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  1. Brown didn’t play as well as some fans thought his rookie year and also didn’t play as bad as those same fans thought last year. If anything the two years are fairly similar. Either way I’m thinking everyone is hoping he takes a leap in his third year, which wouldn't be abnormal for a D-lineman.
  2. and your point is? OT could have been their biggest need but that doesn't change the fact that they had higher grades on other players. Need doesn't factor into a players grade, it factors in when you pick them. That is two different things. Is that board a list of the order in which they would have drafted players or the ranking of the players grades.
  3. Second round grade but 15th on their list. He didn't go far from where they had him ranked. Teams usually don't have 32 players with 1st round grades. They had him 9th and he went 6th, not really that big of a difference. Also, regardless of what people say need factors in. From a pure grade perspective we might have had some of the same guys higher than Ickey but OT we a bigger need.
  4. I would love to see Cam end up in a good situation for himself but the fact is teams really aren't beating his door down. If he only wants to be part of a winning team he might greatly increase his chances of not being on a roster this year.
  5. "building around a rookie being the right way to do it" is a bit of a matter of fact statement that almost any GM is going to make. Its like a coach saying he likes to draft O-lineman that are tough...really? Fans read too much into coach/GM speak. If Fitt is interested in Jimmy G or Baker is going to run around stating that we have a great desire to sign a vet QB???? No, he is going to say the opposite. At this point who knows, I could see us going into the season with Sam and Matt or I could still see us trading for someone like Jimmy G and shipping Sam off and letting Matt be the backup. Also all this talk about who has final say and who made what decision is kind of pointless. Unless any of us were in the room I doubt any of us really know. For all we know Fitt could have been the one that pushed the hardest for Sam last year? Maybe he convinced Rhule that Sam plus Horn helped the team more than just a QB at 8. Maybe that is why Rhule is so quick to discard Sam. Maybe both Rhule and Fitt wanted to push hard for a vet, maybe Tepper said "no more", after the wasted resources on Sam and Teddy. The fact is most people around here are going to push whatever narrative they want.
  6. If you have a chance to get one of the better coaches in the history of the game you really don't care about connections. The thing that might make Fitterer the most nervous though is Sean might get final say, I'm guessing if he was to ever sign with another team he would have a good bit of leverage. Either way, its seems like a long shot.
  7. Two different LBs asked to do different things in different defenses. Both all-time greats. If anything, Urlacher and Luke are probably more similar in what they were asked to do.
  8. Not sure if you can really make that assumption. Corral really wasn’t asked to process in college, large part of the reason he fell in the draft. That doesn’t mean he can’t, just means he hasn’t.
  9. sounds like excuse making for him. Fact is from clean pockets he has been one of the worst QBs in the league over his career. Also cherry picking makes it sound like that is a small sample size and in reality its not. His no pressure plays are probably greater than his pressure plays.
  10. because his line didn't play bad every snap. You can go back and look at the plays when he did have protection.
  11. There is actually history that shows us how he plays from a clean pocket. Panthers QB Sam Darnold's clean pocket and red zone numbers are troubling (msn.com) He is one of the worst in the league. Maybe this year will be different but this idea of using it as an excuse for him is just wrong based on past history.
  12. Coaches have egos, they all do, they wouldn't be at the level they are if they didn't. Its not crazy to think that he thought that his college staff could easily transition to the NFL. The interesting question is, did he learn on his own or did Tepper "influence" the changes? Either way I'm happy with the changes, on paper most of them seem positive.
  13. Thank you People are treating this like Madden and just looking at throw power and run speed. Both players have enough physical tools to play QB in the NFL. If you want to break down the physical differences its probably something like: Sam has the better height and wight. Matt is the better runner. Sam probably has the stronger arm. Matt the quicker release. Matt is probably the more accurate overall. At the end of the day though both guys have enough tools to play QB in the NFL Biggest issue with Correll is the system he came from. Sam did pro things in college, Matt not so much. Things like looking off safeties and going through progressions. Fans need to be patient with Matt, just like everyone was saying Willis would take longer to develop than Pickett, Matt is probably closer to Willis in the regard.
  14. There was talk that he liked Fields more than the coaches. You are making it sound like Tepper specifically said to take Sam instead of Fields because he was only interested in winning as soon as possible. Things don't' usually work that way. Owners set direction. Tepper wants to build a winning team, that is what everyone wants. Staff decides Sam + keeping pick 8 helps the team more, both in the short term and long term than picking a QB a pick 6. That isn't necessarily an impatient move, it might be a wrong move, but that doesn't mean its an impatient move. It means your football people choose wrong.
  15. So anything more than a full tank is viewed as an overbearing owner who is impatient. lol
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