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  1. Not welcome here.. but as a Rangers fan, Martinook is one guy that is getting plenty of chatter on the boards. He's the kind of grit most teams are in short supply of.
  2. There are too many retired numbers in sports.. retired numbers should be for absolute luminaries. Honor numbers, honor greats.. celebrate those guys, but the number should live on.
  3. Combine is late February and early March Charlotte average temp's are 59/38 on average for that period of time.. No dome = No chance.
  4. I bet Seattle takes Jake Bean.. Or maybe Skjei
  5. Well.... there are only a handful of dudes in the league that wouldn't be an afterthought to Doncic
  6. Brutal.. What makes this extra sad is that for the Olsen family to have a positive outcome, another family will endure an unimaginable loss.
  7. I very much enjoy a healthy Hayward... But man, would it be nice to have that extra 9 mill in cap space from the Batum stretch.
  8. This team has been ravaged by injuries and the lack of any competent/consistent big man play. I'm not sure why JB is taking any poop for this season, they overachieved and then get decimated by key injuries. The way this roster is constructed, optimal health was the only thing hiding its key flaw. I also think Melo might have hit a bit of a wall- his injury sure as hell took the wind out of his sails. This team is a big man and some health away from being 4/5 best team in the east..
  9. I guess that goes for Justin Fields as well?
  10. in college Darnold- 57 TD 22 INT 846 attempts Allen- 44TD 21 INT 649 attempts But please, go on.
  11. I love the Huddle... Panthers could trade a future 7th for Jesus and it would be a colossal mismanagement of draft capital. But trade 2 future number 1’s for the opportunity to move up 5 spots.. Do IT!!!!!
  12. Yes... I think the concept of retiring jerseys is stupid unless you are an absolute all time great in the history of the sport (MJ, Gretzky) or you so impactful you must be honored (Jackie Robinson). The Ring of Honor (or similar recognition) is how you memorialize your all time greats. I believe I remember seeing that Notre Dame has a sign in the lockler of each player with the names and feats of players who wore the number before they did. Might be the best way to keep history alive and well. Cam being a world beater wearing #1 shouldn't keep another guy from wearing it. Same goe
  13. So basically a 1st round pick for Turner.. that’s a terrible deal from Indiana’s perspective
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