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  1. Do you think Hubbard is big enough to be 1,2 down back?
  2. Then why isn’t he on a team. Not saying he is garbage but he has been to a couple team tryouts and not signed.
  3. Bouye isn’t a starting outside corner anymore. We need to bring someone in or this defense will suffer some
  4. He’s not ready to be a head coach imo
  5. Told everyone saying we was going to blow them out.
  6. Now you really going to see what our defense has not getting any rest.
  7. Hey at least everyone will be back to not picking us next week!
  8. Our special teams is garbage. That’s what will keep us from playoffs. Wow no kicker, punter or returner. Just garbage.
  9. Damn I’m starting to think we going to be disappointed tonight. Too much hype after two weeks from these commentators. Leave our team alone
  10. So with Gross-Matos out does that mean we see more of Haynes tonight?
  11. Was he playing outside corner or nickel. I think he will fit well at nickel.
  12. I’m interested in watching him play, hope he helps this defense anymore.
  13. Damn I don’t want to predict. I know one thing I don’t like how no one is giving Houston a chance. I hope our team ain’t thinking this way to, could be a classic trap game. I know everyone wants to say Mills is a rookie but we literally have no tape on the guy. It’s hard to game plan for that, hopefully it doesn’t backfire on us.
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