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  1. Apparently a lot of times the HC "Blocks" these kinds of interviews it's actually at the behest of the guy the team is requesting. Could very well be that Evero doesn't want to coach up in Minny and he's having Payton run interference.
  2. Pinning to clean up clutter. Also have said this in other threads, Nixon actually did a good job with the RBs this past season. Would not mind keeping him around.
  3. Carr would be the safest bet of any of the retread QBs potentially available this offseason, and he's better than any of the QBs we've had the past 3 years with Rhule.
  4. Shaq's biggest fault was not being as good as the two LBers we had before him in Luke and TD. Dude is a good LBer. He's not Elite, but he is a good 3 down LBer. I don't see who we could replace him with and be happy with the production drop off from a cost perspective.
  5. Being disappointed that Wilks didn't get the job, and thinking they hired the wrong head coach are not the same thing.
  6. Guys, can we please just collectively get over Dan Arnold? Dude was a JAG at best, had 7 catches through 3 games with us, no touchdowns, and blew his knee out after we traded him. We were really hurting for his *checks stats* 9 receptions for the Jags this past season. Is CJ Henderson good? Not particularly, but we've gotten more miles out of him than the Jags have out of Arnold. The Darnold to Arnold connection was a media/fan construct for lulz, not based on actual production.
  7. I say we make a pact with the rest of the NFCS to just roll with who we all respectively have at QB for next season. First 6-11 Division winner ever. It'll be so much fun.
  8. Just do a search for his proper name: James Robert Vagina
  9. To be fair, it wasn't that things weren't perfect, it was that Tua's brain got scrambled multiple times and then Teddy two gloves also got hurt so they were down to their third string QB at the end of the season. The fact they even made the playoffs is kind of impressive to begin with. And they put up a fight against Buffalo in Buffalo with the third string QB tells me they have a bright future ahead.
  10. **oh god, please, I hope I didn't say anything stupid** Acceptable levels of hopium. Eventually saw through the façade after he spouted the same buzzwords over and over again with no substance or results. I'll accept it.
  11. The logic behind running is a breath of fresh air after 12 years of "ThE mOsT wInNiNgEsT tEaMz RuN dA bAlL aT lEaSt 20 tImEs PeR gAmE" Completely ignoring the fact that if you're winning you kill the clock at the end of the game by running. Rivera and Rhule were so dumb about that crap it was infuriating.
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