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  1. It's a damn shame the amount of talent wasted by Rhule and his dumbass staff. TMJ should've been playing all along when healthy. We saw the same thing with Laviska too. Even Foreman. Laviska, pound for pound, may be my favorite player on the roster, tbh... dude is just a fuging force and he honestly should be given as many touches as possible because he just makes plays.
  2. Crazy Ngakoue is only 28. Damn, seems like he's been around a long time now. I wouldn't have thought he was younger than Floyd.
  3. Omg, I called Rejzohn on the first page!!!! I knew he had traits we like, but I didn't think we would actually get him. Awesome!!!!
  4. I would love to get Rejzohn Wright from Oregon St, if he's available. Not sure what happened once he got to Oregon St., but followed him since Last Chance U. as much as I could and I think his size and athleticism fit Fitt's M.O.
  5. Damn. Welp. fug it. It was a good 3 picks, eh?
  6. Getting back in early for Washington just makes too much sense doesn't it?
  7. It fits the mold of what Fitt has been doing in the mid-late rounds since he took over and I love it. He gets guys who are freak athletes with size for their respective positions and because of their production, or lack thereof in college, they're considered projects. But, look at a guy like Barno last year. He was an absolute baller in the preseason, and under a competent coaching staff earlier in the year, he definitely would've gotten more looks... he finally started getting burn under Wilks and, again, looked very impressive - and that was as a rookie edge with a slight frame. The sky really is the limit with these type of guys... now imagine Johnson and Barno developing into their physical abilities under NFL coaching and having them rotating in and out as edge rushers with Burns, Luvu, etc. They're building something fierce. This might be my favorite pick so far. Yes, it's risky, but it's the 3rd round and dude has first round talent, that if realized, could be one of the big steals of the draft.
  8. I never really felt like Von or Ware were dirty. Von himself said he never tried to injure QBs because he respects the game and understands they are what drive the game, so he took pride in sacking them and doing it cleanly. Ware always struck me as a pretty classy player/person as well. The cheap shots on Cam that I mostly remember were from their bum ass, flash in the pan guys like Wolfe, Marshall, and rotational rushers. I have always respected Von as a player and a talent, but I can say that while also professing my absolute disdain and utter hatred for the Broncos as an organization, the NFL, Goodell, and his bitch ass henchmen known as officials. I can separate players I respect from that shitbag organization that stole a fuging Superbowl from us and still wish that organization to be a complete fuging hellhole for eternity. fug Denver. fug the NFL. fug the refs. fug the Broncos, and fug their fans. Oh, and fug artificial turf.
  9. Still hoping this is the ultimate smokescreen with Young and AR is the pick.
  10. And it's significant to a elephant that's been sitting in the room in Charlotte for a few seasons now... https://www.instagram.com/reel/Crjc18JNlwW/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  11. I will hope for the best, but I just don't see it. I called Luke and Cam before we ever even made those picks and believed 1000% when I called those that they would be the transcendent, generational talents that they were. I also called busts like Butler, KB, etc. I just don't see it in Young. I don't believe in the pick. There are a lot of positives about his game, but there also, imo, an equal amount of holes in it, and the height is something that will have to be schemed around and the fact that the stats lay out that he struggles to make one of the most important throws in pro football with any consistency, and I just think there is huge bust potential. But, we'll see... *shrugs*
  12. After the offseason we had, this is such a fuging let down.
  13. Just thought and posted the same. That is a ton of maintenance and calories.
  14. Yeah Jordan Gross did the same. It's amazing how much of that weight they play with is excessive. That's crazy how the weight he and a lot of these linemen. Drop to after retirement is their natural walk-around weight.
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