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  1. Didn't we go over his dead money cap hit? Why is this even a discussion. That dead cap hit was more than we would have paid for cam last year and this team cut him. What makes yall think they will just be ok having 21 mill just go to the air.
  2. Can we stop throwing his name around in a deal. If we trade cmc we take an automatic cap hit of 21 million. That is almost IMPOSSIBLE .That makes watson salary hard to even carry over here.
  3. I don't think watson worth that. He hasn't won any super bowls or been to one. IM OUT(LIKE THE BRONCOS JETS AND FINS)
  4. And your ok with that price? And for that why not just say Lawrence is up for grabs 2.
  5. I'm amazed at the huddle.. the normally ultra conservative huddle who doesn't like giving up future assets is ok with giving up 3 first round picks and CMC? I'm all about gambling and even I balk at this idea. I don't want Watson that much. He'll for that price let's try to Nab Lawrence and move up to 1.
  6. Could a few of today's cap casualties benefit Samuel make room for his return?
  7. put curtis on a deep ball offense and hes a 1000 yard guy the way i see it. We havent had anyone who can get him those without him slowing down his whole career. not that thats the only thing he can do its just where he would make up for the yardage he doesnt get running the other number 1 wr routes. i think he is a very solid number 2 and yardage is yardarge no matter where u get it.
  8. Im a big Samuel fan i even posted a threat earlier in the season about are we sure Moore is better than Samuel that got pooed into the dirt but hey... i dont think its clear cut and dry anymore.
  9. I think in Johnsons case his myth is bigger than his numbers. He got in off his freakish measurements, the 6'5 230 nightmare that ran a 4.3 couldn't be guarded league painted him as a unicorn in the media. Yes his numbers are worse than smitty but his legend looms larger in the publics eyes.
  10. Title says it all and looking how Calvin Johnson was a first ballot a few other names come into play. Basically Antonio Brown is at that level right now. And Steve Smith might be above them both
  11. I'm not sure why the article tries to single out first round qbs like you shouldnt take a qb in the first. I wonder what the metric is on second round qbs or 4th? fact is thats just the nature of the beast. teams are moving on sooner rather than later to stay younger. Your best option is still a first round qb.
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