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  1. I will pretty much guarantee you that isnt going to happen
  2. I cannot fathom a scenario where morgan doesnt trade 33 if there are some qbs still left on the board
  3. Another big slow wr that cannot catch is exactly what the panthers need
  4. Because he is average and expensive and no need to hitch your wagon to him long term. Get out from under his current deal and go from there
  5. They appear to be letting it ride with his contract. For the best
  6. doing a quick glance, and I am not sure if this happens with Bulger every year, but it appears he has first round grades on at least 30 players, lots of tackles, wr and corners
  7. Funny that I havent heard jack poo about the S2 this draft season.
  8. sort of, not really, they had a pretty easy schedule down the stretch including us 2x and ATL
  9. damn there seems to be a ton of high quality corners as well. Very deep draft for what we need
  10. Just read through his wr list and damn I am stoked. Lots of quality in this draft
  11. Bigger faster stronger has been the mantra of sports since the dawn of time And it's good to see you back. I missed your message board aggression
  12. I'm not reading all that. Just put me on ignore and be done with it
  13. the dude from WV is supposed to be good but I dont know, I do know however that P-J is an animal and I seriously doubt he goes past pitt.
  14. sorry I will be sure to attach a trigger warning for you the next time I point out his size
  15. so.......why should he work out at all with that logic?
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