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  1. Panthers could go 11-6 this year and a large group of this forum would be pissed because Rhule didn’t fail.. The unbridled hatred is comical.
  2. The hit begins when the contact begins. No launch.
  3. Domi bent. Troubas feet were on the ice, no launch.. nothing to see here. that 5 Warren got was a terrible call I think a Caps fan would begrudgingly agree
  4. There was absolutely nothing wrong with that Trouba hit.
  5. He’s 31, unless he’s interested in a hometown discount deal, those funds are better spent on the OL. traded for him when they thought they had a shot at post season.. once the structure caught fire and burned to the ground a vet CB looking at UFA just isn’t a great match.
  6. Rhule has been awful.. but lets be real here.. Apple was picked #10 overall by the Giants, benched repeatedly and called a "cancer" by his teammates, including Landon Collins specifically. Traded with a 7th for a 4th games into his 3rd year... Top 10 pick gone after 30 games played and 23 starts. Saints declined his 5th year option. Agrees in principle to a deal with the Raiders, deal falls through Signs with Panthers, plays a little, hurt, eventually released. Rhule has sucked.. but lets not grasp for straws on an unattributed comment made to a guy who hadn't exactly been a model NFL player, nor one who has ingratiated himself to his employers... Read the Huddle and Rhule apparently told a Jalen Ramsey level talent to take a walk, not the replacement level corner Apple actually is. The comment could very well have been- you won't play in the NFL unless you work on X, Y, and Z.. Hearing part of a story and running with it as fact rarely makes sense.
  7. His problem is he wasn't Bill Rozinski. Mick was hokey and corny.. it’s time for a change.
  8. This just isn't a realistic option. Cam was on the last year of his deal. There were 2 options #1) Play out 2019 on the last year of the deal and franchise him for 2021 (this was never going to happen) #2) Extend him prior to last year.. You'd be sitting on a 32 year old QB with presumably 3 years and 100 million left on his contract.. He wasn't taking a hometown discount. So the better shape thing I don't agree with.. You'd have a QB on the downside of his career behind a line (that you'd still not have much money to fix) and a franchise RB that can't stay healthy.. The best alternative would have been to let Cam walk (in a much more dignified way) and NOT have picked up Darnolds 5th year (roiling the dice on Darnold wasn't the bad play here, picking up his option before he took 1 snap was)... Imagine sitting here with 0 dollars tied up at QB going in to 2022?? Only having CMC's awful deal on the books is much better than 2 awful deals on the books.
  9. Shaq and Chuck are both 1000% correct. Good for Joker.
  10. Even if he didn't have all of this baggage, its a bad idea.. How do you fix a line with 1 competent NFL caliber player with little cap room and no draft picks? Darnold has been garbage, but the line is head and shoulders the biggest problem on this team- and there is no apparent solution.
  11. Considering we have a 1st and don’t pick again till the 4th, we are going to need to see some magic.
  12. Terrible plan Terrible execution Darnold was garbage This game changed when Rhule started waving the while flag on that punt before half.. that coupled with halftime (which the staff actively plans how to take the entire 3rd qtr off) was all Philly needed. Had every opportunity to step on the neck and failed to do so. Matt Rhule coaches not to lose.
  13. "According to the Carolina Huddle, only players from Temple or Baylor are put in a position to succeed, how do you plan on overcoming your lack of pedigree?"
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