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  1. i mean its not rocket science. guy ran a 4.6 and is heavy. i dont imagine him shaking any corners off their coverage or blowing the top of any defenses. but 4.6 is adequate with his size in contact 1 on 1 situation. hes built for contact. personally he should be our number 2 rb.
  2. agreed. we saw that on the first play the tried to get him the ball and the linebacker was just drapped on him. you will have to scheme him the ball. he wont be able to seperate on his own. weapon once the ball is in his hands tho.
  3. Just a thought. If he doesn't do another thing for the rest of the season he did almost seal the game for us which is good for 1 win. is that enough value for what we traded for him? I do believe he will continue to pay dividends but I just wanted to check the temperature of the forum. what would it take to make this a successful trade to you?
  4. not sure if any tried to use patterson as a rb the way the falcons did. but point well made.
  5. i dunno they have some very versatile chess peices. mariota might not be the best but he can move and extend plays. patterson as well. Pitts is a freak.. drake london looks legit as well... they have weapons.
  6. toney has some of the best movement skills i have ever seen. his feet are reggie bush-tier. hes sorta like a humming bird with his ability to stop and start. but hes a headcase. injury prone as well. i would take this trade in a heart beat. hes has produced 100 yard games. tMJ has been...lies..
  7. personal can make or break how good a coordinator looks. yes he wasnt perfect not saying brady was a ogfensive mastermind. but his plays look much more creative that this crap.
  8. i kinda agree. this macadoo-doo stuff is telegraphed nonsense. also not fair to measure bradys offensive line and what he could do with this one which is miles better.
  9. naw hes still slow.. but with power.. he isnt a traditional run and get open wr as we seen on the first play of the game he was blanketed. hes a weapon thats going to have to be schemed open. more rb than wr.
  10. hes been fine. of course hes not a superstar jump right off the tape type guy if that was the case we wouldnt have been able to aquire him. the truth is usually somewhere in the middle and thats where Henderson has been. just a average guy and thats ok. im not mad at him nor so i think we over overpaid. hes been fine.
  11. I'm not trying to tell you who you should be a bigger fan of. But trying to argue a guy who has owned a team 12 years and done squat vs a owner in what year 3-4 is worse?
  12. they didnt make the playoffs.. jordan is as bad or worse than tepper as a owner. and they have accomplished less dispite being around longer.. are we really aruging hornets vs panthers? yes panthers are worse present day but just went to the big dance in 2015 vs hornets never?
  13. the hornets are worse run and a bigger poo show than the Panthers.
  14. The hornets haven't had nearly the success of the panthers... let's stop that nonsense right now. How many conference titles does the hornets have despite being around longer? How many finals appearances?
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