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  1. Whats worse, giving cmac a huge deal unnecessarily, extending robbie or giving darnold his 5th year?
  2. While it happens, trading up for a non qb is pretty rare
  3. How the fug am I biased? I say Willis scares the fug out of me to as well as corral. Do you even know the meaning of the word?
  4. Funny in that gif he is throwing a rainbow and the wr has to slow down to catch it. You keep saying bias but I am not the one with his pic. For the record I have consistently said he is talented and throws a good deep ball but it would scare the fuging bejesus out of me to pick him in the first and trot him out there thinking he is our franchise qb for the future. Dude you are taking this way too personal because of your fandom. Its cool. But take a second and read other posters evaluation of him and then look at the scouting reports. None are saying he has a shoulder cannon etc.... He will be going into the league with an average arm, average size (at best) and average athleticism. That scares me for a franchise qb
  5. I just hope we dont trade down in the first or out all together trying to accumulate lost picks. Especially if there is a highly rated LT there. I suspect this will not be the case because the qb class is so weak few teams are going to want to move up.
  6. https://www.si.com/nfl/draft/nfl-draft/film-dont-lie-sam-howell-is-a-good-qb-but-a-limited-one Oh wait, here is a report from SI discussing his average arm strength and tendency to hold the ball too long because he locks unto a wr. He may turn into an all world qb but I would prefer one that is a bit bigger and more athletic for starters.
  7. How is that bias? I dont pull for him or against him I just watch the games. And I am certainly not the poster with him as my avatar. Look up every scouting report on him and they say the same. His arm is average and he gets happy feet and holds the ball too long when under pressure.
  8. I like Howell more than willis but that aint saying much. The only game I have seen of Corral was against bama and he looked okay but not really sure what his forte is. He is a bit small but doesnt run a bunch, not overly accurate, not really seeing how he is moving into the top 10. But overall we picked a bad year to be drafting a qb in the first. Seems to be a good/great year for Tackles and interior lineman
  9. https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/sam-howell-2022-nfl-draft-stock-mid-season-tdn100 Oline or not he is at best an average athlete with average size with an average arm. Locks onto his wideouts and gets happy feet in the pocket. He did this last season with a good oline. He does throw a nice deep ball but I pray to God Darnold turns it around and we dont hitch our wagon to this. Like kungfo says someone will probably fall in love with him in the top 10 but he is nowhere near worthy. Where would he fit in this past years draft? Probably after Mac Jones. Thats telling.
  10. Yep. There is no viable plan B. I think some of the shine will come off of fit tremendously if Darnold doesn't get his poo together.
  11. We've traded for 2 corners picked in the top 10 for peanuts, drafted a productive corner in the 5th but yet somehow this front office feels like we can fix this oline by free agency and late round picks. Tell me again, why the fug didnt we draft Slater?
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