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  1. 100% but you folks on here cant be surprised that the teppers are getting dunked on when something bad happens all things considered. I mean its be 6ish years of WTF moments since they took over. This is an unfortunate incident but the teppers havent really done anything to get the benefit of the doubt. I was wrong here for sure.
  2. I could give two shits about wilson. However his firing just shows more of the same with tepper and co. Keep simping though I am entertained.
  3. So lets clean house after our worst season ever by promoting the right hand man to GM. Makes perfect sense. So we hire a up and coming dude 18 months ago and then fire him 2 weeks before TC. Yeah if someone is still defending this disorganized mess of a franchise then they probably need to be committed. I cannot imagine simping for the fuging teppers after everything we now no. But you guys do your thing
  4. We are more pissed at the disfunction then the firing. Please keep up
  5. Interviewer : "Is tepper really that bad?" Wilson:
  6. yeah but quitting right before the season starts wouldnt be a good look and the league would probably frown on that in regards to trying to get another position. This feels like what PNW said that they fired him and hoped nobody noticed
  7. we are so fuged with the teppers there are articles from just a year ago saying how we stole Wilson from the cards
  8. either tepper or morgan and again this feels funky given we are in July
  9. from a 30000ft view this doesnt seem like a good thing for TMJ and/or Mingo. I mean damn the wr room feels pretty full as it is currently
  10. after reading more about this and how this dude was GM material this is just fuging wild, I doubt we ever hear the true story but something had to have happened giving his credentials and timing
  11. True but this hits different all things considered.
  12. I hate the teppers probably more then most on here but you have to acknowledge paying straight 2.2 billion in cash for the panthers is as baller move as it gets. Dude didnt even flinch and then proceeds to basically double his net worth in the next 5 years. Terrible terrible owner but a damn incredibly savvy business man
  13. that has to be fantasy football projections and not actual
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