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  1. Man, we really should have pressed them for him in the offseason bc they've kind of been dangling him out there since Gruden came and went, and I dont think McDaniels wanted to inherit him honestly... and I don't get it. He has MVP-level potential, it just seems they're never fully committed to him. But regardless, I'm in no hurry because as long as Rhule is here, he would come in and look worse than he ever has, so let's just wait until we get a real coaching staff.
  2. Just a matter of time every season... especially when our OC keeps using him like Jerome Bettis.
  3. I'm not understanding why, at this point, we're not starting Tremble. Like seriously? I see his grade here, but dude only plays like 10 snaps a game. Give him Ian's snaps and let's see what happens.
  4. He definitely was. And he played for the basketball team the same time Pep played both football and basketball... Good times. I remember us recruiting him out of VA as a two-sport guy, but I'd didn't keep uo heavy with that stuff then, I just knew the hype was he was one of the greatest athletes out of HS ever... I still wish an NFL team would've given him a shot as a QB. He ended up being a solid receiver despite the position change, but I think the achilles injury really derailed his pro career. But man, he was fun to watch in college... I used to trade for him in Madden Franchise and try to turn him into a star for the Panthers.
  5. I hate the broncos since SB50, but I like Javonte Williams as a fellow Heel and NC native and I feel horrible for him... he is getting teed off on. He is a damn good RB... it just seems like he has no blocking whatsoever. Either that or this Niners front 4/7, even with backups is just ridiculous.
  6. Good observation. That is super weird. It just seems they're really unorganized and unprepared and as a result, they're scrambling in the moment every game.
  7. I bet he's telling thr OLinemen, "Broncos Country, let's ride!"
  8. That was a Rhule-esque challenge from Hackett.
  9. Yeah, I got weird vibes off Hackett after watching that first game and the following presser... then he brought in that advisor this week... You just get the feeling he is in way over his head. They as a team look dysfunctional, indecisive, and panicked. Even Russ looks rattled. Despite Seattle having one of the worst OLs during his time there, I don't ever recall seeing him get hit so much as he has this first few weeks in Denver. He was always able to move around just enough to escape it... he is getting destroyed tonight. And from the presser I saw from Hackett after week 1, dude sounded like he was on speed.
  10. Just sounds like another guy in over his head. I know he wants to believe he was going to inherit the reins and they wouldn't skip a beat, but anyone that watched his time in Oakland could see, he just doesn't have "it" as a head coach. Also, interestingly enough, what I learned from that article was that was Ronald Curry who Jameis got into the spat with on their sideline. Wow. I was a huge Ronald Curry fan growing up... I had no idea that was him when they showed him during the broadcast.
  11. I know the schedule is already made, but st least for flex games, I sure hope the networks don't schedule anymore Broncos games for prime time.
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