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  1. I think he is in a unique sphere. He isnt Cam Newton as far as being a Power Rusher but he is faster than Cam. I really dont know who you compare him 2 because He is pretty big and we haven't seen a guy this big this fast really. Hes more likely to house call than newton. They are both power throwers who depend on arm strength to get it done over ball placement and accuracy. So i guess the comparison can be made. That said If I'm stay at 9 I gamble on the Upside. Has the phsyical tools let coaching handle the rest. He immediately comes into the league a top 5 rushing threat at the position schemd around that to get guys open. build up the pieces as we go and lets go.
  2. It was 1 game. In the rain????? like 1. If thats the case we might as well throw corral in the trash.
  3. how many games did he look bad in?
  4. Lance Earned a starting job on a good 49ers team that had jimmy G a proven vet. Corral couldnt earn reps over Walker a meh sam and a bad cast off from cleveland. Corral was a 3rd talent and lance a 1st round talent in a good qb class.
  5. the guy played what 1 game in the rain and hes a bust? I'm glad a lot of you arent the decision makers over here. Yall are daying Matt Corral has shown more which is the ecscf opposite of whats true here. Lance has the tools. size running ability big are i would love to aquire for a 2 and maybe a little more.
  6. i like it. i think he has more upside than anyone in this draft. if we cant land one of the top-2 or 3 and they want to move him for say a 2. im down.
  7. Not going to get into the RB speculation, but his name is worthy of praise and added to this thread. He seems to me to have done nothing bur deliver when called apon. Even tho the sample size is small he has been worth the price of admission. At worst hes wr 3-4 on this team i would love to see him get more opportunities.
  8. the Rams dont have a first round pick this year so why does that get brought up at all. and has nothing to do with wilks.
  9. I think hes worth atleast a first. The problem with 2 first is that 1 of those picks has to go into replacing him. you wont get both picks the same year. the other 2 probably go into trading up for a qb. I dont love this qb class. I feel sitting ar 8-10 levis or stroud will be there at worse case AR-15. Trading a young pro bowler who has proven he can get 12 sacks a year and still getting better for a unknown commodity is a risk. 2 first and a second is a bounty i get it. On paper it is definitely the winning side but its also a risk.
  10. you can do that without losing the second most important position in the game. you got a haul for CMC your already picking top 10. should be very doable.
  11. He isnt a run stopper. He isnt even really a defense end. your comparing him to guys who are 270-280. hes honestly a 3-4 edge and thats what he projected to be. is that his fault you use him at end to stop the run? no. athleticism is always valuable. 1 trick or not its a damn good trick. Maybe there are 20 guys in the league with double digit sacks but thats 20 out of 32 teams including defensive tackles thats rare
  12. This Burns should have been traded crap is nonsense to me. first off guy isnt 25 yet. Guys that can get you 10 sacks a year dont grow on trees. those that do demand a high price. Look at how Reddick was out of our price range after his double digit season here. Second yes hes a one dimensional speed rusher. If the spin or speed rush doesnt work he doesnt have a good bull rush. Yet he is Long long arms great elite flexibilty and 4.5 speed at the edge which is rare. not to many qbs running away from burns. if a qb breaks outside the pocket i know my edge can chase him down. And hes fast enough to play in coverage if needed. If u do accept that trade you not getting a pick this year. and Alteast one of those picks is going to replace him and you have to hope he is as good a pass rusher. What if you miss? you stuck trying to find a guy who can put pressure on the edge which to me defeats the purpose of trading him in the first place. If the rams thought he was worth 2 first and a second that shows you how valued he is by other teams. Stop looking at the league with panther colored goggles and look at what the league sees.
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