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  1. Victimhood has not been established. They could just as well be gold diggers.
  2. Yeah that and how much did she get paid for Watson's massage vs what she charges everyone else.
  3. What it does is that it counters the sexual predator narrative. It also puts Buzbee on notice that in every one of those court cases there will be at least eighteen women in the same industry as the accuser testifying for Watson. Now if to anyone who believes that the number of women accusing Watson of inappropriate behavior is important, then the number of women who have been in similar or identical intimate environments, who are vouching for his character and behavior, should hold the same weight.
  4. Why would SI reach out to her before they knew she that she did Watson? Also if they saw text of her telling friends and relatives of Watson's behavior, why didn't they publish the contents and time stamps? This sounds more like massage parlor porn, than a rich single professional athlete trying to get some facetime.
  5. Your problem is you are linking all of the allegations together when in fact each accusation should and probably will be tested on their own individual merit. With that in mind, there are false sexual assult allegations all over the place. Especially involving athletes. Brian Burns spent time in prison because of a lie. The Duke lacrosse team was falsely accused of rape. Two supreme court justices have been falsely accused of sexual misconduct. One of Buzbee's own clients has been exposed trying to extort money from Watson. So this lawyer has already elicited false accusations against Wa
  6. That's called canvasing for clients in the the industry. Any jackleg lawyer can scrounge up a few dozen victims with the prospect of suing a deep pocket target. Top Injury Settlements | InjuryJusticeTeam.com
  7. What you believe is one man telling the same story 25 times. That's why they are all essentially the same.
  8. All of the messiness is coming from outside of the building. The confusion comes from taking the haters too serious. It's probably time to take a step back and appreciate that the Panthers have a plan, and is intent on seeing it through.
  9. That's a horrible reason to hate either way. It interferes with your ability to process. Does Teddy suck because you hate him? You don't know because everything about him is colored by your hate.
  10. Did I spot a hint of nuance in your description of Clausen's time here? Kudos for going where no mob member has dared venture in this thread. This past season was forgettable indeed. Glad it's over. Looking forward to the next one.
  11. That's the smell of desperation. You see, if the Panthers get a decent left tackle, and find a way to hold on to Samuels, Teddy's going to get extended, and that would inflame every corn and bunion you've grown since Teddy got here.
  12. Your line of thinking works fine for the hate mob. Dreams are cheap.
  13. The shame for you is the simple minded, single minded focus on one player. You don't want a better quarterback. You want a different quarterback. You don't even know what quarterback that you want, you just don't want Teddy.
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