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  1. as opposed to those coaches who admit to wanting low character dumb players.
  2. Thats pretty much how things ran while Rhule was here, but it just so happened those football people made bad decisions. People like to spin this narrative that he is some controlling owner who is making all of the personnel decisions but for the most part that really hasn't seem to be the case. This idea that he is like Snyder or Jones doesn't really have merit.
  3. But arm is such a big part of it I hate even making that comparison even as a “lite” version. It would be like calling Levis Cam lite without the running ability.
  4. agree. I can't guarantee we would have offered the same package to go to #2 as we did to go to #1 but I would guess it would have been close.
  5. Down and distance often changes where players play. On obvious passing downs you might see Brown move to the middle and someone like YGM play end.
  6. or you could look at it as if you if were drafting a QB to start early, for example Young or Stroud you would have gone cheaper as your backup.
  7. He said three 1st round picks were never in play for teams within the top 5. Logic tells you that for those teams outside of the top 5 it would have took more draft capital or in our case a pretty good player.
  8. It's a very common assessment of him. Most fans are limiting their opinion to what they saw during the game vs Georgia. Let's be honest, most people around here that is probably the only entire game they have watched of Strouds. Was the Georgia game an anomaly or a glimpse of what he can become.
  9. Before the trade I was thinking it would take something like our 2023 1st and 2nd, 2024 1st and 2nd, and 2025 1st to move all the way to #1. Turns out we gave them 2023 1st and 2nd, 2024 1st, 2025 2nd, and D.J. Moore. Under that scenario D.J.'s value was basically a 2025 1st and giving them a 2025 2nd instead of a 2024 2nd. According to an article by Albert Breer that was recently linked by Mr. Scot they looked at D.J. as basically a replacement for the 2025 1st, which pretty close to what I was thinking. Should we have been able to get more for DJ? Would he get more on the open market than a 2025 1st? Also, when the report came out that we turned down two 1st round picks for Burns the main argument against it was that they are future year 1st and therefore valued one round lower for each year. Under that logic we got a 3rd round value for Moore. Also, that same article said there was talk that it would take 2 1st and 2 2nds to move to a pick in the top 5. From pick 5 to pick 9 is about 350 points which is a later 2nd. So that 3rd round value isn't too far off. Could we have traded Moore during the season and used that draft capital to move up to 5? 2023 NFL Trade Value Chart (drafttek.com) In regard to Moore's value you also have to look at his contract, a player's contract heavily influences their trade value. A good player on a rookie contract is worth a lot more than a player you have to sign to a mega contract. While Moore isn't on a rookie contract, he still has a very favorable contract. He signed a long-term deal with us so we have already paid the signing bonus. They are mostly just responsible for their yearly salary. Roughly $50m for 3 years which is a bargain for #1 receiver. When it comes to QBs you usually have to overpay in the draft, and if we find our franchise QB we will all be happy with the deal, but if I think Chicago did a good job in what they received. They might miss on all of the picks but that is irrelevant at this point.
  10. All 29 times that NFL teams traded up to draft a quarterback (espn.com) in hindsight maybe but here are 29 times teams thought they were so sure they were willing to not only trade up but often overpay and as you can see they were often wrong. Even when it looks like they were right, like Houston trading up for Watson (ignoring the off-field issues) if they hadn't traded up, they would have kept their following year pick they could have drafted Allen with. I'm not saying I'm totally opposed to "going and getting your guy" but there is a risk/reward aspect you have to look at. Fact is none of these guys are sure things. Also, Cam had a lot better risk/reward profile because we didn't have to trade up for him. If we would have been wrong, we were not out any future picks. What's the maximum you would give up to go to 1, I think there is a point that we would all say, "no thank you".
  11. or trading away Baker and having to settle for Allen the following year. Works both ways. and honestly Cam was different, we didn't have to trade up. I'm taking about the amount of risk that you have to incur when you package picks. For example, the Rams traded up for Goff. They could have stayed put and hoped Wentz or Goff fell to them, if they didn't, they could have used one of their second-round picks that they traded away for a QB like Hackenburg, who didn't work out, but then they still have their first the following year to pick Mahomes.
  12. Which scenario would you prefer, or do you think has the best chance of producing a franchise QB for the organization? First of all, let's assume QB1(we will say Stroud) you have to trade up to #1 to get. Cost of trade up will be this year's 1st and 2nd, plus next year's 1st and 2nd and 2025 1st. Let's assume QB4(we will say Levis) has a good chance of making it to #9. So, what is more likely to produce a franchise QB? Stroud this year, or Levis and Hooker (or Tanner) this year, a 1st and 2nd round QB next year and a 1st round QB in 2025? Basically, Stroud or 5 swings at other 1st and 2nd round QBs in this year and future years. Also, if you want to make the argument you wouldn't draft QBs in back-to-back years you could draft Levis this year, then a different QB in 2025 and 2027 and you have still wasted the same number of draft picks as trading up for Stroud. Fans and organizations tend to fall in love with one guy and then convince themselves that they are 100% correct on that guy but history tells us otherwise. I've been saying for years that you have to gamble when it comes to QBs but I don't know how much. Will be very interesting to see how it plays out.
  13. Stroud didn’t look like “Stroud vs Georgia” for most of his career either. Was that a bit of an anomaly or a glimpse of what you can expect in the future?
  14. Down and distance might dictate the position also. Running downs he might be lined up at DE and obvious passing downs he might slide over to the middle. Also if we are a 3-4 base does that mean when we go to nickel, we might see some 3-3-5?
  15. But Tepper is hard to work for and it might be hard to find coaches…… Not saying these guys are going to work but that narrative was so stupid. With that being said I do like the choices and I also feel like we have some people in place that should know a thing or two about QBs, which finding our long term answer at QB should be this organizations #1 goal right now.
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