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  1. You definitely buy low and hope you got something. Rhule has also shown a capacity to get guys to "buy in," and maybe thats all he needs. Possibly get him for a late round pick and if it pans out, you have yourself your bookends for the next 10 years between him and Moton. If it doesn't work, you did no worse than the pick you gave up.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLuEt2UBQk1/?igshid=kn2zzktuhlps Edit: We are not listed as a possible destination.
  3. Idk why, I thought I read somewhere that he had a really high hit rate a few years back... but, admittedly I haven't kept up with it as much recently.
  4. Very good points. That being said, hasn't Kiper's final mocks been pretty accurate over the years?
  5. Again, the thing that kind of bothers me about this is, I 100% believe in Rhule's ability to develop talent and get the most out of his team. He showed it this season... at every position BUT QB. And that's what scares me. Because he had a say in that decision, and he co-signed handing Teddy the keys and leaving him at the wheel. I really hope he's not blind to the fact that you need some kind of talent at QB and that it can't be cultivated to chicken salad from chicken poo like the other positions on the roster... Teddy should've been enough to show him that. I really hope this project
  6. Yet, he has Lance going to the Pats at 9. If he has some feel for what we like, and Rhule legit likes Mac over Lance, I will have some serious questions.
  7. Man, idgaf what anyone says... dude should not even be considered in the first 3 rounds, imo. Definitely not the first, at all. I just don't get it.
  8. Anybody ready to meet up and go out Heaven's Gate Style?
  9. I'd imagine teams are waiting for the first shoe to drop, domino to fall, etc., for us, Bridgewater is clearly available, but we can't move him until we know whether we need him or not to acquire the guy we want.
  10. And see... kid did all that talking, then clammed up when Cam put the spotlight on him like he wanted. And look, kid's team went 1-2 and he ain't even playing, just as I expected. But, best of luck with your TikTok, kid.
  11. Yeah, kid is just clout chasing. Physically Cam could snap him in half, and in regards to accomplishments, Cam is one of few people in the history of football EVER, who have won a national championship, won a Heisman, won an NFL MVP, and led their team to a Super Bowl. That is GOAT-level accomplishments among a demographic that is already only comprised of the top 1% or so of athletes in the world. So, how stupid do you look, a HS kid at a 7 on 7 tournament clowning THAT guy who has accomplished all of that AND is selflessly dedicating his time and resources to bettering others at said even
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