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  1. My argument against that is we had the best MLB in a generation in 2019 and no QB and our team was butthole. QB makes the whole team go. Without one, we are not going to win anything.
  2. I understand what you're saying but we need a QB over all other positions right now. A good QB mitigates weaknesses throughout the roster. The trade up would be worth it to me. There are other rounds than just the first and good GM's can find good players in those rounds too.
  3. In my mind you take that risk on a QB. Also no one can really say how well anyone can hold up over the course of a career. Look at Andrew Luck and Jake Locker for example. Those dudes were huge but had to retire due to injuries.
  4. I want him. If we don't get Watson I want us to trade up to 2 to get him.
  5. Stupid brain injury to Michael Oher
  6. No, you're not wrong. I think as far as draft pundits go his mocks are right at the top of the bell curve. He's not the worst and he's not the best. The draft really is a crapshoot, some teams take guys off the board for reasons others don't mind and when trades are made it throws everything completely out of whack. I think he basis his mock around team needs, whereas some base their mocks around BPA and or scheme fit.
  7. Please let me re-iterate: Mock Drafts between now and right before the draft are created for clicks and views and they make dumb changes to get people talking and visiting their crap more. I will not be taking any mock as gospel until right before the draft.
  8. I would draft Tony Romo in the first round. Tony Romo was not the issue in Dallas.
  9. I will not root for this team if Jameis Winston is ever signed. Full stop.
  10. To be fair it's harder to pick all pro talent when you're drafting in the mid to late 20's compared to the top 10 because your teams actually make it to the playoffs. Also, comparatively based on draft position and output, Gettleman's drafts were better than Hurney's based on value and production: Source
  11. Oh he did: So these two dipsticks that ruined our Cap are now working together for Washington and they think that the moves they made the second time around are better because they weren't devastatingly butthole moves (even though they were absolutely butthole moves). It's comical.
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