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  1. Let's all welcome the new owner of the Carolina Panthers: Dan Snyder
  2. At no point in the OP does he say he 100% believes fitt nailed the pick. He's saying it's too early to write him off. You're the one that comes into every one of these threads and removes all nuance from the discussion speaking in absolutes about the future of a rookie who hasn't even finished his first season. You can be disappointed and still have hope he can turn it around when we get a competent offense in here. It is like a personal vendetta you have against Bryce and you want to be right at all costs so you can justify how miserable you are.
  3. Damn, that is a really good point. All things considered, Dimitrioff had a good run of success in ATL for a while, ended poorly but that super bowl loss broke that entire organization. Wouldn't hate it, wouldn't absolutely love it, relatively safe choice.
  4. If we do get Ben Johnson it would not surprise me in the slightest if he absolutely sucks.
  5. So this year has sucked, no way to sugar coat it. Even those who didn't think we'd be great didn't expect us to be this abysmal. I stopped watching the games a few weeks ago because it was boring and I knew it was going to be a terrible viewing experience. Reich's playcalling and play design have been terrible all season and there was little hope for things improving at all. I was not planning on watching any games if we retained Reich with yet another season with a lame duck coach and or GM who put an uninspired product on the field again in 2024. But we fired Reich. Are the optics bad? Yes. Is the product on the field bad? Yes. Was hanging onto Reich and potentially ruining our investment in Bryce Young's development better than the bad optics of firing Reich? I have to say no. It wasn't working. It's obvious it wasn't working. We were stagnant, not getting better, and regressing as a team overall as the weeks went on. Tepper got it wrong again with the coach he hired. But holding onto Reich does nothing to help this franchise get better. He did the right thing for the team by letting him go. It's the same thing with Rhule. It was a bad move to hire him in the first place, but it was a good move to let him go. I don't feel like we are missing out on the next great thing by letting go any of the HC's he has thus far. Patience would not have fixed what those coaches were doing. Now, do I think we're going to land Ben Johnson or the next great HC prospect this offseason? No, I don't trust Tepper to do that right. At the same time, I DO believe he will move on from a coach and staff who is not very good.
  6. I really think we take a long look at him this offseason. Shannahan tree, worked with a similar skillset in Tua, not a bad option.
  7. I didn't read the article, just the headline, so I think I know what I'm talking about here. For real though, I don't care, we'll fug it up either way. Keeping this mindset so I don't get hurt anymore.
  8. Nah. I dropped the Titans Defense and grabbed the Bucs Defense in all my fantasy leagues. Would recommend you all do the same.
  9. Stroud is I think 18th and 12th in those same categories. Stroud would fit Reich's offense better. We can wax poetic about Bryce v Stroud until we're blue in the face, but the fact of the matter is we chose Bryce and our Offensive guru HC was too stubborn to tailor an offense that not only Bryce, but the ENTIRE offensive personnel could thrive in. No one we had on roster fit this scheme. I've come to believe that Stroud will have looked BETTER than Bryce on this team, but the run game would still be just as abysmal and the pass blocking just as inept due to the personnel being better suited for other schemes. Reich did NO ONE other than Adam Thielan on this offense any favors.
  10. This is all speculation built around the fact that everyone thinks Tepper will make "a splash hire" because he's rich and willing to pay anything to win. I honestly don't see it happening.
  11. Just an FYI: Via PFR we are 20th and 21st in RPO and PA passes in the league this year. Tua, who also thrives in an RPO/PA based offense is #1 in both those categories. For whatever reason, Reich didn't build his offense around his rookie QB's strengths which is completely asinine.
  12. He didn't run that offense and he didn't call the plays. Pederson did.
  13. I don't know if I'm in the minority here, but I feel like every single HC (except maybe Wilks) was given more than enough patience and each one deserved to be let go for various reasons. I would rather we get rid of a guy we know isn't working than hold onto him waiting for him to get his poo together. But before all that, I just wish we'd hire the right guy to begin with.
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