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  1. Yes. Interpreting the comment as if he is scared implies that the stage and spotlight are too big for him and he might not have the willpower/testicular fortitude to be a great QB in the NFL. Interpreting the comment as he got bamboozled is understandable, because at the time I believe he was the youngest QB in the league going against the GOAT coach with one of (If not the) best defenses he had ever put together. That has the potential to be fixed by watching film and working with his coaches. It's ultimately up to him to make those changes so he doesn't see ghosts anymore.
  2. BTW, some huddlers were crapping all over Darnold for "admitting he saw ghosts" and "No pro QB should ever admit that". Those people are ignorant and don't know what that phrase means. Seeing ghosts just means he was seeing things that weren't there - as in he thought that he saw the Patriots doing one thing pre snap, and it was disguised as something else. That's all. He wasn't scared. He wasn't afraid. The Pats and their league leading defense just confused one of the youngest starting QB's in the NFL. Talking heads and ignorant people ran with it.
  3. The business side of football gets in the way of the football side of football sometimes. All time greats like Brady (one day we can hope), Montana, White, Emmett Smith, etc. all ended their careers on teams other than the ones they built their legacy on. I won't hold it against TD. His best years were spent with us and he probably should have retired that last year regardless. Either way he's a panther for life for me and I'd be thrilled if they retired 58 in his honor.
  4. Honestly by your metric 58 should be retired. TD came in to this team as a Safety, converted to LB, tore his ACL THREE times, came back better than ever, Went to the pro bowl, became a First team All Pro, won the Walter Payton man of the year award, and has become a community staple. He also dislocated his finger and popped it back into place mid play to tackle beast mode and played in the super bowl with a broken arm. TD Represents the mantra "Keep Pounding" More than anyone that has worn the jersey since Sam Mills. I personally want his jersey retired more than 89, 1, or 59.
  5. Jersey #s that should be off limits (in no particular order): 59 58 89 1 Debatable: 88 90 69
  6. @Verge did you hear anything about why he fell to the 5th?
  7. Needs to clean up his routes but in the mean time he can use his size and athleticism to get the one on ones.
  8. Welp... Hope he isn't a complete dumbass off the field so he can stay on it.
  9. Looking forward to the Darnold to D. Arnold connection.
  10. I got crap last year for calling him a JAG. Everyone was on his hype train. He just hadn't done anything to give me the impression he was going to be great. Tommy, I get better vibes from just watching the film. He's a more fluid athlete than Thomas and looks like an S tier blocker. Hopefully he's built from the same mold as Kittle and will start off as a great blocker and hone his receiving abilities as the years progress. The real question is will our offense ever actually utilize a TE?
  11. ^ This x 1000. They've honestly needed it for years now, especially if their concern is for "Player Safety". By adding more guys to the roster it can lower the overall workload for everyone on the team and keep players healthier.
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