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  1. Erving i can live with... pardis... elf and miller....
  2. so this loves football is where im curious... I have seen reports he was considering retiring and didnt love football. Also that the coaches had to go to his house and get him. I mean that doesnt mean his mind cant be changed...but there is a reason a team gave up on a top 10 pick after a year.
  3. I wouldn't say this team is far off from it in the individual talents area... name a more individually talented team.. and still it's early
  4. I mean maybe I am in the minority here. But I have been ok with Ervings play so far. Sure he's not elite or maybe even above average, but for what we are paying him I'm cool with it. I will take that over giving up a 1st for a 27 year old tunsil at this point.
  5. I don't think we will know who jayce really is until we see him cover the cowboys wrs and blanket them. So far who has he had to cover? Elishiah Moore? A rookie wr being thrown to by a rookie qb? Jameis and the random assortment of saints wrs of whom I can't name one? They are far from lamb and Cooper whom will test Horns true ability. Not to mention Tampa when he sees Evans, Goodwin, and Antonio Brown. But if they have him cover say Brandon cooks( probably the best wr we have seen) it looks better. My guess is cooks is a burner so they will have Jackson on him. Not to mention this 3rd rounder throwing the pill. Our schedule has been very generous to us early on. Everyone looks promising.
  6. Well if you follow the talking heads... saints were missing 7 coaching assistants and had rookie qbs making substitutions. Marshawn Lattimore was out their number 1 cb. Davenport was out who is a key pass rusher.... Chauncey Garner who was suppose to guard cmc... of course micheal Thomas and so on..
  7. This is all I'm saying. Point well said.
  8. Same scenario applies here as well. Which is why after beating the jets and their depleted roster and the saints missing this person and that we aren't spoken of in the same breath as the chiefs and bucs.. people still question our accomplishments and see it more as the saints failure than the Panthers triumph.
  9. Playing who you play is a false measurement. That's like byu going undefeated fbs independent division. It isn't the same thing as going undefeated in the sec. Then when they play in the national championship they get drug 59-14. All competition isn't=competition. I don't even know how you peddled that statement as truth. As for crowning him plenty of that was going on on the first page. Plenty of oh I was wrong.
  10. Look.. I love horn so far as well.. but it is way 2 early to say I was wrong or such and such would or would not have been better. He hasn't been tested at all yet. No team we have faced even has an established number 1 or 2 wr. That pick was as easy as a punt return. Let's not jump the gun here.. tho early returns based of sample look promising.
  11. My God can we stop ramming cmc in for 3rd and 1 it doesn't work well
  12. I'm a fsu fan so I have seen plenty of instances where he is more than willing to take off. No.. he's not a scrambler but I don't think he's a negative in the I need to get the first down with my legs department either.
  13. Laugh at his mobility if u want 2.. he's run for plenty of first downs.. he's not a scrambler but he's got plenty of that Brett Favre pocket moxy movement and can get firsts. He's not a statue.
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