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  1. Like when CMC was ready? Or Henderson? I just wish he would shut up.
  2. NGL, loved pretty much every pick of the draft outside of the long snapper, and I thought at the time the TMJ pick may have been the best value pick of our class and possibly of the entire draft, but since the season started TMJ hasn't got much action his way... and even when TMJ had been in there, he hadnt really flashed much, although Darnold has missed him on some big plays. But when Shi has played, both in preseason and on Sunday, there is something about him, even just the way he moves. It's like a surging electricity bubbling beneath the surface, waiting to erupt. I even said in the game thread on his reverse that I thought it was DJ Moore. There's something special about him, and I can definitely see elements of Samuel in him. Smitty loves him too, and I can see a bit of that edge/playmaking in him, too. Looking forward to seeing more of him.
  3. Yeah, I was going to include that in my post. I agree, I think, and it appears, that off-court drama definitely was in his head last season. I hope he's better mentally and has all that behind him. He stepped up big time tonight and I'm proud of him.
  4. Yup, and that seems so much like a Tepper move. And honestly, judging from his reaction during the game on Sunday, I wouldn't be surprised at all of he is pushing for this to get done.
  5. 100% facts. Watson been playing behind a poo line (outside of Tunsil) for years and still makes it happen.
  6. Also, Melo is a MOTHERfugING SUPERSTAR. I'm so happy we have him. Dude is the future.
  7. I've been super critical of PJ. But I'm proud of him tonight. I thought he was put in a terrible spot due to, once again, JB's horrible subs/rotations. He hadn't been in for almost a quarter, IIRC, and JB subs him in for what will be our last shot with 12 secs left, and he gets the rebound and nails both FTs. Then JB leaves him in again to shut down Sabonis, who had been eating Plumlee's lunch all game... and despite giving up that much size, he stonewalls him. He had so many lapses in focus last season, I was ready to ship him out... but he showed up big tonight and locked-in everytime he had to.
  8. Hayward has been fouled nearly every drive tonight and they might have called one.
  9. And did MJ piss some people off at the league offices? These officials are atrocious and blatantly one-sided.
  10. I thought those calls are reviewable?? Wtf is going on?!?!?!?
  11. Also, they're running a high pick and roll with Brogdon and Sabonis and Plumlee's lurch ass is sitting down at the free throw line looking around with this thumb up his ass. 3 by Brogdon.
  12. They are beating the absolute poo out of Hayward and the refs can't find their whistle.
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