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  1. I am really excited about Marshall. Loved him in college, and he just has big play written all over him... just as I felt Chinn was the steal of the draft last year, Marshall may be the steal of the draft this year when it all pans out. He won't start as a rookie, but he'll have the chance to make plenty of huge plays. And also, despite my hesitancy on Darnold, knowing he has Robby, DJ, and Terrace as his 1-3 with Brady calling the plays only gives me confidence that he HAS to be better than what we saw in NY.
  2. Until we can start consistently beating them again, i don't give a poo. The last few years, they could trot out 7 players and still beat our ass with their hands tied behind their back, unless of course the outcome would have us draft in a worse position.
  3. The thing that keeps popping up in my mental when it comes to this stuff is the discussion the ESPN draft guys had during the draft broadcast when discussing Darnold... especially Louis Riddick, whose takes and opinions I respect. He said flat out, he did not think Darnold was broken despite everything that happened in NY, and he said he felt that Darnold had plenty of reason to be broken with how dysfunctional that organization has been while he was there. He said he believed in him and that he could turn it around, and basically, that he didn't believe he was damaged or irreparable from his time in NY. So, my belief is, if, despite all the things wrong during his tenure there, he still is intact mentally and emotionally, then I'm not worried in the least bit about how a loss will affect him moving forward. My concerns about him are strictly football related. Can he read a defense? Can he make the throws? Can he make the plays needed to lead a team to wins? Those are the things he didn't really demonstrate his first few years in the league despite a concensus that he has all of the tools... I will say though, that the way he has embraced the fresh start and the way the organization has embraced him has softened my stance on him and makes me lean into believing that he may actually turn it around here.
  4. I was just looking for a cheaper alternative with super high upside still on a low risk move... on the obvious, higher end of the equation, I'm eyeing Porzingis, Myles Turner, and John Collins in no particular order.
  5. I feel like he would be the perfect complement to LaMelo... a modern day big with a versatile game, can handle, can stretch the floor, can run the floor, can work in the post, would be ideal in the pick and roll with his dive potential, and still could change the game with his length and athleticism on defense. I don't know how much Denver values him, but he hardly gets any burn despite flashing huge potential and putting up numbers when he's been given the minutes. I think this is the perfect move we could make to address our big problems... then sign Cousins. What say you?
  6. Which was BS and it ruined our season. I truly believe if Miles hadn't been held out for that bullshit, we would've kept that momentum and at least won our first round playoff. Yet, we've now seen CP3 and LeBron get cleared out of it in a matter of days. So, now this makes me even more pissed bc it suggests he was held out for contact tracing originally.
  7. I'm guessing it's not a voluntary retirement? Mick wasn't as bad as people made him out to be, but he wasn't as good as what we had either. I think he fit an aesthetic Jerry was looking for - down home, wholesome, country, folksy, etc. I could tell from that first interview he did with Tepper that preseason once he bought the team that he wasn't going to be around much longer. It would be cool to bring Bill back.
  8. I thought Svech was on his way to being a superstar a year or two ago, but watching him closer this playoffs, correct me if I'm wrong, but he just doesn't have "it." He has the moves, the dangles,the puck handling, but he doesn't have the final piece... he has missed so many wide open nets.
  9. Yeah, I love seeing this stuff, but I have to wonder how that agent feels about this being shown and how it makes him look publicly?
  10. Starting to mishandle the puck a bit more now. We look better with them at full strength than on the power play lol.
  11. Anyone think this is a result of matchups or TB is that worn down from their super physical series with FLA?
  12. Wow. We look like a totally different team so far. These shots on goal are all such good chances compared to most of what we were putting on goal last round. I had to look if we were on a power play for like 3 straight minutes lol bc we just sat in their zone shooting for that long... it's incredible. We have them on their heels early.
  13. Yeah, they've been awesome up until the last few years. It's really been my knowledge base for hockey for pretty much all my life since NHL 93 lol.
  14. Nice. Man, me and my brother played NHL hardcore for years, but once they went to the preloaded generic builds when you went into the EASHL games, I quit buying it. I used to play some goalie and was pretty good, and it was fun, but I loved scoring and dangling lol. I've thought about getting back into it... for several years, I told everyone it was the best sports game out there, and I'm a basketball/football guy first in regards to sports experience/ interest.
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