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  1. A couple things from the bullet points I've read here: I really, really hope our staff and so many of the analysts (Riddick, Kiper, McShay) out there who have spoken on it are right on Darnold. Everything hinges on it. As I've stated elsewhere many times, I just never saw "it" from him coming out of college, and what he looked like in NY was about what I expected. Now, could having a coach who wasn't a coked out idiot made all the difference? Sure. But, we just don't know. One thing I will say that stood out to me from Louis Riddick's comments about it during the draft was not only
  2. He's baaaaaack... and no opposing team's fan base nor toilet is safe.
  3. I guess if he comes as a cheap insurance policy, but according to my friend who is a Bears fan, this dude sucks. And the fact they released him after drafting a rookie LT tells me I dont think this was just cap related.
  4. Just to play devil's advocate, because I do believe he looks fairly out of shape, even for a big boy... but, I don't think Norwell was super athletic. I have hope for him though. He has the pedigree and there have been quite a few interior OLs taken over the last decade who have succeeded in the league with pretty disgusting measurables.
  5. Wow, did not know that was his uncle! I was just thinking about this story yesterday... ESPN made a 30 for 30 short on it and it makes me tear up everytime I watch it.
  6. Welp, I had no idea about that. I was referring strictly to my knowledge of JOATs existence and content within the Panthers forum. I had no knowledge of any of that.
  7. Just wanted to recognize JOAT for stepping up yesterday and creating the draft pick threads. He has been a Huddler since our earliest of early days and one of the good guys. Thank you for your help, JOAT! Everybody show JOAT some love and #KeepPounding!
  8. I liked him in 2019, but he seemed to tail off... hoping for the best.
  9. Yeah. I'm not gonna get worked up about it. I just liked his value in the 4th because of his athleticism. And we could use a good coverage LB.
  10. I know what you're saying, but I'm not sure if that's what Rhule was inferring.
  11. That is the first one I am legitimately upset about missing on in Jabril Cox. We were there and could've taken him and traded back.
  12. This is getting ridiculous. See y'all in the 2022 Draft, because apparently we aren't picking in this one. But, I will say, again, that last night Rhule said their guys have said a 3rd rounder this year is the equivalent to a 2nd next year, and I'm assuming they've applied that logic for each round, with the implication being this draft is deeper and has more value. Also, they Fitt said they felt comfortable trading down bc they know there is more value grouping in the areas they're trading to versus where they were originally picking. But this is crazy.
  13. Welp, see you guys at the 2022 draft. wtf???
  14. I like Wade, too. Why did he drop? Was it off-field stuff? I thought he was once considered a first round guy.
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