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  1. No way we are we ain’t paying TE a lot of money lol. No towards you but Jones is dumb.
  2. Yep I second this, I could totally see this.
  3. I mean everyone has said McClain has been in the know this whole time. Now he has went from there absolutely won’t be no trade, to maybe this team could trade for him. Then he was like I should have never said there wouldn’t be no trade, sounds like he really don’t know to me. Hmmmmm, interesting news!
  4. How do they get these odds, I really don’t see how unless they hear stuff or do they just go off rumors?
  5. Damn I love it, nobody wants Teddy lol
  6. If you can’t win a game less than one score 0-8 by the way and can even try to throw for first down on 4th and 9 with game on the line it’s personal.
  7. Man Minnesota wasted his career. I would like to have him but I don’t think we will spend that much on TE and I wonder why Brady doesn’t use TE in his system much?
  8. I think what’s weird and cool at the same time is I’ve really only noticed us being the only NFC people talk about trading for him, I mean I heard a little Bears and 49ers at first but that is quiet now just us. Also what if Jets don’t want to trade Darnold, and I really don’t think Miami is ready to move on for Tua. Also Texans can get him out of AFC I really think we are favorites.
  9. Everyone has said that he is not in the know as he used to be don’t poop on the messenger lol.
  10. We don’t have to give them Teddy to make the trade. Don’t believe anything that McClain is spouting he really isn’t in the know.
  11. Dude he isn’t even worth responding to, he has no idea what he is talking about, just like over half of the reporters today.
  12. Teddy sucked on third downs, when u 8 yds he throws it for 3 yds, need 5 yds throws for one yard, I mean how many more examples can I give you.
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