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  1. And you can always rework it. The main thing I hope we are conscious of especially in light of the cmac deal is how long and how much guaranteed money is at stake. He is going to get paid, he has all the leverage we are just hoping its not some crazy ass mega deal that could go sideways as we have seen a ton from this team.
  2. Mono took out peppers for a season and a half. Pep was in another stratosphere when he was on.
  3. They are about to be in cap hell and both darnold and Mcvay have hinted retirement.
  4. Biggest game of his life and he shits the bed. Heres the pff thread. The highlights are on youtube and its him being single blocked and ran at
  5. exactly, those dudes just dont want to hear the truth and they talk poo about us. We have both already said we have to pay him but they fail to acknowledge that. Fitt painted his ass into a corner and hopefully burns and his agent go easy on him. Anything close to 30 or over would be insanity
  6. fuging Christ man saying burns is not good against the run isnt talking negative its talking realistic and honest. You guys are wearing some big blue blinders. Pff has him at 64 for a reason and that reason is his liability in the run game. In the biggest game of his career against Tampa he totally poo the bed because they ran straight at him.
  7. He should have been traded but that ship has sailed. I haven’t read anyone on here saying he shouldn’t get a fair deal. He deserves that. There are however a few people yourself included that are okay with giving him a mega deal. And he ain’t worth that.
  8. He is a very good pass rusher. Extremely talented. He is however still a liability in the running game. Pootie has a point. If he will sign for something around the terms of the Chubb deal do it and don’t think twice. If he wants to break a record type contract then it becomes problematic.
  9. It was an issue at bama with some passes. Not enough to be overly concerned about
  10. IMO he is an ass and has always been an ass. And it goes far beyond his irrational cam hate He literally said that since Sam Darnold came from a good family he will do well in Charlotte for the panthers. The clip was posted on here when we made the trade, he is a buffoon
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