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  1. Do people care about ur smarta$$ comments? The seeing ghosts was way overblown, it happens to alot of qbs.
  2. Went through 3 pages and no reply from the one that started the thread. Lol I wouldn’t either, how dumb!
  3. So once Darnold has more TD passes after 8 weeks that it took Teddy 16 weeks you will leave this site?
  4. Do people not like Burris. I thought he looked pretty good till he got hurt?
  5. You don’t get suspended for stuff like that.
  6. I think this guy might be the real deal, need to get a nickname ready for him?
  7. I agree I said in another thread @Giants week 1 because we will start on the road. We have started on at home last couple years, it will be a road game.
  8. Why did u use my avatar, I don’t want to be confuse with this garbage!
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