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  1. You comfortable giving him a new 5 year deal?
  2. His insistence on wearing 2 gloves scare the hell out of me for some reason
  3. My conspiracy theory is that tepper has cut rhule off at the nuts and will not allow any more crazy ass trades or signings. The only move thats been made thats been successful was Reddick (only a 1 year deal) and maybe Jones. Other than that its been pretty much poo. My gut says there is no way Tepper actually thinks rhule is going to turn this around. He traded a 2022 second and paid Darnold so thats on you rhule go make it work.
  4. I'll rephrase. Centers better than pat e are a dime a dozen
  5. I would rather roll with sam then give Kirk a cheap multi year deal. He aint the answer in any capacity. Kirk may win enough that rhule would keep his job. Kirk might could get to 8 wins on general principle
  6. He is 33 and has a grand total of 4 playoff games. He is just a stat machine and not a winner and to top it off he is kindof a moron
  7. If we give up the 6 pick for Kirk fuging Cousins I swear to God I will drive to mint st and do something insane
  8. Thats probably going to happen but I would prefer rhule just take this puppy all the way home. Let him go completely down with the ship instead potentially getting some new coach bounce and getting a win or 2 fuging up our draft position
  9. zac taylor had 6 wins total after year 2. Just playing devils advocate here
  10. I dont know about long term damage as long as they dont really really fug up this draft. It worked out pretty well in 2001 and 2010. Identical situations IMO. The key as I stated is dont let rhule overdraft some jack off qb at 6 and trot him out behind this dogshit line. That is a recipe for disaster. That move would really really set us back a bit. Build the line, make rhule play darnold, and keep plowing ahead. 2022 is going to suck no matter who the coach is. 0.0% chance we make the playoffs so might as well go all in on a rebuild. Something as you know we should have done in 2020.
  11. Rhule will be and should be neutered going forwarded
  12. What players are you worried about? This is a roster on the whole devoid of talent
  13. nah she is a b level celebrity girlfriend. I am sure she will ditch cmac once he gets hurt again or whatever
  14. Meh, he is rebuilding the offices, working on a new stadium, doing things behind the scenes, I wouldnt put the wins/losses on him entirely this early on, he is at least trying to throw money at the problem
  15. Nah, nah not at all. If you want to tank you roll with rhule for another year and saddle him with Darnold. That my friend is how you tank. I promise you with 100% certainty if that is the combo going into 2022 season we are locked and loaded for a top draft pick
  16. 2 things: If a new coach comes in and goes 3-14 or whatever then the fanbase is already calling for blood. If a new coach gets a new coach bounce and he wins say 7-8 games that makes it extremely harder to get a qb next draft. Tepper, as it appears to me, wants to just "tank" in 2023 (something he should have done in 2020) and build from scratch with a new coach and new qb going forward. I have said all along its not ideal, it most certainly sucks but goddamn its finally a plan
  17. Its a plan. We should have done it 2 years ago.
  18. It builds a buffer for the new coach. Its simple
  19. Thats the start of the rebuild. Hopefully we address the line in 2022, let rhule get us a top pick, then let the new coach start afresh with a newly drafted qb. If Tepper neuters Rhule for the draft then we can make significant headway with building the line and giving the new guy a solid foundation.
  20. To shield the new coach from this poo show of a season we are about to endure. Maybe in fact he sees rhule is key in potentially getting a top 3 pick. Let him eat the bullet instead of a new coach. Pretty straight forward if you ask me
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