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  1. Philly brown??? Come on bro... Samuel was making plays brown couldn't even dream of making..running the ball and making impacts just stop it..
  2. How did cam come into play with this. As much as you guys might be salty at the way things ended he is still my personal favorite panther of all time(I smitty could also go here) and even if he is on the patriots I can't be mad. Seems we immediately crap on players that leave us even if it wasn't his choice.
  3. Everybody on the huddle was on the ferrell train. People love to look at stats and none of the factors that helped make those stats possible. This is where the combine comes into play. Who cares if you have 14 sacks with 3 other first rounders on the line with you. Then you get to the combine and look like a marginal athlete that put your how did you get those stats into question. Scout traits, ability, then stats.
  4. Cam has tools... and it's not like we have a lot of potential starters at the position. Little is by all means likely cut. We needed guys who could compete. Who knows maybe he is decent?
  5. No one should be fine with cmc contract because it just doesn't work out for rbs... and even he has been banged up. Most great rbs bodies are all but beat up when the second contract is signed.
  6. I agree. Why is the thought weed with large part of our base? The guy is fighting for his nfl career and basically on his last shot. I would think he realizes by now weed would finish him. I'm thinking it's peds or something.
  7. Are we sure this is weed? When I see this I think steroids and trying to be more than what you are.
  8. Me too. But the average football fan wouldn't watch enough scouting and tape to figure it out. They would see highlights on espn of baker Mayfield throwing a 50 yard pass and it being caught so he must have the strongest arm.
  9. strongest arm most would say josh allen buffalo
  10. Thats a reasonable assumption as well. But come training camp and the way they raving about him being most improved who's to say he's 3rd?
  11. And all that you said is fair. I can agree with all of it, but depending on how many tightends we keep day we keep 3 does he get cut? He can't be worse than day manhertz who was a solid blocker but that's it..
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