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  1. With what we invested in Teddy, and now Darnold, I'm afraid we might get to the point of being pot committed so to speak. Not that it matters at this point,but the when everyone was trying to argue Sam or a rookie, people lost track of that fact with a rookie you had 4 years to decide if they were the guy. With Sam that decision is going to have to come rather quick. Also I'm thinking Teddy might have been Hurney's guy so it was easy for Rhule to move on, with Sam there might more of a interest for it to work.
  2. If you watch tape is can be easy to get excited about some of the tools that Sam does have. He definitely can make some throws and he is more athletic than some think. I'll be honest though, some of this stats from clean pockets is a bit concerning, at that point you lose the bad o-line excuse. You give a really good QB a clean pocket, and I don't care who the play caller is I'm guessing they are going to make good things happen also. With Brady calling plays and our skill positions players I expect him to play better. Only question is will he play good enough to warrant a franchi
  3. Best case, Cameron Erving has a career year at tackle, Moton continues to play well, Christensen excels at one of the guard spots, and the other two spots play decent. Realistically: Outside of Moton we have a line full of guys that we are hoping play considerable better than recent history would suggest. Same thing we hoped for when we signed Kalil. More times than not that is a losing proposition. One posititive though is I think Brady's system can be somewhat friendly to O-lines.
  4. And this is why you don’t believe every report you read....
  5. People read headlines like this and complain about their rankings but they don't even take the time to read the article. It wasn't a ranking based on their grading system. It was a subjective piece by one of their writers looking at WR/TE groups as a WHOLE. Most of the time when someone complains about PFF its due to the fact they didn't really understand what they are commenting on.
  6. fair point, I should have said "added" not replaced. We still have the TE (Thomas) that really didn't do much at all last year in the passing game. Either way it was a opinion piece based on the WR and TE groups as a whole, so honestly i can see us being middle third based on past history. Maybe Arnold gets more opportunity, maybe Tremble plays great as a rookie, maybe Marshall plays great as a rookie, maybe all of that happens and we are top-5 or 10. Honestly I think there is a decent chance we use CMC a good bit in the passing game, and therefore some of our WR and TE numbers
  7. Before getting so upset people might want to actually try reading the article. Its not a ranking based on last years grades. Its an opinion piece by one of their writers that is looking at WR/TE groups as a whole, and he even states that depth is a huge factor in his rankings. He even states that based on grade we had the 8th ranked unit last year. Also states that with Moore and Anderson we have one of the better one-two punches in the league. Also sates that we have some pieces to be one of the better units this year. With all that being said the fact is we lost our WR3 las
  8. Unless something crazy happens Moton and Erving are going to be your tackles this year. Just look at the contracts. I would love for Christenson to become one of the best LTs in the league but you have to be realistic. How many good LTs are there actually in the league? 10-12 How old are some of them? late 30s How many have of them have been drafted in the last 10-15 years? 100-200 The fact is the odds are against him. Honestly the team knows that and that is why they just didn't chase need at LT. They probably felt really good about Sewell and after that not so muc
  9. When reports start getting specific about the amount of trade capital (1st rounder) and expected time (next week) it sometimes can be the team looking to trade the player trying to create interest. I’m not saying that is the case all of the time but definitely sometime. I’m thinking a second, but as others have said maybe a first from a really good team who expects to be picking late in the round.
  10. People get caught up talking about starting and contributing. Depending on your current players a bad player can come in and start or play a decent amount of snaps. A rookie that is playing at a replacement level isn't helping your team much more than a vet playing at the same level on a cheap contract. As KB_fan pointed out very few rookies truly play better than an average player and to expect otherwise is unrealistic. Just because he plays a lot of snaps doesn't mean he played well. The best way to really evaluate a draft class is to wait two years and ask yourself honestly
  11. I swear some people don't even read the articles then they comment on said articles. The focus isn't about which players help a team more from a production standpoint, that would be more based on something like WAR (wins above replacement), they are looking at cap value. Since everyone is trying to turn this into a Darnold vs Fields vs Horn type of argument lets take the QB out of the example. Lets use LT and RB. LTs are the second most valuable position based on the metric they use. They basically looked at the median price of non rookie contracts since 2014. The yearl
  12. Just based on scheme (a lot of quick passes) we might feel less inclined to spend considerable resources on the O-line. I'm not saying it is the correct call, but fact is both last year with our first pick, and several times in this years draft there have been OTs availed that probably were rated fairly high at given draft spots. Fans have this idea that LTs help your team exponentially more that any other non-QB position, I just don't think a lot of teams think the same way.
  13. I agree with you that I'm not a fan of chasing exceptions. Its a dangerous slope that usually ends up being a losing gamble. My only point was I don't think his draft position was the reach that alot of fans thought. In regards to the rest of the draft class I agree with your POV. Rookie DBs struggle, look at Okuda and Henderson last year. OTs often struggle, let alone one from the 3rd round, who might end up being a guard anyway. How many good LTs are there in the league? 10-12. Some of which are in their late 30s. So in the last 15 years the league has only found 10-12
  14. I’m not saying he is going to work out but I’m not sure if you can consider him an outlier if he got drafted close to where some teams had him ranked.
  15. I think Tremble was more highly regarded among teams than casual fans. So many fans just box score scout. Nice article here about him: https://www.turfshowtimes.com/2021/4/15/22384440/tommy-tremble-draft-scouting-report Lance Zierlein had him ranked as his 38th ranked prospect. Mike Renner of PFF had him going in the third round in his last mock. His drop rate is a little concerning but he definitely has tools.
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