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  1. The Panther offenses of 2019 and 2020 were completely different, so whatever nuanced point you were aiming at does not apply. Kyle's best game was in 2019, Teddy's was in 2015. Which one was better? Famous last words of the house hypocrite. Enjoyed the beatdown. Have a nice season. Incase of an emergency(shoes at the tv, spousal abuse, suicidal tendencies) call this number, 000-000-0000.
  2. Do you remember this? Has your definition of carried changed in the last two days? Did CMC not have 2300 total yards and 19 touchdowns that year? when one running back matches the quarterback in touchdowns, did he carry that quarterback? I hope you don't have different playing fields for Kyle Allen and Teddy Bridgewater because that would be kind of messed up if you did. Now, let me run a stat line by you. 17-20-0 231yds 4tds 1rushing 154.4 rate. Now is that a good day? Has Kyle Allen ever had a day better than that. If so lets take a look at that, and see if you're on a level playing field.
  3. I see you're banging that moving target again. So instead of Kyle Allen being better than Teddy, he just had a better game than Teddy. I guess everything looks better from the basement. There's a whole lot of justification going on around here. If you're done with him, be done with him. I'll get tired of talking to myself sooner or later. It's more about I think this team is going to poo, and y'all think that I'm full of poo anyway. I'm just enjoying the state of the Panthers more than I care to admit, and all of the low brow justification about Teddy continues to feed in to it.
  4. Here's what your problem is. You are about to enter into a period of misery, and you need a cushion. Well Kyle Allen throwing two more touchdown passes while accounting fewer over all touchdowns than Teddy just ain't it. Teddy did more with less. I know emotional people don't do well with numbers but twenty is more than nineteen. And That was just Teddy. Everyone around him got numbers too. D.J., Robby, and Curtis became known as the triple threat. Brady went from college kid to whiz kid, and Mike Davis went from, naught to as you say, 3 million ain't poo money. All gone to hell in a handbasket because y'all ain't used to nice things What you meant to say was that Teddy closed the deal. The pay off was career numbers in catches and yards. I'm sure he can't wait to get back with Sam. Who he also happens to be familiar with. Can't prove I didn't lie about Curtis, but I did find out that he got paid to the tune of 3 years 34 million, with 23 million guaranteed. You should like them apples. Think Teddy had anything to do with that?
  5. You just made Kyle Allen a legend in your own mind. Nobody was claiming that the Panthers had this dynamic receiving group before Teddy got here. It was CMC who drug this team up and down the field. Teddy got the same production out of this crew with no CMC. So no, he didn't do worse than Kyle Allen, he actually did better than Kyle Allen. So you're saying that another player took a pay cut to leave this team. By the time you stop digging dog, you're going to be in a place you don't even recognize. Couldn't find the source for that claim. I found something else I thought I should share.
  6. The yards thing was a counter to the all too cute nickname adopted by the cut and paste crowd. As far as touchdowns, he did his share, and it's also a team thing. Wherever Teddy plays, everybody eats. That's how Mike Davis got paid, Robby Anderson followed him here form New York, ands Curtis Samuels is asking for him in D.C. You should be mindful of the shots that you take of the guy that's gone being that his replacement is going to need all of the excuses that you can find for the next two years. You should try to think more outside of the box. Give the 21st century a shot. Maybe fans are no longer glued to teams who whimsically blow up their rosters at the suggestion of sports writers and podcasters. If you are stuck here with someone else's garbage, and have to like it, you have my sympathies.
  7. A whole two brain cells that finally meet. Of course I followed Teddy here, do I need a lawyer? Teddy was 12th in the league in yards per attempt, 17th in total yards and yards per game. What are you going to call Sam Darnold, who was 32 in yards per attempt, 31st in yards per game, and 28th in total yards. This is no more than the blind following the blind. Doesn't take much to get past folks who can't see past their noses. However, since you seem to be an esteem member of Trollwatch.org, here's a tip. Troll only bother the ones who feed them. So, shut up and enjoy your poo sandwich.
  8. Whether you like Teddy or not, you smell just as bad as the rest of them through proximity. You know, the lie down with dogs kind of thing.
  9. Your idea of success will come in smaller and smaller bites as the reality of your situation sinks in. The phrase "not a complete disaster," will become Huddle buzzwords. I get it. You're a bit punch drunk swinging from Watson to Darnold in less than a month. To you success is a moving target. How bad did Carolina get hosed in this deal? The term laughing stock comes to mind. This deal was so bad, that the team name will become a verb, as in you just got Panthered. However, that wasn't even the deal of the month. The Jets barely had time to make their getaway before the Broncos came looking for sloppy seconds. The morning after is going to be rough. The sad part of all of this is that it didn't have to be this way. One more year with Teddy would not have been this disastrous. Teddy had enough of the lip from a team who thought that they were better than they were, and he bailed, plain and simple. You never had any leverage here. Teddy went dark after Tepper bumped his gums about finding a Super Bowl quarterback and the Panthers started monkey branching from Stafford, to Watson to Sam freaking Darnold. Yall forgot to stop digging, and now you are in a hole with one way out and that's through the basement. There's a lot more to say. Mostly from this bunch trying to make chicken salad out of chicken poo.
