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  1. If tackle numbers were a true indication of how well a player was playing Boston would still be on the team. Don’t get me wrong, he played great for a rookie, and got a lot of snaps at a lot of different positions, but tackles by themselves are often products of alignment and scheme.
  2. To everyone saying that that the Saints don't have the cap space: A large part of Wilson's cap number with the Seahawks is dead money from his signing bonus. Any team that trades for him will only be responsible for his salary, which is only $19m. A team like the Saints, who will be close on cap space could convert that $19m to a bonus and drop his 2021 cap hit to about $4m, and the Saints can make that much room.
  3. Is he making every pick on draft night? If yes, you might have a problem, even though that is his prerogative. Is he heavily involved on spending considerable resources on a potential franchise QB? That’s probably fairly normal
  4. So you are saying it technically impossible to trade CMC this year?
  5. its not a difficult question, why waste someone's time. either way it doesn't change the fact its feasible. His point is the same at 21m or even 17m,trading CMC would have some cap ramifications involved, hence the reason it wasn't as easy as sopme people were making it.. He never said not possible. Let me ask you this, if Texans called and offered Watson for CMC could we do it? The answer is yes, and Voth would tell you the same.
  6. I doubt he is wasting Samir's time to get a number for a tweet. He is probably looking at spotrac or overthecap.
  7. all of this of course would be dependent on Miami not wanting Watson and instead having faith in Tua. This actually could benefit the Dolphins if they don't want Watson, it would prevent Watson from going to a division rival. They could draft someone like Smith or Waddle at 8, to go along with CMC, that wouldn't be too bad for a young QBs development. I'm not saying this scenario is going to happen, or even if it would be smart play by us. My only point is the idea of making a trade for an asset to help you make a future trade isn't a foreign concept in the world of sports. Wh
  8. I think you are trying to make an absolute statement out of a tweet that wasn't meant absolute. He isn't saying it isn't possible, just expensive but not as expensive as you are making it sound. The $21m isn't extra, CMC is already on the books for $12.5, if Voth is correct about the $21m that would mean an extra $8.5m. Ask yourself this, do we have enough cap space to absorb an extra $8.5? The answer is yes. If spotrac.com and overthecap.com are both correct and the trade hit is only 17.2m then its only an extra $4.7m. Whether its an extra 4.7m or 8.5m we can afford i
  9. I didn’t say anything about another team trading for Watson. We trade with the Dolphins for the 3rd pick, then package that pick with some others to trade with the Texans for Watson.
  10. I think most of us agree that if the Texans decide to trade Watson they would like it to be with the Jets or Dolphins so they would have a chance at one of the top 3 QBs in the draft, but we actually seem like the team most likely to go “all in”. Unfortunately I don’t think Teddy solves their QB dilemma but what if we trade with Miami, let’s say the 8th pick plus CMC for the third pick. Then we package the 3rd pick plus next years first, plus a few 2nds, plus a few young players for Watson. I know that is a lot to give up for one player, but it’s starting to really feel like we are
  11. There is some validity to what he saying, but the other side might be thee also. Maybe the Jets and Dolphins aren’t as desperate as us because they are comfortable with their non-Watson options. Maybe the Jets can make a better offer because of Wilson or maybe they aren’t willing to make a great offer because of Wilson. Works both ways.
  12. and there are also a lot of really "smart" productive QBs at the college level that don't make it in the pros either. Absolute statements either way are dumb.
  13. Another chart for you guys forming opinions off of random highlights, Both Wilson and Fields are extremely accurate to all levels of the field. A bit surprised to see Trevor behind them as much as he is. Also there are some definite concerns with Lance.
  14. So how often in the last 10 years was a QB available at our spot in the first round that you didn’t have concerns about? Just not you, that probably applies for all of us. I didn’t have concerns about Luck and Manning, feel pretty good about Trevor. QBs are hard to find, fact is there aren’t many that don’t have concerns and they usually go 1st overall. Even then it’s not every year. Plenty of years where the top QB has some concerns.
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