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  1. Huge fan of this guy he regularly does draft content but every year he does breakdowns of teams and since he has been evaluating players has a deep knowledge of every player on each team. Awesome listen if you got the time plus he is moving to charlotte could be a future huddler.
  2. I dunno if we are better unless you think clowney is better than burns and joey is better than luvu...
  3. I down for johnny wilson here because why thr fuge not at this point.
  4. not a fan of the wallace pick but everything else i can understand the reasoning and makes sense. dan has done a decent job to make sure the panthers have a say so in each round and getting a 2 next year was amazing. if he grab tampa or Franklin here i will be pretty pleased with the draft.
  5. very good deal. im not bad at it at all. picking up a extra 2 next year us awesome.
  6. Your being short sighted. I would not let 1 year define the future of my franchise for the next 6-8 seasons. If you hit on 1 or 2 of these guys you set your franchise qb up well as a contender for most of his career. players near and around 30 are in the twilight of their career and could fall off a cliff at any given moment.
  7. Thielen is literally a shell of what he use to be. sure he runs good routes still but he has clearly lost a step and shoulsnt stop you from getting a talented player and long term option. Johnson was let go because he was their number 1 options? their castaway is our number 1 let that sink in... no one is letting number 1 options walk with no compensation. In a historic wr deep class taking 2 is perfectly acceptable. We don't know what Mingo prognosis is but i didn't see anything from him that said future star.. at best he might be a 3rd option? You can't go into the season saying any of these guys are in your Long term plans.
  8. I think a lot of us overrate Mental toughness vs Actual god given ability. Guy has been playing football his whole life and has been elite at all levels and a 5 star recruit. Not to mention hes walking into a great situation with DJ Moore and keneen allen already there, plus the 9th pick to add say brock bowers or rome odenze or so. I dont see how he could have it mentally tough or fail.
  9. Yeah agreed. I always believe on gambling on physical traits that can't be taught vs say oh hes an elite processor. Like where is the factual evidence of that how do i scheme around that. your mental state or procesding rate can change based on your environment and getting destroyed like bryce did last year with us. I hope he doesnt start seeing ghosts.
  10. Caleb Williams has more generational tools to justify his number 1 pick status. He has the rocket arm. He has better size. He has somr crazy pocket movement and moves. I think he checks all boxes.
  11. I don't know where the idea hes a alcoholic comes from. Hes a college kid probably leaving a party and got wasted. doesnt mean he does that every day of his life and if any of you played sports in college you know it would almost be impossible to function that way. classes in the morning, positional meetings maybe 2 a day practices and study if any... like you would be drunk in one of those and it wouldnt go un noticed. That said guy is a starter. i would take him in the 3rd and not look back.. hes not there in the 4th 5th round your not finding starting calilber surefire talent after the 3rd.
  12. think your confusing jags for franchise or game changing players. What did Mingo or ISM do last year to show you they can elevate bryce young to be on par with Stroud or even Richardson for that matter? Nothing.. you can't go into the season saying hey we got ISM and Mingo we are ready to roll.
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