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  1. All you people saying the Eagles are a QB away are forgetting one thing... They grabbed Carson Strong as a UDFA. They're set homies.
  2. Tarik Cohen just tore his Achilles on IG live... I hesitate to post the link because bad taste, but jesus. This poor kid can't catch a break. My god.
  3. I never understood the love affair for Troy Pride Jr. Dude looked like butt his rookie year. It wasn't even "he looked like butt for a 4th rounder" dude just looked like butt out there.
  4. For all you "It AkTuAlLy TaKeS fIvE yEaRs To ReBuIlD fOr SuStAiNeD sUcCeSs" Crowd, I'll share what I posted back in January: Nick Sirianni - Playoffs in his first year after trading away the Team's starting QB in the offseason. Cowboys - In the Playoffs year two under McCarthy Mike Vrabel - Playoffs in year 2 in TN Andy Reid took the Chiefs to the postseason his first year after finishing with a 2-14 record in 2012 Sean McDermott took the bills to the playoffs in his first year after 18 years of the Bills missing the postseason Frank Reich took his team to the playoffs in his first year as HC after not being able to even pick his own staff in 2018 and the Colts were 4-12 in 2017 Sean McVay took the rams to the playoffs year one of his tenure when the rams hadn't made it to the postseason since 2004. Kevin Stefanski took the Browns to the playoffs after a drought of 17 years Matt Nagy (sucks) still took the bears to the playoffs with a 12-4 record after a year of 5-11 Brandon Staley in the playoff hunt year 1 of his tenure as HC of the chargers Bruce Arians - Playoffs in year two**thanks to assistant HC Tom Brady Arthur Goddamn Smith has won more games in his first year with a poo roster and no offensive line than Matt fuging Rhule has in either of his first two seasons. Riverboat Ron - Playoffs year one in the dumpster fire that is DC It Doesn't Take That Long To Turn A Franchise Around. I have accepted the fact that Rhule is here for year 3. My expectations are not high, and I want the team to succeed and I will cheer and eat crow if Rhule does. I'm not holding my breath though.
  5. 3rd win will be against the cardinals. Ever since that playoff game we have been out for blood.
  6. This was god tier trolling by the Chargers. The Browns week alone was fantastic, but then the Jaguars?
  7. Quinn's logic wasn't egregious. Liked Ridder better than Corral in the draft Mariota has never finished a season because he always gets hurt Ran a pro offense in college Honestly wasn't that bad. Just the dude's opinion. Don't see what the fuss was about.
  8. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/posts/tarik-cohen-mental-health-nfl-football Is he a Panther? No, but I want nothing but good things to happen to him from this day forward. I hope we kick the tires on him and bring him in as a returner if it turns out Roberts has lost a step. Hell, bring him in for RB depth. Just bring him home, Jesus, he's been through enough already.
  9. It just means we are picking the best athletes and banking on our coaches to turn those athletes into football players. Bare minimum you have an athletic freak on your team that you can put in at certain situations. I understand the concept. I'd be more interested in seeing the RAS of more successful organizations like the Steelers, Ravens, and Patriots. That would be a better indicator of how relative RAS is to overall team success.
  10. Carr is the new Stafford man. He is not the problem in LV. The organization is. They have drafted like crap and failed to build around him, much like Detroit used to do with Stafford.
  11. You're right, Matt Rhule would NEVER...
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