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  1. Yep, if it was up to me I would shut down any and all talks to the Texans and just plan on picking with the 8th pick. We need to drive his value down if thats how the Texans are going to roll.
  2. https://www.theringer.com/the-bill-simmons-podcast/2021/2/23/22298216/tigers-accident-watson-trades-covid-common-sense-and-nycs-future-with-kevin-clark-and-derek-thompson Really good discussion about Watson, us (and miami) and how valuable he is and what they think the market is for him. Spoiler alert: 4 firsts
  3. i mean, its a start I guess but we need a poo load of more help from the draft
  4. I would do 3 firsts for watson and no other player. But anything more than that I am rolling the dice on the draft. We have too many holes to be giving away a ton of picks
  5. We literally have one starter signed for next season. It’s the worst in the league as of today.
  6. Bad wr’s or not he was chucking balls in the dirt at an alarming rate.
  7. So if he is going to be in demand where do you think he signs?
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