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  1. A lot of the anger was the mismanagement of the Kemba trade. TR looks great, but that doesn’t diminish the fact they should have traded Kemba at the deadline.. you could have done that and still signed Rozier as an FA if you wanted to go in that direction. I still think it was mismanagement of a valuable asset.
  2. 1000% agree top dawg.. coming off 2 straight turd seasons this optimism is weird feeling.
  3. Dumbest thread name ever.. Be better. I like the old days better when you needed a certain post count to start a thread. Seems like someone didn't have much homework to do tonight
  4. Say a 2nd for Darnold versus trading multiple 1st's plus a 2nd (at least) for Field or Lance.. Its absolutely worth kicking the tires
  5. Good for him.. Seems like a good kid, works his ass off.
  6. Its hard to make chicken salad out of chicken shite... Snow had about as little to work with as any DC in the NFL.. I Think the results were quite impressive considering some of the names we saw playing meaningful minutes.
  7. These are all just filler.. none of this is even close to reality until the interviews start.. No Combine is going to change things a ton, once the interviews and workouts getting started is when everything gets real. Rhule and gang falls in love with a guy all bet are off.. Just wait till things start going nuts and Mac Jones ends up going in the top 7.
  8. This is the same dude who had to eat a newspaper on TV because he was so sure the Texans would take a QB and not Clowney #1. He may be right on the Jets deal. They have the most attractive package to work from. But he's a sports writer with 45 years of experience covering a team that's played 19 seasons and whose leadership has been there about 45 minutes. I'll roll the dice he knows about as much as anyone on a Texans message board.
  9. Well damn... AS long as a reporter said so.. I can imagine another fanbase taking something as gospel because David Newton said it to be fact.
  10. I don't see any way he's a 1st ballot guy, not with the "fights". Character matters in those votes. TO it took 3 years, same for Michael Irvin. Chris Carter took 6.. All had some skeletons.. Hell, Art Monk took 8, and he was all world well regarded. It will happen, he's one of the 25 best to ever play the position, but don;t lose your minds if it takes a few years.
  11. Didn't realize I didn't paste the key part.. 3. Carolina Panthers (via mock trade with MIA through HOU) Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State Eight of the Panthers' 11 losses were one-score games, running back Christian McCaffrey missed most of the season and the defense was an improved unit this year. But Carolina needs a QB it can build around. Teddy Bridgewater is under contract for two more years -- with a potential out after the 2021 campaign -- and can serve as a bridge, but his 15-to-11 TD-INT ratio in 2020 left a lot to be desired. The quarterback-to-Carolina rhetoric
  12. I hate to derail this.. but in the 235 threads I’ve seen with some form of “beating WFT cost us ....” did you people actually watch the WFT game? The Panthers were not remotely good in that game Washington looked like they were actively trying to lose the game, rather than win the NFC East Had Rhule punted on 2nd down every possession I’m still not sure Haskins could have done anything positive. Ron Rivera is who you need to blame here. I’ve never seen a team less prepared or committed to winning an NFL game. Hard to lose a fight when your opponent takes a dive in the
  13. Trade: Carolina moves up the board OK, my guy Mel Kiper Jr. waived the no-trade clause on our mocks, so let's have at it. The Panthers give the Dolphins a call in this scenario, seeing a chance to jump the line to get a quarterback at No. 3. Miami originally acquired this pick via an August 2019 trade with the Texans, but now hand over the selection to Carolina in exchange for the No. 8 pick, the Panthers' second-rounder (No. 39) and a 2022 first-rounder. It'd be a great haul for the Dolphins, who just barely missed the playoffs this season and can now build even further around QB Tua Tago
  14. You don’t pick a team for the NFL HoF. You are in and the team you played for are listed on the summary under your bust.
  15. He will make it, but it will take a couple of years.
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