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  1. so the answer to my question is "NO" Thanks for the excuses though. I love how you defend rhule how about this, if we had traded for Watson would he be in a competition with darnold?
  2. Picking a running back in the first is outdated. And there are so many wr's that get points in todays NFL. Like I said there are like 3 te's that consistently give you points every week. Its a huge advantage if you draft well and get some running back sleepers. There are always guys that emerge. Just look at the rankings from the last 6-8 weeks of running backs and you will say very few of them were drafted in the first round
  3. Yep, his next deal, if there is one is going to be the league minimum. We made this dude and his great great grandkids very wealthy
  4. Travis kelce is the only answer, dude is money and there are like 3 tes that are consistent in the nfl
  5. no back to back winning seasons ever, a clueless coach, last winning season was 2017, 15 total wins the past 3 years I mean is he really surprised at our attitudes? Maybe he needs to look in the mirror
  6. https://theathletic.com/3513990/2022/08/17/nfc-south-odds-projections-2022-season/ Carolina Panthers Mock’s odds to win the NFC South: 8.3% BetMGM’s odds to win the NFC South: +1100 (8.3%) Mock’s odds to make the playoffs: 23.8% BetMGM’s odds to make the playoffs: +275 (26.7%) If Things Go Right: Baker Mayfield stays healthy and plays to his ability as a former No. 1 pick, and the Panthers make the NFC playoffs. Baker is a polarizing quarterback who hasn’t lived up to the hype, but I think there is room for improvement. Mayfield struggled last year, but he did play through an injury almost the entire season. That’s been one of the issues in his young career, but if he can stay healthy, the Panthers have the pieces around him to make some noise in the NFC. Christian McCaffrey stays healthy for the first time since 2019. McCaffrey is the most dynamic running back in the NFL when he’s at this best, and he can change the complexion of this Panthers offense. The offensive line is a well-above-average unit. If first-round pick Ikem Ekonwu turns out solid as a rookie, this could be a very good unit. That will go a long way with protecting Mayfield and allowing him to find McCaffrey and D.J. Moore and maybe even some long throws to Robbie Anderson. If Things Go Wrong: The defense is absolutely abysmal following the losses of Haason Reddick and Stephon Gilmore. The Panthers defensive metrics in 2021 look fine on paper, but when you look deeper, things get a little murky as they struggled against quality offenses and really struggled at the end of the season. In fact, they allowed 27 points or more in five out of their final six games. The EPA/Play looks great, but after adjusting for opponent, my model actually rated them closer to 20th at the end of the 2021 season. Unless they can fill the void of Reddick and Gilmore, you could see some high point totals from opposing offenses. Mayfield’s injury in 2021 was not the sole reason for his struggles, and he performs at the same rate for the Panthers offense in 2022. Mayfield of last year is surely an upgrade over Sam Darnold, but it’s not a situation where head coach Matt Rhule wants to find himself. Panthers Super Bowl Projection: My model gives the Carolina Panthers a 1.1% chance to win the Super Bowl, which is 22nd in the NFL.
  7. Lying doesnt help https://bleacherreport.com/articles/831219 https://www.nfl.com/news/rookie-newton-on-track-gets-next-preseason-start-for-panthers-09000d5d821a0822
  8. Wow has really shown his ass in the past 24 hours
  9. I've told this story on here before but in in the early 2000's after a panther game my friends and I ran into Tom Sorenson of the Charlotte Observer at the southend brewery. He sat with us for a while and at some point he was asked directly about why the CO wasnt more critical of Jerry Richardson. He basically said Charlotte is a nice quiet southern town and the people here didnt want those types of stories or those types of reporters/columnists that cause drama. I am obviously paraphrasing but we asked about why the paper wasnt going after shinn and the hornets harder as well when he was going through his troubles and all the crappy moves they made. He just said there is not an audience for that. We argued and argued and he just didnt understand. Maybe he was playing dumb but I remember being incredulous at the time that the people in the media thought that asking hard questions would turn off readers
  10. no team is dumb enough to trade for him and no team is certainly dumb enough to take on any of his salary
  11. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-roar-a-carolina-panthers-podcast/id1523253913
  12. vet or not he is learning a new offense and needs to take the #1 reps in practice and have extended game time. Listen to ellis podcast he lays it out rather nicely.
  13. thats how you troll in the nfl, very subtle but incredibly on point
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