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  1. Actually, there is a very good chance the long snapper did have a relatively high-grade relative to his own position. That doesn't take into positional value or anything but that is a different discussion. Here is the deal. No team is absolute BPA or absolute need on every pick. My only point originally is there is small chance they could go into the draft with OT as their #1 need. There is also a chance that they might have a really high grade on OT1 and OT2 but maybe not so much on OT3. If OT1 and OT2 are off the board when we pick they might go a different direction, especially if one of the non-OTs that are available are extremely highly rated on their board, such as the safety or CB or one of the top 2 DEs.
  2. Rhules version of need still doesn't change it. If his version of need was a OT with Sewell and he drafted by his need he would have drafted the next OT on his list. What you should have said is he draft one of the highest rated players on his board which also fills a need. Which is pretty much what all teams do. Nobody is absolute BPA and nobody is absolute need.
  3. You are the one that made an absolute statement in regard to a general statement I made about NFL teams and drafting. An absolute statement that isn't true based on even your subsequent logic concerning the fact you said we would have drafted Sewell if available seeing how we didn't go to the next OT on our draft board. Instead we went with a player that was probably rated higher. So it wasn't absolute need, value factored in.
  4. that's not the point. someone tried to say we draft on need and don't consider value. If Sewell would have been picked over Horn, as many claim then that would suggest OT was our biggest need. If we truly did draft just based on need then we would have picked the next OT on our board, if that wasn't Slater it would have been a different OT.
  5. You said we don't draft BPA, we draft need. But then you said we would have took Sewell if he had been available, so based on that we should have drafted the next LT on our board, but we didn't so in fact we don't draft purely on need and we do factor in value.
  6. To take it one step further, even if you can recognize what a good QB is there is not guarantee there will be one attainable this year. Unfortunately, that is just the reality of the scarcity of good QBs. Hopefully at the very least we don't waste more resources on a guy that has slim chances of actually helping us.
  7. Being able to recognize what a good QB looks like might ultimately be more valuable to this franchise than his actual play calling.
  8. but you said we draft based on need. If we would have took Sewell that means OT was our biggest need, then why didn't we take Slater? Maybe they do look at BPA some.
  9. Would we have drafted Sewell instead of Horn because he was available? Most reports say we would have. If that was because LT was bigger need, then under your logic and we draft for need, we would have took Slater, but we didn't. We must have factored in grade.
  10. I'm not a fan of Rhule or how things have happened either, but I don't know what people expected. When you lose an OC this is what you get. Other "rockstar" OC's don't take lateral moves, thats true for dumpster fire teams or good teams. You either sign a position coach (such as a RB or QB coach), who often is young and doesn't have actual OC experience, which has been the biggest complaint about Rhules staff, or you sign a former OC who is available because he probably failed as a HC. Alot of people around would have been happier with Bill O'Brian but he fits that same profile. Failed HC, and honestly a lot of his OC years don't look good on paper at all. Sure he looks good at Alabama but look at his Housten Teams or his old days as OC at Duke. The other option is to promote somebody already on staff but I'm not sure any of us want that. If we weren't a "dumpster fire" what pool of coaches did you think we were really going to be looking at?
  11. Also you are trying to totally discount McAdoo by compaing that team to the previous year Giants. The offensive ranking is realtive to the other teams in the league. Alot of teams have quality #1 WRs. Also their PPG in 2014 was actually higher the games OBJ didn't play.
  12. That is why I used YPT not YPC, that factors in Cruz's lower catch %. Their actually YPC is actually alot closer. I'm not failing at all, a player's stats don't happen in a vacuum. You can't say a RB adds an extra 1000 yards to a team on 200 carries. Another RB would have also rushing yards on those carries, you have to look at the difference between the two to decide the value the player is adding.
  13. He averaged about 1.5 yards more a target than the #1 a year before and he got about 11 targets a game.
  14. People need to quit taking everything said by a coach so literal. No team is pure BPA and no team is pure need. If the top 3 OTs are off the board do you still think we pick OT? I don't, and neither do you so they do look at value also. More times than not there is a player close enough in grade to justify need. My point was teams often view a small group of players in each draft as elite. Teams will sometimes ignore need somewhat to take one of those. I'm not saying we will, just that is how it happens sometimes. Also, fans think in terms of biggest need lining up with the 1st round pick. Teams go into a draft looking to fill several needs and sometimes do so in a order depending on how the draft falls.
  15. OBJ didn't add an extra 1305 yards in a vacumm. If he wasn't there a different receiver would have received targets. You have to decide how many extra yards he produced over what his replacement would have had. OBJ defientaly helped but I think it is a bit of a stretch to attribute all of the improvement to OBJ and none to McAdoo. .
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