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  1. I will go to my grave thinking that some qbs simply need to sit for a spell and not start immediately and that having multiple head coaches and oc's in the first few years is a sure fire way to ruin a qb. Having to learn new schemes, new terminology etc while having to learn to lead in the nfl is simply too much for the majority of qbs. I know it sucks for the fans but look at KC situation. That had a great vet mentor to mahoomes and simply let him learn with absolutely no pressure in his rookie year. Not sure why more teams are not following that model.
  2. Theres a lot more, and I mean a lot, but I think this gives you the general temperament of said poster
  3. I mean he did attach clips to show the good and bad so at least there is that
  4. Alex Smith had 2 seasons over 3500 (3502, 4042) yards. And his stats overall are pretty fuging awful. Their HOF coach knew the deal and even if they were making the playoffs they still werent going to win it a limited qb.
  5. Drafting a hurt RB in the second round is the epitome of a luxury pick.
  6. The panthers have to be on the working theory that Brooks deal is for 4 years. There is no way Morgan should be planning to give him another deal when the time comes. Free agent RB and 2nd year deals have never worked for the panthers. Like ever. Morgan has to know this. So under that premise we are blowing one year on brooks because he will not be 100% and then hoping to get 3 good years from him from there assuming he can get healthy. Thats just not a gamble a team like the panthers can make especially what they gave up for him. Its just not. You could have gotten a rb that wasnt hurt in the 3rd or 4rth and be more productive this year then brooks.
  7. That's a bit different narrative they were pushing after the draft. That he would be ready for training camp
  8. therein lies the rub, the panthers are not a team that can sit a player for a year, our roster isnt anywhere close to that
  9. Its a 6 winish season, hes not going to be 100% for a while, should have just got a center or pass rusher or whatever and drafted a rb next year
  10. we needed a center, we could have had a top prospect this is going to be a poo year by all accounts its a 4 year deal and we are punting on year 1 since its a poo year and he will not be 100% until maybe later in the season. Maybe. On the whole, running backs are a dime a dozen and I pray to baby Jesus this team has learned its lesson about big running back contracts and 2nd contracts in general in regards to the rb position. We were told he would be good to go for July now thats not the case.
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