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  1. Yeah I don’t see how we are involved honestly we have no assets really. We’ve gave up a lot of picks next year as well.
  2. Hype man I never hyped them up, you got the wrong person. You can ask other people I said since first game this team will struggle, don’t know where u been.
  3. He hasn’t even been on the damn field, what do you expect? I mean Robby is crying about not getting the ball and drops it like 5 or 6 times and still gets to stay on the field. I would bench his ass!
  4. You do know we have worse oline in the league and a qb that has started seeing ghosts again?
  5. I wish it would so far I have zero faith in Tepper or this coaching staff. Everyone went crazy when we went 3-0 and I tried to tell everyone to slow their role but now everyone sees this team has no oline and a qb that can’t handle pressure.
  6. Yeah Rhule outplays his own calls. Don’t see this experiment ending well. I think we got an owner that cares about European football more, thanks nfl always screwing us!
  7. Giants 27 Panthers 10 Darnold gets benched after 2 ints in the first quarter, then everyone gets their wish PJ comes off the bench. Then he throws two more ints and then Watson rumors really heat up. Then everyone says hmm maybe Rhule does want out.
  8. What kind of reaction was it, was at the game. I’ve heard people say he didn’t look happy but haven’t seen anything?
  9. Why would u trade your best wr away for him to have no one to throw to? Anderson has turn into straight garbage.
  10. Yeah maybe get some oline that actually play football would be a start.
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