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  1. Allen has guys hanging on to him and he throws darts.
  2. So at is going to be starting for us next year lol.
  3. Winning the division with a losing record basically means wilks and darnold are back with a pick in the 20s. That does absolutely nothing for this franchise moving forward
  4. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/2023-nfl-mock-draft-anthony-richardson-jumps-c-j-stroud-in-the-top-10/ pff has us taking him at 6. That seems about right
  5. ^ If and when Young is drafted in the 1rst he will be the first qb in modern history to be under 200lbs and under 6ft tall. He is an abnormally and I sure as fug wouldnt to gamble on that. If tepper is all about analytics then I doubt he would either. and there is a whole bunch of LOL in that short qb list
  6. Case in point. Our very own Wilks wanted to move up to get a better qb instead he was stuck with Rosen
  7. Tom brady was a 6th rounder damnit !!!!11!111!!!!!!11!!!!!!!
  8. To a point I guess, if he hasnt gotten that much bigger at bama then his frame is what it is what is your threshold for size?
  9. We cut our franchise mvp qb that was under contract and then we signed teddy to a 3 year deal, we traded 3 picks for darnold and traded for Baker. You got any other examples of other teams doing this level of stupidity in just 3 seasons?
  10. whats your threshold for size for where you wouldnt draft him? Its looking now at best he is 5'11 190. At best. But other scouts/analyst are pegging him 5'10 180ish. I dont give 2 chits how he is playing now or who it is against that type of size puts a team behind the 8 ball from the jump for numerous reasons.
  11. or spend draft capital to move up in the 3rd for a guy that was free falling
  12. exactly, do what good teams do and fuging draft and develop one. quit fuging around Thats why I am worried darnold wins a couple more and fit and co thinks that he is the answer and resign him and not draft a guy in the first. We all know how that would end up.
  13. what exactly do I have no idea what I am talking about in regards to AR?
  14. There is no way a guy with that potential will slip to the 2nd. But like you if it was between levis and ar I am rolling the dice on AR and praying.
  15. Also the rams look like one of the 3 worst teams in the nfl right now and it doesnt look to get any better in the offseason. We could have held 3 picks for 2 years for one of the worst teams in the nfl. Those 2 firsts would be gold moving forward for this franchise
  16. Its not being an expert on corral its simply looking at the current and past history of drafted qbs in the league. There are currently 5ish starting qbs in the nfl that were drafted 3rd round or later. One of those obviously is brady. The odds that corral works out is astronomical. Could it happen? Sure, but if we are playing the odds it doesnt look great.
  17. https://theathletic.com/podcast/211-the-athletic-football-show/?episode=560 19 minutes in 2 national guys talking about rhule, our job, tepper. They think tepper wants a big name. They talk about the process and how it may go down in regards to fitt. If we keep fitt a likely guy to interview is going to be quinn. Interesting little 10 minute conversation
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