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  1. I predicted we would be 3-1 after the cowboys and I stand by that. Its going to be tough on Sunday
  2. Not for nothing but rashawn slater and his short arms are absolutely crushing it
  3. He's 25. If Moton was going to LT and him to RT it would have happened by now. I see BC more of a depth piece rather than a starter. Just the way it is.
  4. If Brady C could play tackle we would have seen it by now
  5. Thanks, I would be down if we are picking in the 20's, just that centers in the first are somewhat rare. Still wanting that elite LT in the first
  6. First round pick good? ***disclaimer I have heard the name before but never watched him
  7. He will get Arnold back next year when he is coaching the Jags
  8. Listen I dont think anyone is poo pooing this trade. A few of us are looking big picture at how we are going to fix the line going forward. We used FA this offseason to try and fix it but you see how that is working. Not having a day 2 pick is pretty big and I am not sure how you are going to get those picks back outside of trading down in the first. Which I would hate to do if there is a tackle within range. I do love the trade just playing devils advocate on how we can make the line better.
  9. Shiiiiitttttt, I would sign Sherman now just on general principle
  10. Pretty obvious this "groin injury" was a way for Henderson to expedite the situation. "Sorry coach, groin still hurts, cant play this week"
  11. Jacksonville and it’s surrounding areas is a great place to retire. Plenty to do there. But yeah, I don’t see 21 year old nfl players dying to want to play there.
  12. Trust me I havent forgotten about paradis. Again I like this trade but we are really pigeon holing ourselves in regards to the 2022 draft. We need line starters and depth and in a perfect world we would have spent our first 3 picks on that. But I guess not now.
  13. 1. you are right 2. The only way jackson comes back is on a team friendly deal or Henderson just stinks The Anderson extension isnt looking so hot right now
  14. I love this trade but I gotta admit this was my initial thought as well when I heard the terms of the trade. Godalmighty its imperative that we get a franchise LT in the first this year and then pray some interior guys drop in this draft
  15. Lance is a long way away from being a NFL starter. I doubt that is what Rhule and co were looking for.
  16. KC rebuilt their entire line over the offseason and its working rather well. All we need is 4 guys, seems like an easy fix with the draft
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