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  1. If he can stay healthy. His style of play at his size does not lead to being healthy often.
  2. Can't believe no one has mentioned how Canales has given us our very own version of Shocked Pikachu for future meme potential:
  3. Doesn't help that some people scare potential insiders away by being unnecessarily dickish and combative for no reason. I always looked at it as take what is said with a grain of salt, but some people get aggro if things aren't 100% right all the time.
  4. I actually really like this and have Brooks on my want list. I'd sub one of the 5th and beyond picks for WR Jalen Coker but other than that I'm good with it.
  5. I fixed the title to reflect what was actually said, as well as embedded the tweet properly. And for all of you "I knew it!" people who obviously didn't read what was in the actual link nor the thread:
  6. Good slot guy, but I want a guy who has the outside potential/versatility. Everyone I listed above except for Washington has X potential, except Polk who I think will be a great WR2 in the NFL. I dunno why, just not super high on Wilson.
  7. Franklin is one of the guys I have reservations about - Others being Coleman, Leggette, Pearsall and Worthy. Guys I'm higher on in no particular order: Ladd McConkey AD Mitchell Javon Baker Malik Washington Ja'Lynn Polk Jalen Coker
  8. Offensively, maybe, I don't know, the pats offense was a mess once mcdaniels and Brady left and he did some really dumb and weird things to replace them - but defensively? Dude still has it and is one of the most adaptable/brilliant defensive minds in the game. I haven't watched it, but apparently the new Pats docuseries threw a ton of unnecessary shade Bill's way, so much so that former players were jumping to his defense for the way he was portrayed in the show.
  9. I will unironically get a JJ Jersey when he retires.
  10. Florio is a drama queen and I doubt anything substantial actually comes from it.
  11. Or he doesn't want to do offseason stuff, like a true Vet. But probably a vet compensation thing to do with guaranteed money based on when he's signed as well.
  12. Man, Luke highlights are something else. Cam was great, he's our MVP and probably most important player ever. Smitty was electric and one of the best pound for pound players. Peppers was a legend due to being from the area and his longevity. But Luke? For my money he's the best player we've ever had. As great as all those other guys were at their respective games, no one was as consistently elite as Luke was. A down year for Luke was ONLY a second team all-pro nod. Dude was just an all-time great.
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