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  1. Ned had a .913 save percentage in the third period...and gave up 2 goals! That does not compute, lol. Great effort by Ned to keep things close with Florida dominating the period, don’t know how he wasn’t first star of the game?!
  2. Canes played a much better game than the last two lackluster efforts, but it didn’t change the outcome. Pity. Curtis Mc was solid.
  3. First game I didn’t get to watch all year. I guess this loss is on me? Give me all the poop emojis you want...apparently I, and the team, deserve them after this stinker!
  4. Canes 2, Post 2, and Blackhawks 1...
  5. I didn’t notice it live, but to Ned’s credit, when I saw the replay, he did poke check the puck...unfortunately it bounced right back on Huberdeau’s stick...
  6. Those aren’t your grandmother’s Florida Panthers, what a good looking team game they have.
  7. Zinger had a pretty solid start to the season, interesting move.
  8. You’re correct, they were speculating during the broadcast that it could have been a disciplinary sitting. It wasn’t known until after the game when Rod confirmed Turbo was nursing an injury was the reason for the bench-ride
  9. Dallas hasn’t had a shot yet this period...keep it rollin’ boys!
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