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  1. Or he got the QB that he wanted and he was just overrated as a coach because he had a good QB(luck) or a good OC.
  2. Didn’t have time to watch all of it but seemed to do well on contested catches and pushing off, we’ll see how well that translates. Has some physicality to his game, might be a good run blocker, some decent RAC, but not in the league of DJ, I didn’t see elite route running. He might struggle with press at the next level, but he has some physical tools and he might still decelop. I expect him to get some stats, the team can play to his strengths, wether or not he turns into a true #1 only time will tell.
  3. Imagine if we had traded back from #1 and got our 2nd Qb choice??? Sometimes not getting who you want is a good thing Also trading back doesn’t have to mean falling way back. What if it’s your turn to draft and you have 4-5 players all graded equally. Moving back a few spots and picking up a later pick isn’t a a bad thing. Also I like this idea of picking up future year draft picks. Teams tend to devalue those. I would much prefer a future 2nd than a current 3rd. It’s like earning interest on your draft picks. Nobody has the patience to do it that first time. If you did it every year you would really just give up that one year and gain a free round in each subsequent year.
  4. This is why its comical when people disparage fans for an opinion or thinking they could do better. Granted, your good front office people are smarter than most fans, but anyone can be terrible. I could take a big board list from ESPN or PFF and let my dog paw at it and he would at least be terrible also.
  5. I’m not saying we shouldn’t. Broncos and Pittsburg moved on from QBs that they didn’t trade the farm for. We gave up so much for young that they feel committed to him.
  6. Who last longer in the league? Pickett or Howell? Just shows the talent difference year from year in the draft.
  7. We were 29th in the league in points allowed, shouldn’t be hard to improve. https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/opponent-points-per-game
  8. Curious to know where you are getting those numbers from? Have always been interested in the real numbers behind drafting.
  9. Anyone notice how absent some people are from this thread???
  10. I agree that generational is a huge term but you are naming guys from 9-10 years ago to come up with guys that “might” be better prospects. Also you are looking at this as a fan and heavily weighing production. Think more in terms of evaluation like a scout. they aren’t looking at players and ranking them based on who had the most yards. Think about grading these guys on a variety of variables, Height, speed, hands, route running, rac, production, level of competition. i can see how he is one of the higher rated WRs in the last 10-15 years, that doesn’t guarantee him anything at the next level.
  11. I agree that chase was a really good prospect but even if you think chase was better, which a lot don’t, that’s one. Name another one in the previous 10 years. Harrison is taller and from an evaluation /scouting standpoint he probably grades out a little higher than even chase. You might have to go back to the Jones/Green year.
  12. People tend to use the “generational” label when a player would be the top pick at their position over the course of multiple years. If you out every receiver from the last 10 drafts in the same class he might go 1st out of all of them.
  13. It’s not about proving he isn’t a bust, it’s about putting him in a situation to fairly evaluate him. Even if he is a bust, then the same holds true for the next QB, he needs to be in a situation where he can succeed.
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