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  1. I was off a year who gives a fug. Still everything I said is true. Asshat
  2. So I would agree with everything you said if he was the only one with a story like this but their a couple they have came out. Also our own Joe Person’s article with everything that happened behind the scenes this past year. Like Fhule telling players he could go back to college. Yeah I most definitely believe this [email protected]!
  3. So have we actually hired McAdoo yet, I seen a report they’re working out the details not hired yet. Wonder if Tepper hears about this article and would say by Fhule. I just don’t see how u go with this dumbass into the season knowing he wants to go back to college and not focused on this team. Now our players know and FA know it so this team will get even worse. Why did this happen to the Panthers. I will tell you why they let the NFL get involved and hand picked our owner. Thanks nfl for screwing us again wth did we ever do to y’all, I mean we gave ur little boy Manning another SB so he could ride off into the sunset.
  4. He was a terrible HC for giants 2015-16, out of nfl 2017-2019, bad at jaguars in 2020, a consultant in 2021. Lol barely employed in 6 years to becoming an OC . Dude maybe u should read up on peoples background like you do psls, because you don’t know [email protected]!
  5. I don’t know why everyone says we lost a 2nd a 4th. We gained those picks back last year. Do we not have them this year no but we got them extra last year. We just have his sucky ass contract.
  6. Oh yeah I bet when the video comes out Bill Voth, David no balls Tepper, Matt Fhule, and Ben Pile of Doo will be giggling then Fhule’s wife walks up with of bowl of those meatballs.
  7. Who the hell would be mad if we fired Fhule. Really is their someone that thinks he should be coach?
  8. Hell yes I’m dying over here. Can we post this as the huddle cover page. Please!!!!!! Help mods
  9. Looks like he’s going to be Fhule’s bodyguard. I guess when the media asks Fhule questions he’s going to jump in and whip someone’s ass.
  10. Let’s get ready to run the ball 50 times a game in a passing league. Only 7 years guys, LFG!
  11. It doesn’t make Jackson is pure garbage, I’m not giving that guy a huge 4 year deal lol.
  12. Tepper says go ahead Fhule u just run that little football team in the ground, I got my MLS team to worry about.
  13. Lol Tepper doesn’t think he needs to talk. Yeah just let fans sit and not give no encouragement at all while trying to sell on everyone we need a new stadium. He’s more a fugging joke than Fhule. At least my I don’t have to pay for psls anymore.
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