  10. That's the dumb move that will become all too apparent by the end of the 21-22 season. There's no upside to paying Teddy to produce with Denver while languishing in the basement with Sam. There's not enough mayo on the planet for the poo sandwich that you guys are taking seconds on. Folks here tell themselves that the reason Teddy's success with the Vikings and the Saints didn't work here was because the Saints and the Vikings were better teams. So the answer here is to get rid of the quarterback who works well with good teams, and acquire a quarterback who wrecks good teams. That's Carolina Panther gold right there. Try to keep up. Teddy Bridgewater is a coach maker. Norv Turner landed on his feet after working with him. Sean Payton had coach of the year rumors circling the Saints after Teddy subbed for Brees. Now he's handing a former coach a career lifeline. A gift horse that the Panther rookie coach looked in the mouth and to his demise carelessly let get away.
  11. It's funny how the last offensive coordinator to go to the playoff with Minnesota managed to get Teddy Bridgewater to come to Denver. You'll never understand, because you've been brow beaten by this Huddle crowd hopped up on hopium. You'll never understand because you believe that every team that Teddy has played for was magically good while he was there and tragically worse since he left. That's because you don't know what a good team looks like. If you did, you wouldn't be so happy with the backwards trajectory of your team. Since I no longer have a dog in this fight, I'm going to sit to the side and watch you howl at the moon while wallowing in the suck that is the Carolina Panthers.
  12. Teddy's production got two teams to the playoffs. Sam's production got two coaches fired. That's because Teddy operated within the confines of balanced offenses with growing levels of efficiency. Mike Davis and Curtis Samuels got paid as a end result of working with Teddy. Robby and D.J. had career years in yards. Yet to yall, he sucked, and now Jeudy, Fant, and Gordon get to benefit of his play. With all of that, you of Huddle legend, hang your hat on the narrowest of margins that Sam Darnold may have had over Teddy Bridgewater. What does Sam have to show for his extra seven touchdown passes? Wins? Nope. Playoffs? Nope. Rookie of the year? Pro Bowl? Nope and nope. Just a wasteland where coaches careers go up in flames.
  13. Your opinion is as permissible as the next. One part of the next is that your opinion sucks.
  14. "Teddy Bridgewater is what he always was." That's the chorus line. How many of you have said it, thought it, believe it today? Well, Now you have a quarterback who has never completed over 60% of his passes, never been to the playoffs, never had a winning season, and a career rating of 78.6. This is not going to end well. This has dumb ass owner meddling all over this with nobody having the guts to say how stupid this move was. I believe Bridgewater fans have a right to be bitter about the behavior of Carolina fans who were unbelievably cruel to the man. This is just a response to the hypocritical gasbags who sign on to a disaster that should have been seen a mile away. Full disclosure, there will be no sympathy from this corner of the web for your foolish leap of faith off the cliff that Sam built.
  15. Just giving the folks here with the rainbows and unicorns a dose of reality. You see, there were those who pompously claimed that Teddy is who he always was, are now hugging the nuts of a colossal failure who has been in the league the same amount of time as the guy that they hate. So if you hate Teddy and love Sam, you are on the ship of fools.
  16. If Teddy B sucked, you are really going to love Sam.
  17. All of this is Jets 2.0, with the same blindness and soon to be the same excuse making. Teddy took a rookie coach to the playoffs in Minn. He helped save the season in New Orleans after Brees got hurt. And he got his college coach a fat contract with the University of Texas while he was at Louisville. He also got some morons here thinking that Rhule can develop a player that two other coaches have already tried and failed. Embrace the suck. With one move the Panthers have established themselves as the worse team in the league, and the new general manager will dump the coach before he's dumped the following year. Jets 2.0.
  18. Rhule ain't got long for this job. He just traded a coach maker for a coach killer. Sam's working on his third coach in three years, with one going on to build a Super Bowl winning defense. Talk about seeing ghost; there's going to be some reunions going on with Sam having to face old nemesis from the AFC East. You folks will be lucky to put two wins together this year, and by this time next year yall will be looking for another qb, and possibly another coach while having to pay Sam's 5th year guarantee. Can't blame Hurney for this one.
  19. No. Just a fan of the game who has always liked Teddy's approach to playing the position since his days at Louisville. You are about to get your wish, and you still can't let it go.
  20. The thing is, he will be missed. It just won't be acknowledged.
  21. What is Sam? They both have the same starting experience.
  22. Doesn't matter how he gets on the field again. Once he does, he's going to be better. It may not be enough for the Panthers, but he'll help somebody. The problem is that Sam is going to make Teddy look good and that's why you don't want him here while Donald does what he's been doing for the past three years. Using Teddy as a scapegoat for a rookie coaching staff is not going to get the Panthers anywhere.
  23. Misunderstood the title. You didn't lie. He had 3 first quarter td passes and 10 in the 2nd qtr. Got no argument with that because he's better, and will do better in his next go around.
  24. There's no need to lie about Teddy's game. He had five td passes in November, and one after he got hurt. That makes six in the last seven games.
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