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  1. He has made roughly 8ish billion since the pandemic. The man clearly knows how to game the market and financial system.
  2. After a night of drinking this is the best you could come up with?
  3. Lol this is my 2nd post in this thread but I am living rent free in your head.
  4. this argument to me is funny, you recognize fitt sucks at scouting and drafting players but yet you are still 100% on board that he nailed the young pick. Goddamn this logic
  5. everyone in that front office has to go IMO, good bad or indifferent we need a clean reset because what is there is obviously not working, from pro scouting down to college scouting bleach it all
  6. good listen here is bill simmons weighing in on our situation, he starts about 30 minutes in and then circle back to the panthers again at the end of the segment. interesting to her national people weigh in https://www.theringer.com/the-bill-simmons-podcast/2023/12/1/23983802/an-nba-power-poll-carolinas-rock-bottom-eagles-niners-and-million-dollar-picks
  7. Is there enough time to totally revamp scouting and build it up by April?
  8. Is the oline or wrs making Bryce hop up and down when he throws?
  9. I dont give 2 fugs what past scouts or analysts or talking heads say about rankings. Nobody knows a goddamn thing about how teams rank players until the draft starts. Mac jones was going #3, Fields was the second best qb in the draft, aaron rodgers was number 2, the list goes on and on and on. We simply dont know how teams thought of young going into the draft. But sure some of the posters can make themselves feel better if joe sixpack from espn had young ranked #1 overall. But more importantly how the fug could anyone watch college tape and then watch the combine and pro days and honestly say Young was the better qb?
  10. like it or not I think Dan Quinn is a huge part of the success
  11. https://wfnz.com/category/wfnz-podcasts/the-mac-bone-podcast/ mike florio dropping knowledge about tepper and meddling
  12. and their boss has a quick trigger finger for firing folks
  13. dunking on potential future performances. thats a first, but you be you man we all love your angry aggression
  14. so we are praising tepper and praising this front office. Not a good look man
  15. yeah thats kindof funny, the texans were presumably heading to one but once they starting digging into the scouting they were like "nah we're good, bryce aint all that" Like I said the experts are one thing NFL teams are another. We simply dont know how the draft would have gone. If young was the all out consensus with nfl teams A)the bears wouldnt have traded and/or B) the texans would have made the move up one spot. its telling neither happened and now after 11 games with young we know why
  16. are there any mcdaniel type coordinators that are willing to come here? I dont see it. The more I think about it the more I would just get harbaugh in here and let him do his thing for a handful of years no matter what that means. If its moving on from young then so be it just let him work without bearing down on him
  17. Man I couldnt possibly imagine being a shill for tepper at this point but here we are with some posters. Dude is the worst owner in north american sports and he still has defenders. fuging crazy
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