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  1. 8th pick : Penei Sewell 20-25th pick in the first round (with a trade up): Caleb Farley
  2. First off, no one here is a better talent evaluator than Rhule and Fitterer, so lets pump the breaks and stop acting like we all know this is a bad move. Through the draft process back in 2017, there was one NFC West scout who said this about the player: He was viewed as the best center in the whole draft and was compared to Travis Frederick and Corey Linsley. The Vikings traded up to get him. He was great for the Vikings up until his first injury. Since then, injuries have started to stack up. The point is this: the potential is there, and Rhule and Fitterer believe t
  3. Here are all the positions and needs. The order on this list is based on the importance of the position (QB being the most important and Punt Returner being the least important). For the importance of position order, I used one made by an NFL.com analyst. QB: NEED EDGE: Brian Burns LT: NEED CB1: NEED WR1: DJ Moore DT1: Derrick Brown DT2: NEED RB: Christian McCaffrey EDGE2: Yetur Gross Matos, could be a need in the near future depending on his development MLB : NEED TE : NEED FS: NEED OLB1: NEED RT: Taylor Moton will likely
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