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  1. Thats kindof like showing up for work the day after you got fired. Just pretend it didnt happen.
  2. The knocks on him was that he stares down receivers and when he played the 2 nfl style defenses he looked horrendous and completely rattled. Northwestern and illi
  3. I liked fields, I thought his deep ball is incredible. I love his mobility as well. Having said that its incredibly telling to me that with his resume, skill set and size that he dropped like a rock. I am not smart enough to break down his film and see how it translates to the NFL but to me I think if all of those qb needy teams looked at his tape and still passed then maybe there is something to the whole "he cannot process a NFL defense fast enough" theory. Plus he locks on receivers far too much and that is an incredibly bad habit in the NFL
  4. there is literally a 0% chance he is gone in 2 more seasons quit acting retarded
  5. I hate injuries. Having said that this is breaks the panthers way for us to have a good season. Now we need brady to fall off
  6. I just skimmed the vid again and yes there are some bad throws (but who doesnt have some on tape) but the majority of what I saw was defenses blitzing the hell out of him and his wideouts running deep routes. Gase never adjusted for some quick outs. I still will say both coaching and trotting him out to start as a 20 year old from Southern Cal are the two biggest reasons that he failed. I mean wtf where they thinking just throwing him into the starting lineup?
  7. I just watched the 2nd link and in 80% of those clips there was a man in the backfield with a hand in Darnolds face. He didnt have a chance
  8. This is the most anticipated preseason for me that I can ever remember. Every pass he makes will be dissected over and over.
  9. For sure but not as much as you think: 1. Darnold has to grasp the offense and execute it to an above average degree leaning on cmac 2. Defense is top 10 3. Winston is winston and NO sucks 4. Brady finally and I mean finally relents to father time and TB gets stuck in mediocrity 5. Atlantas defense is horrendous paving the way for the panthers to win the division possibly get a bye Maybe I am an optimist but I can see a path to winning the division drawing a good matchup after a potential bye and then taking my chances vs KC or Buff Then again I am about 5 beers in since I am off today but to me its not inconceivable. Brady has to fall off, NO could suck with winston and atl is going to atl
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