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  1. I like their new coach a lot and I think their offense is going to be incredible even without Julio
  2. Its weird. CP is going to go all hara-kiri when PJ gets cut in favor of a vet in training camp
  3. my five 1. cmac stays healthy 2. Tom brady falls off a cliff 3. Our oline is frustrating all year 4. Joe brady is a miracle worker and molds Darnold into a top 10 qb 5. ATL will be one of the best teams in the league
  4. Maybe, but having 3 LT's and a ton of other holes seems like a crap strategy much like going wr for 3 years. How did that BPA strategy work out?
  5. I said at the time the Sewell pick for the lions made no sense and it looks crazier now that they have moved him. They could have gotten the RT jenkins in the 2nd if that is what their need is
  6. His shoulder is done. That much is clear.
  7. IMO 2 of the 3 are doable. I do think we have a top 10 defense this season. The denver 2015 defense was insane (as was the 2015 Panther d) the lone exception was miller was playing like a man possessed and could disrupt entire offensive game plans. Burns isnt there........yet
  8. I want to believe..................
  9. I am not worried about safety, that seems like one position that always has someone of value cut in camp that we can be on the lookout for
  10. and something that should shock absolutely nobody, Tre Boston is still unsigned
  11. I mean, I guess kick over any and all rocks for value but damn this dude has been done for a while
  12. I hear you 100% but Ramesy was good his rookie year and all pro in his 2nd
  13. I almost came thinking Horn can be our version of Jalen Ramesy. His first few years in the league have been incredible.
  14. I hear you man but even if your roster is loaded without a competent qb things get dicey.
  15. Am I the only one on here that thinks the NFC south is up for grabs? I firmly believe this is the year it all implodes for Brady. I think New Orleans is probably rudderless without Brees and the defense of ATL makes them vulnerable. I do think their offense will still be really good. But man my head says this is finally the demise season for Tom Brady. Something is going to happen whether its injury or his arm just stops or maybe both but damn man I just cannot get on board anointing them a favorite knowing their qb is 44. I have been 44 and I played sports in high school, poo pops and a
  16. As Riverboat Ron says in the other thread, Greg Little comes out and surprises everyone and plays at an All Pro level.
  17. The Panthers win the super bowl at 70/1 odds. I think its a mixture of Darnold playing well above average We lean on Cmac all year and into the playoffs Our defense gels and is a top 5ish unit Father time finally snipers Brady. What other things am I missing?
  18. then maybe zod could simply say that, but ignoring questions about SD play is not a pretty look
  19. Sure but we are talking about his play yesterday
  20. zod has been asked about it numerous times since his initial post and his total avoidance of the subject gives me a uneasy feeling about it overall
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