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  1. There was a story from last season where someone within the organization had even said he was the best safety we had or the most talented, but they chalked it up to just needing the opportunity or something like that... which I took as, "he's not one of Rhule's guys, and now we have to play him and it's making us look bad for not playing him earlier." No question he's always made plays when he's on the field, and should've been on playing in front of Rhule's Temple and Baylor guys.
  2. Yall can say what you want with the revisionist history and saying it changed when his mother passed... it didn't. It just gave him an excuse to be more of who he already was. KB is a piece of poo. I never wanted him and knew he was going to be exactly what he became - a fat fuging bum. The signs were all there at FSU, but Gettleman wanted to show everybody how much smahtah he was then everyone else. The character issues, as well as the inability to control his weight, giving up on plays/routes, laziness, lack of work ethic - all of that poo was there before we drafted him. It's the same reason I was adamant I didn't want Funchess when those rumors started... and guess what? Both of them ended up washing out in similar fashion. And I'm not going to give KB a pass for anything. Life happens, he was just too immature to cope with it in a healthy manner, and because of his fat lazy ass, we lost our generational talent at QB and took what could've been a 15 year Superbowl window to about a 6 year run, all in 1 play. fug KB. And fug Gettleman.
  3. NGL, I was surprised by that aspect because when you saw him command the huddle and pregame speeches in NO, he had tons of charisma and a surprising amount of bravado. I know that doesn't translate necessarily, but he was so flat on TV, it was a huge contrast. It's definitely a different world, which is why they shouldn't be handing these jobs out without a proven amount of time and experience in doing it. Greg had been doing the spots for NFLN and Fox before he was even retired and even the longtime TV guys were going on about how good he is, and yet, Mr. Toupee here and Brady are raking in huge deals and displacing guys despite having no experience with it. Imagine how Rodney Harrison (F him, by the way) feels. He got ousted out of the studio for THAT, and now they fire him after one year.
  4. Sure, but as I mentioned, he put up numbers that had him in the bottom three all-time passers that ever attempted a specific number of throws since stats have been tracked over several weeks. So, he could look better than he did, but that better is probably how he looked with the Jets, which still isn't good...
  5. Again, not saying Cam is what he was, because as a passer, he clearly isn't, but it was clear the entire offense was dysfunctional to a degree I have never recalled seeing in an offense before... From the playcalling to the protection, anyone who lined up under center was going to look far worse than they actually are. All things considered, Cam did an admirable job with what he was working with (or against). Where he looked average to good outside of the Miami game, Darnold was putting up "all-time worst passer in NFL history"-level numbers over a 3 week stretch in the same conditions. I'm convinced had Brady been playing in this offense and under that staff last season the headlines would be "He needs to retire before he tarnishes his legacy." It was that bad.
  6. Tepper and losing have sucked the life and energy out of the team and fanbase.
  7. Hell yes! This was who i wanted. That's what I'm talking about. LaMelo could ascend to MVP contention under D'Antoni. And people rag on D'Antoni's defenses, but I guarantee you it will still be better than that garbage JB was rolling out there the last few years. And at the very least, we will be consistent and structured. And if he can bring in a defensive coordinator-type, like Ham that Lurk mentioned above, even better. We are going to be a problem!
  8. Could've just been the drill they were doing, but the little cut up the Panthers Twitter posted showed Mays snapping the ball. I know he was drafted for his versatility, but I wonder if we're projecting him as a center?
  9. It is, and we're likely going to lose ours.
  10. It's because it was gettleman giving it to him. Had to look out for his "look at me everyone, I'm a REAL GM, and I'm smahtah than the rest of you" small-school sleeper pick.
  11. My thoughts are much like Fitt has expressed. Although I would've been hyped to get Watson, it still would've stung quite a bit if we had traded all those picks to do so. So, the best route is to get them young and you get the benefit of them playing on their rookie contract while building a winning team around them, and hopefully, you strike gold with them... so, that's what we have to hope for with Corral now. Also, as far as LT, if Ickey projects to what many feel he will, we weren't going to find another LT Luke that available in FA, especially not 21 or 22 years old. This guy is likely a franchise tackle and will be with us for the entirety of his career. Same with Corral if he pans out... so if we hit on them in any sort of fashion, we definitely took the much better route, AND we got to keep our first and second rounders for the next 3 years in the process. Win, win.
  12. I dont know when our teams are gonna learn this, both the Panthers and Hornets... but, if you draft a guy and develop him into a star, you give that guy what he's asking for prior to the expiration of his rookie contract. We get burned by this time and time again. As for Gordon, I'm fine with swapping him for Randle. I know it's one problem for someone else's, but Randle could fill a role we need more than Gordon has. Either him or Myles Turner.
  13. Yuck. Not feeling the early rumored names at all outside of D'Antoni and maybe Atkinson.
  14. Good points... it could've been primarily zone. I just know he mirrored the #1s in our division, and from memory, it often appeared he ran with them for the entirety of their routes... and i could've swore we drafted him to play more man. At least thats how i remember it. But, I know we ran a zone heavy scheme. I'll go with your take though. Either way, I don't think it's gonna be relevant to us.
  15. Good point about Fitt being in SEA when they traded for him... forgot about that. And considering how that turned out, it may be why we haven't heard of any interest coming from our side towards him, considering he has just been sitting out there available all this time and last I checked, the Browns had offered to him already.
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