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  1. Lol he literally just signed a new contract. Goddamn dude.
  2. This is totally what hubby is failing to acknowledge and/or realize. In short we are in for another long season. I thinking 5ish wins. Could be a complete disaster if we start 0-4 and the team just quits
  3. Nope. We need dline help as well as linebackers. We need a season for the oline to gel. I agree a good qb can mask a lot of things but imo we are more then a qb away from the playoffs.
  4. Where is 6 though? I agree with the write if we don’t at least split the first 4 then things will get ugly at a supersonic speed.
  5. From the athletic: Panthers Under 5.5 (plus 115) The Panthers improved their offensive line. Too bad Sam Darnold is still the QB. There is still some question as to whether Matt Rhule knows what he is doing, which is not ideal in Year 3. They have a shot thanks to their friendly schedule, but if they don’t split their first four games against the Browns, Giants, Saints and Cardinals, or sweep the Falcons, they are in big, big trouble
  6. Because without a qb we are dead in the water, this isnt hard
  7. I am pointing out the stupidity in your argument of relying on a rookie 3rd round qb. But carry on and buy that kid a coke for gods sake
  8. Yeah. So 3rd qbs rarely if ever hit. Those are simply the facts based on stats from the last 20 years.
  9. I don’t think you do if you think “maybe” in regards to the qb position
  10. Spoiler alert: The odds are astronomical in him becoming “the man”
  11. OT Ikem Ekwonu Ekwonu already looks the part. It's easy to see why everyone in the Panthers' building calls him a tone-setter. There were a couple of times that he nearly ran the guy (another lineman) holding the pad into the ground. He's just a massive human being who has tremendous strength. He'll be starting at left tackle from day one. Praise Jesus
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