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  1. I mean AR issues can be fixed i believe. they letting him run uncontested without sliding. hes barrelling around and clearly his isnt cam as fad as durability. but hes faster. he had a lot og his traits. I would be pleased with him right now.
  2. this isnt trolling. his issues and injuries are minor. he slides hes fine.
  3. Seem to be the team lacked explosive plays last week and Granted we were without our true number 1(Chark) I charged it to the game. This week.. i was optimistic for some big down the field passes we saw in camp... didnt happen. Also seems to me Shenault is kinda under utilized as good things tend to happen when he gets the ball. Instead Its father time with 12 targets under 10 yards... this offense feels stuck in the mud. This is why drafting athleticism is always important to me. Tools.. arm strength elite traits speed and so on are the bare minimum for me. If you don't have those you can't be the number 1 pick for me.
  4. huddle hated richardson now look who is the real project.
  5. I mean I dont have ti spell his name right for him to be the pro bowl
  6. picking horn over universally thought to be better and pro bowler pat sertain was a Major head scratcher. not to mention if u didnt want to go there Mich parson was in free fall and available. I dunno I love his aggressiveness he just hasn't been succesful with the shots hes taken.
  7. She's a fellow flordia state alum and fan. That said beyond beautiful.. She does a lot of open rooms on Twitter when news breaks to discuss the panthers.. She's the type of young energy This base needs. Its been a pleasure.
  8. he's solid. Guy dissappears to often to be elite or a pro bowler. But he is above average. Not a jag but also not a god send. Could this change? possibly... still need further refinement.
  9. Chark is the number 1 at this point. Thielen isnt who he use to be. doesnt have the speed to seperate at this this stage in his career. will be playing second fiddle to Chark like he did with jefferson.
  10. im not mad at the guard pick looked solid... but talent wise there was better guys on the board. looks like they going after need a lot more than i would think.
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