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  1. Don Waddell promised there’s more to come, adding, “the Atlanta Thrashers weren’t built in a day, you know!” So patience, boys, patience…
  2. It didn’t help either that on the two scoring PKs the guys the Canes had in the box were big penalty killers, Aho and Skjei. Aho, in particular, is an ‘annoying’ penalty killer. He’s got an active stick, fast, harasses the PP puck carriers in all 3 zones, and is a constant threat to grab a lose puck and get a shorty. Having him in the box makes Tampa’s PP that much better.
  3. Canes getting out worked badly this game and the injuries are mounting. Big third period coming up.
  4. Grabbed the stick to draw that ‘hooking’ penalty it appeared on the replay and now a tie game, sigh
  5. I thought Mrazek should have frozen that puck...and instead, his playing it results in a 2 on 1 and a goal, lol
  6. Canes once gave up three short-handed goals on a single PP...so they can be worse! But they need to do better, much better...
  7. Agree, I mentioned to Mrs. Storm during Game 5 at how many defensive zone face-offs and Preds possessions were avoided and break-outs started due to Ned’s puck handing, it was a lot! Those extra possessions add up during the course of a game and a series. Great win! On to TB!
  8. Canes with numerous chances to bury the puck and can’t get the stick on it...argh
  9. Big save on the 2 on 1 by Ned and that led to the possession for McGinn’s goal...good stuff!
  10. In the pre-game interview: Tripp - Are you going to try that stuff move again? Necas - Sure...but don’t tell Soros!
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