with nothing to gain, but so much to lose and did it anyway, but NOW he is ready to retire? Tough. You could tell the decision and the consequences really affected him last season as well.
  10. This asshole just won't stop being an asshole. Can you not just accept that you swindled our organization for the money they DID give you, you got exposed, and now you aren't owed anything else. You sold a false bill of goods. Go fug yourself. And go away.
  11. Honestly, if AR is our target if we stand pat at 9, we likely will have to move up to get him. I've always said, generally, with QBs, if they're projected at a certain spot before the pre-draft process, they usually get pushed up a lot more by the time the process is over due to demand and it being the most coveted position to fill in football. We may have to move up into the Top 5 even for AR, especially if he performs well at the combine.
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