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  1. Seeing ghosts isn't what people think it means. It doesn't mean he's scared. It doesn't mean he's afraid of the defense. The phrase seeing ghosts means he's seeing things that aren't there, as in, he got confused by the defense of arguably the greatest coach of all time. So it's something that can be fixed with more film study and experience.
  2. Or... He swaggers out of the showers freeballing it with no shame. Big. Dick Energy.
  3. Is it just me or does this imply that Sammy Boy is leading with Big dick energy?
  4. I really do feel sorry for Ron in this situation. It really baffles me how little that team seems to care about Ron's health considering his cancer issues last season.
  5. If we would have just sent Short out to pasture last season we could have had both... Anyway, I'd rather have Moton. Glad the deal got done.
  6. I don't think anyone is touching this trade until the criminal aspect of the investigation is closed. If it were just civil, I could see a trade going down. The criminal investigation makes it much less probable. Having said all this, My neighbor is a defense attorney (used to practice in Texas actually) and said during the draft that any team that needed a QB should trade for him now while the price is low because he is most likely walking away with a slap on the wrist.
  7. Minshew broke his thumb/tore some ligaments in his throwing hand and hid the injury from the team early in the season on October 11th. He got benched when it came to light and then after he healed they wouldn't start him because the tank was in full force. As much as I like Minshew, I like Lawrence and Wilson better so I don't blame them. Either way Minshew was still able to throw for more TDs in a season (16) than Teddy ever has (15) with a busted up hand and only starting 8 Games. Minshew was at the top of my "Realistic QB Options" wishlist this offseason, and unless we full on tank next season and are primed for a top QB in the draft, He'll be at the top of my list next season too. Only If Darnold continues to suck though. If Darnold gets better I have no issues rolling with him moving forward. I'm pulling for Darnold but he wasn't anywhere near my top choices to replace Teddy.
  8. Agreed wholeheartedly. Minshew, from an offensive standpoint, was in a far superior situation than Darnold ever was. Wilson's supporting cast is suspect at best and I think he will experience some growing pains becuase of it (I am personally VERY high on Wilson as a prospect though). Darnold really is an unknown at this point. I think Minshew is a more known commodity which is why I wanted him. That and the meme potential.
  9. I was firmly entrenched in the "Trade for Minshew" Camp. Still think he has a chance in the league.
  10. This DOES sound interesting... So who's going to ask if Smitty punched Cam back in 13?
  11. Rodgers owns Wisconsin. Hell, Rodgers owns Giannis' team... Definitely Rodgers. But Giannis' story is dope and I'm happy to see a small market team win a ship in basketball.
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