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  1. Dylan Mosses. Wanted him badly. Was a projected first rounder the season before including behing the number 1 high-school prospect in the country. Freak athlete.
  2. Agreed. I am not advocating for trading down to 28 at all. I just ment in a decent situation.
  3. I can agree with most of what you said. But this is business. In doing business you can't take personal feelings into account no matter how you "feel" about them. I do think you try to screw them and the price for rivals is probably higher although, you have to take into account this is a completely new regime. Tepper, Rhule, and scott fitterer for that matter weren't around for any of that stuff you mentioned. We as fans want to make our staffs hatred and pride the same as our own but these guys aren't fans and are professionals. I would hate to miss out on a haul like say what the 49er
  4. Agree with this. I just can't get with the notion of not listening at all to their offer because they are the saints or any divisions rival. I think you atleast see what they are talking about if nothing more than to get some idea of what they are thinking draft night.
  5. Wouldn't say that. You listen to all offers. No prospect is a surefire thing so if they offer enough and want to take a swing I'm all for it. I'm sure we atleast called Atlanta about number 4 as well.
  6. The whole "mortgaging the future" tag might lean a bit to the extreme. The cost of a second round pick vs a potential franchise qb sounds pretty cheap. Yes I know we passed on fields and Mac jones just like every one in the league including the ravens on Lamar Jackson. I don't think darnold will look bad enough to sink the franchise or on the other end push us into the playoffs so the results will probably be middling for a while.
  7. These players are extreme examples of gadget players that fail. On the other end what about the ones who turn out to be successful. Samuel to a lesser degree, Tyreek Hill might be the most successful Gadget player In the league and top 5 WR at the same time. Yes he was considered a gadget player.
  8. Thats not the point I was making. I Said it can be argued that he is a better route runner than Moore. Moores ability to break tackles and high point balls overshadow Samuels ability.
  9. Umm not sure what your issue is but as soon as say last season Samuel was running routes better than DJ Moore. His body catches are also overstated. Having a guy that can do multiple things has never been at the cost of the team. When we lost everyone not named Mike Davis at rb Samuel picked up the slack there as well. Your idea of Gadget player is a player that isn't really good at football Armani Edwards or something like that. Samuel if anything could do more that what our offensive limitations allowed him to do here.
  10. All these sources but the teams actions say otherwise. I can believe the Lance part but Mond in the second???
  11. But gained a starting qb who would have went second this year in the draft.
  12. People have an opinion about everything. You say your sick I'm sure your mom ar one point in time tried to diagnose you like she was a doctor.
  13. Thats like saying it's OK to ignore byu players... what you would ignore Zac wilson... or ignore north Dakota state players... you ignore trey Lance? Josh Allen? Again.. just because a player went to a school has absolutely nothing to do with ability to play the game.
  14. You draft traits and players not Helmets.
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