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  1. Does -200 represent the number of days ago it should have happened?
  2. Nope, everyone who agreed needs to sit in the shame.
  3. Baker is short and he has a very long windup before he throws. The ability to anticipate a throw coming with the benefit of a lower trajectory leads to the tips. Compare his release time to tape of Corral or damn near any starter in the NFL. It's painful.
  4. Dan Arnold has two catches for 34 yards this year. I don't think we lost that trade but I don't think they won it either
  5. SI put together a comprehensive list of potential head coaches next year. A whole lot of defensive guys with great resumes on the list. Go ahead and pick your favorite: https://www.si.com/nfl/2022/09/29/complete-list-of-nfl-future-head-coaches-daily-cover?utm_source=reddit.com
  6. Honestly, I'm not even mad at Rhule about this. You're paying him a fortune to play, so he should play. In a vacuum it makes sense to keep him out there, he's being compensated very well to play a ton of football. However, with the current coaching staff, it's kind of been a waste the past two+ years.
  7. I grabbed Foreman last season as Henry's handcuff and held onto him since Chubba sucks. After 5 runs of dancing around and falling over to gain 3 yards, my money is Foreman will come in to spell the ineptitude, plus he has goal line value that chubba doesn't.
  8. This stuff doesn't bother me as much these days since I picked up his handcuff in all my dynasty leagues. I'm set.
  9. If Rhule stays it will either be Tannehill, Danny Jones, or Jimmy G. If Rhule goes, trade up to get the guy you want.
  10. Ah, fair, didn't realize that. I also didn't watch the most recent game so I thought it was about the season as a whole and was not sipping the kool-aid.
  11. We are 1-2. There are way too many passing grades in this assessment.
  12. My brother in Christ, these were the first snaps Shenault has taken all year. We need to pump the breaks about being impressed by his two catch performance lest we anoint him the next GOAT a la David Gettis. He did great with his oppportunities this past game. Way, way, way too early to say I'm impressed with the guy yet. McCall though, I'll give you that one. Rookie has looked solid so far.
  13. For those of you at the game, if things start going south, please start some "fire rhule" or "sell the team" chants. No mercy.
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