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  1. Yep y’all whooped us. I hate all the other people get so upset about it lol. It’s just fun
  2. No she didn’t I’m still on there. She just was mad I called her out. She didn’t like it that I told her she was wrong about Watson going to falcons.
  3. Win is a win, loss is a loss. Great job finishing second!
  4. No they played great I even told some of my Tar Heel friends they started playing well and was one of best teams in the tourney. But they lost and poo talking is always going to happen. Lol
  5. Lol ok so y’all won both of those to just lose championship. It’s ok I admit y’all beat us, but like always come up with more excuses.
  6. Yes we can they lost after one of biggest leads. We have a lot to say, it would be no different the other way around.
  7. Hey look it’s Willis’s biggest fan
  8. They was going off halftime lead lol but y’all keep crying. Y’all would talk poo if it was Duke so get use to it lol
  9. Poor guy is salty this morning have a good day lol
  10. Lol I’m a troll, I’m not mad at all. Hey y’all did beat us last two times good for you. But then you blew a 15 point lead. Just keep whining like you have all year for Sam Howell. Have a good day sir!
  11. Yeah whatever makes u feel better about blowing one of biggest leads. I would hate to be a tarhole fan right now lol
  12. Way to go heels, thanks for becoming the Falcons. Lmao
  13. I did they have him ranked 14 by them, like I told u he’s not top 10!
  14. https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-qb-index-end-of-2021-nfl-season-rankings Lamar isn’t a top 15 qb! @micnificent28
  15. Listen here son you might want to leave and let the big boys talk this out.
  16. Yeah I was just fixing to say it’s there.
  17. Yep all UNC fans said Howell but I knew that was crap.
  18. Exactly what I said a guy with his job on the line is not drafting Willis lol
  19. Lol so the coach that has his job on the line is going to draft someone that will sit the whole year. Do you think before you speak?
  20. That would probably be Panthers worst option out of everything they could do this draft imo
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