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  1. This is really the bigger issue. With the pieces we started the year with, there was absolutely no reason for this to be a 10-win team. Clifford has been and will continue to be the biggest problem in Charlotte. The players dont care bc there is no accountability or winning culture in place. I still will never understand why they brought him back instead of D'Antoni or one of the other options that was out there. I fuging hate Clifford. He's a prime example of being handed poo you don't deserve because of who you know. He's a fuging bum.
  2. Rhule had head coaching experience coming in and was still horrible. I've come to understand all the qualifiers we typically look for are ultimately meaningless. It's about making the right hires and building a culture that staff and players can thrive under. If Canales can do that, I don't give a fug about his experience. It really determines nothing.
  3. Cam is still the greatest short yardage and goalline threat in the history of the nfl, and still would be.
  4. Came here to say the same thing. I've been viewed as one of his biggest detractors, and rightly so... part of it was because I just didn't see what he did in college translating to the pros and the other half was once he was a pro, it looked exactly how I expected it to look for a guy that isn't going to be an NFL starter. How he played yesterday was not just the most encouraged I've been, but it's the first time I was encouraged at all by his play. And for good reason... he finally took chances - smart ones, and located the throws in spots to give his guys a chance to make a play when the opportunity presented itself. I also think this is a good time to point out to all of the "he's struggling because the receivers suck" folks - how'd those receivers look yesterday? Those separation stats look a lot different after games when the QB actually gives them a chance to make a play and they make them. How Chark looked yesterday is what he's always been capable of looking like. He's a damn good player. He just wasn't given legitimate chances, usually because Bryce wasn't comfortable attempting those throws in tight windows. Same for Tremble and the rest... Bryce has bona-fide weapons, he just wasn't comfortable using them in the way a pro QB has to use then- until yesterday. Props to Bryce and also worth recognizing a good day at the office for Thomas Brown. It looked like everyone was comfortable to some degree for the first time at that offensive side of the ball. Hope they can build off of it. I won't say I'm in on Bryce, but that at least gave me hope yesterday. It's something to build off of.
  5. This. The coping from Bryce Boys is so strong... acting like there isn't a difference between a guy that can launch it 80 yards and a guy who as you watch try to complete a ball 15+ yards downfield is like watching a 5 year old try to get a basketball up to a regulation 10 ft rim.
  6. The fact the Mingo play was even open to end the half because of how NO were playing it is telling. No team really defends the deep ball against us even in situations that dictate they should bc they know Bryce can't complete them.
  7. Bring Bozeman, Moton, Thielen, Chuba, and the defense back home, and leave everybody else, staff and FO included, in New fuging Orleans.
  8. What a fitting last offensive play... fuging garbage.
  9. Tbh, I'm enjoying Vilma much more than watching Bryce right now. And that's saying something.
  10. *shrug* so was drafting a noodle armed midget #1 overall. I didnt like Wilson's disposition but he is physically talented and throws effortlessly. Would you rather have a guy who struggles to read defenses and make decisions as a passer who can throw effortlessly 60 yards or one that struggles to throw 15+ yards? I think thats an easy decision.
  11. Gonna suck seeing him return to form somewhere else. I had high hopes for him under Evero, but apparently he isn't a big fan.
  12. I wanted no part of Wilson coming out of college. I would take him then and now a million times out of a million over. Bryce. No question.
  13. Hey guys, remember Jeremy Chinn? Whatever happened to that guy? From DROY contender to non-existent JAG.
  14. But those 9 completions had some of those "throws we've been waiting on."
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