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  1. Well until Brady is gone we ain’t winning this division. #FACTS
  2. Do we have a backup qb if Sam goes down because of oline which is over 50 percent change imo?
  3. I don’t personally like any of our qbs and don’t think any are starting material. Honestly the backups aren’t even backups. I guess you can keep living in your fantasy world though!
  4. I agree with first part but sorry Sam Howell is not the answer either lol. All we can hope for is Watson issues get solved and we sign him.
  5. Lol they know how to adjust. They will be on the team this year but we will win 5 or 6 games again this year then we will draft one and get a qb from free agency. Neither one will be on the team next year guaranteed!
  6. Omg that throw by Grier, I’m sorry but he can’t make the team. Hell I don’t see how PJ makes the team, can we please get another backup. We are in a lot of trouble if Darnold gets hurt.
  7. It sure is nice to see someone zip the ball in there instead of floating it LMAO.
  8. Yeah I think people overreacted about this situation.
  9. Lol I just posted that in my minicamp post.
  10. Seen it started today and didn’t see a topic started yet so thought what the heck!
  11. Too bad one of best wrs ever never won a SB.
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