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  1. wait what? I don't think IQ was one of ray's weaknesses either> Ray might be the most feared linebacker in history. As great as he was and I do think he was superior to Ray in coverage that might be about it. Ray a much more devastating hitter. i give him the edge there.
  2. I agree... I mean if he did have it planned out it was a great idea and no one has thought to do it before now? I have no reason to think hes fishing for Positive news seeing as everyone says thats the kind of person he is why dout that?
  3. WOW...First off guy hasnt taken a snap. basically your just hating because....
  4. I thought this was hilarious. Seeing as Ryan Tannehill said he doesn't want to mentor willis
  5. People around here use to discredit you for bringing up Walterfootball but I like some of their content. Charlie Campbell is particularly good. And they have this one column they do every year position reviews that no one else does. They combine that year's draft class with the one before it and rank where the prospects would rank if it were one big draft class by position.
  6. I'm very pleased at what they did. I have no complaints about any of the guys they drafted. Each player had elite traits or something to validate drafting them where they did so hats off to fitterer.
  7. Agreed. Whole market dropped.. Corral and rider had 1/2 grades. Espn showed a info graphic where Willis had 1% chance to be there in the 3rd. Corral I think 2% ridder was right there as well.
  8. I dont think this proves anything tho. It was a weird offseason, teams had surplus of qbs due to the movement of Watson,matt ryan and so on. Teams are still trying to offload starting caliber qbs with no where to go (baker and Jimmy) and there isnt enough spots. Pittsburg passing on any qb would have ment the same slide for whoever they didnt select.
  9. This could say more about the qb market this offseason as well seeing as how many teams don't need a qb. All the Watson moved and qb moment means fewer jobs or reasons to invest. A few team's are sitting with 2 starting caliber qbs they can't offload(jimmy G and baker) there is a surplus.. But don't let facts get in the waY of a good ole I told you so.
  10. I'm the willis guy but who was the draft strong guy?
  11. Dude what did this draft prove? Overated until snaps are played. This doesn't prove squat
  12. Well for last year they had ah brown and julio that isn't bad at all. Henry doesn't hurt either. I mean ten got Ryan tanny to work as well. Not sure how many qbs mike vabrel himself has failed but we will see.
  13. Why so? I think its perfect. tanny cant be the QB forever but hes good enough where Willis wont have to play for 2-3 years. They have a history with mobile qbs and a strong run game foundation. I believe he will show up in the preseason and some one comes calling for a trade before then tho. He could easily net you a 1-2 as trade compensation if all goes well like jimmy G.
  14. Apparently you don't either why are u in this thread. You go around hating on a player you don't like every where his nap pops up
  15. I mean you can't fake whats on tape. either you got it or you don't. His traits are legit. A lot of whatr becomes of him is coaching... we will see.
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